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Information regarding ownership of Besta - THIS HAS NOT BEEN INVESTIGATED FURTHER


Here's my take from these digs: I think the McCann connection is a goose chase, but I think there's definitely a pedo angle. The connect to that guy from the McCann case to Weiner is dumb because he has smooth as fuck baby skin and the guy from the case had a lunar landscape face according to witnesses.

Also, have we reached out to authorities about what we've found so far? Without Clintonite pressure on Comey, maybe he can get some investigating done.


This, a thousand times!

Look at my results for Marina, good to know she is well respected by the "intelligencia" and some (most) of the articles about her are written in full praise/adoration of her (including a large number of Japanese writers, hmm… what was that about a Japanese Island in the emails?)

Could you provide links to these sites user, I'm having trouble accessing them.

the address is in the image

You must register but it can be garbage inputs no verification

check the short list, sasha lord.

check these names to look for better leads.

the interesting bit is sasha lord has the smallest twitter followers list yet it follows the underground, but it is a venue so that's not super odd. so is comet heheh.

wow i've just been blocked from the list in the last 10 mins. any other twitter anons be warned.
Found the episode. Footage of comet ping pong at 12:50.

of course I find this out after I make a multi program to decode/encode base64/hex (and more soon)


or use andand 12345678 to obfuscate further

Thanks for your help

masonic ring


Read my fucking mind fam. The bucket is the same as the one with the matter in it, I'm sure of it

I thought the brain bucket was in Hawaii?

Holy balls, I haven't read much into this after the election. Keep digging anons. It seems we're close to curb-stomping these fags.

Kek save us.

Buy in bulk, how do you think the rich get rich?

The container was a large barrel not a bucket

Honolulu, yeah. Dammit, I did think there was a connection. Maybe buying more at once? Buy in bulk and shit like that.
It's a shame we can't get credit card records or something to cross-reference.

They go to pizza after their meetings and didn't epstein order children as dessert? for his luncheons?

Pizza can be a codeword for what goes on after the meetings

Freemasonry can not only implement the crime but the coverup with the fraternal order of police they are an umbrella of secrecy for sekrit orders like the brothers in blood an elite part of the shrine;s royal order of jesters who the shrine has the star and crescent scimitar logo much like comet.

They have actually been caught taking children out of school and tourturing them in evansville indiana they called it the "Blue House case"

There was just an ice cream truck sitting outside my friend's house. There were no children at the truck; truck was just sitting outside the house.

Googled the business name displayed on the truck but found nothing.

Googled the address displayed on the truck and it looks like a residential house with a tall privacy fence around the back yard, with 5 "No trespassing" signs on it and 3 "ADT" (alarm) signs in the yard.

Unsure if this is just coincidence, but we won't be intimidated! Also we don't want to fuck with an honest guy's living if it turns out to be nothing.

Normally would think nothing of it, but here we are…


it's not like we're harassing him or anything, we're investigating.

Shill, concern trolling


Anyone who is confronted by us should be required to pass some kind of litmus test… I mean if they say "Stop dox plz!" and we say "Investigating CP yo" - if they dont throw up or offer to help, keep them in mind ;)

Fuck off, shill. We already pretty much have proof that it's definitely not nothing. There's shady shit going down there but with the Fieri show and instagram it's like he's trying to make it seem legit when it sure as fuck isn't.

Stare at the picture of the spoons. See the womans legs and torso?

logo on besta site changed yesterday?
sasha lord is on twitter blocking people, or it's the shadow block from the twit mods.

either way this is hot. i wouldn't be surprised if icmec is going to attack anyone who is involved with this 'investegation'

Assuming you two are the friends, just get a pair of binoculars and watch him from a secluded area so you can beat each other off in peace while you wait. If anything comes of it and you see anything suspicious take pictures for evidence.

Referring to this one particular ice cream truck, which we've seen before.

When I was at Uni there was an ice cream truck that allegedly sold drugs…

The barrel in hawaii has already been tied to Sasha Lord/Comet

Well shit it is the same bucket

dropping evidence bombs

Learn what the fuck "concern trolling" means, you fucking nigger,

why is this 2nd picture all fucked up

looks like a lighter shade of blue, but that could be chocked up to sun bleaching.


google isometeric view fractals 2d pictures into 3d bro.

No shill here. We have photos of the truck and driver, business name and address, but again, don't want to hurt an honest person. Just asking what would infinichan do?

We are hunting demons.



Has anyone managed to replicate the hidden zip thing? The thread used the first picture with the left showing the pizza.jpg hex and the right some tutorial on embedding zips. Look at the right part of the image though the hex for the line the zip starts is 50 4b 03 04 with the ascii being PK.. PK by itself doesn't indicate an embedded zip. I tried myself to extract hidden files from the pizza.jpg in the podesta email and couldn't get shit (see second image used pizza.jpg from here

Any idea on where the fallout shelter is?

Opened in 1949 as a trolley station, 75,000 s.f. of underground platforms and tunnels were closed off in 1962, when the city’s streetcar system shut down. Other than designation as fallout shelter in the late 1960s and hosting a short-lived food court on the west platform in the mid-1990s, the space has remained empty. Until now.

I brought this up in half a couple days ago, but remember the email talking about the Luzzatto kids and something about a farm in Lovvettsville? I Google map searched that city, there's only one named that in VA. Looked at farms, quarter branch farm had this place called fazenda Burity right next to it. You click on it the link and it brings you to a site in Brazil. Google map says it's a farm but the pictures make it look like a resort or commune of some type. Seems shady. Anyone else wanna confirm this is suspicious?

then quit being pussies and go investigate

Not saying it's the same barrel. I'm saying there's already a connection between the Hawaii barrel, a distributor of child porn on ebay (he was tied to the location the barrel was found at), and the fine folks in DC we're all so interested in.

Ask him for an ice cream? He might just be taking a break, but I'm gonna assume it's the wrong time of year for ice cream where you are.
If you have a gun or a knife, take it. Or even pepper spray if you just need to incapacitate.

You took a picture… on your phone… of your screen…

Even the drug selling ice cream vans sell ice scream as a cover…

Would be full-retard to ride around in an ice cream van with no ice cream.

Friend presented himself as a concerned citizen and asked the driver if he loves Jesus Christ. Driver said sure and understood concern.

they have an interesting list of degenerates. note that people may click someone on twitter and then those people follow them back. but it's certainly a concious assocation from on or both parties.

Oh man, if it turns out they're paid shills as well. Just more proof that all media was owned by the (((Elites))).

Come on

Was this ever discussed further?,_U.S._Virgin_Islands&action=history

archive of mp4 ripped from dailymotion:

Could you explain how the wikipedia article is related? All the edits appear to be blank.

wow that is a HOT lead fam tbh, grest job!!




An user posted in the last thread or two threads ago, it's probably not much but just a heads up to check revision history in case.

Has anyone actually tried to contact local/low level law enforcement? I think we need to involve more people with more knowledge than just us, and I definitely think we should contact that guy who tried to blow the whistle on Comet before.

Just be careful in doing so. Even though they probably don't have the resources to rake all of our personal information, they are almost certainly going to be watching his contacts.

And be careful to not alert anyone who could be connected in some way to the higher ups who know the picking order.

I can't do it. It requires an user much braver and smarter than I.

Godspeed, to whomever takes this fight.

So what's going in this thread? I'm too tired and don't have time to read every fucking thread previous to this one, but the few I've seen is pretty fucking sick.

Comet Ping Pong on Great American story.
Apperently it was also on Diners drive ins and dives with the oven man himself. I'll see if I can find it.

Put all the evidence on a USB drive and leave it at a local police station anonymously. That's my best thought, I sure as fuck wouldn't want this being traced back to me if I were investigating it.

that guy was fullof BS, the pizza picture is only 23kb and the picture he claimed to have pulled from it was 5 times the size.


Operation #PedoFiles

Ping Pong Pedo Threads
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Commuter Security Group

Mikael Aspling (aka Bizarro)

Works for train depot security.

Snail mail in as a 'discretionary reporter' to appropriate agencies a packet of your evidence with a concise explanation on a legal pleading template.

At least he has taste.

If you think you might really find something and you don't want it to possibly be recovered from your hard disk, then you should try using a RAM disk. Look up how to do it on your operating system. For Linux it's just
That way it'll be lost forever once the RAM loses power/you turn your computer off.

"So I sat down with Bill (Colby) and he told me to basically "Get away from all this and it was all so much bigger and more deadly and dangerous in where it led and what it involved than I ever imagined. If I stuck around trying to do something about it, I would probably get myself or my family probably killed or worse.

So I said, "I can't just walk away…." He says "Ill tell you what, the only way in these kind of things, because of where it goes and what it involves - the only way you can do something about it and protect yourself too, it may not be the way you want to do it, is to get the national press involved, get it so reported and looked into that it CANNOT be covered up. The forces you are against are too big and too powerful for you to do them in the time or way you want. If you keep it up you'll end up dead.

So I went home and wrote the book, "The Franklin Coverup""

- Former Nebraska Senator John DeCamp on his talk with Former CIA head Bill Colby regarding Franklin Credit Union and Larry King.

The details are chilling, especially the recorded interviews with victims - some of the small details are only of note in our current investigation and may have flown over our team's heads in the past…

Yea I figured as much there are some weird images like the one from here which is probably corrupted in some way as it is missing file footers + 4chan complains it has an embedded file on upload but the pizza.jpg looks clean to me. Not exactly an expert on this stuff though.

This was discovered 3 days ago on The_Donald, it has a hidden newspaper clipping about "Clinton 2.0, Social Networks" in spanish… I translated it and it'snothing special - just about how Clinton will copy Obama's success - the last line however, is about Podesta making spaghetti for reporters…. hmm :\

The iSteg program that seems linked to the images, made by one Hany El Imam - Hanymac at gmail and Hanymac at Sina dot com, Circle Subway Station.

the tunnel was just a bypass under the intersection for street cars, it does go for more than a few blocks. it's 4 miles south east of comet pizza on connecticut ave.

as anons have said before comet pizza is more of a mingle and pet place. but it does have hidden bathrooms. the pizza express shop was from a development by Geary Stephen Simon. don't dig up more on this it's just a spooky tunnel used for art. because of it's venue status sasha lord knows about it, it's just down the road a few miles.

please tell me that somebody is making summaries and compiling together everything that's been discovered?

it's very hard to learn the details from all these threads.

Still three threads behind; fucking christ this one is moving fast. But this jumped out at me. Sorry if it was already mentioned, and sorry if this is retarded.

User Hany has been a member since September 29 2007. was registered two weeks later, October 15 2007.

*doesn't go

I assume we're still focusing on Comet Ping Pong etc, but is anyone compiling a list of (((questionable))) logos?

Anybody aware of databases for missing persons?

Example, I want to run a search of persons reported as missing in the DC area.

What databases hold up to date and accurate results?

Excerpt from David Mcgowan's Programmed to Kill

Chapter 2 "…to washington"

America, as it turns out, has long been a nation whose laws were friendly to purveyors
of child pornography. It was just twenty-five years ago, in 1978, that the
very first federal statute on child pornography was passed into law. While forbidding
production and sale, the statute placed no restrictions at all on the possession
or trade of such materials. New laws enacted in 1984 forbid the trade of
child pornography regardless of whether any money changed hands, though possession
remained legal. In fact, as recently as 1990, private possession of child
pornography was legal in 44 of the 50 states, despite the inescapable fact that all
such materials were, by necessity, illegally produced and/or illegally obtained.
Technology has for some time now played a key role in greatly expanding the
availability of child pornography. The Polaroid camera, for example, eliminated
the need for child pornographers to have access to complicit photo labs. Home
video cameras did likewise for moving images. Personal computers, digital cameras,
web cams, scanners, and—most notably—the Internet, have vastly
expanded the reach of child pornography networks. In the age of the Internet,
child pornography is a booming business. The Los Angeles Times noted in
December 1999 that: “the number of investigations for Internet-related child
pornography is soaring. The FBI launched 1,125 such inquiries this year, more
than twice as many as last year.”
In the wake of this rising tide, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a
ruling on December 17, 1999 that struck a serious blow to the prosecution of
Look into it here maybe

I found this digging into the dupont underground, I looked up dupont underground rape.

http ://

Greensville Maryland? pretty close to DC?

child pornography cases. As the Times reported, the decision stipulated, “the government
cannot prohibit computer-generated sexual images that only appear to
be pictures of children.” A later report noted that appeals court judge Donald
Molloy had stated that the First Amendment bars the government from criminalizing
the generation of “images of fictitious children engaged in imaginary but
explicit sexual conduct.” As a result of the court’s decision, prosecutors were
thereafter “barred from bringing virtual-child pornography cases in California
and the eight other Western states within the jurisdiction of the U.S. 9th Circuit
Court of Appeals.”
As critics have noted, graphics technology now available to the general public
is so sophisticated that it is virtually impossible to determine if an image has been
digitally altered, and therefore if any actual children were involved in the generation
of the image. U.S. Justice Department lawyers argued that very point, noting
that the “government may find it impossible in many cases to prove that a pornographic
image is of a real child.” Any good defense attorney, in other words, could
raise reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of an image. It could in fact be
argued that all such computer images “only appear to be pictures of children.”
Computer images are not in fact photos, but are digital computer files that display
as a facsimile of the original photo. A sound legal argument could be made
that all digitally transferred and displayed child pornography is therefore legal, as
it does not represent ‘real children.’
That should come as great news to the international child pornography networks,
given that the United States is their number-one market. According to
investigative author Gordon Thomas, the majority of child pornography produced
worldwide is targeted at the U.S., where by the early 1990s it was already a
$3 billion a year business, and growing. Thomas claims that—according to law
enforcement figures—over 22 million copies of child pornography videos were
sold or rented in the U.S. in 1991. He also writes that much of that pornographic
material is produced domestically, where it is “part of the largest segment of
movie making in the United States.” Jan Hollingsworth concurs with Thomas’
figures, describing child pornography as a “three-billion-dollar—per year—U.S.
industry that grossed twice that worldwide. It [is] bigger than Disney. Much bigger.”
Speaking of Disney, Thomas notes that child porn videos are frequently trafficked
internationally by deceptively packaging them as Disney videos.
Strangely enough, the first man to benefit from the 9th Circuit Court decision
was Patrick J. Naughton. You may remember him as the executive with the Walt
Disney Co. who ran one of the company’s kid-friendly web sites. Naughton was
arrested and later tried on child pornography charges. He was convicted on
December 16, just one day before the decision was handed down in the case
before the circuit court. Within hours of the appeals court ruling, Naughton was

Right the image is openable in windows photo viewer but it doesn't have proper headers / footers as shown here. It isn't a complete PNG or it got messed up in someway I assume.

released by federal prosecutors on $100,000 bail. Despite the fact that he was, as
the Times acknowledged, convicted of “possessing pictures of actual children,” a
decision was made to release him “until the impact of the court’s ruling can be
sorted out”—illustrating the significant undermining of existing law that could
result from the circuit court ruling.
On January 22, 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal of the
case. In April 2002, the high court rendered its decision, upholding the ruling of
the lower court. By doing so, the highest court in the land extended the ban on
prosecutions of “virtual-child pornography” to all fifty states. As the L.A. Times
reported on April 17, 2002, the “ruling creates an immunity for a new generation
of ‘virtual’ pornographers who rely entirely on computer images.” The Times
noted that it was “an unexpected move” for the conservative court, describing the
decision as “a surprisingly strong defense of the right to free speech.” The decision
was, alas, not all that surprising, given that the Supreme Court has demonstrated
in the past—most notably during the 2000 election debacle—its willingness to
toss aside its alleged principles when the need arises. Noted by the Times once
again was the concern among prosecutors that they will “have a hard time proving
that children portrayed on an Internet sex site, for example, are real children.”
The decision handed down by the Supreme Court, notably, “does not answer that
Closely associated with child pornography is, of necessity, child abuse. It
should be self-evident that all kids used in child pornography are abused children,
their abuse recorded on film and tape for the depraved enjoyment of other child
abusers. As Anne Houston, the director of the organization Childline Scotland,
has said: “Every image of child abuse on the internet is a crime scene.”
Also closely associated with child pornography is the always-controversial issue
of ‘missing children.’ There is considerable debate as to whether there is a problem
in this country with missing children. Some claim that 200,000 or more children
disappear without a trace every year. Others steadfastly maintain that
numbers such as those are grossly inflated, and that abduction of children by
strangers with bad intent is actually quite rare. The problem is that nobody really
knows for sure, since the FBI—America’s compiler of crime statistics—does not
bother to keep track. As the Los Angeles Times reported in July 2002, there is a
“lack of knowledge about the prevalence of a crime that historically has not been
included in the federal government’s Uniform Crime Report. Local agencies have
only sporadically kept data.” Many believe that the numbers are not compiled
because the FBI does not want to know—or more accurately, the FBI does not
want the American people to know, how many children disappear every year.
What is known though is that reports of child abuse have skyrocketed.
Between 1963 and 1988, reported cases of child abuse rose from 150,000 to

