They living in an Illusion

Libs think Bernie will defeat Trump in 2020!
After the "bernie would win this election" the limp-dick liberals flooded the social media with pic related kind of nonsense!

After Burn out jewd them!
After Burn out sold them to Hillary!
After Burn out kissed hand for the "evil" he fought against!

If i need to guess, the old trainwreck would even long enough to run in 2020!

Be smug and mock the losers!

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bernie is fucking old, unhealthy and is about to die.

these people are fucking idiots.


Trump is going to make America so great he'll get elected for another 4 years. Then one of his sons will be chosen. Then another. Next, Baron. There wont be any more elections.


It's the only way to keep people interested in the party after the embarrassing election results until they find their real choice.

He probably won live that long.

Eric and Don Jr will run against each other.
Eric is going to cuck.

Yeah, he has no chance of beating Trump's incumbency. Some gay JewWars image from kikebook isn't worth its own thread.

Failing to win a primary is usually a death flag for any future presidential runs

I do suspect Bernie will be instrumental in overthrowing the neoliberals in the DNC though, but he's not going to be a major player nationally in the future


In 2020, Bernie will be 80 years old. I realize with modern medicine and living conditions that people stay healthy well into their 90s these days, but damn that would be one old ass candidate. The libs should focus on Elizabeth Warren.

He is set for life

So they admit that Trump is the Emperor? :^)

Bernie is already a geezer who couldn't stand up to his own supporters yelling at him. Making him run against Trump in 2020 would kill him. So how do we meme it?

If that makes them happy. let them think this lol, this false hope will keep them docile.

Wait, does that make

George H.W. Bush "The Phantom Menace"
Bill Clinton "Attack of the Clones"
George W. Bush "Revenge of the Sith"?


It's also funny to note that leftists cant meme without some sort of "nerdy" movie reference.
These are not real people.
It should not be considered murder to kill them.

Looks like we are in for 8 years of trump lads

Trump is Bernie. Bernie is Trump.

Except Bernie is full of bullshit.


kek. these will be four years of salt and self-medicating with herbal kikery.

It's more like they admit Trump is the best


even in hindsight, these delusional fucks can't admit their black messiah was massive dud who made even Bush look good by comparison.

I thought everyone knew that we'd get to see another circus when Kanye West runs in 2020. They were also trying to get Michelle Obama but I doubt she'd run.

(((Bernie Sanders)) isn't white.

Good, let them put effort into propagating it. Bernie probably won't even run in 2020 if he lives that long. He already sold out to Hillary. I don't even see how libs are so willfully ignorant they can't see a sellout for a sellout.

Universally, Trump was depicted as an anti-establishment candidate. Washington and Wall Street hated him, and the media were deployed to vilify him endlessly. If they could not discredit Trump enough, surely they would steal the election from him. Some even suggested Trump would be assassinated.

Acting the part, Trump charged repeatedly that the election was rigged, and he was right, of course. During the primaries, Hillary Clinton received debate questions in advance from CNN. More seriously, 30 states used voting machines that could easily be hacked.

A leaked tape of Trump making obscene comments about groping women became further proof that the establishment was out to get him. In spite of all this, Trump managed to win by a landslide, so what happened?

To steal an American election, one only needs to tamper with votes in two or three critical states, and since Hillary didn’t win, we must conclude that she was never the establishment’s chosen puppet. As Trump claimed, the fix was in, all right, except that it was rigged in his favor, as born out by the fact.

While everybody else yelped that Trump would never be allowed to win, I begged to differ. After the Orlando false flag shooting on June 12th, 2016, I wrote:

In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.

A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.

Maybe if they put his head in a jar or something.


lol he was too old to run this time. Imagine what he'll look like in four years.

Plus, Bernie's a beta cuck. He would refuse to even hit Trump back on his scandals and he'd get slaughtered for his track record of being openly communist to the point of supporting the Soviet Union.

