Holla Forums hasnt noticed that trump is a centrist libertarian now

how does it feel to be bamboozled by your alt-right messiah?

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I don't think so. That wall is how he gets re-elected.

Trump has always been like that and you've been too stupid or brainwashed to notice. The only one bait and switched is you, not us.

i always knew, I'm just memein on u mate

wtf I hate Trump now

No you're shitposting. Stop typing like a nigger.

But he isn't and never has.

It's right in the name and priority number one.

It's part of the immigration policy plan. He walked it back from per-person religious tests to "no immigration from shitty mudslime hellholes."

Either established campaign promises from the general election or outright lies.

holy fuck trolls, you are making me happy about your horrible death over a race war

And I wasn't a right supporter in the first place

Bump before you get banned.



Trump's a Paleocon in the vein of Pat Buchanan and possibly Nixon and in regards to foreign policy, Michael Scheuer.

Well, a little bit opposite. Nixon opened China to the US. Trump wants to close it.

is it true that he changed from pro-coal to clean renewables?
because that is the only thing I was worried about
not really that surpising though as clean tech is soon becoming the better option even from a purely economic standpoitn

He was never the messiah and anyone not 18 from reddit knew nothing much would change with him in office. He is a step to something better

I think those days should be gone. Trump is President-elect. He is a public servant now and an elected official. This makes him open to ridicule as well as very tight scrutiny. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

How does it feel not knowing why we did this in the first place?

Hitler wasnt running for president user

You uncovered yourself too quickly, shlomo.


Huffington post is that you? you lost why are you still posting here?

Wtf, I hate trump now too

I would like him to become more libertarian. we need to disband the CIA, FBI, DOE, DOJ, IRS, ATF, EPA and all of the other unconstitutional alphabet agencies.


hahaha, yes and then they get redpilled and join our ranks

But why lad? thats a long list with no reason or evidence you have there son.


OP is a fag.

wtf I love LARPing now

Trump is an independent, he just stole the nomination from the Republicans. He obviously couldn't have stolen the Democratic nomination even before it was revealed that Hillary and her cronies rigged their primary. Running as an independent would've just enabled him to be left off the ballot in many states (also, Johnson and Stein would've withdrew, Johnson stole more votes from Trump than from Hillary, Stein was basically irrelevant the entire time).

No, he just says "clean coal" to have the dumb mindless environmentalists fuck off.

And so are you for bumping this thread.

So what you're saying is he's going to do pretty much everything he said he was except he's going to tone it down and make it more reasonable so it becomes way more passable in congress and helps to unite our polarized country under reasonable and effective policy?

Wow we sure didn't see that one coming. Looks like we've been had here m8s. Here i thought he was going to open up literal gas chambers and execute the liberals after growing wings and becoming an actual god. What a wasted vote amirite