I don't want my life to be an endless sequence of porn, vidya, animu, and tendies anymore. I know that hard work can snap me out of it, but how do I start? All of the entry level positions in (((careers))) require a magically acquired 2-3 years of experience. Likewise, advice gotten IRL is usually bullshit mixed in with wishful thinking and outdated methods. No, insisting that you shake every manager's hand doesn't work. Management has actual duties to attend to, and for every one manager you slightly impress, you leave dozens pissed off and behind schedule.

What work is available, right now? Post your actual experience, how you, yourself, have succeeded or seen someone else succeed. If it's a trade, great. Explain the immediate first step. Mention a certification or training relevant to that trade with a quick turnaround time, for example six months or less. Be a resource.

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Not a Neet myself but >>>/improve/ has always helped.

I started off as a temp, got hired into further duties, got promoted into further duties. It's a valid method of entry for many corporations, and if you over perform when they're just looking for a warm body, they're going to see you as a good candidate for more responsibility.

Nah fuck off faggot.

What are you good at OP.

Pot wash, it hard shitty work, you will work silly hours in a busy restaurant, you will not be thanked, you will will be at the bottom of the totem pole, but you will come home from work feeling like you earned that sleep.

Whats more it the entry level job for Chefing, no experience needed, easlily get a career out of it.

Who in his right mind would want to become a chef?

I'm slowly crawling out of NEETdom by learning a trade. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is self-employed as a gardener/landscapist. He taught me the basics of yard keeping, and now we're building tool sheds and things like that.

If you can't find someone local to work with as an apprentice find a small trade school. Maybe you can do a one month thing to learn rudimentary skills.

Self-employment is the ultimate end goal.

Trades to learn:
- Gardening
- Plumbing
- Electrician
- Masonry
- Construction

The idea that this work is demeaning or low class is pure jewish bullshit. It took me a little while to shake that out of me. Now that I can go down to a hardware store, pick out raw materials and build something, I feel more manly than ever before.

they only hire illegals for those jobs.

Good luck on your job search OP, I couldn't even get a job holding a sign for 6 hours a week, there is so much anti white racism in the workforce.

That too.

Just watch out for flying pans. Shit those were good times.

Not anymore

I got a job at the dollar store unloading trailers and stocking.
It sucks but atleast I'm not a NEET anymore.I voted for Trump as a working man.

No one in there right mind would what to be a Chef, hence why there are Chefs

Sure shitty fucking restaurants will hire a illegels before a native, but I found if you got a native head Chef in charge he doesn't want fucking boat niggers explaining in broken english why tey fucked up a order.

Do what I did and start going to a gym. It seriously helps you get out and breaks the cycle.

Even if the job ad says they want a couple years of experience, hand in a resume anyway. The part that actually determines if you get the job is the interview and if you get hired theyll train you anyway.
Just make sure you have no spelling mistakes and a good format for the resume and they shouldn't immediately throw it in the garbage.

Before Trump was elected, I'd have said you should embrace your NEETness, get on autismbux, and just ride the dole while our country went to shit as you spend your time improving yourself in whatever way you saw fit.

Now that he is elected, however, I strongly feel that is the incorrect attitude to take. He's doing his best to make America great again, and you've gotta be there to meet his expectations every step of the way. Anything less is failure of yourself, your people, and the great man trying to pave the way.

That said, I have no advice. I'm a level 26 hikkineet myself, and I have no fucking clue how to break the rut. No jobs, no prospects, and only a small glimmer of hope to lead the way. Shits tough.

if this beaner did it..

The first step is to reintroduce boredom into your daily life. You do this by taking away all of the things you use to fill your time up that aren't helping you reach your goals. What did this look like for me? I gave away my smartphone and traded it for a flip phone, I locked myself out of all the torrent sites I used to use, I stopped having any real online presence aside from chans and necessary sites, and I really cut down on my internet time by placing my computer in the middle of the house instead of in my bedroom, and I sold all my video game stuff.

You basically need to eject or unplug yourself from the net. Your brain needs to learn about real life by you forcing yourself to face it daily. It'll take time but you'll make it.
Work on removing junk food and refined sugar from your diet and try to exercise a bit too. Took me a few years to really become independent from my computers and stuff.

Self-employ, sell computer services to normalfags, or whatever other thing you have a knack for.

Advertise through local convenience stores, laundromats etc. Be sure to read up on how to avoid having to shoulder your company's financial responsibilities, declaring bankrupcy for your company should be the worst-case, not personal bankrupcy.

Look up local banks, they have call centers that need non-pajeets. Bing bada boom foot in door at a bank then you can apply internally after a year or so manning the phones.

Go for a trade at the moment, apprenticeships will usually pay if you get the right guy and pay is fairly good. For the future I'd highly recommend areas like Quantity Surveyal. My father works in Jew York doing this and he said I wouldn't believe how hard it is to find employees. Good cushy work if you know what you're doing and an assistant position will get you on average a salary of $26,000

Good luck with that. Been a NEET for nearly 10 years living off the state.
How about… fuck you?
Benefits of being a NEET:
To make the same amount of money from "work" in the kind of job I could get after nearly a decade of unemployment, would have taken at least 20 hours.
Primary reasons that anons crave leaving the NEET lifestyle:
tip: the "work ethic" was invented by the elite to make a better slave.
If you wish to work, use your NEETdom wisely, learn skills you can use for self-employed work. Being someone's "employee" and hoping for an entry-level position from which you can crawl, beg, ass-kiss your way up the rungs just strikes me as pitiful.
Welfare largesse isn't there because the govt cares about you, it's there to keep you passive and stop you from becoming a threat (starving people are dangerous.)
I'm way past that. Years of being "out of the loop" has given me a view of society which is far removed from that of a normalfag.
That term… what it actually means: "to accomplish a goal", what it has become a byword for "living up to standards set by society, in a way which allows you to contribute much tax and fund the invasion."
No thanks.

