Pence now head of Transition

Michael "Purge The Degerence" Pence will be taking over Chris Christies job.

mobile.nytimes. com/2016/11/12/us/politics/trump-cabinet.html

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Lol wtf happend?

Not surprising since Christie looks like he might get brought down by Bridgegate
However, Pence should be thrown as far away as possible, he's neocon and establishment to the core

Probably the biggest threat to Trump right now

Bannon is also on the team.

He can always toss him in four years if need be


>mobile.nytimes. com/2016/11/12/us/politics/trump-cabinet.html

Holy shit , this is a Dream team.

Gawker BTFO

Pence is fine. We can and will continue to bring these neocons to heel.

Being in Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn is a standard but totally based republican. Could not have picked a better one. Jeff Sessions as well.

Pence is a neocon
And no, you don't want them brought to heel, you need to crush them outright
Leave the snake alone and it'll bite you as soon as you avert your eyes

Pence plays very well with the older generation, Holla Forums keeps overlooking this. My parents are in their late 60's and both love him because he's articulate, Christian and very American-looking.

He was a very smart pick for mobilising the oldies.


Unlike Milo, Peter Thiel has actually been more of what you could call a "based faggot". Supported Trump for logical reasons, and as far as I know, doesn't parade his degeneracy.


Peter funded the death of Gawker.

Just wait and see what will happen to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and the rest of mainstream media.

Everything else is great though.

not only is he articulate but hes calm and reasoned in his remarks. Hes not who we would want but hes also not terrible either. The way hes been participating with Trump it would be reasonable to believe that his neocon ways may have just been him going along to get along enough to have a positive impact… Afterall he did act in Indianas best interests during his tenure.


That made me giggle with excitement. Peter has my full support if he reks even one of those media outlets.

hole shet

Always a kike worms their way in

Goyim BTFO too. Theil is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group.

I don't get why Trump trusts him so much. I hear he had a big say in the campaign as well.

I've never seen the word "neocon" as much as I have on Holla Forums after Trump won.

This must be some shill tactic.

Are you defending Neo-Cohens?

you're either very new or a kike

RedText== WE GOT JEWED ==RedText

No, as it's not a term that's been popular here until the past few days, so it doesn't seem random. I see neocon more often that jew almost in these threads.

How fucking new are you?

He's a Bilderberg sodomite, but he's totally on your side because he helped take down some shitty clickbait website that said mean things about your favorite toys.

A bit over two years here new.

Could be useful to dig up some archives and see if neocon has been as prevalent here as int he past few days. I don't even know what it means, just like I don't know what "alt-right" is supposed to mean.

Could you be any more of an outsider?

I've been here since second exodus, neocon is common parlance even in normalfag circles for many years. Its architect is the father of a Mr. Bill Kristol whose tears we have been regularly drinking since the campaign began. You're not an oldfag, or you have had a concussion. There is no third option here.

what the fr*ck i hate Drumpf now!!!

Then put it on a concussion, I guess. I didn't really follow US politics until this election so I guess it has flown over my sight.

Neoconservatism isn't a stand-in for kikes, it's just what the Israel firsters themselves call their brand of conservatism. Everyone who has embraced the label neocon is a kike or a kike puppet, no exceptions really. There's a reason we still respect uncle Pat Buchanan, the last of the paleocons.

Got it. Excuse my ignorance.

Oh yes please let this happen

I'm getting a freedom boner.

Has Holla Forums ever considered that Pence might be a modern day LBJ?


I don't think so, but anything is possible.

Pence has proven to be a great choice.

Here have another. You'll need them for the coming death of the old media.

I honestly think that Kushner is a shabbos Hebrew.

I swear, TN is overrepresented on here. I always see so many fellow Tennanons.

We are like mini Texas. Lots of Guns, Freedom, and rednecks.

Fuck off, Gawker.

Thanks. Let me dig for some of my own smug reaction pics I might have on hand…

Is TN the GOAT state? I can't think of a better one.

>>>Holla Forums

Indiana would be cool if we didn't have fucking Lake County
t. region rat

fuck me


Further contributin


Peter Thiel is based, even if he does suck cock head. As long as faggots keep it in the closet, I don't have a problem with them. If you don't agree, go fuck yourself.

all niggers need to die though

I hope he teams up with Elon "We need more white babies" Musk

I think he's accusing you of disinfo actually.
Filter him.