2,000,000 per year, a 1300% increase in just a quarter-century. Child abuse may
in fact be the most prevalent crime in American society—and possibly the most
significant as well, given that it provides the breeding ground for so much of the
more visible crime plaguing Western culture. As Thomas reports: “over 90 percent
of the teenage prison population are now victims of child abuse.” And that
population is growing rapidly. In the wake of that rising tide, the Los Angeles
Times reported in March 2001 that: “President Bush’s budget will trim a program
aimed at preventing child abuse and cut some child care spending…A child abuse
prevention program will see an 18% cut.”
Author and e-zine editor Robert Sterling has written of what he refers to as “a
pattern of trivialization of child molestation evidence” that seems to characterize
high-profile media stories. He points out, for instance, that in the highly publicized
Woody Allen and Mia Farrow child custody case, all the attention was
focused on Allen’s illicit romance with Soon-yi Previn. Almost entirely ignored in
the media coverage was the fact that Allen was also charged with molesting his
own seven-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan. While the press dismissed those
allegations as unfounded and unworthy of reporting, Sterling notes that,
“Connecticut state authorities, based on the testimony of Dylan and others, have
stated that they do believe Woody did molest her, but decided not to prosecute
anyway,” allegedly to spare the child any further trauma.
Sterling also takes note of the “case of the Menendez brothers, who, after
admitting to murdering their parents, painfully revealed that they were ruthlessly
abused and molested by them over the years.” Their claims were never fully investigated
and the boys were “viciously demonized for trying to escape the murder
charges and accused of making up their abuse,” though there was in fact evidence
of that abuse. Also referenced by Sterling is the kid-gloves treatment afforded
Michael Jackson when he was charged with molestation: “even though the accusations
against him are widely believed to be true, [they] are merely passed off
with a laugh among other smirking monologue jokes on Jay Leno.” And of
course, though not mentioned by Sterling, sister LaToya was ridiculed by the
media when she came forward with stories about the sexual abuse suffered by the
Jackson kids at the hands of their father. Other cases discussed in the Sterling
piece include the over-hyped ‘au-pair’ trial, during which evidence of prior abuse
of the child by his parents was consistently ignored, and the Susan Smith case, in
which the media refused to consider whether Smith’s own severe childhood abuse
could have been a factor in the murder of her children, despite the fact that her
father admitted to the chronic abuse.
Coupled with the fact that the press have consistently downplayed the occurrence
of child molestation is the equally disturbing fact that that very same media
have actively promoted the sexualization of children—a trend that has been

greatly accelerated in recent years, and which has served to, to some degree, legitimize
pedophilia. Taking note of the proliferation of young teen—and even preteen—sex
symbols, Tom Junod wrote in Esquire (February 2001) that: “the entire
culture is besotted with the erotic promise of teenage girls…The lure of jailbait
now supplies the erotic energy to a popular culture desperate for what’s new,
what’s young, what’s alive.” The Junod article is, strangely enough, a profile of
Greg Dark, one-half of the former ‘Dark Brothers’—notorious purveyors of darkthemed,
occult-tinged porno films. Dark is rather noteworthy for having openly
produced and peddled child pornography, in that many of his films featured a
very young Traci Lords, who began working with the Dark Brothers at the age of
But Dark has now put those days long behind him. He is now working comfortably
in the mainstream. And he is no longer marketing teen sexuality. No,
now he is creating music videos…for Britney Spears, Mandy Moore and the preteen
Leslie Carter (sister of Aaron Carter and “Back Street Boy” Nick Carter).
That is, according to Dark,10 a completely different line of work.
It is not just the media that has been actively promoting the sexualization of
children; certain segments of academia have been busily doing so as well. On
April 19, 2002, the Washington Times carried a report detailing a “movement
within academia to promote ‘free sexual expression of children.’” This “movement
to legitimize sex between adults and children is ‘gathering steam,’ warns
Stephanie Dallam, researcher for the Leadership Council for Mental Health,
Justice and the Media in Philadelphia, an organization that deals with prevention
and treatment of child abuse. ‘Some people view children as the next sexual frontier,’
Ms. Dallam says.” Referenced in the Times article is Judith Levine’s book
David McGowan • 27
10 Some other interesting facts about Dark emerged from the Esquire profile, such as
that he was raised by a Satanist father, who “used to read to Gregory from the works
of Aleister Crowley, the noted occultist, when Gregory was very young.” His father’s
collection of “black magick” books is one of Dark’s most cherished possessions. Also
revealed was that Dark is a master manipulator, as he candidly admitted to his interviewer:
“And the thing is, I like manipulating people. I’m comfortable manipulating
people. I’m good at it.” Junod added that, during Dark’s porno days, he “asked people
to do things…curious things…and they did them.” Such is the nature of the man
who helps craft the images of America’s teen sex symbols and market them to millions
of pre-teen fans. Britney Spears later revealed to Esquire an interesting detail of her
family life: “…when I was thirteen years old, I used to walk around my house completely
naked…My family just always walked around the house naked. We were
earthy people.”



This Isteg shit seems like misdirection. You're not going to find anything in a newspaper clipping or menu PDF, you're lucky if you'll be able to make sense of a real encrypted CP image.

Hello everyone. First of all, I'd like to thank you for all of your hardwork in spite of the celebrations.

I haven't been in these threads since the original with Austyn and the red truck man at the "Child Care" house. One question for you all, was filterman bullshitting when he said Wikileaks and NYPD had videos or have those simply not been disclosed yet?

Please don't spam.

That page is very creepy, and has some links to some odd websites too, needed to use the wayback machine to use a few, and some of the labels are pretty odd too.
help digging?

in one of the posts:
The Happiest Baby? Well not yet….

So you may have heard of "The Happiest Baby" which features some dude who is like the baby whisperer or something—i mean nothing against him, but its pretty funny, check out the website:

Baby whisperer? maybe that magician that is connected to Comet and the Whitehouse?

Mr. T
Washington, DC, United States
Ring any bells?

here if anyone wants it

wut m8? for the normies. It's not totally comprehensive though, but meant to be a quick read that's emotionally motivating. Has had some success. Almost 40k views and Twitter is starting to pass it around

Someone on Plebbit found Comet's co-founder.

Quick scan of her tweeter reveals some nifty people.

"carole greenwood Retweeted
Olivia Nuzzi [email protected]/* */ Aug 16

the best DC restaurants would be mediocre restaurants in NY and it's ok to admit that, guys. DC has other things going for it."

Not to mention the "art" she likes…

"Mrs Greenwood was getting ready to take her grandson, Riley, two, into the pool at the Dalmeny Hotel, in St Annes, Lancs, when the tragedy happened.

She said: “I was in the changing rooms and a lady came in and said ‘There’s an incident in the pool, is there a lifeguard?’ The child was on the bottom of the pool, so I dived in and got her out."

What parent concerned for their child's safety TALKS LIKE THAT? Kid was prolly her "sleep partner" and thus the not giving much of a shit…

yeah i know sorry - can we get triggerd later?

what is it that this is censored on halfchan? Thread got deleted after anons startet to dig into these images.

also, i took a closer look, owle is matching with the big bird.

some user's ruse. cheap b8.

Can anyone break it down step by step how you guys got here?

It's a decorative cross.ée

We just noticed a lot of people talking really creepily about pizza in wikileaks podesta emails.



Anything new with LA white rabbit?
Might snap some pics. Someone mentioned a surveillance apparatus on the building. Or maybe I'll drink a few beers and knock on the door.




not relevant but fun to read still


I posted about this last night, and I thought of another interesting connection. Relating back to the old Franklin Case, in Omaha Nebraska there were many businesses in Omaha related to the ring there. Godfather's Pizza was one, and another was The French Cafe. I actually conflated the two. Godfather's Pizza was just a pick up joint, while the French Cafe was supposed to be a place where in the basement children were sold and snuff films were made.

Terasol is a French cafe. And of course we know the pizza connection. What is the symbolism behind French cafes?

You can see in this video by David Shurter, who is a nut. I won't deny that. No matter how much of a nut he is, he knows *something* about this shit, because he knows where everything is and where shit happens. I think the pedos have fucking fried his brain.

I recommend watching all of this video series, but this one in particular shows you the "restaurant network."

Anyone has a timeline? Mindmap or anything else?

I saw it in one of the threads, can't remember where though
the more I think about it, the more I don't really remember, I've always had a shitty memory. It might have just shown up in my computer tonight or something, but KEK told me to enlighten people on his atrocity



now I'm not sure.

Maybe some french literature on child torture/sex/trafficking. I havent read much french literature, so i cant speak on it worth shit.

from the wiki

also, unicode

about stephen

Brilliant, brilliant fucking stuff m8.
Coherent, easy-to-read, understandable and efficient.
Please keep making more.

The white lines are electricity. They were shocked in order to be made obedient.

it it has a G in the middle with blue bg. smdh u silly goyim.

own seven-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan
These guys are so sick. I guess looking out for adopted children is a good way to find the ones who weren't Satanic enough to sacrifice them Moloch.

From a book on the underground tunnels around Dupont Circle called Metamonuments, by Comet Pizza frequent visitor Jamen Huckenpahler, also a pal of Alafantis and Dr. Pong aka Oliver Miller.

Reminded me of La Boum Boum Room.

Also guys, the reason they put all their symbols out there is because they're most likely sociopaths. I remember in my psych class that we talked about how sociopaths like to know that they can do these things without anyone knowing, thinking that they're better than everyone else. It's why serial killers leave clues, and apparently why these pedos use symbols.

We got you fucking kidfuckers on the run. We just memed a President into the White House. Do you think we will stop now?



Actually this is something I know about for unrelated reasons. From a practical standpoint (not related to any symbolism I could only speculate on), cafes are easy to hide in plain sight if you want to organize groups that have high ranking members of society and stanger, more bohemian characters in one spot without too much suspicion. Think of how weird it was that there were all those freaks meeting at a pizza parlor, then objectively run that through the same situation in your brain, but this time they're at a closed cultural event at a fancy "French Cafe". Ignoring what we know, it's almost completely different in impression to a normie.

You can tell the place looks like shit because all the shots are really tight.


Startpage search for @DiyChurch yeilds three results:

Loving the masonic initiate gif from the blogspot link…

Who the fuck is this guy?

Fuck! Thats genius, pizza joints and cafes are just a different part of the *SAME* front. You're brilliant. This is why they have the tunnels.

What is the DIYchurch? How do they counter us, besides the disassociating craziness?

It's almost like these people have no clue what storm awaits. They think we're the fucking Belgians!

can we not keep naming things after watergate? Water gate was the name of the hotel, it wasn't a literal gate. We could fucking call it crashing the pizza party or something. Not fucking X-gate.

The guy who runs that twitter account was talking about trolling us on don't fall for it. He said that he wanted to be in a sticky on Holla Forums

We need to dig more into the artist discovered in previous threads.

David Shurter alleges that his father was a high priest or some shit with the Satanic pedo ring. He's really fucking nuts, literal tin foil hat wearer. HOWEVER. No matter how crazy he is, he knows *something* about this shit and has uncovered verifiable information in the past. He also knows where all the Franklin locations are.

Shes a fairly prominent figure in this realm already - same ring, different decades - we COULD contact her and ask her to look at what we have and supply any hints - but I don't quite feel like putting her through that…

bath filled with fucking acid or something?

Your digits horrify me, and her material should only be used as reference.

He's not crazy, he was targeted.

His latest video - he tells "The Order" "You want to do these things, you will find out what it is like to war with heaven" - doesn't seem too far off to me fellow crusaders.

It looks like the long haired person is vomiting blood/something red, or maybe it's dripping from their mouth. The streak on the clothes must be blood, maybe from stuggling. If you look closely, I think you can see blood dripping from the person in pic 4 too. Are they biting the kids? I also just realised that the devil head looks a little like a uterus.

also hello snail

I agree. I think he's been made crazy so that no one will take him seriously.

gonna ask again, what software is used to make these?

"Order out of chaos, but where does the chaos come from?" He says…

What if… what if Kek was their final vehicle? The order will be brought from chaos… Kek… guys, I think we fucked up lol

Something like FreeMind.

Did the mm file ever get posted?

That's a great horned owl. It's the provincial bird of Alberta - so maybe some connection there?

the blood on the clothes also looks like snakes though.

Kek isn't chaos, Kek is the mind, kek is thought
Set is chaos and Osiris is order.

Kek uses chaos against itself.

If true, fantastic… but I'm starting to wonder lol.

Starts to even feel like they let Donald win, so they could just have an excuse to start race violence in full..

it's trash. had the spooky rabbit picture uploaded to it a year or two back. some goy found that pic doing a reverse search, which he filmed on webm and posted. the goy does trippy retro websites. diychurch is on it dropped a funny html page. the site might have been used for a german band in 2011 which maybe be friends with Ryder.

none of this has anything to with pedoesta! the rabbit image was uploaded to dumpfm, the date is in the webm if u pause it. the rabbit image and daycare predate these wiki emails and the rabbit is most likely a hipster sticker campaign.

the thing is, it is not a coincident that these two birds have the same amount of feather and claws.

Any user here with some background knowledge about flags?

Guess that user that said they're decomposing the bodies in the blue barrels was right.

Perfect, you're kicking ass with these. I'm glad you did such a coherent job.

Anons have been jumping around the idea of going in a group. If we could get a handful together and get them over there we might find something really noteworthy.

Tinfoil thought: that's an easy way to get people to stop looking at what you've been doing.

The EASIEST way to get more girth on investigations like this is track the real estate, we're in the right direction looking closely at their fronts–what they CANNOT hide. Keep in mind that these people are able to drop everything and leave, but there is nobody in the world who gets this comfortable and covers every last name with black ink. Title searches are an easy way to get volumes on suspicious characters and weird activities (and how they all form a nexus), if I had more time I'd put more effort into that.

Remember this guys, this isn't 1985. The groups of people who indulge in this cannot hide from people like us who are straight up AUTISTIC in documenting names, activities, locations, symbols. Just like how HTML webpages brought about a new generation of people "in-the-know," these inforgraphics are weapons of pure titanium. They can fuck off to every corner of the map (notice the silence from Podesta?), but NOTICE they cannot LIVE without operating in the public sphere. It isn't just pure sociopathic narcissism, it's actually a core part of WHY they even do this.
One world. One pizza.

304A Caribou Street, Banff, AB
(below the Rose & Crown)

I think they are having a laugh now with those ms paint images.

Anyone have the before and after the pizza place scrubbed the triangle off its logo? I didn't save it and I can't fucking find it in the previous thread archives even though I know its there

How about someone with a hidden cam go in with a necklace of the boylove symbol?

You're a fucking idiot. Kek isn't just Chaos, he's the single most potent form of it, and the part that chases out the false 'Order' of the Kali Yuga to make room for the True Light of the Golden Age. Set represents this false 'Order' of the Jews and other foreigners.