Can you dig on the internetz and spam, OP? I have a site that needs advertisement, but has zero budget. I'm willing to give you 100% of income until it gains some traction, then split it fairly.

My advice for someone who is completely lost would be to consider the military first. It doesn't even have to be shitty army infantry you can go into the air force or the damn coast guard. All you need to do is go on their websites and fill out their forms. They'll email you and you can set up an appointment.

You'll never get rich in the military but at least its stable pay, job security, and you learn a skill / self discipline. You'll even get the GI bill and veteran's preference should you decide to go to school and the workforce.

Also if you have a degree you can look into officer training, its what I did. Studied molecular biology (wanted to go into forensics) but I got approached by a naval recruiter who pointed out I qualified for their nuclear engineering program. So now Im back at school and getting payed pretty insane money to get a masters. Nuclear and aviation have really good sign on bonuses.


exNEET here.

The most important thing is to get off the internet. No more chans. No more steam. No more torrents. No more anime. No more youtube. Leave it all behind. The internet is a tool to find information, not something to entertain you.

Beyond that, it really does not matter. Without something that is always there 24 hours a day 7 days a week that you can always dump all of your spare attention into you will find yourself actively seeking out structure and purpose and meaning. It doesn't even matter where you find that. Maybe you learn a trade. Maybe you do temp work until you get hired permanently. Maybe you go to university and learn an actual profession. Maybe you work at fucking McDonalds. It doesn't fucking matter, find something and go for it.

Just get off the internet, and never look back.

this idea is completely out of touch with reality…people that frequent "convenience stores, laundromats etc" are not the kind of people with disposal income to waste on whatever useless faggoty services you dream up to provide to people ffs

Find your nearest community college's website, look up their skilled trades department (if they don't have that, then try and see if they have individual Electrician/Welding/Plumbing/etc departments). If they're like mine they should be poorly organized but have a certification requirements and plan of study buried somewhere on their website. Apply, show up and take their placement test if they make you, and then sign up for a couple classes in one trade section and see if you're okay with it. If not, drop the classes and sign up for the next ones (this part might be hard if you don't have parents who are willing to put up with your shit like mine were).

I went the typical Good High School Grades→Respectable University path when I was eighteen. Failed every class first and second quarters, got academically dismissed when I was nineteen because I was too fucking lazy and unmotivated to actually show up to class. I enrolled in a Community College when I was twenty, spent three years of being a special snowflake that was "finding myself" by switching my course of study every year and taking every other semester off. Eventually I realized it wasn't going to go on forever, and I decided to sign up for a couple of their Electrical classes they offered. Got my apprenticeship readiness certificate after a year and finally got my first job at the old age of twenty-four as an Electrician's Apprentice at the first place I applied. Spent four years as an apprentice and then became a licensed Electrician (we don't have the Journeyman/Master certifications in my state) and I don't regret a thing. You have to put up with a year of dumb people college and then four years of shit pay (still better than what you'd make at minimum wage though), but being an Electrician is way better than being a shackled white collar college graduate who has to put up with college debt and the HR department filled with Womens' Studies graduates for the rest of their life. And most electricians I've worked with are white. This holds true for most trades, with exceptions to stuff like painting and construction/carpentry.

You'll be looked down on by college graduates, especially educated women (which is good in a way, since nearly all college educated women are unwifeable), but you'll be making better money than most of them and have better job security than nearly all of them.

Trades are gold right now. Anything that takes more than a mongrel's intelligence and a tiny bit of education but doesn't take a four year degree with air-conditioned lectures is in high demand.


Do what this guy said. Do a beginner strength building program like Mark Rippletoe's Starting Strength or Stronglifts 5x5. You won't need to be ripped, but you'll need to be somewhat healthy. Believe it or not you might be closer to this than most normies if you've just been sitting around watching anime instead of drinking your brain into accepting servitude.

Demoralizing shill

Download a pirate PDF of Dave Allen's book _Getting Things Done_.

Get a cheap notebook of some kind - I prefer paper, some folks use a smartphone -

and learn to track your life.

Track every penny that you spend.

Track the hours that you are sleeping or resting.

Track your exercise if any.

Learn (from the book) how to categorize your aspirations and efforts.

This guy has the right idea. So long as you're on here, you're making yourself prone to distraction, keeping you in NEEThood.

Use the internet only for productive means.

Principled exception: Use torrents to get self-helf books, prefer PDF but also audiobooks.

You're going to end up wasting time on self-help thoughts, get the books for free, read them, get it out of your system.

After you have some momentum built up you wont spend much time downloading torrents, because you will have your own projects.


Going too far there mate, the chans are super important, but they can't take over your life. Maybe just check in on them once a day if you are having problems with your real life.
Everything else is spot on.

Just to clarify when I say chans I really just mean Holla Forums

Thank you user. I needed to hear that.

Go to community college. Take classes in various vocational fields until you find one you like and continue on the path. While learning your new trade, keep an eye out for entry positions in your trade being posted in the school until you get the job. You should be able to afford community college with pell grants and if you're lucky, your new employer may reimburse tuition costs once you join. It's how I became a technician.