A couple more, and a fairly rare Pepe.

What are you even talking about? Do you think Bilderberg is a gay sex act?

Why do people keep parodying the Gadsden Flag? It's really annoying and offensive inb4 triggered. No one should be making fun of a symbol of the Revolution.

i agree

but they are pretty funny

It's an amethyst… theres more beatiful "rocks" tough.. AMA.

No, retard:

>(me): >kike detected >>>/JIDF/

Jewgle rise of the vulcans. You'll figure it out pretty fast.

One more laughing Rock


RIP in peace acronyms.

No, I migratet from cuckchan during GG.

Have some sliced rock for your (1).

I suspect, because of his small town background, he would put America before Israel. Pojack makes me feel comfy.

Elon supported white births?

are haliotis a mineral or just a pleb shell?

Yes, i can't find the clip, but he is concerned about birth rates

It's shell.

I don't know the proper english word but, trough sedimentation it can form different stuff for example oil rich slate. THat's the stuff you want to get crude oil.

Some nice "rocks".
Rocking rocks…. Fuck I'm high

Hot damn, his final cabinet is going to look like a superhero team from a 60's comic

Nice fam, thank you. Are rocks any cool as a subject?
And another thing I ask you, do minerals actually have spooki effects on the human health?

Why are rocks and crystals and shit so beautiful?
I genuinely love the earth and the fact that lefties hate it so much makes me want to murder every last one of them.

Montana or Wyoming are probably the best.

I seriously hope you guise don't allow this

I bet you don't even know what mineral Amethyst is


The neocon movement was created by Trotskyite kikes who jumped ship from communism because they felt it was turning agains the jews(diaspora especially) and created a rightist movement which protected jewish interests

This isn't even contested they admit this themselves.

Pence is Trumps insurance policy.

You endure Trump or you get Pence.

It's a brilliant move.

yea I got yo rocks right here

I went to a Pence rally and he was very much all about muh Israel. And the evangelicals who showed up clapped and cheered for muh Israel more than any other statements.

On the other hand, he's incredibly loyal to Trump, and coordinates tightly with Trumps' chain of command.

He's a dog on a leash, for now.

You attending Mines, by any chance?

no he isn't you dipshit faggot. Neocon is a very specific term denoting pro-Israel "former" Trotskyist Jews who flipped from Dems to Repubs during the 70s. Simply being "pro-Israel" doesn't make one a neocon, nor does being (in general) a "hawk" (advocating aggressive or expansionist foreign policy). Learn your fucking terms asswipe

I didn't like Pence until I found out how fucking terrifying he is to the LGBTQHIVTBHBBQ faggots.

Neoncon is a synonym for zionist hawks. If it quacks like a duck it's a duck.



So triggered the fucking cunt can't even spell lol
Also, proof that Pence is insurance. Nobody on either side of the aisle wants him to be president.

Here, have some more

why again are we making the links impossible to copy and paste?

shut up lolbergshitcock

Because niggers are stupid but you're even more stupid.
Use spoilers midlink like so:

unfortunately no

You're either lying about being here since GG or you're just really out of touch with Holla Forums. Neocon is standard Holla Forums vocabulary. The Neo-Conservative movement are the biggest kikes of the Republican party. Bill Kristoll and his Renegades. The never Trumpers. All neocons.

If you haven't heard the term neocon before and don't even know what it means then you're hardly a Holla Forumsack. Two years doesn't count if you visit just a few times a week.

Because they can track redirects from sites.

It's because so far, those who have been using the Gadsen flag in the past years have proven themselves extremely passive and cuckish. As such, they are the ones who started to offend.

More please !
The first one cracked me up.

Anyone have that picture of Kristol quoting the Communist Manifesto?

copying and pasting doesn't create a referer header, shitnigger


Note: I see a lot of people spoiler the link prior to the .com, but that's kind of bad for mobile users who need to tap spoiler text to reveal it, unlike PC users who can just hover over the spoiler text. This means phonefags will click your link without knowing where it will lead.
With my link phonefags will know I'm linking to nytimes at the very least. Leaving "/2016/11/12/us/politics/trump-cabinet.html" isn't really that useful.

No, but clicking a full link does, cuckfuck.

it's only a link if your browser is set to rape-me mode. FOAD

Pence is there to scare the left away from assassinating Trump. Sure, he might be a neocon, but he's also a serious stick up the ass biblethumper who'd probably criminalize homosexuality - whereas Trump is genuinely tolerant of the deviant little creatures.