Besta pizza logo also masonic related, in addition to the pedo symbol.

Alright, so I went on Google and was able to rip pictures from inside/outside the store. That whole "bath" aspect got me really concerned; sort of a "where did I see that before?"

In September 2010, it was a Computer Repair Shop.
In August 2015, it's called Hope Floats; a spa specializing in sensory deprivation chambers. I'm not fucking kidding you. The user that posted in Thread 3 (whose post was capped in the first post of Thread 4) was not fucking with us.

http s:[email protected]/* */,-77.0946979,3a,47.1y,6.19h,90.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfpvqfUcMaaLibQhx_j-opQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Take a gander and see for yourself.

We're onto something big, gentleman.

If her paintings speak the truth, I don't think I'd want to either

I was hoping I wouldn't get a sign from Kek to keep digging, honestly.

In four of her paintings, the Jewish Kabbalah (Tree of Life) is drawn. Many of her paintings, if I'm understanding them, are on the fucked up side - blue figures holding cigarettes and laughing, as they murder and rape children, depictions of Hell and everything in between.


It is more than that.

It is part of a mind control. Symbols are easier to grasp and communicate. Just look at he memes on 4chan. A lot of them are entirely senseless to an outsider. They are propagation of culture.

Satanism is thoroughly entrenched in the idea that symbols can be used to control a fair portion of the population. Just look at how well the media manipulates everyone to look the other way and not focus on wikileaks or Comet Ping Pong.

That is why meming this into the public consciousness is so important.

The False Memories Institute shows how deep this really goes and how they have a 30 year head start on convincing everyone that satanic ritual abuse is entirely fake.

Keep in mind, even Freud has writings where he claims some of his female patients were subjected to ritual abuse.

The symbols and the mk ultra style imagery is effective against a small sliver of the population. Suggestibility and intelligence are interdependent. The prize you get from running a thousand people through rituals where some are sacrificed, is that you get some who are completely dissociative, but still able to operate as a functional human.
More Info

Weren't the Catholics/Italians still operating the catacombs until rather recently? Maybe has something to do with their obsession with underground hideouts

By the way that screencap pasted in the upper right is really small, I have a hard time reading it

Hey lurkers…


into your browser

look where it takes you

Absolutely nothing.

Fuck you nigger. It's suspicious as fuck.

I think the dominoes on cheese e-mail from "Herb" is innocuous. Dude clearly loves his food.

Presumably, Mary and John send food to Herb in a standard way Herb is accustomed to, but this time the package was different. Judging by the style of speech of the whole e-mail, referring to this as "changing strategies" is Herb being Herb. Using quirky, kind of military-esque ways of saying regular things. Herb is being playful here.

We see a lot of mention of pasta and sauces in the e-mails it seems. In this instance it could be home made that they often send to Herb, as friends might.

It sounds like Herb really appreciates good food. In this context "demolish them" refers to the cheeses. It's like saying "I'm going to enjoy eating these and there won't even be crumbs left when I'm done". Kinda like the Cookie Monster "demolishes" cookies (although that messy fucker does leave crumbs).
The infographic appears to suggest "demolish them" may refer to something else, but it does appear Herb is simply referring to the cheeses here.

Not much to say on this, standard closing of correspondence.

Dominoes as in the game. It's been referenced in other e-mails and the context there implies they literally mean the game Dominoes.

In this instance, "play dominoes on cheese" could also be said "play dominoes while on cheese". It's a joke, implying when having eaten pasta Herb is perhaps not that good at playing dominoes. And given the Podestas have switched things up a bit and sent him cheeses to eat this time, do they think that might help him play better?

Nigga the symbols are their versions of memes. When you see a Pepe, you think of Kek. When they see a pizza, they think of little girls.


it takes us to your shitty website that has nothing to do with what's going on

grasping at straws

THIS!!! If you don't know, look up Franklin Coverup - or listen to these two eps of this podcast (very listenable, well edited, no banter or wasted time. VERY Chilling).

how about you post a screenshot or archive link, because I ain't doing that shit, nigger.

I'm pretty sure it's from the DIYchurch trying to troll us

DIY, take it to 4chan. They'll go apeshit

I think it's the diychurch guys trying to troll us.

Franklin is pretty much the original investigation into all this shit.

Filtered for being a non-digger nigger. Thanks for your unhelpful bullshitting.

That site was embedded in an element in the mk ultra style site here, that did not have any info from the whois

Yeah, if we were the elites we'd slip our memes into everything too. Hopefully they would still just refer to funny shit and not child sex dungeons.

what the fuck do these snakes mean.

Indeed. It may be an interesting idea to consider contacting some of the people involved in figuring this out in the past.

Kim Noble the painter - though putting her through that kind of pain, would be just cruel
Fritz Springmeier - out of jail and openly deals with this
David Icke - Though I have heard mods were ontop of people talking about this, not censoring but just… keeping an eye on it
Henrik Palmgren/Red Ice Radio - No qualms and big balls

MKUltra victim lawyers/help groups - anything "unofficial", that is to say - anything like "Rape Victims Support Group of America" is probably going to be either A) useless or B) part of this, lol

The snakes are the least worrying thing that she paints

David Icke is controlled opposition in my opinion. He's always shoving marbles up his ass.

I'll say it.

This post reads like absolute bullshit.

It's too dismissive given the scummy behavior we know these people take part in outside of just the 2spoopy bullshit they do for 'fun'.

Emails like this one are not the sort of thing you'd send given the context of all the other podesta emails. This is the sort of shit you send from your yahoo account (lol) to another general account. Not the kind of email you think needs to be sent over a private supposedly well controlled and secure server for DNC and official whitehouse strategies.

Something 'innocuous' even being in the same pool of emails as the podesta emails is down right suspect. Adding to that the reference that reeks of code in so many other emails it's not that hard to connect the dots. If normies on twitter can you'd best bet that others here can.

wtf does that have to do with solid connections to pizza gate. Stop trying to push your shitty dirchurch art project

Look, this site and all of the others that are linked in these crazy mk ultra stuff that also links to DIY, is demonstrating something very clear.

It is a whole new symbology that I really feel is evil because it is based on the idea that to control people you have to create dissociative states.

I didn't find anything useful at

But I am noticing, as I download all of these sketchy sites, that there is hidden stuff that doesn't make sense.

The common thread? The art of dissociated children. When a child is broken enough, you can see the art they draw takes a dark abstract turn.

When you see people 'advertising' this type f artwork ( I honestly believe) that is because they have access to children to have been subjected to ritual abuse.

The original reference had no context and reddit spacing. I'm looking around and
probably this

Snakes are symbols of Lucifer as Prometheus. The knowledge bringer. They're tied around the Tree of Life (the fucking apple), which represents the 10 spheres of reality - from the lowest one (the root, the physical) to the topmost one (divinity itself).

The MKA ultra stuff is a red herring. Don't get caught upon it, it will only be used by normies to dismess anything newfound.


Christ, I am not a DIY troll.

Just start downloading ENTIRE SITES and see what you find.

There is something weird about all of these sites by these supposedly connected pedophiles. What is blowing my mind is that I haven't found anything concrete, but a culture of hidden bizarre art that alludes to either MK Ultra or the Occult.

Could be - and that is my thinking about Alex Jones (limited hangout, why make your own radio show when you can just listen to his! Feeding on our passivity.)

Either way, I don't think we need to spread this much, I just read a thread about the analytics of this issue and it's passed beyond 500,000 from all over the world. (I am of course going to try and confirm this for myself, cause pic!)

Yeah I am grabbing it now in case it is something.

You're right, I've just started looking into Kim…the kikes will pay


How are these sites connected in any way shape or form.

AJ is definitely controlled opposition.

Easily, there are videos about this with close to that number of views on Youtube. The elites are panicking and the rest of the world is blissfully unaware of how much bleach has been used in the course of the last 72 hours.

I think contacting retired investigators would be better because 1) they have more free time to look at this kind of stuff and 2) they tend to have contacts in various agencies and they could find information that we can't find because we only use the internet

We keep pushing blindly ahead, picking at every scab - benign or not. They will be falling over the bodies trying to get away eventually and frankly, this is exactly what the deCamp's and the like of the past could never do.

They weren't 500,000+ people all over the world at once. It's like being stung by a million bees… good luck making ALL of them "suicide"

ATTN ALL: If you watch a documentary or find anything from ANYONE who has EVER investigated this, don't just skip ahead and forget their name. They could help us solidify our archives for the eventuality described here:

and here

They probably rested a lot of their hopes on war with Russia, so they could blame the leaks as being phony Russian photoshopped propaganda in some form of next generational warfare.

Let's not forget that the NYPD apparently has leads on this as well, which they are not too happy to sit still with.

we have the best lore

i thought the same when reading the dominoes on cheese line, but i held judgment until i saw all this other shit

Watch for dismissive tones and misleading info in the thread now. halfchan is being ddosed so they're on to the investigation as a whole and you can assume they're lurking here now too. Don't take anything at face value anymore. Look at it yourself if it smells vaguely of a sidestep.

Hence, if you watch the movie, "First Kid" with suspected pedophile and child star, Brock Pierce, you'll see a bunch of really creepy shit like this. Symbolism everywhere.
He even goes into a dark chatroom to covertly chat with an adult in a really creepy way. The name of the chatroom? Snakechat. I referenced it today and was spooked. They control all aspects of media save memes.

Something here doesn't add up. There should be way to much space in there, right?

Could we get an email list for every officer in the precinct or something? Email everyone. Sure the pissed off Captain will be livid and spitting on people, but the guy who signed up 3 days ago might help us… sure they know they HAD SOME Evidence, but once again, they didn't have 500,000+ hours to review it all!

The sites are connected in a variety of ways.

First, I dl'd

Cheese pizza picture. Nothing, really.

Then, same dude, friend of Bill Clinton has another vacation site. He is also a masseuse.

Dl that site and find him with what may be a whipped young girl.

This lead someone to trace a couple of other sites through social media links. has all the bizarre artwork. Links to the radio sites, to an electrician and stuff are all over this site, provided by another 8channer.

IT HAS ZERO WHOIS information, which I find really strange.

But then, some of the names mentioned seem to be part of this world, where they are security guards at train depots and ports.

Weird sites are linked all over and names are all over that tie into everything we have been discussing about Comet Ping Pong.

Having a grasp of the symbology is important if you are going to find more. I have started downloading other sites, like femalecannibals and anything related to satanism or cannibalism to try and find a connection.

That is where I am at. Not a troll.>>8206268

that, or the kabbalistic cult is throwing the jews and satanists under the bus so they can roll out their Kosher form of kabbalized Christianity.

Or maybe Trump will actually open up those libel laws and force us all into silence ._.

I think we're in a bit of a predicament until Jan 20th to be honest, unless we get smart and pick up the slack on the memetic front.

Fantastic idea, it gives the autists who cannot dox or Sherlock Holmes their way through this, something to do.

We memed a president, lets meme an investigation! Or at least, public outrage.

This line really stuck out to me. It just doesn't make sense.

I've never before heard cheese being described as a performance enhancing drug.

And why would anyone be the least bit concerned about playing dominos better?

What? You still never explained how any of these sites were found or how it is tied in. This just seems like a red herring, especially if the sites were posted by one random person on the chans. Every time something like this or an ARG pops up this is how it gets derailed. There are thousands of unrelated weird art sites and every time people jump to them to fill in the blanks when they are unrelated. Don't spend too much time on them, focus on the concrete leads we have so far.


Anyone remember the photos that started popping up on 4chan with the owl flag, skype call with podesta and some guy that looked like Austin Crites? Where were those from.. steganography in the pizza.jpg, or from the hacked comet ping pong site? I never got a bead on that.


digital fax

there was no stenography in pizza.jpg all of the claimed images that came from it were many times larger than the original file. All of that was faked yesterday

Fair enough. I don't want to derail anyone.

My stance is that if there is a giant occult conspiracy, there will be connections. In order to find those connections, I'm hoping to, first get a big picture sense of what I am looking for. People, businesses and charitable organizations with common symbology involving kids, is all I've got.

Otherwise, this isn't a giant conspiracy. It is a small one, we are looking for. That is not the direction everyone is headed, though. Everyone thinks government and law enforcement are involved on a large scale.

We gotta rally the autists if we aren't actively following a lead, they have a new meme to generate!

We memed a president in, now we meme the pizza.

What a shitty video, having the visuals be an ADD ridden mess with no sources or explanation is not conductive.

These threads are getting bombarded with misleading or irrelevant information. Lots of posts without context.

Here's the cult abuse book or whatever.

Maybe someone can chime in with some of the most solid leads to investigate and the best way to investigate them.

How do you fake what looks like a picture that looks to be taken internally at Stratfor with John Podesta clearly on the call? That makes no sense, as that particular picture looked legit. THe owl flag I could understand.

I meant all the images people claimed to be in in were fake, not the pizza image itself

The closest that I know of that looks like that is the Teutonic Order flag.

Dunno, I think that's a ruse cruise.

There are a lot of shills in other boards, noticed a few back at Holla Forums. They seem too intimidated to come here though.
Look at this faggot denying everything when he is faced with evidence >>>Holla Forums11207049

Some stuff

Maybe especially Arun Rao

His twit account has since been locked btw.

Perhaps. There was an intriguing screencap on 4chan a while back that purported to show internal CTR discord chat with them discussing USC treasonous uses of NSA technology, namely, FoxAcid to compromise peoples machines/harvest. Don't know if that was legit.

I can't help but be reminded of the Johnny Gosch case and the Franklin child prostitution ring scandal. You know, the one about a secret demon worshipping pedo ring in top political levels.

is there a discord or something for these investigations?

Remember the owl statues on pedo island. They seem to love the bird imagery.

This is the same case… 30 years later.

one can hope

its drugs its fucking drugs

That bird is a red herring, some user claimed to have magically found it with no source and refused to follow up

Bohemian Grove.

From Whys to Wise

Are you stupid? Do your research man, this has happened before and will keep on happening unless something is done.
Read about Dutroux and the Franklin scandal here
How's that for an ARG?

I made a Break on the Articles here;

Each article contains a reference to (5) "jerseys" each Jersey is a hyper link to buy it,

If you take the number from each jersey,(substituting "08" in place of "8") You come up with a series of 10 digit Numbers; My best guess is they are numbers linked to Internet lines or Burn phones.

See Below;









But decentralized. Hence, scary as all living shit for them.

Did anyone ever track that down? I couldn't get an answer as to the validity of it.

However, if someone can reasonably demonstrate credibility on FoxAcid, I do know someone in the NSA (who is a good person) I can drop it on, without the knowing I gave it to them.

Chill. Dude can't even make a joke to make loose the atmosphere.

Hey shit for brains the audio is here
THe pictures are from the Egyptian satanic masonic connection by david carrico


He CLEARLY states that freemasonry is the reoccurring "ingredient" crucial to initiating institutionalized ritual child abuse.

I couldn't get any of those to work and only a couple seemed to ever have existed as a real phone number.

nice work, thought the jersey numbers would mean something, but 5 per article is significant.

I played around with the RG3 article last night, you will notice that it is a rewrite with different words of a similar nature, but there are a few places where there is a deviation from this and things like "on the lookout", "did not find" etc appear.

I'm not even going to begin to touch that. I never saw anything to suggest it was even legit. But it was interesting, for sure.

I think everyone is going to chase their little ends of the thread and somehow, somewhere, somebody is going to fuck up and give up the game. It's only a matter of time, look at the quantity of information that has been revealed in such a short time, and the sheer breadth of this suspected ring. They WILL fuck up. They probably already have and are hoping that the reality is simply too much for the broader public. As someone posted earlier, this is where memes come in. They bring awareness on a level that transcends the programming that they are instituting.

same for me with the ravens article..

Okay guys we need to search usenet groups for mentions of comet pingpong and besta pizza.

