Gentoo VS Funtoo


Gentoo has a lot of shitty bureaucracy but you can still circumvent that by running personal overlay and it's pretty stable
On the other hand, Funtoo is a personal nuclear playground for drobbins

There's really no competition here imo

So Gentoo is the superior form of autism?

Well, I guess. Really, it's only the greater manpower that makes it better.

can you elaborate on that?

Typical fag thread template:


I'd also like some clarification

Gentoo's development team is really small and sort of tight-knit. It's much much harder to become a Gentoo dev than, let's say, a KDE dev.
Which means some obscure bugs may take years to fix, even if someone posts a patch, because it won't be approved until a Gentoo dev will take a close look at it.
They've circumvented it a bit by integrating with github and introducing the concept of proxy maintainers, where basically people work on specific Gentoo packages without getting commit access, and Gentoo devs are more lenient in accepting patches from proxy-maints, because you're supposed to deal with any issues with this package in the future as a real maintainer (yet some people work for years as proxy maintainers without ever getting actual commit access).

On the other hand I suppose it ensures higher quality of Gentoo packages, and it's not much of a big deal since you can run a personal overlay with your fixes or your packages anyway. But it's kind of unpleasant.

And as far as Funtoo being a "personal nuclear playground for drobbins". Is it really that bad?

both fucking suck

source based distros are only good for servers, people who actually use gentoo as daily driver are all autists who fell for the meme


How much new software do you install a day that compiling from source is an issue?

Do people not realize all non-meme distros since slackware ruled the roost guarantee packages can be built from source? You can set up a buildd slave and pointlessly rebuild a Debian bootstrap, even give it some random flags you found off of some nodev forum you don't understand and will probably break features.

Debate on what?
I don't care what you want to choose user.

Both suck, Exherbo is the final test to reach satori.

What's the difference besides the development community schism?

Some defaults are different (e.g. Funtoo uses git instead of rsync for portage by default)

Also Funtoo recently switched to kits whatever the hell it is

Exherbo is a good example of why Gentoo is relevant. Not so much because Gentoo is technically superior to Exherbo--Exherbo is better than Gentoo in every way, in part because Exherbo learned from Gentoo mistakes and doesn't have to deal with the ancient artifacts of a project that's easily a century old in program years--but simply that Gentoo is more mature. I would rather have well-maintained software than well-authored software, and a lot of people evidently agree. Gentoo's packages, their ebuilds, for all their hacks and idiosyncrasies are stable, and that's something Exherbo can't claim--yet.

Gentoo NetBSD masterrace!



You're not tricking anybody today. Source Mage is a toy with three active developers.

funtoo is overrun by gypsies.

the number of people working on funtoo wouldn't even constitute as half a gyppo family

okay so that limits funtoo to 100-800 person dev team great nice tight bounds youve provided, champ.