Is it alright if the resume is lacking in.. practically anything within the past 5 years at all?

I got my job because the nearby military base was severely understaffed in the boat repairs and electricians, but instead of trying to get a job where I have no experience in wiring, welding, or any of that shit, I started on the lowest job, Fire Watch, and will work my way up from there. I'll be working sixty to eighty hours a week because of the understaffed with the extra work coming in, but I'll be getting payed fifteen bucks an hour to stand around with a fire extinguisher and learn how to weld and shit.

Been a NEET for 2 years now. I live in a small "farm town" type setting, and there arent many jobs available to begin with. Let me tell you this though..If you want to get out of NEETdom, start small. If you can deal with the hours, get a job overnight stocking shelves somewhere. Like walmart, target, or some other store. Overnights are perfect for NEETs transitioning back into the world. Full time or part time work with little to no people in the store other than the workers. Once you start working again, everything else kind of falls into place. You will start to realize that you have less free-time. And so you will treasure the time you have available after working and sleeping. You will be busy and be active again. Right now as a NEET im feeling like the days just blend in together. Most of the time i dont even know what month it is. I've gotten to the point where I get anxiety just being around other people. I have applied for jobs all over in my small town and called these people asking if they've looked over my application. You gotta stay strong and keep at it. Once you get discouraged time will start to slip away and it will feel like days but it's really been months.

Do this;
Apply for 3-4 jobs a day until you get someone to call you back. Try to work on a resume if you've had prior work experience. Look for your local department of labor. The one in my town lets you make an account and browse through the local jobs. It's set u so that you can narrow your searches to full time, part time, new or old jobs. That's where i would start. Also look for the local newspaper. They should have new jobs that have become available. Look for something you'd be willing to do. I only said to do something overnight because as ive experienced and other neets aswell, It's hard transitioning from a barely functioning human to someone being thrusted into the working world again, with tons of people, it can cause some anxiety for NEETs who dont get a lot of real-life human interaction daily. Just start small, and work your way up. You'll be more likely to stick with something if you do it this way. And im telling you, overnight stocking jobs or even package handling jobs, warehouse jobs, anything like that would be a really good job. There's little to no people to deal with, and its pretty easy, self-explanitory work.

Also look up and see if there is day labor places you could go to. And another good resource is to look and see if your local department of labor has any job fairs coming up. You could go there and see who's hiring and most of the time they have on the spot interviews.


And yet here you are. Sorry I had to point that out

Its not work that's the problem its that there is nothing to work for. I'll speak for myself but can imagine there are others that feel the same way. Worked plenty of jobs (31 now) and not all shit-kicking entry level crap either, I was making close to $700 a week after tax working as admin/lister for an office furniture company that is big here, it was so shit I would rather work at fucking Burger King again. Its a means to an end, all it meant is that I had money to drink on the weekends with the rest of my normie friends. Wife kids house car etc was never the goal even back then, without something to drive you there is no point in getting a job. There is nothing out there for people that have cut themselves off from society and I'm far too redpilled to take orders from some faggot manager that thinks he can just work me to the bone, call me in on every fucking day off I have and treat me like I'm less than him and exploit me as much as possible should I prove I can do the job well. Fuck everything about the working world, it needs a complete reformation and until then I will remain unemployed, not happily but its better than working in a cubicle everyday leaving and coming home in the dark

These threads are bullshit.

I want to hear stories of people who were YEARS LONG NEETs and got out of it. Those are the ONLY stories relevant here.

by all means post them. I never see these stories. Literally I cannot recall a single anecdote. And I've been on chans since 2005.

Don't be sorry. It's true. I relapsed hard as of late and slid right back into my old patterns.

That said, I am excited for the future. I am excited to actually enter a job market without H1B visas. I might actually be able to get a fucking job worth a damn once I graduate next semester.

I was a NEET for 3 years. And I've already posted my advice.

It is possible. It is doable.

It's really not ok, but you can get around it if you have a valid reason (even if its a lie). Just say you were taking care of an ill family member or some shit.

The following steps:

1. No Fap: This isn't hyperbole, its the truth. I've been nofap for about 6 months and almost every area of my life has seen improvement: memory, focus & concentration, mood, sleep, confidence, energy etc. The key is to avoid the cycle of guilt and keep trying. Keep a daily journal of what you did, failed to do, ate, felt etc. This helps you to notice patterns in your life and to make small improvements over time. (read: The Compound Effect).

2. Get a Job, any Job: Breaking the NEET cycle starts with this. Something is better than nothing. Shit, just finding a charity to volunteer at once or twice a week is a step in the right direction. A job is more than just a paycheck: it teaches time management, basic social skills, basic business skills, problem-solving, improvisation, dealing with bureaucracy, etc.
You always have the option of walking away when a better opportunity presents itself.

3. Improve: Don't get stuck in a rut. Exercise, eat right, take cold showers (If you can't do it yet, start doing a 5-10 second cold shower after a normal shower), buy a hamster and take care of it etc.

4. Reach out to God: Find a quality church in your area, read the Bible (start with the Gospel of John), talk to the local Pastor, reach out to other Christians. A man can't improve himself by himself, he needs divine help.

I DO. How do you do it? Details please.

4 is bullshit, but getting along with people always helps.