Here is a sample search with lots of results:!search/"comet$20ping$20pong"

Post here with results.

The owl is Minerva, the thing masons worship because she represents wisdom. The goddess in charge of arts, trade, crafts and magic. But that shit is misdirection, because the rituals they're doing in her name are actually going to Moloch.

It is worth Noting that there are (8) articles each with a 10 digit code. This would inturn allow 10 lines of Hex code

pizza boat in the Caribbean

owls eat rabbits

Heres a list of bars affiliated with comet pingpong and a band called "The Babies"

kind of want some pizza now

Honestly it looks pretty good


user passing by who wants to see if he can contribute.

Any real estators here? I had a look at Ping Pong and its neighbors property details on, and it raised two major questions:

1) Comet Ping Pong's building is HUGE. It is twice the size of the average restaurants' building, hence also double the price. Any normal entrepreneur would not have the money to fund this investment, so inevitably you'd go to the bank for a mortgage. Wouldn't a normal banker say: find a building half the size and I'll consider it, instead of actually funding it? How on earth was this funded, and why on earth did it have to be THIS building?

2) I have no clue whether this is relevant, but the sales price was $0 on 2005 in the building next door, which from 2013 is currently owned by Red Fox Cafe. I have no idea who ran it before then.

Sorry, not "owned" by Red Fox, but under contract. I'm not too deeply involved with business, just hoping anyone of expertise can derive anything from this.

Weirdly enough, there's a long section in there near the top about how terrible multiculturalism is for Europe… well, for European Jews. Whatever, it's anti-multiculturalism.

The Ravens Article Renames a Guy in thr Original Article from "Hue Jackson" to "Hued Knutson"

Now if you look up D Knut, he is a acclaimed computer scientist and ping pong enthusiast. Mere coincidental at the moment but i wonder if we can tie him into the group

No, it's the Masonic square & compass.

I'm a little bit curious about the offices (lawyers/gallery) that are immediately next to comet ping pong. They do connect on one end. Honestly, that whole damn block is sketch as fuck.

there is a change from Micheal to Eric in this one:

goes with

Researching the heavy breathing band as I'm of the opinion starting low and punching up for connections is generally a decent way to go about these things.

The following are websites linked to the booking agent and band member Amanda Kleinman for the "Heavy Breathing" band. Email was found on the band's FB about page. Located here:

It is : [email protected]/* */


Taking into account this chick would be in contact with the ping-pong pizza chick Sasha Lord they're at the very least business associates so I'm going to start there and work my way up.

Pictures related are from the art blog and depict yet more bad but weird art. Make of it what you will. IF there's a link to find in art, and that's a big if, then it'll be necessary to recognize styles that hint at the same sort of the referenced in the info graphics.

I'm going to continue to dig upwards from here and see who may be connected to who.

I've chosen the band as it will have the loosest trail to follow simply through google-fu and searches through links within pages and bands that are possibly in the know may be linked to other suspicious locations afterwards.

This may also lead up to bunk but hey worth a shot anyway just to knock it off the list.

The links posted are mostly for taking note of in case later on down the line should anything come up from it. Other anons feel free to dig if you want but I'd put it at low priority at best.


Derp, forgot pictures. Nothing extremely out of sorts like images above. Basically shitty sketches in my mind, but irked me the wrong way in some form or fashion. Could be and probably is nothing.

Most important thing is to show the connection of the word pizza as a codeword to their child sex trafficking ring. Then show more of the Podesta emails with the pizza codeword. Then show the pictures Podesta has in his house. Then show the video of the creepy dude talking at Comet Pizza and the Comet instagram pictures. That should be the go to infographic to get people started.


Is this actually Obama's mom?

Podesta owns, purportedly, property on Molokai, where she was married?

ha, you haven't seen the video of Sasha Lord's birthday in Comet's basement where Klienman is the MC. Oh, and mentions the "special pizza" called "the hottie".

youtube .com/watch?v=UDAybzlZqqY

Neither of you understand Egyptian mythology.
Set, Osiris, and Kek are all part of a religious system. Even though Set clashes with Osiris, Isis and Horus, he's still a natural part of the pantheon. Set even protects Ra from Apep, the serpent of chaos that opposes Ma'at, who is cosmic order or harmony.

Video w/ sasha lord from ping-pong pizza. Looks like an advert in a local school thing given the channel.

Saw the birthday video yes actually. Didn't realize it was the same person till I just cross referenced them and saw a leddit post. Guess that's motivation to keep digging.

What are the odds that Satanists framed Avery?

More links about pingpong

that is anton and karla lavey (daughter)


D Knuth is responsible for creating a word algorith to code messages

en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Knuth%E2%80%93Morris%E2%80%93Pratt_algorithm

The guests they interview keep saying the food is "to die for."

knuth is a well known god of computer programming who created c++

Why don't we just go out and kill these people? Pedo or not what they are doing with children in that pizza place is fucking disgusting.

This is why you do not just let faggots live. Degenerates will always get more extreme there more they are alwayed to indulge in their disgusting practices.

Seriously, we need RWDS more than ever now. I would gladly help but I'm a finn.

Interview with "Heavy Breathing".
Reveals band previously known as "The Apes".
Found by googling band members from

It is quite possible the FBI is already on it. A few large scale operations have occurred in the last month that involved the arrests of hundreds of people involved in human trafficking.

doesnt the pedo art have shit about someone named Pratt being there?

Does anyone actually know of any photographic or video evidence of satanic ritual abuse? Just somewhere reasonable to start to be able to infographic thus stuff.

Studies have evaluated the frequency with which ritual abuse allegations are disclosed to mental health and other professionals. A national survey of 2,709 clinical psychologists with memberships in the American Psychological Association showed that 70% denied and 30% acknowledged seeing at least one case of “ritualistic or religion-related abuse since January 1, 1980” (Bottoms, Shaver, &Goodman, 1991, p. 6). The authors also found that among the psychologists who had worked with at least one individual with allegations of ritual abuse, 93% believed that the harm had actually occurred. This report was part of a series of five studies later published by Goodman, Qin, Bottoms and Shaver (1994). The first of the five studies involved a survey of a stratified random sample of clinical members of the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, and National Association of Social Workers. The second study consisted of a survey of district attorneys’ offices, social service agencies, and law enforcement offices. The third study investigated the question of “repressed” and later“ recovered” memory based on 490 cases from the first study of which 43 were described as “repressed memory” cases and 447 were “no repressed memory” cases. The fourth study examined children’s knowledge of Satanic [1] abuse. The fifth study investigated three types of “religion-related child abuse:” abusive acts intended to rid the child of demons, clergy abuse, and medical neglect for religious reasons.

In addition to his writings on computer science, Knuth, a Lutheran,[22] is also the author of 3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated,[23] in which he examines the Bible by a process of systematic sampling, namely an analysis of chapter 3, verse 16 of each book.

I remember him from somewhere, most likely crazy late night am radio.

Oh fuck. More Besta/children's charity/Clinton Global Initiative connections

Do we have a tool that utilizes his process of sampling to create texts…

There is some Austin (Austyn) Crites connections in Reno that I have been looking into all day which has led me to Truckee, CA. Podesta has a condo in Truckee that people are dying to use.¬itle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=¬o=&count=50&sort=6#searchresult

Now here comes Best Pie Pizza.

Ping Pong starts at 10pm on Fridays.

Best Pie closes at 11 on Fridays.–Morris–Pratt_algorithm

Can we use this to decode the football junk? Maybe it's a clue to the rest of the articles?
I'm a retard otherwise I'd do it myself. I'm archiving and infographing instead.
I love the work you geniuses are doing though, keep it up.

Here's a shitty WebM.

Fuck, I bet they're in on it.

Ibrahima Diallo (owner of Besta Pizza) also owns an orphanage for Guinean children. The orphanage was given a Clinton Foundation award in 2015.


Ohhh I got v& .. that was a peaceful interaction.

So what's with all the wierd spam emails when I wake up?

I thought some were funny, like the detective offer. I did not appreciate the "Protect your home" emails. I think we can be peaceful. God loves us all.

Also, sorry for honking like a jerk this morning. and for staring one of you down in the parking lot. I realize you're upset about how things are going. I will work on my anger. Thank you for leading me to the light.

We have no guarante of that, for all we know Comey himself is involved in this. Furthermore, we KNOW what is going on, we KNOW where they live, we KNOW who they are.

So answer me. Why the hell are we not hunting down these sick fucks before more white children are abused? What fucking good are those guns you cherish so much if you won't even use them to save your own children?

wew lad

i was the one who posted that quote. i've been watching them study my posts. i find it humorous. they're idiots so i don't think it got through to them. they're putting that picture up as a jew tactic to kike you guys into explaining the answer. it's basically them admitting they're afraid.

in case u goy thought this was contained to plebbit/4cuck/8cuck.. ping pong&sp=CAI%3D (sorted by date)

So can we have a group of anons just go kick down some doors now?

This woman's voice and the way she talks make me want to claw my eyes out.

y u put space in the url. just leave off the https and shit if you don't want it to link. very annoying.

rip patriki

Here is an article in comparison format so anyone can play around with it easier.
* is comet word

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – After two seasons serving as an assistant to the New England Patriots' coaching staff, longtime NFL front-office executive Michael Lombardi is moving on from the role, according to sources.

*FOXBOROUGH, Large. — Once not one but two the seasons serving size as being a definite asst into the Innovative The united kingdomt Patriots’ teaching people, longtime NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE front-office exec Eric Lombardi is usually shifting with the task LeGarrette Blount Jersey, as reported by assets.

Lombardi, who had joined the Patriots after serving as Cleveland Browns general manager in 2013, also served as an analyst with the NFL Network and from 2008 to 2012 and could be considering a return to the media where his longtime friend, Bill Simmons, is starting a new venture at HBO, sources said.

*Lombardi, just who have attached the actual Patriots when cup for the reason that Cleveland Browns standard supervisor throughout 2013, moreover made as being a definite analyzer while using the FOOTBALL Circle and additionally NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. com by 2008 so that you can 2012 and may also be turning over some sort of go back to a newspaper and tv at which her longtime acquaintance, Statement Simmons, is normally setting up a good solid opportunity on HBO, places reported.

Lombardi worked regularly out of Gillette Stadium over the past two years and was a regular at team practices – most recently during spring organized team activities and minicamp – and was also one of the few staffers inside the team's draft room. It is believed to be an amicable parting.

*Lombardi functioned on a regular basis away from Gillette Ground within the last 2 yrs along with is a typical during group methods — of late through planting season put-together power team fun-based activities and additionally minicamp — plus was first furthermore mostly of the staffers contained in the team’s produce area julian-edelman-jersey. It will be regarded a particular amicable separating martellus-bennett-jersey.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has praised Lombardi's contributions to the franchise over the past two years, as it was a position that was created specifically for him.

*Patriots brain teacher Costs Belichick includes highly regarded Lombardi’s efforts for the business in the last two year period LeGarrette Blount Jersey, considering that it seemed to be a situation which had been specifically made meant for your pet.

"I've asked Mike to do some things on an individual [basis] – projects or things that I've asked him to do – and he's done a great job of that for me," Belichick said in September. "Mike has been a big help to me personally."

*“I’ve inquired John to perform certain details for an man or woman [basis] — initiatives or simply ingredients that Concerning sought after him or her to try and do — as well as he has been completed a good position of their in my situation, ” Belichick says during Sept. “Mike has become a 2010 great help myself. ”

Lombardi first joined the NFL in 1984, spending three seasons in the San Francisco 49ers' personnel department. He then spent 1987 to 1995 with the Browns as a scout, pro personnel director and director of player personnel, the final five years under Belichick. He also has worked for the Philadelphia Eagles (1997-1998) and Oakland Raiders (1999-2007).

*Lombardi to start with attached a NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE on 1984, wasting several gardening seasons in your Bay area 49ers’ employee dept. And it fell invested in 1987 to help you 1995 together with the Browns to be a look Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey, guru team members representative and also movie director in participant employee, the last personal training many using Belichick. This individual also provides did the trick for those Philadelphia Eagles (1997-1998) not to mention Oakland Raiders (1999-2007)

Wrong post, I was referring to this one

I wish Patrice was around today. He'd be all over this shit.

What the fuck is wrong with these people.

references, and words that are capitalized seem to be coded messages that have been replaced with whatever the original message was intended. Using as an example try to fill in the blanks.

_ __ bring _ new __ so that you can _.

The particular __ _ should really be slightly involved that will _ __ _ could be the innovative _ for ones _ _.

All the _ think they’ve already observed ones own _ with the help of __ _. That they released that they need to warning sign him or her into a two year price worth of $15 ___. He can be given $6. 75 huge number of confirmed (Jersey hyper link).

_, this _ any. 2 find while in the _ _ __ _ _ contributed _ __ towards the __ with her newbie year or so. She or he picked up on the lookout for __ for 16 starts _ not to mention used intended for 3,2000 _ not to mention 20 _. She additionally happened to run regarding 815 _ and also several _ (Jersey hyper link).


At this point you get the idea. It seems like it’s coded to fuck and back but everything isn’t.


Someone could meme the fuck out of that. Even if it weren't true, it would be hilarious.

it's real
lurk moar


All this shit is starting to remind me of the movie Blood Diner.

So little messages like these on pedo art = messages on how to decode certain things perhaps?

Damage control shill.


dubs dont lie.

holy shit guys, investigate this NOW

Need some brainpower on this stat!

lol if you wanted low-res vids
> (720p)
save all and pick the filesize that works for 8cuck or w/e.

Wasn't sure if I should post this in a Soros rent-a-mob thread, or here, but may have found a new lead.

Not my post originally, but it's interesting:

I was following the lead on open society foundation connection to riots. I was trying to find the same links as another user just by searching and tripped and fell into a rabbit hole. I went to the individual grantees page on open society foundation's website and randomly saw that a grant was given to Galen Baughman who "will work to end the indefinite detention of young people in Virginia who are branded by the state as irredeemably dangerous 'sexually violent predators."

A little background on Galen Baughman shows that he spent 9 years in prison for "consensual sex" with a 14 yo when he was 19. After his release he is now an activist for sex offenders' rights. Well, earlier this year he was arrested again for inappropriately texting a 16 yo boy. Guess things don't change..

Now, why would Soros be giving grants to registered sex offenders to be advocating for rights of sex offenders? I'm not an autist and I don't even know where to post this to get attention but this is my start..

Idea: Anonymously mail a USB stick each to a dozen or so LE detectives, sheriffs and prosecutors in your state

Include all of the content you've been capturing and saving, offline copies of threads, etc. Maybe provide a note to give some context.

Make sure to cover your tracks of course, pay cash for the USB sticks/envelopes/stamps, don't leave fingerprints or use your real return address.

This ought to shake the tree up even more.

"Nonce" is slang for beddos here in the UK. It's not obscure slang either, it's really common.


Don't do this. USB sticks are untrustworthy and can be modified to damage electronics they're plugged into. Nobody would risk using one they got anonymously.

This is getting too real

it also refers to cryptography, beings how it's in the U.S. I'm leaning towards crypt

are you getting sweaty hands yet?

Of course they're untrustworthy, I imagine that that these people are smart enough to plug in the USB stick and look at things on a air-gapped burner machine in their forensics lab for such things.

What about a disc?

The artist is Ria Pratt.

Why the fuck would anyone do that when filehosting and email exist. Any cop who isn't totally retarded will throw it in the trash.


CD's then? You can fit a shit ton of text data on a dvd

Because meatspace leads get their attention.

It's the same person.

Kim Noble has multiple personality disorder and uses painting as therapy. She was abused, and there is something about mind control in there.

How is she related to this again? Maybe she is just trying to overcome her own abuse.

We need the element of surprise, I can neither confirm nor deny I am investigating them or planning an RWDs raid… it would be a real shame if Jimmy Comet got tortured into giving up the whole ring…

This is real, lying kike.