Watch, they'll put up Pocahontas next time, she'll run pretty much the same campaign as Hillary, and she'll lose in an actual landslide, once the people can really trust Trump. It'll be Walter Mondale all over again. They'll do the same thing with even LESS momentum and support.

They honestly thought Bernie would've won in a land slide

While Clinton says America is already great, Trump promises to make America great again, but the decline of the US will only accelerate. Our manufacturing base is handicapped because American workers will not put up with Chinese wages, insanely long hours or living in cramped factory dormitories. In a global economy, those who can suck it up best get the jobs.

On the foreign front, America’s belligerence will not ease up under a Trump presidency, for without a hyper kinetic military to browbeat and bomb, the world will stop lending us money. The US doesn’t just wage wars to fatten the military banking complex, but to prop up the US Dollar and prevent our economy from collapsing. The empire yields tangible benefits for even the lowliest Americans.

With his livelihood vaporized, the poor man does not care for LGBT rights, the glass ceiling or climate change. Supplementing his wretched income with frequent treks to the church pantry, if not blood bank, he needs immediate relief. It’s a shame he’s staking his hopes on an imposter.

The deep state ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy. As the country hopes in vain, the crooked men behind the curtain will go on with business as usual. Trump is simply an Obama for a different demographic. Nothing will change for the better.

Goddamn it, Duke.

This is probably the best meme that's come out of the left so far.

I think the democrat candidate will be that nigger Coley or something that had a Obama type discourse during DNC. Problem comes with who will be the republican candidate, I don't think Trump will want a 2nd term, Giuliani is too old, Ron Paul is Bernie Sanders 2.. Maybe Ben Carson, but niggers hate other successful niggers and he'd lost.. so, I have no idea.


To be fair, a lot of the reason Trump won was because Hillary was so horrifyingly awful that nobody voted for her. We have a *lot* of Bernie supporters who voted Trump for this reason.

That said, Bernie won't defeat Trump in 2020, but only because of


He will be voted, even of his death bed, cucks that vote for Bernie are that stupid.

And it's pretty much always a Star Wars, Star Trek or Mario reference. I hope this whole nerd culture bullshit will die out soon because it pisses me off so much.

The orlando shooting was a setup by the deep state to help elect Trump.
Omar Mateen was egged on my a mysterious freind who later disappeared

Nature called and they want their communist kike back

he'll be dead by then

And of course they use a Star wars analogy.

These people should be killed based on their shitty taste alone, its always either Star wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who or The big bang theory.

Where is this meme coming from? With everything he's promised, Trump will certainly need two terms.

Even so, it's best to prepare from now for the next candidate.

Maybe put Stephen Miller in place of Paul Ryan or put Peter Thiel in the spotlight, a jew or a gay.. they can't be attacked by democrats, and if they will go Trump they will win.

Also, Berniebros couldn't even come vote for him in the primaries. He caters to the very least reliable demographics. He only talks about socialism and looks and sounds crazy. He would have done better than Hillary by not d+c'ing the base, but he probably would have still lost. He's just too low energy for the long haul.

Flip the I and turn the D and you have "Return of the Jeb!"

Bernie has no ground game at all. How did he plan to swing states to his side? How did he plan to take the rust belt? How was he planning to take moderately liberal states like Oregon and Nevada?

If it was bernie running he would have done worse than Clinton, and that's saying a lot.

Overton window. We memed Trump for this. He is half measure. You need full measure to resolve jewish problem.


No. Drive reality through your thick skull: Bernie was 100% contrived and controlled from the beginning. His part in the race was to soak up funds from Liberal retards that are still convinced they're rebels and redirect them to Hillary. That is it. That is why he was permitted to run. He was, at all points, a creature of the Clintons. There is no "if he won". He was never, ever, ever, going to win, because he was in on his own defeat. Acknowledge this. Fuck you and your deranged and meaningless hypothetical situations. Acknowledge reality and shut the fuck up with this cancerous thought.


watch that meme, its dangerous

exactly my thoughts

We must therefore start a glorious socialist revolution.

Democrats are never going to be able to win an election again once we deport their illegal pets and put their zombie voters back in their graves.