I was a NEET from when I droppped out of college in '08 - when I started working shitty part time jobs in '12. It was a brief cycle of Working shittily, then losing a job and going back on NEETbux and then getting a shit job again. Finally in early '13 i found a random work from home tech support job. I'm still working that job basically living the NEET life while employed. I found the job on craigslist and it sucks a million dicks in a lot of ways but it's pretty great to play video games/watch netflix and chill out in my Hikkikomori uniform every day. This is probably the opposite of the advise you're looking for, but I'd just like to say that there's a fuck ton of different kinds of jobs and it's very plausible there's something out there that actually makes sense to you. You don't have to give up everything you want to be successful.

i make around 25-30k a year (I could make more if I wanted to really work hard and be an adult) drawing tits and asses.

the respectable man becomes self employed. start browsing halfchans biz and learning about basic business stuff. look at what skills you have (or could acquire) that can be monetized online (writing, art, 3d modelling, programming, graphic design, marketing, consulting) and set goals. then work, study, and grow. you'll have breakthroughs after 1-2 years and can no doubt make a humble living after 2-3 years. from that point on you can live the chill semi-neet life but paying your own bills (like I do now), or you can be an adult and grow further, network, selfpromote, branch out, find local clients, and climb to 50-60k . the feeling of being your own boss, not answering to anyone, not having to get up at 6am on mondays, will be incredible. and everyone will envy you for it.

Get in shape, apply for ICE.

Get ready for Operation Wetback 2: The Brown Goes to Hell.

I got a cheap engineering degree from a backwater but well-respected technical college. Took me a year to get a job, but got a job through a connection from one of the professors. I did great and they were impressed.

I later quit and am now working full time on MAGA-related stuff, so maybe I'm not a normal case, but there's my story.

Advice? Have actual skills. Build good relationships with well connected people by offering value and impressing them.

Hey, that's not actually a bad idea.

I will consider this. Thank you user.

Thank you user. Everyone will need a guiding light at some point in their lives.

This guise. You can even get the 5x5 app on your smartass phone to help guide you through the workouts.


No experience required, something to put on your resume, and they often lead to a paying job directly.

Of course it means working for free, but it's still cheaper than tuition.

Oops, I mean the stronglifts app.

Just hold out in your bunker with your waifu for like 2 more years. If you go the wagecuck way you'll lose sight of what is holy in this world. Just pick up some new hobbies faggotm, NEETdom is the only way to true freedom.

I would want to be a chef on a cruise ship.

Mechanics and mortitians are never without work.

You've been on a cruise for the past year user, baking memes in the holohoax oven.

Something else I should probably mention to you NEETs as a former one: I'm going to hazard and guess and say that most of you do not exercise.

As cliche as it sounds, it seriously helps. Were it not for fitness I would still be a lazy sack of shit. Three days a week at least, five to seven ideally. Head over to >>>/fit/ and read the sticky. From there, form a schedule.

Part of the whole "being a man" agreement is molding your lifestyle to enhance physical fitness.

My brother has been saying this for 5 years. He dropped out of college and has been doing temp work until le robot revolution comes. He finally got hired with good pay and completely dropped that act. The jew is more likely to genocide useless neets than give out universal income.

OP, pay attention to this post. I'm a formerly useless hipsterfuck who just worked in restaurants and had no real skills. I know that the trades are often called a meme on here, but pay attention to these posts, there's a lot of info there. Check out youtube videos to get some knowledge and basic terminology down. "Basic handtools" 'How to XYZ". You should also show up in person, mostly because the guys who do the hiring tend to hate cellphones/computers. Be honest and say that you don't have experience, but that you want to learn and are drug-free and dependable without a criminal record(which you probably are). That's huge. I've worked at two different companies now in different trades and this is how I did it. Don't let it intimidate you either, these guys make mistakes all day long and they probably aren't smarter than you, just more experienced. Try and figure out if you like going to many places through out the day(plumber/HVAC), or being at one jobsite the whole day(construction, etc). I like the variety of going to different places and talking to people. I believe in you user, and that's not just bullshit, I know that you can do this because I've done it myself. I wish you the best of luck bro.

If you are a man and completely ignore that you are a physical being that needs to move from time to time and exercise then you deserve nothing in this life, and if you have no one in your life you better start lifting and getting strong so your body can actually support itself as you get older. You're going to feel it when you're 30 guys, don't fuck this up

The ones who have a modicum of hope, will realize this with time. At 24, I feel more energetic and alive than I did at 18. Being in shape is a lifesaver.

Tons of fucking skills.
But I am a felon.
Voted Trump, and convinced both women in my family to vote Trump too.
I feel trapped being a felon.
What job would I even care about anymore unless I could kick non-whites out of the country?

I went to college and grad school, and got a STEM career.

I'd rather be a NEET and just work on things I enjoy. But a man's got to eat.

I know that fucking feel.

Guys now that the Emperor won, how do I immigrate to America

Heh, you too huh? I neglected to do internships and lived like a degenerate throughout college. Reaping what I have sown now and attempting to reverse past errors.

I didn't start doing anything till 28, didn't even know about eating right or macros and their importance. No one ever taught me shit or ever even mentioned anything about lifting or even just having a decent stretch in the morning to loosen up, and now they are all dead from drug addictions and barely got to 35 never doing anything expect popping prescriptions drinking and smoking, fuckwits.


slide thread

Thinking about HVAC but there are no unions in my town in Oklahoma. Do you think I have a chance of just showing up to my local air conditioning repair companies (there are like 4 of them) with no experience or skills? Or should I look for apprenticeships in the cities?


How do we make sure they're legit though? That they teach good stuff and give us certifications actually worth something when afterwards you go look for employment?