They know they're way, way better off with Trump than Pence.


I honestly think he doesn't give a shit about those mental freaks.

That first one thanks m8 you made my day.


There was this problem where turning off referral meant you couldn't post on Holla Forums, they might have fixed it since then.

Tennessee Represent


holy fuck, Trump really is playing some 4D chess shit

Ty 4 snek

noice .. not the one i remeber … but that is a better one


not funny but I like the message on mine…offensive rather than defensive.

criminally underrated post


It might scare away the "left" (when's the last time they assassinated a president?) but it plays right into the hands of the people who are more than willing to do it.

wrong image

He's God Emperor's son-in-law. He's gonna have to deal with him one way or another


Fucking WEW, I already liked the fucker after a report I did but this just seals it.



he seems borderline retarded. Like he's just reading a script. He seems fake as fuck, I dunno why so many people are running to suck his dick. He doesn't even bring up race. I can barely sit through this whole thing he speaks so poorly.

He's a renaissance man to the hipsters. If he says white people need to reproduce (race realism) then it's another thing to shove in their faces and cause a ton of ass pain.

claims to be geo-sci, types like a dudeweedlmao
I understand your frustration geo-user.

Amethysts are alpha quartz crystals that have iron impurities that alter their structure such that they appear violet when visible spectrum light passes through them. This color can also be imparted or enhanced by the presence of ionizing radiation.
Like all other euhedral examples of quartz, specimens primarily form inside void space within rocks that are saturated with hot silica rich water. The crystals nucleate on the walls of the void space to form a druzy coating. If enough time is allowed to pass submerged in the silica solution, the druzy coating will be large enough to form centimeter scale euhedral crystals of alpha quartz.

Mineralogy is a bitch.
pic semi related, the large clear grains are quartz in thin section

Got a few questions, what was wrong with Chris Christie and what will happen to him now?

He brings up race as subtly as possible. Remember he is from South Africa.

And about him being retarded. I'm not sure how he comes across as such, he just spends time searching for the words to get his points across, it's a pretty common trait in engineers.


He knows the deal user…

I used to work at SpaceX. I can guarantee one thing, he is on the spectrum for sure. But hes genius autistic, not retard autistic.

Most of the people that work there are the same tbh. I think a charismatic leader/ceo would scare away a lot of their savant type talent.

I didn't hear him actually say anything about white people needing to reproduce specifically though, although he talks like he has a mouth full of marbles, so maybe I missed that part. I heard some population decline stuff, but he never mentioned the race of the population that is declining (again, could barely understand him)

Which populations are currently declining? Can you connect those dots?

You are more autistic than he is fam

Its called "reading between the lines"

yeah but we don't know if he means, "lets bring in a bunch of niggers to impregnate white women" or "white people need to have more babies". Sorry I am just adverse to pussyfooting around things when they could be taken out of context

We initially thought Pence would pull Lindon Johnson.
Turns out Pence was Trump's insurance policy against would be faggot assassins.

All we need is a change in the laws so that white men can reproduce and get married without having to worry about feminist revenge laws that cripple them financially.

He literally said "immigrants from where"
try not to be so thick skulled

what happened?

well, if he spoke more clearly and less like a retard maybe his point would have gotten across a bit better. He looks like a numale faggot.

Bong spotted. Nice try dipshit.

He looks legitimately autistic, I hate autist speech as well but I can understand what he's trying to say

Was only hired for a 6 month contract coding inconsequential software



Explain? All I know is that he gave niggers gibs to get them to keep voting for democrats.

Cast that faggot into the nearest


kick out (((rebeka))), (((kushner))), and keep Priebus but put him in the corner with a dunce had and it would be fine

No chance that Kushner goes. Holla Forums better come to peace with him because Trump loves his daughter and Jared is loyal to the family.

fine, whatever but Bolton as sos? wtf is trump thinking

Bannon should go too.

I dunno Pence seems alright.

The fuck? Is Wojak secretly redpilled as fuck and just a grand master at hiding his power level?


Is…is that real?



He got the S and the F mixed up in the Twitter handle and someone took advantage of it by changing their Twitter handle to match it


100% yes.