If someone wanted to be dumb enough, they could go in there and call the police to their location. If you go into the back, and tell the police you hid a gun there or something. They'd have to search the whole place.

Not very nice if they're completely innocent but…

Fuck I can't remember. Maybe CPP or some other related insta/social media shared one of Kim Noble's paintings?

anobody else see the "secret flag" thread on 4chan Holla Forums? wtf?

Second part was directed towards: not:

Police don't use anything that could give them viruses, I know this because I had to send in footage from my home security camera after it captured someone breaking into my neighbor's home. If you are sending anything, send printed documents and infographs, preferably ones without the tracking dots.

Speaking of which, could we get /baphomet/ to swat some of these locations?

Listening to Blink-1488 right now. If there were RWDS out there I would cry.

Myself and others would be interested if the final version of whatever is compiled on said usb stick as well. Upload online please.
I have been wage slaving like a maniac and have been unable to follow these threads properly after #2

Alerting the authorities to what we have gathered already seems crucial at this point (due to their capabilities) because these bastards are probably already aware of our investigation and are most likely rushing to cover their tracks.


there was some questionable behavior on 4chan. Somebody found these flags/symbols then started behaving erratically in comments


Do we actually have "the smoking gun" in this case yet though?

We need someone to leak Pedesta's travel records.

Alternatively, if the steganography angle is legimitate, we need someone to leak (or bruteforce) those keys.

We aren't presenting a case in court. We don't need a smoking gun. We just need to get non-corrupt LEO involved and looking into it, get them to start using their resources as well.

Uh no thats not what I meant. I mean go inside and call the police to the location. People can get killed in SWAT raids. You don't call them out on a 'hunch' or e-conspiracy thread.

It should be noted that Shasha Lord, lead promoter of music @ comet ping pong, is a girl scout leader, and Amanda Kleinman of is a girls guidance counselor/perhaps girls club leader as well.

Boy would I like to interview those kids.

Fair call.

Just out of curiousity, what kind of people (occupationally-wise) would have access to flight-records?

Is it worth spreading this to those people? I suspect once they see the evidence, they might be ballsy enough to confirm that the flight records match and might leak them.

New digging effort. So these photos show some very heavy construction going on in the basement of presumably Comet Ping Pong.

Well, according to the DC Chamber of Commerce Comet Ping Pong and Buck's haven't filed a SINGLE PERMIT, nor has any entity at those addresses for any kind of construction.

Re: Klienman/Lord One might ask how this is seemingly innocuous, and wold be literally blasted from space by how satanic their promotions/music are.

Yes. We need THE CONCRETE SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE. Until then law enforcement are tied. The public has to have real evidence in their hands that wake them up. Until that happens law enforcement is too compromised, there are good LEOs and FBI agents out there. But those above them are in on the conspiracy. We need something that forces law enforcement to do their job.

Fuck, I *think* Tony Podesta had a bunch of her art, but I could be misremembering.

Swatting would be the worst thing to do, chances are they are already cleaning evidence and there would only be evidence during the times they are doing the raping at their locations anyway. A swat raid would give them reason to crack down on us and frame the whole thing as "Nazi Frogs Use Swat Team to Fuck With Gay Restaurateur Based on Conspiracy Theories, Ban Holla Forums Now!" in the media.

Oh no. They'd definitely need permission for that. I've seen the photograph. There was a giant fucking trench going through the room it looked like an earthquake tear in a disaster movie.

Someone needs to go here

You probably wouldn't get anything out of those kids, read this.

Anybody have any info on the "Staten Island Pizza Project"?

Searched Podesta emails for "Fratelli" and got some strange results. Notably…

That may be true, but has anyone considered that by us looking into this, we've spooked some of them to such a degree that they've immediately killed some of the children they have their hands on, because they're afraid of getting caught red handed? Kids were probably killed because of our shit posting. Lives have already been lost, and if LE busts in and discovers some incriminating evidence that they've failed to remove, it'll finally put a stop to them and from doing it in the future.

it's either that or a hole for them to send the bodies to.

And out into the Anacostia River

Info on pratt here, idk if this is anything more than a coincidence though.

fbi insider will leak something on this board

we see the puzzle but it takes too much to explain to normies

Continued digging:

Airtight record on bandcamp:

FB page:

Points of interest:
From FB page "Electric Cowbell is a DC based record label specializing in boutique vinyl releases. Operating under the moniker Multiflora Productions, it is also a multi-faceted agency that specializes in expanding the reach of genre-bending roots-to-the-future music through artist management, event marketing, and music releases."

"Personal Interests
"Noise" means…useless information.
"Signal" means…truth."

Which means these would be the actual guys that book for gigs instead of the band member perhaps so going to continue digging upwards from them just for shits and giggles. Though prior association has been confirmed through video. Might just be a niche music label also possible dead end. (consider this just for posterity)

Music supported (bought) by this guy includes heavy breathing:

Fan of DTH:

Fan's list of music bought is a shit ton of cult-tier album stuff. Might just be edgy fag. Might not. Likely dead end, just weird is all. Mostly circumstantial. owners of the "Airtight" album from heavy breathing.

"Jim Thompson" is owner of this label. Previous other owners for their label according to facebook is supposed to be "Glove Music". searching glove music brings up nil.

Has anybody else here woken up yet?
I woke up, got a bunch of funny spam, got v&
So what's next?

yes but not alone and very carefully, this place might be under surveillance.

I think f1c344 is a disinfo troll.

account suspended already?

theres something familiar about 425 church st reno nv

Already been looked into and connected to Comet through Sasha Lord.


post the search page before the results with a screenshot / text of what you typed in
the aspx only works for u for that session.

Any LE agency with jurisdiction and a warrant can get access to the flight records.

. I'm no longer in the area. Had to flee to be honest.
There are indeed buildings that could be hiding vents.
These buildings are about 150-250 feet away. I built them with my boss on concrete pads that were laid by seemingly normal contractors, but the footprint had been prepared and leveled by very shady tongan contractors before I arrived. Supposedly, before i arrived on site they demoed a warehouse where the big building stands and pulled out HUGE liquid tanks that would have left a very large open space in the ground after removal.
Also, very curiously a municipal storm drain running adjacent to the building had been removed during the site prep and another one installed on the opposite property line, and the new one was significantly larger than the old one. The old one was too small for a person to go into, but the new one is about the size of a door.
If you look at Google maps, you can see the old storm drain on the property line between 577 and 567 pakala st, honolulu 96825
I reckon that if you wanted to excavate an access to the space mentioned above, an old storm drain would be a good way to do it.
Also, i noticed a truck making multiple late night trips for many days removing lots of busted up new looking concrete from the neighbors city trash bins. The property i lived on and that neighbors property are lease holds held by the same person (not my old boss).
Ive also recently connected my old boss to ebay accounts selling "faulty hard drives" and "faulty" electronics for strange prices. The buyer feedback is very bizarrely enthusiastic and there are lots of disturbing mentions of "very happy kids" and "no fakes"
I think i stumbled on a possible human trafficking and child p*** ring.


Continue to get V&. Rinse and repeat until all the fucking children are safe.

What were doing here transcends our individual needs for human safety. Children literally are our future, and if they are not worth fighting for, then what is.

Which is why I posted the screenshot.

Just put any address in the field and you'll get a list of permits and occupancy information.

Comet is 5037 Connecticut Ave NW
Buck's is 5031 Connecticut Ave NW


thx m8

Underrated post
Tread lightly, Anons.

Here's a lead from the previous thread. Needs more digging.

Yea he collects it

That imgur upload date.

What is it

May 1st

Not scared. Fear is the mind killer.
We were checking eachother out with new eyes.

If you plan on sweating them make sure you do it at an appropriate time. Look into that one property of JPs everyone is so interested in for pizza

If you look at Google maps, you can see the old storm drain on the property line between 577 and 567 pakala st, honolulu 96825
If you look at Google maps, you can see the old storm drain on the property line between 577 and 567 pakala st, honolulu 96825
If you look at Google maps, you can see the old storm drain on the property line between 577 and 567 pakala st, honolulu 96825


Yeah, that was nuts. 6 month old post on reddit turned out to be a huge piece of this shit puzzle. Wonder if that location has anything to do with John Podesta's "hot dog stand in Hawaii"?

You're a moron, every file you put on a USB stick leaves an "Address" of what computer it came from….

You might as well give them your IP address and Full Name, and Browsing History…..

Just send them an e-mail with Guerrilla E-mail, and use a proxy so it doesn't trace back to you. pizza

I would assume it is THE "HOT DOG STAND" but we need to find a link. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard might be the link if Lisa P. Jackson isn't.

Top kek. Got any proof on that? I'll wait.

No, you are

Very bad idea, and you'd have to have adamantium balls and all the luck in the world to get away with it. We've raised their alarm and Hawaii is the most NO GUNS state in the union. You would be a sitting duck in extremely unfriendly territory that we have already inferred has expertise in disposing of human remains.

Livestream it for your own safety.

They could even just throw you in the fucking ocean. Being a no guns state makes it a fucking terrifying idea.

there's probably a lot of untapped psychological study to be done regarding all of this. the cult indoctrination mindset used to corrupt people, as others have brought up, is not the kind of thing that your average person would be capable of. there was a great deal of planning put into every aspect of this, even the most mundane looking stuff. whether that suggests mkultra or monarch or what, who's to say at this point? the thought process for the defense in the quote comes from the same place as the logic used to pass off conscience and morality as "social constructs". somewhere deep down once you sever that connection with reality and your own feelings of guilt, it becomes much easier to rationalize arguments such as "it's just pixels in a sequence goy, nothing to see here :^)". and the method of breaking this link to reality slowly through the media on a wide scale is truly horrifying. the scariest part is, that besides the people at the very top profiteering from the roaches, the people in this very clearly believe that they are in the right, even as they use manipulative and conniving tactics to protect themselves and they're gross (((industry))). what we're looking at Holla Forums is weaponized mindsets, like a disease, which is capable of self-reproducing even without its leadership.

what exactly about my post is disgusting? or do you just get triggered by nocaps?

gopro livestream gogogogog

Start periscope. Post link. We got your back.

Nice try Bif Skipman. I'm not interested in visiting your rape dungeon.

At least my rape dungeon doesn't mess with kiddies. Only adults here bruh.

Look up "The Best Spinner" and "magic article writer"

If we can find a free copy we can easily figure out what is "spin" and what is Message

Could someone explain this to me? I just read this and nothing in it made any sense. Who's David Flintstone and Biff Skipman? What am I looking at in any of those pictures?

You morons done?

Now go ahead.

Buy your USB stick with cash, plug it into your computer and let your computer "detect" it.

I'm sure there's no record of that occurring on either your computer or the USB drive.

Go ahead. They can only find you if you send a floppy disk…

Also worth looking into:

First off, floppies aren't flash drives.
Second, that article doesn't detail anything about what he did on that flash drive.
You know you can fully search the entirety of a flash drive with a hex editor right?

Also if you're so scared, boot onto a live linux (tails is best for leaving no trace), then copy the files over via linux.

It wasn't actually the floppy. He was probably a fucking retard and used MSWord or something else that left metadata in the file that could be traced to his church.

"Because i was trying to catch you" Badass.

What is the connection to Tulsi Gabbard? I recognized the name because she is being propped up as Bernie's successor in the next election.

No shit dumb ass.

They actually say it was. Traced it to a computer at his church.

I'm just going to filter you two. You're obvious idiots.

Go send your USBs now, I'm sure they can't trace those back to your computer….

Not going to lie, this thread has devolved into cuckchan style 'listen and believe' chicanery.

usb devs each have a vendor ID (VID) and product ID (PID) and some devices have serial numbers. that wouldn't allow for what the shill says unless it was a storage device and the machine it was plugged into had malware to copy such records to the device. most malware will not copy such records but only a copy of itself to spread it's botnet.
> (on USB dev ids)
> (ur bad goy)

can we get back to spooky pizza?

I was wondering that myself. First I've heard her name brought up in all this.

One of Dave Flintstone's business associates who also did the contracted electrical work on the pakala property (including the illegal electrical feed that doesn't include a meter) is a member of the same cult as Tulsi Gabbard.

What's the big deal with being on a no-gun state anyway? Just bring a knife/taser/machete with you, they work against numbers just fine.

Because you're dealing with potential human traffickers. They probably have guns.

Stake them out, take binoculars and check the ground out first and report back before going in there. If anyone has PI friend grab them and investigate this shit.

They will see you from a mile away anons. They have cameras everywhere.

Closed Circuit? Or are they connected to the internet? Can we disable them?

Then you should probably buy one illegally and go in a small group.

Or rather, just form a RWDS and raid the place. These are white children at stake her dammit.

I'm not defending the USB idea. It's not a good idea. BUT, it wasn't the floppy itself that busted him. Whatever file he sent held metadata, not the floppy disc itself.

can't an user just request a SIM card from their phone provider and anal them

Y-You too.


also he didn't format the disk before using it.

it's the current year m8. remember we're the good guys, but the bad goys. smdh . in b4 printer micro-dots.

This is also a good idea

Park your rented car near the place, windows closed and wearing concealing clothes. Monitor the place with binoculars while shitposting from your phone. Take all manner of weapons with you, if they try to 34 you, at least take down as many as you can.

What can a normal user do to help? I've been sitting back and watching for a few days, and I would like to chip in.

I've got a little college programming experience, and I'm pretty decent with databases.

What's the address? I want to check it out on Google Maps

Check for cameras on that address with shodan and point them elsewhere.

It's honestly larping at this point.

Fighting back is literally the only reason Homer Van Meter is alive.

USB drives keep a record of what computer they were used in. I'm just warning you guys, if you want to send a USB drive to THE FUCKING POLICE DEPARTMENT. Just be warned they can find you.

And where did you download linux?

Don't be idiots, never use devices for black hat shit on your person or property!

USB drives don't do that. You sound like a Windows-only guy. Anyone with *nix experience knows that's just not the case.

You clearly have no technical knowledge. USB idea is still shit but you could easily test your theory. Just put some files on a small flash drive and then examine it. What you find is that there is no data about the PC on the flash drive, unless you put it there. On the other hand
Information about the USB device will be all over your Windows registry.

That would have been an easy iinvestigation.

As a martial artist who has fought off multiple mugging attempts, I can say the moment you stop fighting is moment you die.

Found some more strange shit and people associated with Comet Ping Pong. Should I post here or are we trying to be secretive?



Are there any brave anons willing to investigate the Lovettsville farm?


I don't need to point out this is hardcore brigading for a seemingly harmless video do I? Some as old as 8 years?

This is some SJW tier bullying targeted to seemingly throw the guy off cause he almost got too close.


it was a trash file. read the wiki. i'm not going to debate you on hidden files but there is not a log of 'computers' that you plug into. check ur tinfoil privilege and lrn 2 heck m8.

Also it's worth noting that guy defending comet ping pong is from huff-po now:

And I'm sure the government hasn't taken advantage of that at all today…

Yes I've used linux. And yes, a USB from a Linux machine can be traced as well.

Sure, Let me talk to my Detective Neighbor who has computer forensic programs that can trace USB drives to computers they are used on…

You think USB drives are like some impregnable secret courier device??

Are we done here? If you think I'm wrong, then go ahead and send a USB drive to the police. Go ahead.

Go mail your USB then, I'm done talking to you idiots.

Fuck, that fennel sausage pizza actually looks pretty good
in a world where this fucker wasn't part of an international high profile satanic pedophilia ring i might have even liked it

guys are we arguing about usb's or uncovering pedos



First vid and comments are old new. Haven't seen that second one, however. Should look into the youtube account of whoever posted it.

ironic city paper writes hit piece on the alt-right within hours of this shit hitting reddit. but back in 2008 it was investigating comet.

be careful on them interwebs

They were'nt investigating Comet back then, they were harassing and smearing the guy who was.

I want to believe he just fed Guy Fieri human flesh.

Jesus. Either this is proof of a pedo ring or people who like pizza really like to help orphans and runaways for some reason.