There are a lot of trade schools here, and they all offer different programs for the same shit. An electrician course might last from 2 months to 2 years and cost from 400 to 2k bucks.
How do we choose the right trade school?

you sound like a fucking loser

There is a thin line between genius and insanity, same can be said for being a looser and being wise

Send help.

Do a review please. I would rather buy books and support the author and not be a thieving nigger.


That's what I'm trying to do as a writer but Assburgers and shity public schooling has left me half illiterate. Somehow everyone from the teachers down to my parents thinks it's okay that I can't spell legible English and need speech-to-text software to write anything. (that includes this post and most of my shit posting.) it makes me incredibly unproductive. I need to spend just as much time correcting mistakes as I do writing actual content. I never understood why the normal fags keep telling me to just accept it and be happy when I have the writing skills of a nigger.

Eventually, realized I learned how to spell "faggot" and "nigger" by using *chans since the speech to text program I was using at the time didn't know those words. since then I have been looking for any way to learn full illiteracy but all the help programs and tutors or for children. I want to curb this reliance on technology but I have no idea we were to start.

Drive yourself deeper down the spiral, don't be afraid to reach your absolute depths and you will find out something about yourself. You'll either rise up again like a phoenix out of the ashes or it will kill you, have fun discovering yourself

Suicide is off the table for me now. I've overcome that at least. I don't know how much lower I can go, I'm very much the stereotypical NEET, minus pissbottles.

but do you piss in the sink?

But I'll die if I work.

Its not about suicide, no matter how bad things are that should never be considered, its about finding out if you have what it takes to reach your desires in life or not, if you have the willpower to make it in your own life regardless of your circumstances

You haven't fallen nearly far enough

I lied, frankly. I found some job that required no actual skill or experience, and just lied on my resume. It was conference services at a big resort paying $10-$15 an hour, and I just said "Oh yeah I've been in college for the two years but worked part time in conference services for x company nearby." I padded out the rest with some actual volunteer work I'd done in the past, and got it, despite never being college or ever working for that company. If you think you're qualified for the job, then just lie, because if you are qualified and can do it well, then it makes no difference to the employer and is a harmless fib.

I am a security guard for a private company, my job is to watch anime, play video games, and read conspiracy blogs all night and occasionally suggest to trespassers that they leave the area I'm guarding. I am small framed and babyfaced and don't look like a stereotypical guard, they only care that you show up to work on time and sober because this industry is plagued with chronic absenteeism and drugs. You don't need any experience either. I feel free to do pretty much whatever I want at my job. I am reading the bible cover to cover and working on improving my art skills with all of the ample free time that my job affords me.

night time security guard is my dream job
you don't need experience? do you carry a weapon?

What the fuck is wrong with these websites? Do they purge accounts like every week or something?

Holy fuck, as a truck driver i'm 1488% jelly. Nowdays i barely have time to fart.

This shit really is the dream. Getting paid to "work" graveyard, I'd just play handhelds or shitpost all night from my phone as long as I don't suffer tunnel-vision bad enough that I can't catch a nigger trying to sneak by. Maybe someday…

Christ, is it really that hard to find someone trustworthy to stand around?

radiologic technologist, fam. shits cash i help in the meme war when there are no patients for xray. i just shit post on pol all day while working, job is pretty fun too.

4 year bs degree in radtech needed. 4th year of college is internship divided into two hospitals. there is a licensure exam.
if you dont want to be a doctor and want to be a medical practitioner, this is the best job for you.

Some places may make you take a class or get certified to become a guard depending on where you live but your employer will pay for it. I don't carry a weapon or even pepper spray, private guards are not able to carry those where I live. Just make sure you're working for a private security company and not government security (like for a position on a state University campus.) Government security guards have to actually tackle drugged out hobos and make arrests, private guards can't even command people to leave.

Just apply anyway and your employer will pay for those things for you if it's a position that specifically states it requires no experience.


No really, it sounds like you don't even foresee a greater functioning society ever. You also justify your benefits on being placated; guess who your "boss" really is then?

Off topic, but can someone suggest a good youtube audio book for me to start.

I got a call and have to be in work in a few hours, so I'ts gonna be a long night and I need something to escape into, not enough time to look something good up.

There are going to be a lot of spots opening up soon then aren't there, shill?

Yeah I'll just be honest and tell them I wasn't well without elaborating The despair stage of being red-pilled really got to me and took me years to accept
Cunt here so i gotta ask: Can I come help you burgers build the wall?

I don't get it.
that pepe is a hearty kek every single time.

fast food is the easiest, quickest entry into the workforce, bar none.

it's shitty, hard work. busy 100% of the time and minimum wage just isn't enough. your coworkers will be idiots, degenerates and children. but you are 100% guaranteed to get this job and get experience that looks good on a resume, especially if they promote you (which they will if you aren't retarded. fast food NEVER has enough non-retards)

you'll learn skills to deal with stress, multi-tasking, socializing. basic things that everyone should know. you'll make enough to pay bills. 4-6 months of that is enough to move on to something better. make sure you make friends with your boss and use them as a reference.

here's a tip: don't complain. ever. just show up on time, do your job and try your best to improve. 4-6 months. get on it.

Is it worth it boys? Some people tell me I'll make bank, and some people tell me I'll be unemployed. Could I raise a family with what a trade would pay me?

I got an online BS in software development, applied for some internships 3/4 of the way through, and ended up at a full time position in a reputable company at the age of 27 after several years of being a neet.

If you're reasonably intelligent, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to find work

You need some Jocko in your life, son.

have you ever pissed in a bottle?