Pence is waiting for the right moment to stab Trump in the back. Guy is 100% working with the cuckstablishment and neocucks. Don't be surprised to see him engineer a coup trying to get Trump impeached while he stays in the shadows trying to give himself plausible deniability.

Trump needs to be 1000% careful with guys like him or anyone from the establishment. They'll see him as a way of getting themselves back into power at his (and our) expense.

these two posts put my sides on their way to fucking andromeda, holy fuck

The "ovens were too small" thing was from one of Trump's advisers, not Mike "What's your mother's maiden name?" Pence.


Kushner might well become White House chief of staff.
(Kushner has/had some ties with Ronald Perelman and also the Chabad Lubavitch mafia, so it looks like another Rahm Emanuel type situation.)

Americans need to push for Ron Paul involved in the administration damn it. This needs to happy. It'd be the ultimate anime moment.

This is what the MSM keeps meming but there's no proof to this speculation. If it happens then, well fuck that will suck pretty hard.

At least you got paid

Fuck Mike "Israel First" Pence. That man is cancer and will be the downfall of Trump. He didn't campaign for him, unless it was going on T.V. talking about how he couldn't "support his actions".

Trump is fucking up.

The last time he tried to get along with these cucks they threw #PussyGate at him. Mike "Israel First" Pence is a Neo-Cuck on the level of Bill Kristol. That man needs to be removed as Vice President. I can not believe he put him on the fucking ticket.



Nice concern trolling attempt

CNN supposedly saw him walking around outside the White House with the current Chief of Staff

What the fuck are you talking about? That is like asking someone for a citation on Israel being behind 9/11. Gas yourself faggot. You need to go back to half-chan or educate yourself on widely known facts. I'm not going to sit here and spoon feed the history of Mike Pence's policy proposals and record in government when you are more than capable of using a search engine. Trump chose him because he was trying to get the RNC to stop fighting him. He even tried to pick someone else at the last minute because he had tremendous reservations about the man. His instincts were right, but he fought them. Now we have a potential problem in Pence.

Mike Pence will be the cause of Trump's Assassination because he is "their man" through and through.


good try CTR, Corey and Bannon are blocking any traitor, Neocon and cuck from getting close to Trump.

Fuck off and go back to your 4chan echo chamber. God damn it. I thought after the election the "don't ask any questions about Trump or the people around him" faggots would go away and we could start talking about the serious issues of the people(Jews and NeoCucks) surrounding Donald Trump.

He's a neocon that infiltrated the Trump campaign - shows how good Corey is at blocking them.

it's from 2014, september
two years ago
that's enough time for someone to wisen up about jewish tricks, my homo
also, nice try

There's a theory going around that Trump will be running his administration differently with a much more hands on VP. Pence will act like a Chief Operations Officer (COO) so Trump can focus on the broader picture and international dealings.

More like trusting anything written by Politico.

The only reason he would be supporting it is because he was paid off.
You know where the gas chambers are JIDF, please use them.

Mike Pence will be the death of Trump

Pence can suck Bibi's dick for all I care.

As long as he's full on CONVERSATION THERAPY THOSE HOMOS, the dems wont dare touch Trump.

I posted the pyramid ironically but fucking hell man just please try to use it once in your life, intl cunt

Are you so caught up in the jew party system that you think it would be a democratic conspiracy to assassinate Trump? Who do you think killed JFK? The Republicans?

Who said anything about the Democrats?
Did you follow the election at all?

Putting aside the fact that there is no difference between republican and democrat, The republicans would be MUCH more likely to assassinate Trump now that they have majorities in the House and Senate.

Don't be naive and dumb. You can go back to 4chan and do that there.

based on what? Do you have a single fact to back that up because everything Ive read about him indicates he was fight against the neocons, first through the tea party and now through Trump.

He helped publish both of Peter Schweizer's books Clinton Cash and Bush Bucks

The fact that he was running fucking Kikebart…

The Tea Party wasn't "fighting neocons" it was co-opted by them entirely.

That fucking image goddamn, every time.

The Marxists/Kikes in the democratic party.

The JFK assassination was a democratic civil war between the southern democratic faction that was going fascist under the Kennedy noble family, and the opposition Marxists/kikes trying to flip the democrats into a vehicle for lefty subversion in America.

The Marxists won.