I saw this Panda-related image in the last thread. One of the sites linking to cometpingpong was this:

An interview with the creator of "Panda Head Magazine". Says he loves hanging out at CPP.
Anyway, what's the first thing you notice at
Just bizarre stuff, nothing really damning. More leads to follow I guess.

Sorry if I messed up my links, don't post much.

oops. big difference lol. and now he works for Huffing paint?

Nigger, cops don't even use USBs since it is one of the biggest vectors for malware injection, they would just throw that in the trash. Find an old printer that doesn't use tracking dots and print any and all relevant information and infographs if you are trying to get LE on the case, anyone suggesting USBs is a shill or stupid, printed media is the best option.

old *news, that is

I just threw up in my mouth

Can we just have someone tape a tape-recorder under a table and pick it up the next day? I feel like we need a way to see what's going on from the inside, and this is probably the safest way

Why would they even do that? Really?


Uploaded on Jun 24, 2008

Intrepid reporter Jason Cherkis hunts down D.C.'s ANC Commissioner-of-the-moment. Watch the sparks fly! Or at least the birds.

Jason Cherkis is a reporter for Huffington Post. He covers everything from political campaigns to drug treatment to mental health. He has written for the Washington …


Working in concert with another digger, have confirmed that the photo of the trenching operation is taking place in the basement of Buck's Camping and Fishing. The door open in the photo leads into the parking lot behind the restaurant. The hole cut into the double wall goes into the basement of Besta Pizza, which makes sense if you look closely and see the insulated pizza delivery carriers. Besta delivers pizza, but Comet Ping Pong never has. So Comet wouldn't have a use for those. The orientation of the structure above the basement also corroborates this.

The photo of the hole in the floor with two men staring at it would be the start of the trenching operation taking place near the south wall shared between the two businesses.

Neither Buck's nor Besta Pizza have ANY PERMITS on file for this construction (or any construction). THER MAY STILL BE a hidden doorway in the basement lounge of Buck's that links it to Besta Pizza

If they have cameras in there, which I'm sure they do, you're gonna have a bad time.

If anyone finds the IP of their CCTV, you can gain access through URI exploit, good luck guys, I'm going to sleep.

That's what hoodies, caps, gloves and sunglasses are for.

Why the fuck are you guy's suggesting USB's anyways? Do you not know that any IT department of any LEA's that aren't completely braindead will basically say throw it away?

They know if you leave a recorder you're gonna come back for it.

Still, couldn't it be possible to scan the entire range of IPs in the region

should form teams for live operations like this. pickpocketing skills would come in very handy in planting and removing surveillance equipment. one guy could plant it and another pick it up.

Do they have a website? What are the chances they're hosted on the same network?

Zero they all are hosted by a company that hosts other restaurants around the country

it looks like they tried to do it themselves but then had to hire some stronger dudes

Could those other restaurants be connected to this pedo shit?

Nice, keep going.

Oh geez… this is so bad…

Well like Donald said today, 'we have to deal with reality'. Soldier on. Godspeed anons.

Haven't checked Holla Forums for a couple days, trying to catch up on this pedo shit. Y'all covered a lot of ground.

Can someone please explain the connection to the SLC daycare? I lived near it, and am still only about 20 minutes away. I could swing by sometime if the connect is worth checking

Don't suicide

Other than similar symbology (rabbits are showing up a lot) there doesn't seem to be much of a link.

Just my layman thinking on the matter here. If you're adamant about slinging information through meatspace rather than social medias at every PD and FBI office you can- probably not worth bothering with the CIA, deeply compromised and all- you could use a cheap junker laptop with no internet connection whatsoever as a middleman. I'm sure some of you anons have to have spares lying around or else could acquire one. Ferry files with one USB to craptop, remove, insert sendout USB to craptop for transfer, 'edit' images by copying/screenshotting the image itself and pasting it over into a new file entirely to remove identifying marks from the original networked computer, send. I don't think that's rock solid if the craptop's ever been connected to your network before being used as a closed box, but it's an idea. And, obviously, handle all sendout materials with gloved hands, covered and/or tied back hair, and a face clean of skin flakes or loose facial hair, clothes and surfaces likewise.

There's a problem in the fact they might not look at the USB and instead discard it for previously described security reasons, but you could print physical copies along with the USB at petty cost as an alternative and potentially a hook for them to investigate the rest of the files if you can't print the whole contents. The worry about forensic evidence from printer dots is probably quite real, but assuming the identifying marks are in innocuous but otherwise printing clear parts of the paper, you could just drown every non-text/image occupied space with a brush of whiteout to obfuscate them. If all else fails, you'll have given a pretty good go of it and made most every consideration for opsec an amateur can. Even if it can be tracked to you, there's no guarantee it necessarily will. Masonic police corruption is a thing, but it isn't totally ubiquitous, not as far as I know.

Obviously, do not do this if it will take energy away from digging and you don't have our silver bullet yet. But if you do, or else if you aren't equipped to dig and are merely cataloguing as I am, this is a way to be potentially useful and force the matter into the public eye. If the enemy has to get the propaganda engines rolling to talk about 'internet trolls slandering Hillary campaigners as pedo-cannibals' after both individual area relevant and nationwide departments start buzzing about this when their mailboxes fill with cheap USBs and files full of this shit, that means they have to concede that it WILL be talked about and all they can do is futilely try to regain narrative control. Considering the effects Spirit Cooking has already had and the fact that it's fresh in peoples' minds, the ground already laid is an explosive springboard into flushing these rats out permanently. Large numbers of people openly considering their government might be full of satanic weidos is unprecedented, but it is already here. Large numbers of people openly considering their government of satanic weirdos might be full bore satanists is the next logical step.

Other things to know
"root" and 519070 it's a hardcoded user and password in some models
and try
TCP port 9000. No security here

I'm out. Good luck

Sure but that's if they notice a recorder. They have small recorders out there now, and someone could have it under their sleeves before they walk in, eat at a table while just setting it up and just walk out. Come back the next day and see what you picked up. It's not fool proof, but it's possible we can get more information if we do some covert ops in the store itself

I just don't want anyone getting offed.

I ain't saying when.

Are you sure? This is important.

I hear you on that, and that's why we need to scope out the place. See who is coming in on shifts, events, ect. Even if it's not in the store, we can setup a camera across the street to see who is coming in.
The word is out obviously, so if we switch up our tactics while still digging around we are bound to find out something

I can't recall there being any firm links. There's a skeezy looking daycare who has their website hosted on the same server as Comet Ping Pong, but that's a rather weak link.

If anyone can recall any other links that might be useful. Check the previous threads if you want to know for sure.

Region scan is bad idea, I sometimes I get IPs that say I'm in New York, while in fact I'm no where near there.

Well there are recorders on amazon and other sites that are in the shape of a pen. They look so convincing that unless you knew it was a recorder, you couldnt tell the difference. There are also tiny tiny tiny cameras too that you could plant onto anything. might be worth looking into. they do cost around 50$+ though.

I assume you're older than 12. The suspicion is that it's a front for shady stuff.

Hey guys CTR is literally out to round up the user intellectuals and kill them. Anons who have contributed to any thread or who have done any research please document that you were investigating pizza:podesta for your family and so we can use your death to continue to pursue them. Lol if you woke up with a .gov spam email you are in real danger. If you live in DC you can't trust some police. It's obvious they are corrupt. I'm assuming Maryland police is corrupt too.

iirc it had a link with a sketchy place in california that had a pedovan by it in google streetview. the connection from what i remember is that the artist who did the art for the cali place was connected to comet ping pong in some way

Thats interesting. Did he say anything else about it? The tiniest detail could be important.

nigger im on the lulzboat riding the 7 proxseas. go ahead and call soros i dont give a fuck.

The Time Warner Cable one or the unmarked one.

Double dubs confirm. This is Kek's will.

$50 or so isn't a lot to a cause like this. I don't really know the layout of the store inside, but I would assume a ping pong place would be pretty easy to hide a pen recorder somewhere without suspicion and recover it as well. Obviously we can't use just a plain old 90s recorder

I know the daycare. It's a couple streets north from where I used to go to school, salt lake community college - south city. I lived in a place a couple streets south of the community college, so maybe 10 minutes from the daycare. I just need to know if there is a legit connection. Do you have a screenshot or something confirming what you said?

it was some handyman/plumber. the logo in question was in the op posts during some of the last threads, so just find the archives of those and youll find it.

I don't know, it wasn't me that talked to the hired gun in the post.


Macaulay Culkin's band is called The Pizza Underground. Coincidence?

Anyone not see the movie 'The Cabin in the Woods' ?

They sacrifice children to Moloch for ritual sacrifice done by a huge governmental network depicted to be the CIA?

See at 12:00

They're probably paying close attention to any customers that aren't regulars right now.

Child star with a troubled past and history of drugs/abuse… probably more than a coincidence.

PR. or guilty conscious.

that and a wad of cash, 'special' pizza can be pricey.

pic related, though you'll get better signal readings irl ofc.

Correct the Record is doing wet work now? wow how do you know that user



And why the fuck would they be sending spam emails?

Is that what they were referring to in the emails??

Good point, didn't think about that. Still I'm sure not everyone that works at the restraunt is "in" on the pizza. I'm sure if we get a sense of who is coming in and out, we can plan accordingly

No. "map" means material with DNA in it. As in they can map it back to you. Pizza-related map on a handkerchief. Think what that may be.

If I die let it be known it was some fucking jew fag slave controlled by them who call themselves enlightened but are just some disgusting fags

That's intimidation and blackmail (if you've got a bad enough past that they're aware of) stuff.

Not quite the same as hunting you down and murdering you, now is it…

Maybe, but not everyone even reads their spam emails.

Bring it faggots

I've sen the film. It's a parody of shlock slasher films from the '80s, with a giant global organization collecting groups of five slasher protagonists to get axed by randomly selected horror monsters on simulation sites in order to sate vaguely Mesoamerican godheads that really want blood. It's got nothing to do with Moloch in any open fashion, the Ancient Ones rae just generic malevolent precursors that like torturing humanity but can be placated by blood.

It's not even the CIA running things, it's a bigass supra-everything organization more resembling the SCP Foundation than anything else. Further, they're doing blood magic to prevent the apocalypse, whereas our lovely pizza partiers are far more interested in bringing it about.

By the by, having instinctively opened that out of nostalgia myself, probably not the best link to follow, clicking or otherwise. You know, man in the middle interceptions and all. Oh, well. This flesh is meaningless anyways, so what of it?

how much are ((they)) paying you m8?

I sure don't. I don't ever click on ads, either. I don't need any help when shopping.

i got a spam email this morning with the title "WASHINGTON INSIDER EXPOSES CORRUPTION AT HIGHEST LEVEL" scared to even open it..

Wtf I'm not CTR lmao I just don't want any normies dying

Get a better email provider. I get literally 0 spam from openmailbox.

Get a micro gps tracker. But a beer in a can if possible drop it in. See where they take their trash.

sorry too tell u m8 but look:

David Brock literally founded CTR. if they can kidnap youths they can do a lot more. look up 'clinton disappearances'

Dude you only highlighted "yellow bracelets"

Now look what blue bracelets been and look at that magician, especially the second pic of him …



I feel like this is starting to go nowhere, what should i be looking for?

I'm just inept and trying to brainstorm usefully, hence the intermittent disclaimers about not being sure. Is there anything unsound about the methods described that I didn't address or note as having been addressed?

Then, assuming this isn't a meta-fearmongering thing, don't open it. It's a transparent intimidation attempt, but evidently that's all they can do at this point if they haven't tried to get at you already. And if they do try to get at you, attrition is not in their favor. Recall Solzhenitsyn's testimony on the Soviet-era secret police snatchings; if at every stairwell in every complex were citizens in wait with axes, knives, pokers, anything and everything they might have, the secret organs of the state would have ground to a halt. Now, how do you think this applies with a couple scumfuck pedophile traitor WASPs & Jewish bastards at a time trying to snatch people, in theory? They're more interested in getting the fuck out of dodge than dying in droves trying to clean up loose ends, I'd take it. This chaos needs to be used to the fullest for maximal digging and maximal spread of amalgamated information. They have to hang from every lamppost.

From 0hour's twitter…is this legit?

This, like I said, if we can get a couple people with pen recorders or micro gps and just get a little more information about the inside of this store front, we might be able to go further. But right now it seems like we a slowing down with no leads and the cats out of the bag. If they are changing logos they know we know. This is the time to catch them in the act.

Fucking Jesus, man, this was confirmed debunked like 20 threads ago.

No, that's a troll image. Tied up girl is from an episode of Law & Order.

Couple of interesting things from the sub reddit /secretpizzaparty

1) A weird way to make pizza for sure, hide and beat up and all

"Does anyone here make their own pizza?"

"plop you dough back in and cover it with a towel. now hide it some where war for a while.

check back when it's risen to double or more, and punch it down, then let it rise again. this time, plop it on to your foured counter or table and cut in it quarters. this is gonna make you 4 little pizzas.

you're going to want to throw them like a ninja turlte or something, but its entirely not worth it and if you use a rolling pin, no one will judge."

2) Pic of satan eating pizza

There's much more intel, explore…

KEK has blessed every one of us to be here this fine day. I checked into Fritz Springmeier. I learnd shit about myself that I should not know… I learned shit user needs to know. This thread is gonna get slid hard.

Fritz is describing a tradition of trauma based mind control called Monarch. In essence you panic the shit out of the brain, enforcing a dissociative fugue state in the child, and then you can write stuff to it. The mind splits into compartments after great trauma, the programmer writes to those compartments. Those compartments can be split.

Or sliced. Like pizza.

This pizza madness could be an outsourcing operation for the trauma required for Monarch programming to work.

Guys. OpSec is gonna have to get REAL good. Bunkertime.

what are they programming the kids to do user?

Satanic Pizza Cult

Make fake rape accusations.

yes it's dakota fanning from tv. stop posting this crap.

lol dude, that's a pretty normal way to make dough. You have to work the dough. Watch any cooking show.

Don't know what this has to do with anything, but I found the facebook, and a possible physical address.

Company is based in the UK, but one of the posts shows the location as being from Indonesia.






Well. Anything really. Dylan Roof?

Could be.

Ok dont know if it was already covered but in case "they worship the white rabbit" was literal I checked mythology and didn't find much that would match up. What I did find, that may possibly be related is that in Taoism it's believed there's a rabbit who represent homosexual love. The story goes he was beaten to death after it was revealed he had an affection for an imperial official. Anyway he comes back in a dream to somebody they build him a temple, end of story.

However. There's another Chinese legend about the rabbit in the moon that's more related I think. The story goes the rabbit a monkey, fox and a coup,e other animals are trying to earn favor by being charitable, they all find this old man and try to help him.

The monkey picks fruits and nuts for him. The fox steals some goods for him. Yet the rabbit, only able to gather grass thrusts itself into the fire for the stranger. The stranger was revealed to be a deity who put the rabbit in the moon with a mortar and pestle to make immortality pillsim not quite sure what the exact term was, only that it had to do with immortality

Now breaking the second one down

Rabbits are generally symbolic of fertility, rebirth, new life I.e. Kids

The rabbit sacrificing itself for the stranger could be taken as them taking children and abusing them in order to get the immortality elixir/potion/ingredients for themselves. There is a reason so many of these evil beings live for so long. And I don't think it's just modern medicine

Didn't some of the CTR leaks say they ordered pizza a lot? What if it wasn't pizza…


"White rabbit" is a power word, A programming trigger.


Have you read about Dutroux and Franklin?

that's nothing m8, got to the first post on the board. the name is from a movie.

don't worry about it goy, it's just a stoner tier subplebbit board.

I just need to know if it's a coincidence. I don't know if my conscience can take it if it's not.