For real, I'm white British and would love to live in Trump's America.

Unfortunately I don't have a degree, so it's probably a pipe dream unless I can somehow find tens of thousands of pounds to acquire one with.

Yes I do. That's exactly what I did. I fell into a nice mom and pop HVAC/plumbing place. I started at $12hr with absolutely no skills or knowledge. Unions might be a cool gig, but they usually don't do residential because their rates are too high for your average person to pay, so that's why most small places aren't union. I've never been union. It depends on your state, but you don't need a lot of cert for HVAC where I live, you'd probably be working under someone else's license anyway. For instance, for plumbing you need a master plumber cert to do just about anything, but there's lots of "journeymen"(below master plumber, usually just guys who didn't want to do the schooling) who just work for someone with a master plumber, and he's the one who is ultimately responsible to the city/whoever for the work. Also, HVAC might involve plumbing too, it usually does. Plumbing is better than it sounds, EMT's/nurses probably deal with more shit than you do on a daily basis and you can actually make really good money and moonlight on the weekends for extra $$$.

Just find an under the table job while still getting your autism bux.

Stop shitting on the CG, it makes you look like an uneducated moron. Man for man the CG is probably the most educated and competent of all armed US services. Highly technical, language skills, fascinating intermediate area between police and military. Don't discount it only because you never heard details of it.

Ask yourself - what would the Führer do?

Move to a major city and go to a job agency.

If you have money to do so that is.

Went from neet to carpenter helper (and probably many other trades, since it's about building/remodeling houses) last Friday.
I had literally 0 experience. Now I get paid to learn.
I'm 27.

This was my day before Friday.
Get a professional sounding email. [email protected]/* */ Don't use [email protected]/* */ I know privacy is a concern, but it's just your job resumes. The government will find out soon enough once tax day rolls around.
Madlib a nice cover letter and resume. You're applying to trades, so they'll all flow the same. I ended up using The Interview Guys for advice, and I looked up other people's cover letters and resumes, and used them as a template. Obviously use your own words, but it's good to see how it should look and flow. When I actually made a good cover letter and resume, I got MANY MORE REPLIES. It needs to look professional, and keep it short. 1 page each. You have no experience.
Go on Craigslist under Skilled Trades for your area in a radius of 20 miles. Also, you better have a car or convenient public transportation.
Go down the list, find ones that require no experience or are "willing to train the right person".
Assuming the USA: Search "[trade] BLS" (Bureau of Labor Statistics) in a search engine, and check the mean salary for that trade in your state. Click the /oes/ link for the page with the map and scroll down. You will be spending a long time getting good at this trade, so it better pay well in your state. Don't work for a potential $30k a year in 5 years, you need growth. Also search "[trade] helper BLS" to look for the helper wage for your state, and then knock it down from the mean because you have no experience.
Go to the website of the place your applying (if it's listed or easily found), and look for information you can put in your cover letter to show you actually bothered to check out their website. If they show off their work, mention it in the cover letter. Or if they mention how long they've been around, mention that you want to become a part of their X years of history, but be a little more creative.
Know the minimum wage for your state. Chances are you'll be making that at first, or a bit above it. Experience is more important at this point, but don't work for less than minimum wage or you'll just be pushed around.

Send cover letters and resumes as job listings appear. Keep a notebook and pencil/pen near you at all times in case you get a phone call, because a phone call means they want to interview you. Never immediately accept an interview if they ask to do it over the phone, but schedule it for later. You need to be mentally prepared.
Get a haircut you bum. Classic taper or layered cut are safe, ask the barber. If you have no idea, just tell him you want a nice haircut for a job interview. Shave, unless you take care of your beard. It's construction, men having facial hair isn't uncommon. In-person interviews for construction are semi-formal, and I wore a striped dress shirt tucked in to jeans w/ a belt, and steel-toed boots.
Interview Guys have a bunch of commonly asked questions during interviews, so go ahead and read those. Write down your answers.
ASK QUESTIONS during the interview. Show interest. Have questions ready to ask, and at the end of every interview I had I was asked "Do you have any questions for me?" You better have at least one or two for the end, because other questions you can ask them after answering one of theirs.
Don't lie. They know about the trade and you don't. If you lie, they'll know. However, feel free to emblemish your own work experience if you have any at all, if it's in another unrelated field. I did that with computers. I went for the "career change" angle, even though I only did comptuer work for 2 whole days I acted like I did it for a vague number of years self-employed. I don't have any proof of the company existing.
Push that you want to be a reliable and steady employee for years. You want to stay with them, and not disappear in a couple years after being trained by them.

That's basically it, really. It looks like a lot, but it's really not.
Do bodyweight training while waiting for replies. Pullups/Pushups/Squats. Get yourself physically ready at least a little bit. Also, bring your own lunch if you do get hired.
If you don't enjoy the job at all, don't do it. You should be happy.

A shortcut if you have the money is go to a trade school that is known for hiring people directly after classes are finished. This happens all the time, and has a near 100% turnover for those who complete the required courses. Trade schools are expensive, and if you're White don't expect any handouts. Class will probably be full of niggers who were bused in, who don't want to learn, and are there on the government's money. They won't succeed. This is all from what a family member told me.

Check your real estate site. You can get a house for like $10K in the outskirts. Save for this and move into the next stage of NEETDOM. Try to get a house with land. Get some piglets and other baby farm animals for like $30 a pop. Grow them then have the satisfaction of gutting them and eat meat for days = fun . Expert level: get some baby Bisons for $1k each. As the cherry: meme war at night.>>8205902

I drive tankers. $50k first year with about two months training. Owner-operators make six figures. Accommodations come with the job. Tons of work is available for good people. It's extremely independent work which would be perfect for a NEET.