I'd be really surprised if the DNC ever ran a white candidate again. They'll never completely recover the white voter base they lost this election and I think they know that. That means they're going to double down on pandering to shitskins and hope the white liberals are too cucked to care.

Although, the main problem with that is white women(who are the biggest subgroup of white liberals) are probably too lazy to show up and vote for some random minority. The only reason they did it for Clinton and Obama is because "muh vagina" and "muh first black president".

So I suspect the DNC will try to run a shitskin woman in 2020 in an attempt to get both the shitskin and white women/cuck votes. Then they'll just keep running shitskins until either the party or the white race dies.

Liberals are in for a rude awakening if they think a (((white))) person like Comrade Sanders is ever going to have another shot in the democratic party.

they fucked up.

The good thing is they have no fucking decent White Woman they can present for the next election. Michelle Onigger? Give me a break.

Ye right, the old Kike couldn't even hold his own stage against some random Sheboons who wanted to chimpout, honestly Liberalism is just a front for retards to be retarded.

Empire is by far the best of the trilogy.

Its the lottery mentality.

They never win, even when they win, but they keep gong back.

Bernie was on the edge of being too old to run, and he's not gonna be any younger in 4 years.

Please. Bernie could never stand up to Trump without a spine.

He probably would have beaten Trump in 2016, but, like this year, he won't get the nomination in 2020.

Don't gloat too much. It isn't over yet

That was close.
Good thing we jumped timelines and even Melania is doing the bantz.

What happened is the Good side of the Deep state got the master blackmail folder for the whole government off of Huma and Weiners computer that they saved off of Clintons system.

The good guys in the FBI and NYPD got it to those who needed it to prevent the election from being stolen.

They still tried to steal it, they just stopped it enough for Trumps landslide to put him just across the finish line.

Oh look, it's this guy again. I told you, if Clinton had dirt on him, you can be sure fucking Stone had it too. And if Clinton's dirt was so bad that he had to cuck this hard, he stands no chance of ever winning.

I suspect the dirt involved his wife.

David Duke is not full measure material. He's a creepy sperg who spills spaghetti wherever he goes and makes us look bad. He might be controlled or he might just be dumb, we'll never know.

I don't care how spot on his talking points are. Someone else-anyone else-desperately needs to be the one saying them. I tried to show him to my buddies when he was in the debate the other night, and they said "Damn, this guy's almost worse than Gary Johnson."


Is just being first lady really enough to qualify you? Even Hillary had to buy some bullshit senate seat before she could run. I mean, what does she have to run on besides her skin color?

I don't see it, but maybe it's because I'm an autist



It's rather pathetic.

here's a fresh one for you.

Nothing but beta, weakness glorifying cancer.
Pic related

Impying it won't be D. Trump -> D. Trump -> Trump Civil War -> B. Trump

Jeb! Surge 2020!

Ivanka could hi-jack the democrat party, and run against don jr the republican

that way a Trump wins either way

We will win, while we praise Trump, we have no problem turning on him if it proves he's just a puppet.

The only ally we ultimately have is each other.

Prior to home computing, science and gaming being "cool" (i.e a source of high income and something women and those with no genuine interest in the subjects wish to be a part of), "nerds" and "geeks" were savaged, bullied, ridiculed and avoided.
Now that the money is rolling, women and normalfags want to be part of it. So in an attempt to fit in, they emulate Hollywood's portrayal of the stereotypical nerd (of course, there IS no stereotypical look for a nerd IN REAL LIFE.)
"Imposter syndrome" does not exist, it is the guilt that a pretender feels for being artificially boosted into a position they do not deserve and are ill equipped to perform.
The genuine "geek" goes home from work and continues reading, learning, practicing, working on his pet subject.
The fake geek, like the girl gamer, looks forward to going home in order to do something she/he is actually interested in, such as gossiping on Facebook or watching Hollyjew movies.
When the difference between imposter and genuine enthusiast starts to become apparent, the anxiety sets in and the quest to instil pity requires "imposter syndrome" to be created out of thin air.