I was originally looking for a house to rent near salt lake community college - south city. I settled on one just south of campus, but I looked at a couple. I looked at one in particular, just north of the campus, I think on 200 east. Check it out on maps, the house was only a couple streets away from the daycare (I can't remember the exact address, I'll swing by and confirm it at some point in the future).
Anyway, me and a friend went to check out the house. It was oddly narrow, long, the windows were grimy. Not a great house, but not terrible for a couple college dudes either. No realtor there to show it, so we just walked around it, peering in through the windows. We got around to the backyard, and there was a small wooden shed. We went to check it out, and inside it was empty. Not just empty, but clean. Except there was a single Polaroid picture on the ground. I picked it up and it was a picture of a little kid, I think a girl, not more than 6 I'd say. I don't think she was smiling either, just sort of staring blankly at the camera. It's hard to say for certain, this was a year and a half ago now. Anyway I dropped the picture and me and my friend noped the fuck out of there. We nervously joked about "what the fuck was that", then a couple more times in the following month, then forgot about it. I probably would've forgotten forever if I hadn't been catching up on these threads and come across the SLC connection.
That seems too much to be a coincidence, right? A Polaroid of a kid, found in a shed, within a fucking block of the SLC daycare?

How about you actually describe your links or post a screenshot of them rather than being retarded

Does this describe it enough for you dipshit?

it's just stupid bullshit. one is some fake text referencing pizza, the other is a capcha that says "james stop". not worth posting in the first place.

I didn't understand it



That account, Scripter17, seems to be spamming you can't stop james. I don't know if it's just a troll or what, but it could be something to look into. I'll keep digging

thread theme song:

id appreciate a screencap, or at least archive

you have to open the image
"watch for children" - best trade i ever made

wew lads

The amount of up votes on those are rediculous this really is huge

Sticks and stones, m80

Was there any truth to that chat log from Brock and gang with the nsa toolkits?

Can't say 100% obviously, but I'd say that's not a coincidence. They left the pic there to get some sort of cheap thrill, I suppose.

mcuck ultra videe :P

I think I've got something!! Do we know who owns this shop? The posting in yhe screenshot says indonesia. Those two women in the pizza.jpg with the little girl look asian. Do we know who they are?

No hard proof, found it on reddit, the image of the chat log was apparently from a 4chan Holla Forums thread that got axed.

Yeah we know who they are. Was one of the first things we dug up.

The women in pizza.jpg were apparently these two

This guy seems to be shilling for James. Could be just a troll, but I'm going to do some more digging



What about the little girl?

Just checking. Nerdfighters is the followers of Crashcourse/vlogbrothers right? At least John is super creepy even for being a SJW.

wow don't spin ur wheels on some reddit thread. you goyim have no focus, top adhd m8.

this is some serious truman show type of shit. everything is connected

the vid user posted above titled "i don't want my pizza burning"
features baby legs on the pizza

afaik that hasn't been figured out

m8 they have many followers. just check twitter with a throw-away account.

Yeah this thread is getting kiked out. Away with you kikes.


oh my fucking god

I am thoroughly disturbed. About to dive into the archives, when I catch up I'll start contributing.

Thanks for the pastbin in another thread user.

pizza means after-party
kiddie porn
child prostitution
human sacrifice
s&m bondage children tied to footstools
plasma +grit(human dough) + cum + blood + shit = pizza


shit means chocolate
chicken is sacrificial ties or chained bred children
rabbit is a term for breeding human cattle
cattle for consumption
they are cannibles they breed children
slc daycare has windows that show the rows of cages it is a human monkey nest to breed child slaves and food
mormonism is multiple wives masonic breeding cult.

you ignore masonry the illuminati is high level freemasonry it is nothing else not bohemian owl not jonny goesch.

It is your local blue lodge.

it is your local shrine

it is the pizza parlors in between
key word parlor
same with ice cream

I am concerned I thought you would at least know ok there is not only occult but clear masonic themes but no so I have to really implore you fellas to assume anything occult and orginized to be sub masonic or masonic for the sake of clarity. There is no doubt in my mind this is absolutely masonic it is a disgrace you reference the fucking muhlek this many times what about joabert? Machbenach? You better stop fucking around with popular masonic cover ups there was agenda 2100 by the supreme council assr to REMOVE OCCULT THEMES FROM MASONRY AND IMPLANT THEM IN MEDIA TO CREATE A ILLUMINATI BOOGYMAN IT IS THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF 33rd DEGREE SCOTTISH RITE SOUTHERN JURISDICTION ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED FREEMASONS



Sorry but this guy just seems fishy… (pic related again)

He seems to post here alot:

What the fuck is this shit?

meant for

Decided to dig into carlos urrely, the gaslighter filming toddlers. Have combined all info from past thread and his dox, along with step by step as to how I got it.


View the 2 images, 1st is him gaslighting the person who filmed comet 8 years ago, second is his youtube channel

Copy&Pasting how we found his name here:

Go to his You tube page
Watch the video of him in the shower with his cat, remember his feet(that's all you see)
google "ToolboxDC"
Find a Palates Studio on Connecticut BLVD by besta pizza
Go to web page.
Look at Instructor posing in front of a class (notice his feet)
go to contact us, Click facebook link
Look at facebook page for "ToolBox DC"
Find guy from picture with matching feet
see him in pictures calling him "Carlos"
Search facebook for "Carlos toolbox DC" and find more pictures of same guy with his last name listed..


His facebook:

Archived :

3rd picture is a screenshot of his boyfriends name and showing he is a pilates instructor.

Only 1 match for Carlos Urrely and it claims florida, which I thought was bullshit until I saw him share this (Picture 4)

Without further ado, the 1 match for Carlos matches the same area of florida that he used to work in as recently as 10 months ago and here it is:

Carlos Urrely age 38
From: Coral Gables, FL
222 Zamora Ave #1,Coral Gables, FL 33134 (305) 666-9343 [email protected]/* */, [email protected]/* */
Previous Addresses: 6501 30th St, Miami, FL 33155,
17 Salamanca Ave #4, Coral Gables, FL 33134,
222 Zamora Ave #3, Coral Gables, FL 33134,
1452 5th St #20, Miami, FL 33135,
1521 17th St #1, Miami, FL 33145
Possible Relatives: Jose J Urrelysanchez,
Antonio J Urrely,
Onelia Urrely,
Margarita E Urrely,
Monica Maria Izquierdo,
Maria M Urrely
Other Phone Numbers: (305) 461-5789,
(305) 495-7364,
(305) 666-9343,
(305) 669-1831,
(305) 804-4796,
(305) 934-7657

He is the only real gaslighter we have identified, could be a big lead, could be nothing.

user the fucking game is about a pizzeria, its a trump joke

there's leads and then there's being retarded

alright, sorry got a little trigger happy. I'll go back to lurking some more

Whoops, didn't upload the image of his youtube account. Here it is:

I have never been to this site before today. But I have read a lot of this topic and read your banter so will try to see if I get this half right on my first post of my first day to this fucked up site (man you guys are nuts)… here goes…

Have any of your cuntfaces gone autist on the Podesta PPT files that were of birds and shit? COuld there be images hidden in those files? Do any of you retards even know what I'm talking about or do I need to dig up the links for you? I imagine this is the part where I'm called a newbfag. But yeah, that.

SCP is a creepypasta-type site with user-submitted stories.

Peter Levenda has investigated this circle from the occult side of it before, he said if you continue following every lead or connection you'll get bombarded with useless information. I fear that is happening now.

Ive seen these images before somewhere

like on another conspiracy website someplace, i think it was something to do with the "thanks for the memories girl"

im almost sure this whole pedesta campaign is a setup now

Here's a link to the ppt files to Podesta


CORRECT. WHy the fuck did Besta change their logo then? There's some shit happening.

I'm not doubting that one bit. What I'm saying is that they intentionally throw diversions and dead ends in there. Not every lead is worth following.

Yeah, some swiss user apparently decoded them. He was posting weird pics of podestas and kids in a 4chan thread last night. I dont have it saved tho. Anyone else see those? Reverse image searching didnt pull up anything. There wasnt anything really incriminating, just weird

People have been investigating this prior to WikiLeaks.

This artist has no wiki, but is supposed to be somewhat famous. I bet this "art" is just for fun too, like Marina's

we've proven time and again we're not Holla Forums. i think the leads with encryption are ultimately dead ends until we get a turbo autist in on this.

the decyphering a few anons were doing last thread was starting to come together though. that you can do with a pen and paper. ripping secret encrypted photos out of other photos or pdfs etc really isnt within our current ability.

I agree. He ended up posting several photos and I havent seen them anywhere on here or reddit so Im not sure what happened with that.

The SCP foundtation a fictional top-secret agency that locks up paranormal shit. It comes from a wiki where you post "documents" about the spoopy things they've encountered.

It looks like this is really just some kid shitposting on plebbit. me_irl is the designated shitting board of Reddit, it's just random meme images.

Follow the breeders.
Human breeding signified by the seated white rabbit,
A running white rabbit means body snatchers.

Forget any reverence any doubt about masons. Get it out of your system do not look at these guys look at them and picture them in white jumpsuits and white masks raping a child on an apron the masonic badge of innocence.

GMAIL is the masonic apron.

GLOGO is the pagan heart masonic pedo symbol.

They worship tubal cain the descendent of cain




You guys don't think law enforcement will actually do anything to Killary and globalist backed goons do you?!

Run in and search the place while we hold everyone at gunpoint and livestream.

drop an email, let's go

Who Created the Reddit Sub "/r/Pizzagate"?

what the fuck

If you go back to my posts in this thread, I even mentioned Godfather's. I'm not shilling. I've been investigating this shit for five years.

Late stage autism. if he got trips i mightve believed some of it tho

Pizzagate creator

Coming out of lurking to say fuck you, I can't read two things at once

Good egg

Christ, did this post ever get slid.




Guys, we missed something.

They admit to "sex games" right in the photos of their illegal construction. Pop-up is a term for a group sex game.

Plebbit /r/pizzagate/comments/5cjb7q/guys_we_missed_something_in_the_comet_pizza/

Oh my god. Now that is fucking creepy

I meant to reply to this
but whatever

Fucking W E W


pop-up is also a very temporary restaurant.

I might have a lead.

A TORanon posted a pair of child leggings in one of the other threads. THe leggings were made by a company named Blade and Rose, which is owned by Amanda Peffer. She has two children, and a husband named Johnathan.

Pic related is her from this article:

I'm seeing if I can find a picture of her kids. It may or may not be related, but it was worth looking into.

Except Jimmycomet tells them to "line up now," implying men standing in a row…

They're talking about a "sex game."

1. go here theape (amanda kleinman's old band)

2. Click "Baba's mountain" - notice what animal the animation makes? White rabbit.

3. Read Paragraph 4 and 5 :)

Could also mean "line up at this newly established, temporary restaurant"

It could be doublespeak too though. A temporary "restaurant" to "eat" "pizza."

Fucking break up those http addresses, you fuck.

Namefag, I appreciate your vigilance, but we gotta connect much larger dots.

I remember one user last night had found another picture of hearts inside of another file. Picture is the first file with a web address that only had a picture of hearts on it.

Here's Reynolds' entry in Epstein's black book, the name is spelled differently but it's in the Virgin Islands, and the Virgin Islands are on his website. He also lived on the island of St. Thomas, which Epstein frequented.

Oh, and he ran a "vacation concierge service" in addition to being an infant-massager and babysitter:

That is Bill with Reynolds and the mother of the Luzatto children,

Where did you learn about that?

I read Springmeiers' stuff and there are different meanings ascribed for white rabbit.

forget the pop-up shit for a second, if you actually look at that conversation it doesn't actually seem coherant at all, they're using heavy lingo and code phrases to mask the actual message. That in itself alongside the symbols is enough for evidence.

The fact that the conversation is incoherant and full of jargon and disconnected lingo basically proves that they're hiding a lot, and considering there's nothing but child porn symbols near them, it's most certainly a child sex trafficking ring.

WHAAAT? I FUCKING KNEW IT. Reddit is controlled opposition.

The Luzatto woman used that midwife service for her kid. At least one of them. She's on that site too. The babysitting site is linked to the massage site which is also linked to some fucked up japanese wedding catering site/prostitute site? which has guess what?? A rabbit and a chicken on it.
these are also apparently tied to I believe

creepy shit

wtf is

archive and take screenshots, I'm not clicking that



Found them…

Is it just me, or does the little girl have a weird eye? It's her right eye too.

Bit of a reach but I found a picture of him with 2 young girls, looks like the girl lover symbol, was in epsteins book…bit of a reach but given the other info.

Been done

XHTML doc type

what the fuck is adult-time .net

Hiding right in plain site. Creepy as fuck.

Here, assuming kev= our kev

All zeroes means the user is posting with TOR. And that some newfag is going to flip their shit over it.

inspect it, what is w3. org/1999

Others almost look like animal sacrifice. Video tab toggles flaming pig and an owl mask.

seriously what the fuck is adult-time .net


Do NOT fall for it! Stay vigilant!


Look at this shit I just found on pizzagate site on reddit

sorry was misleading is an actual website that is linked from

are we on to something

Nips live with their parents until they get married, so they fuck at "love hotels." Nintendo used to run some It sounds like something might have just gotten lost in translation, but my moonspeak is toddler level.

Reddit sub /r/Pizzagate is run by 33rd degree illuminati?

Jesus fucking Christ. No.

Doubt it's anything, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop …

Doubt its much, worth looking into a little though

so if you needed a place to host cheese pizza meetings?

I've been to a few of these threads and I don't see why everyone is surprised about "all ages" shows. I live in AZ and have a brother who's into shitty artsy-fartsy bands like these and they put on "all ages" shows all the time. All it means is that they don't put a 21+ age limit on attendance so that stupid high school kids can come. It's because of alcohol rather than the actual band itself.

user, what is this? ive been looking into it and they use the pizza and coffee code words. there's subtle jokes here and there about comey/CPP, whole deleted comment strings… i feel like i just stumbled into the place where all these gaslighters practice writing memes.

i thought that was the end of it until i started searching the accounts of the people who post. the second highest sticky is written by a guy named vamclovin.

he seems to like sports from his post history, so i was like whatever these are just normal sports shitposts… until i actually looked.

notice the weird as fuck picture on the right side, and no subreddit description. the post counts are low. and also remember that the NFL was how the messages from mulberrypizzeria were cyphered

now look at pic related and these archives. between the actual shitposts and memes, they're sending messages here, and talking about real shit, not even in that garbled of words.

anons… they're talking about us. they're expecting us to find this eventually, but saying that it'll happen tomorrow. and once i started archiving they mentioned that there was traffic in the comments. i'm scared what i've found. is this CTR's personal subreddit or…? can someone else look at this?

Here's my lead; Remember email with Luzzatto kids to Podesta? Mentions a farm in Lovvettsville. Did a Google map search. Find this sketchy place listed as a farm, but pictures look like a resort. Click on the link, takes you to a Brazilian site. Why is that significant? I didn't know until someone started posting about ICMEC. ICMEC is also located in Virgina (about an hour away from this "farm" Burity place in Alexandria), and it says on ICMEC wiki that it works in America with a "regional presence in Brazil and Singapore". Can anybody else explain why this innocent "farm" in VA links to a Brazilian site? Coincidence? Oh and it is strange the site is talking about a George Washington Masonic Temple… How far back does this degeneracy go?!│england-467689/│united-states-467693/│pakistan-467690/

Thanks user, never knew that.

Be careful with links anons. Honeypots

Seems at every corner we are coming across links between daycare/charities and pizza places.

They need our IP addresses.

Found this on Tumblr. There's a whole circle of people associating the painting "Saturn Devours His Son" with pizza.

Another guy to look into is the Tom Lee account. His YouTube is filled with all of these videos where he is in abandoned buildings and it looks as if he is scoping the place out, zooming in and out on specific locations. My current running theory is that this guy is someone like the guy that was standing with Austyn Crites in the google maps pictures. That guy I think looked like he had a clipboard like he was taking notes or some shit about the boarded up house. I suspect that these guys are the ones that go around and find abandoned houses or property and scope out to find places for these fucking pedos to set up shop or whatever.

