Trump Economic Advisor Wants America to Go Back to the Gold Standard


Fortune reached out to Dr. Judy Shelton, one of two economists recently named to Donald Trump’s economic advisory team, and the only woman to hold that title. Shelton is a senior fellow and co-director of the Atlas Sound Money Project, whose mission is to promote the principles of sound money and raise awareness of what they see as the inherent problems of our current monetary system. Dr. Shelton first rose to prominence when she predicted the economic collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, two years before it transpired.
I’m not opposed to a new Bretton Woods conference, and if it takes place at Mar-a-Lago, I’m fine with that. But anything the U.S. does because we print the international reserve currency, unilateral action would almost instantly be accommodated by other countries.
In terms of gold being involved, some people may think of that as a throwback, but I see it as a sophisticated, forward-looking approach because gold is neutral and it’s universal. It’s a well-accepted monetary surrogate that transcends borders and time. If you look at the foreign reserves of the most important countries, they keep them mostly in gold. I don’t want to read too much into it, but it proves that gold is not some barbarous relic.
>Would the first step in that be issuing gold-convertible bonds?
Don’t attribute this idea to the Trump campaign, but it has been something that I have been proposing for years now. A gold-backed bond was first proposed in 1981 by Alan Greenspan. I think the U.S. should issue them as an experimental pilot program, similar to the TIPS bond, that compensates people who are concerned about the future value of the dollar. For those who are concerned about a big financial meltdown, these bonds would give them some insurance, as gold tends to rise in price during periods of financial stress.
The Chinese would welcome this development, because it would likely be a stabilizing force for the value of the dollar and protect their dollar holdings. I also think they are the most likely country to provide a parallel instrument. If China were to offer a similar instrument where five years from now you can get back x amount in yuan or an ounce of gold, five years from now both the U.S.-issued instrument and the China-issued instrument are worth the same thing, an ounce of gold. So now you start getting projections of a stable exchange rate determined by market forces.
If this practice starts to spread to even more countries, you would start to see the semblance of a future stable exchange rate system with those exchange rates being determined by what market forces believe about the future value of those currencies.

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Well that's one way to utterly rape the Saudis.

But washington times and Holla Forums told me drumpf is filling his cabinet with neocons.

It's not possible, there is no way washington times and Holla Forums would lie to us in an attempt to D&C, there is just no way, that would never happen.


She must be stupid then.

This is a really good idea because Trump needs to sell government bonds if he wants to utilize a reaganesque tax cut + short term deficit and nobody wants to buy government bonds but the fed right now.

Not good enough, the kikes own that too

what then?


Second gold propaganda thread in 2 days with the same news report from a august. What's up?

Whats up with all the new fags who dont want a none rothchild currency

Did you read OPs post? It's fucking nothing.
Fucking clutching at straws.

They wont go back to a gold standard, the Jews have all the gold and its not a good idea anyway.

There is nothing actually wrong with fiat currency, the threat of prison if you dont pay taxes is what gives the money its value.

Also the national debt is fictional, US govt creates money when they like.

Try rading it yourself retard, it's something she's been proposing for years and has written fucking books about. That's not "vaguely liking the idea" by any means.

The return of the gold standard prompted private companies to enter a space race. Comets have minerals, including gold. Gold on earth is finite and is divided among numerous territories. The gold of the universe is almost infinite.

A gold standard isn't the solution. The US government needs to create its own money and get rid of the fed.


I just scrolled down on the article, read a few sentences, and she doesn't seem to understand what the federal reserve does at all.

this is retarded, you sound like a liberal. currency has to be backed by SOMETHING tangible. In Drittes Deutsches Reich, it was backed by labor. it can be backed by commodity. The last thing you want is international Jews printing your money at will.

I came here to try to dispel the goldbugs, but it looks like we all already know that the gold standard is controlled opposition, and that the jews control the gold.
Good job, everyone!