tl;dr before gaming became socially acceptable and highly profitable, normalfags and especially women, wanted no part of it and attacked anyone who did.
Nothing is more offensive to a woman than a man who finds contentment in a soulless lump of silicon, who prefers the touch of a soldering iron, a keyboard or oxy-acetylene torch ("tech" is more than just computers, kids) to that of an obese and loud-mouthed woman.


he'd definitely be fucking dead by then man

What needs to happen is that Trump needs to secure the supreme court, clean the swamp and set in motion plans for the wall that even the executive can't properly back off from.

So even if Bernie wins, he'll be powerless to fight the culture war properly, he'll be held back on immigration, leaving him just as the guy that'll continue Trump's protectionists economic policies which are the one good thing Boiny has going for him.

This is assume Boiny can even handle a Trump run, which he can't.

also, enforce voter ID laws so dems stop busing their people from station to station, voting 20 times per person.

They busted their asses hard to just stop Trump from winning the first time, but after the next 4 years when he does make America great again, how can they possibly fight back? even in their delusional state, you cannot ignore the good Trump will do to this country.

Also make it illegal for the media to so blatantly lie and mislead the ignorant masses with their paid-for bias and propaganda.

You know that's a jew, right?

come on now

That's why we have tariffs.

A flat, hard tariff on all imported goods instead of insanely high tariffs on ridiculous shit like sugar to "protect local farmers", which just ends up saving maybe one agricultural job for every 5 it loses in shit like chocolate production. This is why companies like Oreo feel justified in moving their factories to Mexico.

A flat, hard tariff of 20-35% and a reduced corporate and individual tax. Yes living expenses might increase but with an eased tax burder, shit evens out. More importantly companies will feel the sting if they move production overseas because America is still the biggest market to sell things in. It'll simply be more advantageous to produce in America and sell in America. Plus more jobs = more buying power.

This is basic protectionist economy policy and if Trump also strengthens the philanthropic industrial nobility, similar to Bismarck and his Ruhr valley people, or even guys like Ford in America, he can create a strong nationalist element to keeping those jobs in America. Government support for the right companies is benevolent corporatism and yes, I know that word sounds dirty to a free market America, but it can work if you have the acumen to lead it.

The biggest issue is that this relies on a strong administration to keep it all from going full corruption, as you see again with Germany. Once Bismarck was out, shit went south. So stop gaps need to be created. I can't tell you what those would be, that's the million dollar question of making fascism seriously work within a capitalist frame.

Finally, Boiny himself supports protectionist policies, because all socialists are just fascists that haven't learned any better. If he understood he can't protect poor folk without a robust anti-immigration plan, he might be Trump: Now with more nose..

Ultimately, it comes down to if Trump really will go full tariffs. If he takes that risk, and it pays off, it might be the dawn of a new age of protectionism and Bismarck the GOAT statesmen might finally be fucking vindicated after the lolberg kikes have had their way with our economies for decades.


Well… I like the picture and the movie, guess I'll just have to deal


He wont even be alive then that old fuck will be in hospice soon

She's 67 this year. In 4 years she'll be 71. Donald Trump is 70, but dudes age better than women.

Broadly, Republicans have a deeper, younger bench of political leadership. Democrats sit in their chairs way too long, holding on to power, and now have no up and coming leadership.


That's not a logical statement.

Trumps 4-8 years are determined entirely by Trump.

He is willing to work with Putin to fight ISL and is actively hostile with the governments funding them so his foreign policy is bloody but predictable.

ALL he has to do is actually put forward reform bills. Term limits, election reform, and focus on trade and the economy. (actual economic reform not 'cut tax for rich/poor while expanding spending!' campaign rhetoric)

If he is opposed on these issues, he gets another 4 years. If he is blocked every step of the way then the next election will be won in part because people still want that reform and the bonus of being proven to not actually be all the things he's been accused of. If they succeed then he's getting a second term because he gave the country something it's been demanding for decades.