This, and some, like McDonalds, have surprisingly good management trainee programs. Don't scoff at these, they deliver a very good allround management program which can open a lot of doors later on.

You are probably going to have to start your own business, user. Do you have any skills or any money?

If you live in an agricultural area, farmers ALWAYS need labor, but it will be hard and for not much pay. But it is a place to start, and being a (presumably) white male, you are certain to move up the ladder fast.

Farmers kids never want to run the farm. Might be able to take over as a manager when the old man dies.

Do whatever you want at this point, you're already fucked.

I think you have missed a major turning point in the history of this country, user.

Thinking of abandoning my under the table work and starting a legitimate business.

I've had a countless number of jobs, everything from going infantry in the Marines to being a deckhand on the lower Mississippi, an apprentice for my local plumber/pipe fitters union, waterproofing basements, fixing fucked up house foundations, industrial cleaning in power plants, dish washing, fast food, and even being a tutor while I was in prison, not to mention a plethora of various retail and other bullshit jobs. And it all fucking sucked. I've been NEET for a little over 3 years now and I'm never going back to being a wagecuck. All your doing is busting your ass and destroying your body just to barely be able to survive(at least in most jobs). Meanwhile the kikes just get richer and richer off of you and all your tax dollars go to fund Israel and Israeli interest like endless war in the middle east or to some niggers welfare check so that they can hang out on the corner all day slinging crack and have some extra money for Jordans that he doesn't have to take out of his drug money for his next reup. Fuck that shit. Fuck this government and fuck this country. I'm never getting a job and I'm never paying taxes again. This entire world can suck my fucking dick. I've gone full blown nigger and I'm loving it.

You could start by exercising and changing your diet a bit. If you don't think you can go to a gym, look for a bodyweight training routine and do that 3 times a week. Try and cut off all sugary and junk foods from your life as much as you can. If you drink alcohol, cut that off too. Beer in particular can make you fat FAST. The point is you can start off by trying and living a healthier life. You don't need to be ripped or anything, but watching your diet and working out will greatly improve your confidence. It will even give you some endorphins and testosterone, which helps immensely if you're trying to cut back on fapping.

When this becomes part of your routine, try and look for a skill to learn if you don't have a degree. If you have one of those shitty liberal arts degrees then learn a skill anyway because you probably have none. If you know a second language you can try getting your hand on translation. Most translation companies won't ask for a degree (at least not where I live) and it's the kind of work where you just get better at it the more you do. If that's not your thing, look for something physical, like gardening as many anons here have already said.

I was once a neet when I had dropped out of school. Got a GED a year later and went to university for a social sciences degree (I was a libcuck back then). When I realized being a marxist cuck wasn't my kind of thing, I changed my major to English with a focus on translation (Portuguese is my first language and I learned English from my dad, who's a burger). On my 3rd year I was offered a home office job at a translation company. Pretty simple stuff that also allowed me to work for other companies as I wanted to remain freelance (though 90% of my jobs still come from this company). Pay is decent for someone who's just starting out his career too and being self-employed is incredibly rewarding. Once I graduated, I was able to focus more of my time on my job. About two months ago I started exercising and dieting (I'm not fat, but I'm flabby as I weighed over 100kg back then; now I weigh 70kg).

Looking back on it, it feels like I haven't done much, but it felt good to at least have some kind of job and a skill. Over the past 5 or so years I was dangerously close to killing myself. I had this obsession with death that was pretty much crippling me. I haven't thought of suicide for at least 4 months now, however, and said thoughts have been almost completely wiped from my mind once I started working out. It's a huge benefit. I don't have much muscle yet, but I've lost weight and I feel more flexible and active; feels like my body can do things I never imagined it could. I still have a long way to go when it comes to improvement, but I know I'm getting there.

Take things day by day, user. It's a long road and it feels like you're climbing a tower, but if you focus on doing what you can do now, at this moment, you will be able to accomplish something. Trust me on this one. Believe in your own strength, your willpower. Deep inside, there is a beast inside you ready to be unleashed.

keep applying until you get some shitty part time job is the only way

heres a pro tip most places dont check resumes credibility if you have to and you are desperate you can just lie and put down 2-3 years of experience you dont have.


6 Years long edgelord exNEET here.

This is what I did:

-Move out of my shithole country to an even worse shithole country
-Do Obligatory Military Service for 1 year
-Then Applied for everything that required no experience (shit jobs). Found a weekend job working as a stocker.
-Sign up for a 15 months long electrician course, hope to find a wage slave job working doing maintenance, and then sometime in the future be self-employed.
-Go to my school gym 3 days a week following the starting strength regime.

That's it, it's not the best thing in the world but it's something at least

Fuck it, I'm gonna go join the military. I could probably get a cushy job in the Air Force. Hopefully Trump won't have me die for Israel. Wish me luck, Holla Forums.

Here is your assignment.

His assignment is going to be sitting in a trailer down at Eglin hunched over a computer all day trying to convince everyone on the internet that the F-35 isn't a complete failure.

They're probably tracking my shitposts and won't let me anywhere near a keyboard. I'll end up doing aircraft maintenance or something.

Chan experience could actually work in your favor since it's so easy for people on sites like this to spot an outsider from just one single out of place word in one of their posts. But it is one of those double edged sword type of things.