Even assuming the GOP kills Trump, which they wont because Trump's already been in there enough to see it coming, but even assuming he does

1. They would NEVER win another election because the party would self destruct.
2. Pence is such a culture warrior that he'd pivot the issues from economy and race back to MUH GAYS AND ABORTION, which practically hands the DNC back control of the country.

The GOP can't afford to kill Trump.

Also, if you take a look at Pence's track record while he was in the house, he consistently voted anti neocohen for the first 6 of the 10 years. So even within the framework of the neocons, he is hardly the worst. What then pushes him to great is the already stated full blown homo fuck you. The dems will not risk anything. The establishment knows Pence might be a neocohen but he's also full blow ideologue on the culture wars. He's a loose cannon, just a different type.

Also nice file name normalfag.

You really need to go back to 4chan if you can't tell the difference between Trump and Mike Pence.
You really need to go back to 4chan if you think Trump and Mike Pence are on the same team.

Some of you new-fags need to lurk a lot more.

Which publishes articles against neocons. Bannon joined up for the relaunch, soon after is when they killed Andrew Breitbart when he walking in his Brentwood neighborhood he died soon after of heart failure, at 43. At the funeral, Drudge asked Bannon what he planned to do. “We’re going ahead with the launch,” he replied. Bannon stepped in as executive chairman.

No shit, that's why he bailed. They needed the funding to get campaigns off the ground and went right back to the donor teet and compromised

You seem to be the newest one here since you keep pointing out the other person's argument and presenting nothing new
you're gonna get a nice big filter if you keep it up

Kek I remember when that happened. I have a feeling Trump picked the biggest shitlords around as his team.


The difference is that the assassination came from DEMOCRATS.

The democrats are the main Marxist/kike beehive in America.
The GOP has a kike element (the neocohens), but they are not the only one and they now have all but been ousted.

And you keep ignoring the fact that neither the dem kikes or GOP kikes will risk Pence. Pence will fund Israel even as he destroys America by triggering civil unrest from every major dem group by going full Baptist.

Also seriously, nice file name. It's almost as if you have a pre prepared folder of those just so you can spam threads. Fucking goon.

You spelled "MOSSAD" wrong.

It can't happen because its illegal. Kushner can't be given a paid position(even if he rejects the pay), he can be some unofficial advisor though, and I find that likely.

this anime bitch also needs my cum on her face

why would it be illegal?

He must be handled skillfully, with any latent neoconservatism kept strictly to heel. But he projects a warm image, is well spoken, and was unwavering in his support of Trump through peak kike media slander. Pence is a valuable asset.

Not an argument.
Mike "Israel First" Pence says "Israel" 23 times in 2:58 seconds in the following video.
He says "Israel" once every 7.74 seconds

Take a moment to view the video and tell me that you still support Mike "Israel First" Pence and trust him completely. If the answer is yes, well you are a subversive kike and need to be gassed.

On his way to the whitehouse campaining, just before the RNCA tender hearted Donald saw a poor half frozen NeoCon Snake!His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew"Poor thing," he cried, "I'll take you in and other NeoCons will like me too""Take me in tender DonaldTake me in, for Israel's sakeTake me in, tender Donald," sighed the NeoCon SnakeHe wrapped him up all cozy in a crimson MAGA hat, and laid him by his firesideHe hurried home from the elction and soon as he arrivedHe found that NeoCon's Party had surely been revived"You took me in, tender DonaldYou took me in, and we wonYou took me in, tender Donald," snickered the NeoConThey raised theirin victory, in triumph to the sky "If I hadn't brought you in by now your party might have died"As Trump set off to Make America Great Again with the NeoCon by his side, Instead of building a great wall, the NeoCon gave him a VICIOUS BITE"Take me in, tender DonaldTake me in, for Israel's sakeTake me in, tender Donald," hissed the NeoCon Snake"I saved you," cried the Donald"And you've bitten me, but why?You know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die""Oy vey, silly Donald," said the NeoCon with a grin=="You knew damn well I was a NeoCon before you took me in=="Take me in, tender DonaldTake me in, for Israel's sakeTake me in, tender Donald," jewed the NeoCon snake

Yea, thats what I thought.
Go squirm and hide JIDF.


I hope it happens anways.

Shill harder, kike.

For any anons on the fence, Pence believes in "conversion therapy" for faggots.

Now, we have the scientific evidence that it doesn't work. However, I approve of any methods of persecuting sodomites.

That's not how it works.

I'd imagine it's because he's a relative of Trump's. Prevents nepotism.