If Trump gets distracted, or the Republican establishment tries to run things without him (not bloody likely considering how publicly they were against him) then he'll only have a 4 year term as long as the Democratic party has the proper collapse of its shadow cabal it needs.

I would actually put Trumps chances of getting a second term high though.

Thanks for cucking the record

Jew women are fine, as long as you destroy their pussy to Chad levels.

Thought you faggots were unemployed now

You forgot selflessly voting for prison inmates too

A mate of mine suggested the idea of Ivanka's future presidency, making her the first female president of the US. Trump dynasty ahead, y/n?

Only reason I'd be skeptical is because sometimes the daughter or granddaughter of a previous leader can be… lacking, compared to her father. See Park Geun-Hye in Worst Korea, or the Communist Indira Gahndi in India.

Do you work for free now?

I concur. But if the US were to have a female president, I think she'd have potential to be an excellent candidate. Only time will tell.

Wasn't Bernie older than Trump?

Star Wars is pretty much dead, even the original trilogies. They're basically pulling the corpse out of the ground to parade it around for their own advantage which just looks weird.

Bernie must be laughing at them from his summer houses in the middle of autumn.

What a bunch of idiots.

Oh and starwars is dead.

Empire Strikes Back was the only good Star Wars movie. The others were all kinda shit.

ESB was legit pretty fucking good though.

I hate people who pretend to omnipotence so that when they fail to fuck you over they try to use that as proof they weren't trying.

Why did you put your waifu inside a drawer? Isn't that illegal?


Spolier, you degenerative kike. Dog fart?


The prog clowns think the answer is making their rainbow-coalition even more rainbow. Yeah, that's the perfect way to win back the white working class.

The smarter dems know the only way to win, will be to have Trump caught up in some devastating scandal and fuck himself.

She's not my waifu. Mine is another girl and has nothing to do with the Monogatari series.

Worked for obongo


Holla Forums better not vote for the kike just because she's hot if that happens, Don Jr. is fucking based.

Female, mother of a jew.


Patrick Bateman


Does resembling a meme make you a priest of Kek?

They actually think a communist jew would win the rust belt. hahahahaha

Underrated post
I like how Trump is the best movie in the series. It's a shame that Barron will likely get stuck with "The Force Awakens", although the name would fit well with him.

I honestly fear that Kanye will pull the same narrative as Bernie and all the liberals and millenials will fall in love with him like they did with Bernie and he'll copy Trump's strategy as making everyone think he's a harmless meme at first until suddenly he starts BTFO all the establishment candidates and then suddenly he's the Democratic nominee and then all the minorities and cucked whites rally around him after he makes a bunch of false promises about ending racism like Obama and people start thinking somehow more alpha and badass than Trump and actually wins.

Except for the fact that he has called out the Jews in everything but name, plans to fuck up the banks, is against the Federal Reserve, will work with the Russians as opposed to every other president ever, is the only candidate to have called out the immigration bullshit and has a plan to stop it and restore proper demographics, and is rumored to have literally kept Mein Kampf on his bed stand.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he his making a mistake" - Sun Tsu

Let these faggots take all the wrong lessons from this election. If they think it's because Hillary wasn't enough of a communist, good. They'll just alienate more people. If they think it's because Hillary wasn't black and they run Michael Obama, good. They're falling for the same retarded unpopular dynastic political family shit that made it so easy for Trump to beat Jeb and Hillary. If they think it's because the media lost it for them, good. That D&Cs their side from their MVP.

Redditors trying their hardest to make this disgusting old kike look cool shows how lame our generation is.

He will be like 30 million years old.

>when he is*

If they don't they'll be completely gone within two decades, but it wouldn't surprise me if they can't avoid it.
The plan was to run Hillary in 08 and save Obama for 2016 (which might have worked–Obama's superficial appearance of idealism might have let him win even after Hillary, while doing it in reverse was impossible). Niggers wrecked that in the primary by voting for the brotha. The winning strategy in 2020 is to run a white male populist who accuses Trump of failing to live up to his promises and caving to big business, but they won't be able to get that guy through the primary against the shitskins/women/fags. Dems are done. The demographic shift they thought would give them a permanent electoral majority instead is wrecking them before it wrecks the country, which means it will never be completed.