This could be awkward.
Who's been buying up gold like crazy for the last decade? China. The towelhead emirates. India. Likely the gigakikes.
Who dumped their gold reserves in recent years? Off the top of my head: Britain. The Canucks. And didn't the US flat out refuse Germany's request to repatriate the gold reserves the US has 'held in safekeeping' for the Germans a while ago?
Now, I know very little about markets, but something like this sets off the happening-sense. Is this a stabilisation/retrenchment strategy by a incoming administration who see another crash coming?

It's a start though, first we cut off their ability to print money at will then we work from there. It's a start.

Was Trump always the crypto-Ron Paul candidate all along?

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Check'd and kek'd. If Trump enacts a change to gold backed currency and issues dope ass new government bonds and markets them to us average joes…..I would quite literally sell a metric fuckton of my assets in order to invest in Making America Great Again. If we could revitalize our industries/manufacturing with a gold backed currency the eventual ease of moving away from the importance of our current petroleum based dollar would be a lot easier.

End the fed and nationalize banks, put mega bankers out of work.

Itll work about as well as the cry babies attempts in the UK to get a second vote on the brexit

The difference though, is they managed to get activists judges to try to overturn the vote there, but thats already going to higher courts. Here, there is no activist judge who can overturn the election. And while "faithless electors" are a thing, they are far and away something that rarely ever happens. They may convince one, maybe two, to usurp the will of the voting public, but they're not going to get enough to overturn the results.

Hillary and Soros would literally need to get nearly 40 people to turn traitor, you think they can really threaten into compliance that many people in less than a month? That they can dig up that much dirt, hold that many peoples families hostage, or "suicide" that many people and replace them with good goyim in such a short time? And do it without rousing suspicion OR having someone leak or whistle blow about it? Fat chance.

No, we've won. I wouldn't say "dont care," because complacency is how those faggots and their jew masters managed to get so far in the first place. Keep watch, stay alert, but dont be alarmed or panic as theres no need for that. Spread the message about them trying to usurp the results of the election, make sure enough normies are informed and will be insanely pissed off if they try it, to the point of revolt and riots of our own.

But, dont let yourself fall into panic or disarray, that is ALSO something they want to happen, its why they're also trying to DnC us against Trump now by pushing narratives about him caving to neocons, keeping obamacare, and so on. Anything to smear him and make everything as difficult and muddy as possible to divide and control his base in hopes of seizing power again.

Dubs of truth. Stay strong out there among the shillary brothers. Do not let the seeds of doubt germinate in your mind….this will effect your, mine, and all of our group memetic energy in it's effectiveness. Do not doubt the Emporer. Soon we shall have a gold backed currency and a bunch of fucking pedo public figures having to stand in court. All we have to do is meme it. Soon the entire ignornat collective of libs and cucks will be forced to swallow their first red pill when the "democrats" empire of corruption comes falling down and their most evil deeds exposed to the light. All we have to do is stay strong and meme hard. Kek illuminates. Ye of little faith in our memetic power is either a shill or not welcome here.

I hope you are right. Right.
mostly right.
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We should have the US have a moon program equivalent for Space mining, and then ditch the USD all of it's debt, and mint all currency in gold including pennies.

Gold Pennies = Pocket Sand

Pennies should be made out of copper

There was a reason why they were made out of copper because it was worth 1 pennys worth of copper

Seriously though goys I want my shekels to be made out of precious metals. Even 5 dollar bills should be changed to 5 dollar silver ingots.

I don't want this valueless (((paper money))) or even worse, the digital shekels they are trying to push on us so hard. bit coins are fine though since (((they))) cant just poof 6000 gorillion bit shekels into existence


what does it matter, the jews used gold before bonds, redpill me on the gold standard or any standard


It would be so fucking delicious to see them try and game the system, only for some delegates to play it right back in their faces and give trump the win anyways.

And what are they going to do? Bitch that they aren't representing the will of the people of their states? You mean like what democrats are trying to do with all the republican delegates?

You can't easily manipulate it because it's tied to a physical object.

Jews still found ways of manipulating it, by pretending to have more gold than they actually did.

This still goes on, actually. Gold is undervalued ATM because there's more supply in the stock market than actually exists.

If he does this the jews will go after him with a knife and fork.

They'll do literally anything to stop this from happening, as Gaddafi demonstrated.