Another thing, and this may or may not be anything, but I used this website here to download the mp4 in this post.

Usually when I use this, the video will automatically start downloading. However, when I downloaded this one it popped up in another tab. I don't know anything about encrypting or anything, and I couldn't help if there were images embedded within something. I just want to post the link it showed when it popped up in another tab, maybe if somebody sees something out of the ordinary like this guy might be embedding shit within his videos just look at the string.,dur,ei,expire,gir,id,initcwndbps,ip,ipbits,ipbypass,itag,lmt,mime,mm,mn,ms,mv,nh,pl,ratebypass,requiressl,source,upn&id=o-ACXruKnNMRSDxU1zr3zule8Y5mD9efN2p3hQUTUeRmro&clen=813010&requiressl=yes&mime=video/mp4&gir=yes&key=cms1&signature=5A01DAEDC69875CD50C9B63952D908144710E5E1.2D0FF261BBAB5C63D3FB2BB341CD4F0EAE25BC54&ratebypass=yes&title=georgetown-gallery-2004.04.03_14-08-31.avi&redirect_counter=1&req_id=dd4d29fb0e0ba3ee&cms_redirect=yes&ipbypass=yes&mm=30&mn=sn-4g57knl7&ms=nxu&mt=1478934863&mv=m&nh=IgpwcjAxLmZyYTE2KgkxMjcuMC4wLjE

aren't things supposed to be the other way around ? Where the paedophiles fear the government instead of being it ? What a world.

Arent chans supposed to be where the pedophiles are getting busted by the government?

Why is it the other way around? The Berenstain Universe is absurd.

Please go to and enter in the URLs to what you've found on Tumblr, and then report back with the archive links. Thanks.

just a funny thing
"Sasha Lord Presents" is an anagram for "Satan Holds Presser"

I do not feel particularly safe describing this as it is because it is submerged within the realm of the masonic Jewish faction. Then again you never are safe when saying the F word. Free and the M word that goes with it. We have people able to recover hidden files with steg tools that is great. Still we have people making reddit esque info-graphs describing Moloch and bohemian grove like this is a fucking Mark Dice joke.

When you are in these ceremonies the look of a body bleeding from dozens of stab wounds and gashes along the torso makes you not really waste time wondering if the obvious is such. The globs of blood blithering from the mouth and nostrils like a fount of mane and worry. Its like you people have never seen a tub scene before. You would think with Milo bathing in blood we got some brothers in blood lurking but they seem all to willing to quench the sucklings thirst for meaning into their own dead ends. Anything comparable to what grisly .rites are done in the low are beyond what you can say to negate that. When you see what the cult of Tubal Cain does you will never laugh again. You will be numbed by fear evermore.

Your ip's in that url.
btw this is how the website works.

and use fucking "YOUTUBE-DL" (google it) instead of fucking hipster nigger faggot websites loaded with blacked ads.

Friends With F B I 1268 912 152 516

Provide some leads, torfag.

That's not my IP.

Okay anons, we need an IRL plan of action here. I think it's same to assume that any non-pedo would be disgusted by the Jimmy Comet Instagram account. My suggestion is that DC anons print out hundreds of fliers showing the sickest shit on that account, with a brief, clear explanation of what it is, along with a warning not to take your kids to that restaurant.

Then start distributing these fliers to DC-area churches and community centers. Get the normalfags riled up. This has two advantages. First, people might start actually boycotting Comet Ping Pong. If their front takes a hit, it'll fuck up their laundering operation too. Second, it will spur normalfags to do their own investigating. Maybe somebody witnessed something weird happening at that restaurant, but they didn't give it any thought at the time. We need to spread this information far and wide and get people talking.

The pedos already know we're onto them, and they're probably panicking. It's time to start ruining lives.

How's that guy involved again?
Currently downloading all his 1653 videos btw.


you arent thinking globally, lets not pretend it ends at the usa pizza parlor this would be international

This is retarded. Itll just start a witch hunt and push them further underground and lessen our chances of getting something actually incriminating. Plus must liberal cucks cant handle the cognitive dissonance

so something in the back of my mind …

Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House (Democrat), was found by the Guccifer 2.0 guy to be using a "" email address. is a PIZZA restaurant near her home.

At the time it was speculated that since Pizza places handle a lot of cash, that she was using it as a front end for money laundering or other diversion tactic (send mail, cash, deliveries to Goat Hill Pizza instead of herself). But I wonder … ?!?! Can't see anything obvious on the pizza site; and it hasn't changed (from my memory) over the last few months; I visited the site when the story first broke.

https ://

The DuPont Underground is related to the pedophile cult described by Jay Parker in Arden Delaware.

Got this guys address if interested.


Intellius listed 29 O S H and I searched 29 Old Shore Hwy and it recommended stone

just spitballing but could the article be used for a cipher of some kind?

That's right it is a Witch hunt and don't you forget it

worth looking into

I want reddit and shitchan to leave. These threads are getting shat up with red herrings and GUISE I FOND SUPER SPOOPY COMENT ON REDIT AND UTUB VIDO HURRDURR

ffs I leave to go to work for a bit and this shit happens. Do we have any leads on the DOJ cp attorney? What about the nigger who gave his orphamage to the CF?

The whole reason so many people left ME_IRL a while back was because new liberal mods took over, maybe your on to something.

So I used binwalk on that flag image some user posted and it has a data file in it, I extracted the data file and it has mysql info but cant seem to get it out with binwalk again, it just shows it. IDK if this means anything or not, hopefully one of you guys with more experience can see what it is


the 4chan posts about this whole scandal are shit. people spamming illuminati cards and all kinds of stupid occult garbage

mfw when he actually responds and I shittily double post for no reason


There is a video on YouTube titled "Ping Pong in Public Space" in which a man named Frank Winstead took a short video of some people playing ping pong at Comet Ping Pong. I believe he is just someone that got elected into something like Homeowners Association or something, and basically his concern is that it there could potentially be a hazard if the ball goes in the street and somebody gets run over. The city might have some responsibility or something. But you can see his concern.

In the comments however, there are a lot of people going and fucking dogpiling this guy. Harassing him and shit for even saying something remotely bad about Comet Ping Pong, even calling him a nazi and shit (these people sacrifice children to an old Jewish god, it's natural they'd revoke the Holocaust in defence)

These people are suspicious as fuck, most likely with ties to Comet Ping Pong.

Fucked that up. Kevin Reynolds home address is : 29 O– S—- H–
Which I found as Old Stone HWY.

Working on rest now. He's got pictures of him with girl love logos on and tied to epstein (was in his logbook)

Did you just step out of a time machine? I already got info on some of the people in the comments. See:

Where'd it come from? I missed it in the other threads.

You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded. Daily reminder that the disinfo faggots are trying to discourage us from proving that Podesta and Clinton are diddling children.

It's the owl of bohemian grove with the illuminati symbolism

This. If we don't know where the original came from it's useless and probably a troll

If my own stuff is looking like a red herring, it was unintentional. I'm just following up on a picture some toranon posted in one of the other threads. But it's looking like a dead end in that regard. About the only thing noteworthy that I found was the daughter has something with her right eye like Madeleine…

HOLY FUCK IT'S GONE, Someone took it down pls tell me archive archive archive

Nvm just my own shitty internet connection.

Some user was posting yesterday claiming to have found it inside some of the podesta email pictures, but he never explainedfully. Red herringor not there is some weird data in here. If anyone wants to see it use 'binwalk -Mre' on that flag pic


Just sleep deprived. I made the 0277 post.

It's still up you fucking redditors.
Confirm before posting

Unless we have the email and the picture it was extracted from it's almost useless. We need to find it's origin

So I checked out Bottom of the Hill in SF and sure enough its about a block away from Goats Head Pizza on the corner of Connecticut st. (Comet Ping Pong is also on a street named Connecticut) and 18th st (6+6+6=18). Notice the swirls in the signs. That's not all either, there's lots of weird occult symbols around it too. Sun image facing the pizza place across the street. Employees with upside down triangle shirts. Kids drawings and black and white pics of kids on the walls. Then two doors down there's this all brick building with no signs, black arches and a black door. To me, it looks like some kind of lodge.

This list could be golden guys, just look for pizza parlors near these venues then keep an eye out for their symbols. I'm going to focus on it myself.

Also I want to say, I feel like I've seen that Owl flag with the upside down triangle and eye. I can't explain it, but I was in GATE up until the 4th grade, which is when I was sent to Catholic School and was also prescribed high dosages of adderall. I used to have my own logo thing I would draw constantly in the 4th and 5th grade that looks just like it. I specifically remember always being angry at myself because I couldn't get it "right" whenever I drew it. I know I copied it from somewhere but I can't ever remember where. When I saw that owl logo, I realized that was it. This is really freaking me out, because I remember absolutely NOTHING from the GATE program. I even had to ask my mom if I was ever in it and she confirmed it. Its probably nothing, but I can't shake this feeling that it isn't.

proper link without space in between making me scared

I've seen it used as a fear tactic. The first time I saw it, it was "threateningly" posted in an altered form. As if seeing the full, unaltered version was going to get you hurt.

The altered versions were accompanied with text like "Stop." "It Hurts" and "I don't want to eat frogs anymore"

best article for normies so far, lots of good quality primary sources.

Normies already fucking up their lives. Check out Comet's fb reviews now. Hilarious.

Unrelated; did y'all check out the Comet tumbler yet? I found this image confirming that the Dr. Pong connection is real. How much you want a bet this is the kiddie diddler spot in Berlin?

Sounds like Holla Forums tier trolling.

Damn man I can remember the times when the goyman media was talking about this missing kid all the time. So this is it a collective of shitposters managed to do a better detective job then those guys back then. Through admittedly with the help of a e-mail leak.



It was on Holla Forums. Somebody used it agian in the discord chat from Holla Forums as soon as somebody brought up Arun Rao

yeah that one

Looks like Bohemian Grove for kids.

I live near Richmond, I'd be really surprised if Strange Matter was involved. It's just a shitty bar with arcade machines and vegan food. It's a very small building.

It being on Holla Forums doesn't mean shit unless we have the email and file it was pulled from.

I'm saying it might be CTR fear tactics, not from an email at all.

It was just attached to a weirdly threatening post

in rare cases a lease agreement will have the option to buy the rented property for a very low price once the lease has ended. but being in a populated and expensive area there's no reason for the owner to do this. that sale price of zero is suspicious imo, but i dont know what kind of useful information it holds

I like meme-circles better

There's old metro tunnels underneath SF. Bottom of the Hill came off fine to me, I just remember Goat Hill Pizza was mentioned in either the Podesta or DNC leaks. It does Democrat fundraisers every so often.

I've never been there but I know Bottom of the Hill is an old punk music venue. They'll book just about anybody, just like Strange Matter. I've been everywhere except the kitchen in SM, so I dunno if theres more to the building but its really fucking tiny.

Isn't it amazing how democrat hot-spots having to do with pizza are full of creeps who have an odd obsession with terrible art and children? And they flaunt it on the internet quite openly too.

Qatar is in the middle of all of this. Tentacles in everything. Own large shares of European banks, auto companies, energy companies (nuclear, oil, you name it) infrastructure management, aviation, do some research. Qatar foreign investment took off in 2005. That's just EU on the books.

Been buying $1billion / year in art & collectibles from PodestaGroup friends at Sotheby's and Christies & from Greek shipping magnates. Setting record sale numbers. Laundering / pay for play is definitely going on.

Tony Ped Podesta worked for them doing lobbying related to a gas export terminal in Qatar. Tony PODESTA seemingly brokering record breaking sales w/ Qatar.

They have ties to Hollywood- bought big share in Miramax from Disney.

The ties are unending. If you start looking here I promise you will find.

There's a couple posts on Reddit in r/wikileaks r/operationberenstain and r/the_donald

Qatar is a corruption gold mine. PODESTA and CLINTON direct ties.

Was in GATE. Distinctly remember being taught basic symbology.

Didn't Qatar have the fireworks show so big that you'd have to be in out space to even make it out?

color scheme


Rosanne is redpilled on all this and doesn't give a fuck. She is also friends with Colin Ross.

Wasn't there some Kek-related legend about people being forced to eat frogs? Probably a larper. except it isn't live-action so the meme should be rp

4chan started getting DDoS'd again as soon as ARUN G RAO was mentioned.

See pics.

Same shit as last night, massive DDoS within minutes of him being discovered.

Just a fag trying to be spooky.

What the fuck is hanging in the background and why is there a bottle of orange juice

Seeing a lot of the kitten (i.e kitty →i.e. kiddy) w/pizza stuff tonight, looking around different connections.

Instagram "Josh" has a vid on his tumblr called "Kitty Fucker".

If these people weren't so 33rd degree artsy hipster homos, it'd be impossible to slough any of this shit off. But they are. So it's hard to get behind this thing 100%.

But then I see the latest infographic, and it's like "Goddamnit, something is going on."

I know we all know the Podesta/UFO/Tom Delonge story that really just came to light in the past 6 months. When you combine that, with Clinton losing, pizzagate, and Leonard Cohen dying (maybe a lesser known "alt-conspiracy" topic) the other day, it has to make you take notice.

re: the Podesta/UFO/Tom Delonge project. I feel like something is trying to come out from the mass unconscious about the speculated (by people like Tom "Montalk", Eve Lorgen) connection between "aliens" (whatever they might be) and sex.

that shit is beyond blatant, this actually seems more indicative of abusive behavior than any NEET with a 30 gig loli folder.

look loli is one thing, they are cartoon girls that people fap to because they cant get girlfriends, theres nothing beyond the fact that people buy it, so artists make it, but when you do "modern art" isnt the whole point is to express your feelings and "change minds" and shit like that?
why does this bitch keep painting children being leashed up and fucked?

There have been 7 of these, trying to see if anything is actually going on here. I want to call bullshit, but then half of the Brit government turned out to be pedos and Worst Korea is run by a woman who lets a cult leader run the state for her.
Saw a reference to DC underground, and yes there still are fallout shelters, one used to be located under a TV shop that was used a a cover. You can bet your ass since 9/11 they have built a shitload more bunkers in black projects.
Most of this shit seems like reaching (now I will get called a disinfo shill), but if the info is there and this isn't people on speed/coke making connections out of thin air, then you have better analytical minds than I.

Anyone good with flash cartoons or anything? Avideo thats on point with good info and the seriousness of this would be good for normies

so i looked at /r/cfbotgonewild from the last picture, and every post has [M] or (m) in the title. is this just as simple as them saying they're male? there's up to 14 upvotes on a few of these, but only a few comments total. and the pictures mostly arent even selfies, they're just random pictures it looks like to me. i smell signalling for sure. homepage all posts archived vvv

but looking into the posters… i dont know. all of them have THOUSANDS of posts in CFBOffTopic which makes it very difficult to look through their post history effectively (by design?), but only two of them were worth anything. last time this guy posted was in an election thread. a huge election thread. the biggest on the cfbot subreddit. a subreddit that's the off-topic branch of a football subreddit cfb. …what? this guy posts a lot in /r/politics and /r/hillaryclinton, enough that it came to the top over his cfbot posts and was easy to see. he even posted the same line twice in a row like it was a fed or planned shill line.

i dont know what to make of any of this still. it really might just be nothing. but the connections here between hillary, ctr, etc is just too good. i want to say that from the cyphered messages, NFL in those is referring to CTR, after seeing all this. and if it is, would that make the NBA Holla Forums? i'm just going to leave this here so it gets archived as an oddity in the digging.

I will not defend cp in real life or cartoon, but I've always understood lolli as deformed adults, which panned towards helping the body image movement.

Qatar art sales are laundering for human trafficking. Tony Podesta personally involved.

NBA could be a sly reference to us since we call blacks Basketball Americans. Almost like a derogatory term for us. Your quads confirm.