Return of the Jedi?
More like "The Mummy returns"

I'd be genuinely surprised if he's still alive by then, same goes for Hillary.

"Bernie Sanders just died: here is how he can still win"

American workers don't need to put up with any of this.

You can make and sell competitive products in the First World with a 100% native staff just fine. Sure, your top brass (likely) won't be Forbes 100 rich, but they're not going to suffer, either.

Except he got more votes than Obama in NC, Ohio, PA, and Florida, which would have given him the White House 4 years ago too. Stop falling for kike talking points.

He won because white people are uniting for the first time and started to show up again.

Does it involve spirit cooking?

>Revenge of the totally not us goy


They didn't rig it because it would have literally been civil war.
There's not point getting your puppet in if your opponent and his supporters raze the country to the ground.

Thankfully, representation of each state's interests trumps the favelas of New York and California when it comes to the presidency. The electoral college was won in a landslide.

Clinton was the worst performing Democratic candidate in 28 years.

No you don't. That was a stupid meme to make you feel good. The vast majority of bernouts voted for Jill Stein and those other loser candidates.
No bernout will ever vote Trump unless they were personally butt rustled from Hillary's steal (which was so little).

Dont any up and coming. They are breeding somone like Obama right now. Community organizer, senator, president. Boom boom boom

Bernie'll probably be dead by 2020. He's 75 now, for fuck's sakes.

Isn't Bernie going to be like 150 years old in 2020?

"P-p-please let him be part of your team overlord Trump… ;_;"

Didn't Sanders also want to end the fed?

Unleash Ron Paul and Boiny on them, see what happens. If nothing else it might make for a fun sitcom about two grandpas, one libertarian, one socialist, having to work together or some shit.

Bernie bros willing to take the scraps like the dogs they are. I wonder what percentage of them bent over and voted for Crooked?

I'm pretty sure that's what's on paper, but if you were to look into it I'm pretty sure he tried to dilute the bill that would've audited the fed.
Something like that… I think.
Don't quote me on that my memory is shit right now since it's 4:30 in the morning.

Yeah it's pretty pathetic.
Can you imagine if Bernie got in and we suggested Bernie bring Trump in?
We'd be laughed off the internet.

Oh yeah right. Ronny P got super pissed and everything.
Well so much for that meme.


This is incredible.

Never trust a jew when it comes to banks and money. Or just in general.



Bernie's political career is over. He wont even get re-elected in VT.

Uh, no. He needs the Fed to print off the money to pay for his free stuff and destroyed Ron Paul's attempt to audit it.

Yeah I don't think the 2% of the population that is white cucks on facebook and SJWs on college campuses are going to beat the army of red blooded white people who poured into polls for Trump from every small town across this country.

How the fuck is this shit thread still being bumped?

Well, "Hope". From a certain point of view.

I don't trust that old kike for nothing, his whole being "against the system" was bullshit plain and simple.
Just like Obongo was a christian and for traditional marriage before getting elected.
Anyhow, how stupid those bernouts are?
They are still licking that kike's old, bony ass after he jewed them stealing their money and he turned out a complete fraud (as expected from a kike)

How many times can these faggots get reamed in the ass before they realize they're getting screwed by Boynie?


They don't live in reality. Bernie spun them a fantasy story that they got wound up in and don't realise it was just that - a fantasy. He's been in politics for decades now, if he was legitimate about making a change he would have done something by now.

Invoking Napoleon. Let them run with this, please oh please let them field filthy Commie Bernie against our God Emperor. The same man who couldn't stop a couple BLM girls from hijacking his entire rally wants to exchange bantz with the master.

It would be glorious.