Congress passed a law against president appointing family members in 1967 because they were pissed that Kennedy did it.

You're crazy then, Trump's win has only solidified his base here
Give it a year or so and they'll still be calling him god emperor after he hands the treasury to the Goldman Sach exec, hands foreign policy back to the neocons that have been running it for decades, and conducts military strikes against Iran for Israel

4/pol/ and /r_TheDonald have been the death of any reasonable discourse about negatives around Trump

Even fucking TRS goes on about having to be Trump's greatest critic. We got him in, now we need to make sure he doesn't cuck out.

Yes this.
We can not give him a free-ride or pass on anything.
We have to make sure that we are very critical of him to keep him on the straight and narrow.

I don't think Trump will go full neocon but if he does I'm going full accelerationist with how I vote from now on. I'll vote whatever commie they put up as a Sanders stand in in 2020 even if we don't get movement towards a wall and stop fucking around in Syria.

We'll see, they were planning 9/11 years before W took office. The only thing I worry about is Trump starting war with Iran, yet from what I understand his plan is all retarded and the Obama deal stops them from getting nukes? I think he just wants to bomb anyone in the way and rebuild highways but we'll find out soon enough.

People are talking about assassination, but Pence could simply stack the deck with warmongers just like Cheney did to W.

Trump fucking despises the Bushes over 9/11, the biggest reason I don't think that Trump will go full neocon is because being made into Bush 2.0 would chafe so badly at his pride that I almost think he'd rather die first.

Yeah from spending time on Imgur. (I go there to shitpost and take the piss out of shitlibs)

I have seen a lot of post that say they are terrified of Pence.
Hell some even made it to the front page.

Still worried Trump's gonna appoint someone like John Bolton as Secretary of State.

You tried this months ago when he was picked and it didn't work, nobody gave a fuck. Are you this fucking out of shill material? He's already the VP, we voted for the ticket that had his name on it, whose mind do you think you're gonna change with this shit?

Pence is fucking garbage, people just voted Trump anyways because he's the one being elected to president not Pence.

How did he view degeneracy, O.P.?

Stuff and nonsense!

Everything. He's a neocon pig who claimed that talk about prosecuting Clinton was "just propaganda".His inner circle is currently under investigation for the bridgegate scandal.

Unsurprisingly, his approval rating in NJ is in the mid twenties. Compare that to Larry Hogan, another Republican Governor in a Blue State, who has an approval rating of nearly 80%.

I want to see Christie being on some specops mission to have his Mafia buddies sic their hitmrn on the clinton's Hitmen.
I hope Trump lets him do something like that.

Nobody's shilling against Trump.

If anything, JIDF is shilling for Pence because they know what the Mossad will do if Trump is a bad enough goy.

That needs to happen anyway. You thump that Bible, Pence!

You have quite a collection, do you not?

is the third one jews?


Christie: Trump call to prosecute Hillary Clinton just politics

I wouldn't be surprised if it were tbh

I don't know about that faggot but could you be more of a weeb?

Probably because you've only been here since Trump won

Mike Pence believes in debrainwashing gay people - and researching new methods in this field.
He's alright in my book.

Thinking about how much Pence hates homosexuality really makes me think Trump did pic related for the lulz.

I'm sure he'll use those brainwashing methods on bad goyim too.

There's only one cure for faggotry: the bog

He's the gentile, evangelical-rapture type of Zionist. Not the (((William Kristol))) kind.

Pence is a team player. I watched him in action at a rally. The Trump SMS bot if you've donated or bought swag it contacts you sent out an announcement of a recent news habbening. Four minutes later he was at the podium, repeating the talking point word for word without a prompter.

Pence is a lot like Trump in that he doesn't need a prompter. Unlike The Donald he rambles a lot less and sticks to the point. His record is squeaky clean. And it's obvious Trump chose him because he's loyal. He dutifully delivered the evangelicals to Trump, which is exactly what he picked him for.

I wouldn't want that cuck in the Oval office, but as a Lieutenant at Donald's side he's doing just fine.

Yep. They're incredibly enthusiastic about him. His crowds were bigger quite a few of Hillary's, and he's only VP.

What's better is how much homosexuals hate him.

He *really* gets under the skin of libshits.

The only thing I have against Pence is his anti-Russian stance.

But that can be fixed, when he realizes Russian is Orthodox.