To add to this though, most DoD shills assigned to do work on places like this are usually going to be alphabet-tier or contractors.

go to a community college and learn welding or automotive or something, op.
friends get you all of your jobs, so be social. also you'll meet a ton of right-wing whites in these jobs. shit, i've worked with a natsoc one time.

Air Force is gay, do Navy. Or Army, if you don't really give a shit about living.

Good one, even more pathetic than I could I imagine.

Well, okay, porn is a bit degenerate, I'll give you that. But what's wrong with vidya, animu and tendies? Sounds like a lovely life.

That's some seriously shitty TTS program if it can't understand such common words.

Honestly if you're struggling with Calc you probably won't be able to make it through the upper level CS classes and you'll be miserable in a challenging programming environment. Maybe you'd be able to make it as a crud web-dev or app-dev, but you should really ask yourself if that's what you want from life.

For most of these jobs all it takes is either a 2 year degree or an apprenticeship.
Systems Admin/IT (warning: blue-pilled environment typically)
tons more…

ABOUT PROGRAMMING: Unless you just love programming, don't bother. It takes way too much time to learn to do it well contrary to popular belief. You will be worked to death. AND it has become the favorite field of pansexual nonbinary tumblr whales.

This is a god-tier reply that hasn't received any attention. Read this shit.


Convicted felons cant vote how did you vote?

I'd like to do that too. Any tips? How did you learn that on your own?

Once he's inaugurated and passes all of his legislation within the first 100 days I am gonna join the military. I'm not good at anything other than being physical and technical, so M4's and Bangalore's for me as I serve our new emperor.

That's all well and good but what if Trump is the real deal and the nightmare is finally over?

The rules on that actually vary by state.

My melanin enriched friend, they don't call us misoginerds for nothing. It's also one of the most male-dominated professions.
Unfortunately for this thread, it usually requires a college diploma.

Look for industrial places, they're almost always hiring. If you're in Canada, CN and westcast are desperate for entry level trade positions. I doubt the situation is particularly different in the US

it's fear.
let go.
accept all of it.
when you do, you will see all of it.
then you will find peace.

suffering is a part of life.
do not fear it.
whether or not you fear it, you will suffer.

place the future into the hands of god. do this with love. have faith. he knows you better than you know yourself and he will guide you.

interpret this as you will.

Get a job as a non-union electrician

No experience required
No schooling outide of a high school diploma required
Your company will help you a little bit with the training classes you have to do while you are employed
They will even hire felons
Vast majority of electricians are white and Holla Forums tier
Many veterans

Pay is shit
You have to buy your own tools
Work is physically demanding and fast
It will take 4 years of busting your ass as an apprentice before you get to be a journeyman
You get paid much worse than a union electrician, but union electricians are corrupt leftist pieces of shit

Anyway, you can get started tomorrow. Turnover rate is very high, so you can just go apply. You will likely get accepted, but it's up to your own hard work to turn it into a lifelong career.

Faith would be restored.

I work new construction too, so I never deal with shit. Job can be physical for your first few years, but really more mentally demanding once you climb the ladder.

TL DR: become a tradesman and be a fucking man.

I couldn't find a a job within the system, I couldn't even find a normal market I could pursue as an independent contractor either. Perhaps if the economy was better but after 3 years, 1000s of job applications, and a mere hundred dollars to show for all those hours spend, I decided it was clearly not worth the effort to try to contribute to the system as every one else told me it worked.

After much frustration & soul seeking I decided to make my own fortune and write my own fate. and after several brushes near death, close calls, suicide attempts it became clear to me that life would keep going on, despite my opinions. So I made my own business, it was born out of my hobbies & passions, but while that was maturing I did a lot volunteering with all sorts of places for all sorts of reasons. Some for bartering/trade of things, some for social opportunities, some for things I could learn, some simply following my intuition.

I never got any sort of certifications, just did stuff, mostly I taught myself but on occasion had advise from friends.

If you're asking for motivation… that is another matter.

tl;dr just do things, also business cards

seems like the reason why people pay people in the first place.
they value you. you've done something to earn it.

Former neet here.
Joined the military for benefits and experience. Whipped my ass into shape and made me more disciplined.
From my experiences I was able to determine my future civilian career path, whereas I had no inkling before.

My current pay works out to $42k a year. I have no education beyond a HS diploma. When I leave soon I'll be getting paid to be a full time student. Also this is U.S. military I'm talking about, no you do not need to be a U.S. citizen to join. Service guarantees citizenship (yes, just like starship troopers).

McFucking Kill Yourselves.

Don't let your memes be dreams, I didn't.

Search for free spelling and grammar courses on line. Here's an example

You guys got anchored:
an earnest desire to self improve and the health and well-being of your fellow shitposters is less important to the moderation than hiding chronic levels of unemployment and depression amongst chan users.

but please remember to kickstart the next meme billboard, even if none of them have ever been delivered.


Only if I have a boner m8

I doubt you could cut it faggot. Food services, tanker driver or fuels is probably more your speed kiddo.

dude i work at a hotel front desk 5 year recovering neet, all i do is sit on 4chan and watch videos on my computer. the other late night plays video games and watches wrestling. i make minumum but im goint to school again in vocational training and do my homework at night

Former neet living with my daddy. Started as a temp worker at a local factory and now I'm a supervisor waiting for my 64 year old boss to retire so I can get back on 1st or 2nd shift since I hate 3rd shift. It is possible to move beyond neetdom, but you have to make the effort yourself. No one else can do it for you, not even Trump.


fuckin hell i didnt notice the anchor