But Empire Strikes Back is the best of the original trilogy…

I read that last one as


Yeah, but if only voters 18-25 had counted, Trump would have gotten a total of 23 electoral votes. Bernie rallies were outdrawing Hilldog rallies by like 10:1 and it was mostly a young crowd. Kids have always tended to get more conservative as they get older, but staking out extreme positions on things like the environment and abortion are going to make it hard to flip enough millenial voters to avoid getting rolled in 10 or 20 years. Since Trump is basically an independent, how he decides to deal with issues important to the 18-30 demographic has going have a big impact on how that generations is going to vote for the next several decades.

I'm gunna be honest with you anons, The Dems best hope in 2020? Its this guy, you want to know why?

But lucky for us, the DNC is absolutely retarded, and will not give the nomination to him, They will hand it to Glassberg and make the same mistake they made this year, handpicking a limp dicked candidate that can't get voters out there other than maybe millennials, basically, what I'm saying is 4 more years

No way. He'd get some of the millennial and all of the black vote, but have you ever seen the guy in an interview? He's fucking retarded. Who could trust a guy who makes millions but somehow ended up $53 million in debt, begging for money on twitter from Zuckerberg and Bill Gates?
Trump was a successful outsider because not only has he created his own successful empire, he's also obviously very intelligent. I hope they run Kayne, purely to show how much of a joke the DNC has become.

That's retarded. If Trump doesn't do anything for the working class or if the economy goes to shit they're going to run Elizabeth Warren to try to claim the populist mantle. If Trump actually puts Americans back to work and invests in infrastructure and the economy takes off, they're going to run Cory Booker and make it about identity politics. I can't come up with a scenario in which they would run Kanye other then being completely retarded. Which, of course, since it's the DNC, is admittedly never out of the realm of possibility.

why is it that delusional liberal faggots frame their worldview from consumerist pop culture?

am i the only one who notices this shit?

If Bernout lives long enough there is very real possibility he would win against Trump

Libs are retards who don't care even when there is evidence the Kike Jewed them all, they would still vote or him

Look at these election, Trump won by less than a 100 votes agaisnt someone as evil as Hillary

Had he been agaisn someone without so much dirt under the rug, he would have lost

Maybe the next 4 years are so glorious that all the anti-trump nay sayers will be forced to admit they were wrong about Trump's capacity to govern but if he doesn't improve his PR among blue pilled normies, Bernout winning is a very real chance

Didn't they charge him with pissing on a teenager?

Disregard that, is was R Kelly.

Because that's the only bit of culture they are exposed to and care about. Their whole world is manufactured by the Jew.

Seriously, garbage like "big bang theory" is poisoning people's mind.

Everything Nate "JUST" dirt said about Trumps ceiling is actually true for Bernie, America is not yet indoctrinated enough to vote for a literal communist jew yet.

Isn't Boynie like 75 years old?

I dont want a cucked eric or a regular ivanka to win.
You must be some kind of shit tier feminist to even want that.

a cucked trump is not a good trump.
if eric goes cuck by 2020-2024 like I suspect he will based on his David Duke comments…then he will be up against Don Jr, who will be running in order to stop him from fucking up the nationalism his dad laid out and taking us back to…say, the 90s.

Yeah he is, some jews just keep on going though - i.e. Kissinger, George Soros, entire Rothschild clans…


Interesting,but I’d sort of like a girl within 6” of me so that our children aren’t short freaks.

Come on, man.

Bernie will be senile by 2020, its not happening.

You don't understand the power of capital. We don't need to pay workers low wages. We pay them high wages to produce more using machines as a lever on their labor.

Wages are actually a pretty small component of the prices of many goods, especially things like steel that have a very high amount of capital devoted to producing the greatest amount with the least labor.

Need a Barron Trump "The Force Awakens " poster.



Not gonna happen. Sanders already cashed out, he's all about the $250,000 car and 14 bedroom house now.



Only if by doing so you become the meme itself.


That's completely incorrect, here's how it will turn out:

send them this, game over

Haha, no. They'll screw him twice in a row like the GOP screwed Ron Paul.
We should meme a Bernie run though, just to increase the inevitable disappoinment and anger when he loses the nomination again.


he very may well have dipshit

Trump won the popular vote by about 2.6 million
The 3 million illegal votes don't count


He works great in a podcast environment, but that doesn't seem to translate into the real world too well.

Honestly I don't think he can win the general but I genuinely think he's the front runner in the primaries vote wise but the DNC knows he's a shit choice for the general and despite how disorderly they are they won't run someone who probably has a retard level IQ

Honestly I think the 2020 primaries will be West, Chelsea, Warren, Booker and maybe Sanders

Bernouts are so retarded. Bernie ran on a platform of ending the establishment and rooting out corruption, and he couldn't even make it through the DNC. He's all talk. I imagine him trying to do something like audit the fed would go like this


Real top quality post you've added to the discussion.

Podesta Emails

Ping Pong Pizza Pedos #11


Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble

Trump may have won popular vote

Trump & Putin discuss Syria and US-Russia relations in phone call

/sg/ Syria General #4

Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, 'take back power'

Steve Bannon of Breitbart News chosen as Sr.Avdisor and Chief Strategist


Look carefully at the "protests".

Micheal was the First Transexual not First Lady

you are doing Kek's work user, bless you.

What's next


Wrong, he looks like a young Reinhard.

We're already here :^)

It's funny that they made Bernie green. Green is the color of envy. Socialist are envious of people who are high functioning in a competitive, capitalistic society. This is the source of their mindset.

Or green of the money he jewed out of his supporters while wearing the face displayed in OPs pic.

I don't care if taylor swift is a meme here - but the top 40 music industry needs to stop pushing crappy artists.
They don't even sell anymore, people are over the blatant agenda pushing. It's so obvious.

For starters, people are listening to hard rock music and rap more in line with death grips lately.
Oh and nugaze is in.

I might mix all 3.

Over my dead fucking body. No one over 25 would ever vote for some crooning coon. Who else is gonna run, fucking kim kardashian? Paris hilton? We need to gas wigger millennials right after we gas the kike media machine.

Import tariffs and tax disincentives for overseas production. Non-problem solved. Or we could go Germany route and focus on quality of production. Buy Chinese, you get unreliable trash.

This user is right. Let them meme about bernie, when it comes time and the candidates are random nobodies the dems pulled out their ass, the shitlibs will be disappoint and will be unenthusiastic for the election.

This. Bernie campaigned against establishment-illary, then bent the knee when asked and gave all the bernouts' shekels over to the fly queen. He was a controlled opposition from the beginning, and all the shitlibs got rused. But hey, it's easier to lie to someone than convince them they've been lied to. They're loyal to someone who used them from the beginning, like a beaten dog being loyal to its abusive owner. These nutless, witless shitlibs would still vote bernie even if he was literally a propped up corpse. All for their free gibs and progressive virtue signaling.

Why do liberals not have any moral standards? There's no cohesive, underlying world view to them. They just say whatever is beneficial for them at the time and have the memory of a goldfish. Hell they simultaneously hold multiple contradictory beliefs. Like saying whites are bad and diversity is good, but if Trump wins they're always moving to Canada or England and never Mexico or Somalia. They're always saying love wins, that the right is violent, yet they're the ones shouting abuse and literally beating up Trump supporters (until they get shot, then they play the victim.) They're honestly like little children who never got told No, and now their default mode is to throw hissy fits and be manipulative in childlike ways. chimpouts, libouts, bullying, mob mentality, keyboard warriors, even blacklisting people like it's mccarthy all over again but as a shitlib. We need to round them all up and gas them as traitors.

That fucking quote. Nothing else has ever filled me with such rage as this quote, coming from a white who grew up dirt poor in a ghetto, subsisting off roadkill, salvage, and white rice. Ivory tower fucking liberal shitbags.

You know you want it.

The colors are a reference to light-sabre colors. In any case, Bernie is a terrible choice in the end since the leftist cannot handle catering to both whites and minorities at the same time. SJWs won't allow it.