Another browser based vpn service bites the dust in slavland since vpn ban turned on as a law...

Another browser based vpn service bites the dust in slavland since vpn ban turned on as a law. Have to rely on foxyproxy and search for individual proxies, but that's not good idea for webms and such. Any ideas what to do before i'l get completely seperated from this site?

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1: get a real vps with ssh access
2: lurk more

Just use operas built in vpn

Banned too, isn't it?

Please delete this thread.

Tor with OBFS. Alternatively, I saw another user from evil hacker land talking about setting up a VPS outside the country to act as your free pass, since they supposedly consider this a grey area for now. But you'd have to check the law for that first, since I don't know shit.

Personal VPNs won't get banned anytime soon in slavland because they're very hard to tell apart from business ones

Just use Tor like any sane person. It's free. It's legal. It works fine. It's better than a VPN.

inb4 Agent Fud "awk... it's compromised... awk awk"

They cooperate.

Download Tor Browser Bundle and turn on bridges.
Also, setting up a VPS with shadowsocks may help too.

Try buying a vps.


Buy a VPS
sudo aptitude install sshuttlesudo sshuttle --method=tproxy --no-latency-control --dns -x -r [email protected] 0/0

Now your HTTP traffic is going through the ssh connection and your government has no idea you're downloading smug anime girls 24/7.
Why is Holla Forums banned in slavland?


Most likely because of the hebe boards. Or just porn boards.

Also, Russia has pretty retarded internet laws. It's easier to list things you can do on the internet without going to jail than the opposite.

There's a concept of illegal porn in russian legal system, but there's no such definition.
There's no strict definition of crusty pizza either. It's not that just crusty pizza is banned, there's also a ban on imitation that has no definition either. Which means that if a fifty year old man wearing a school uniform will take a picture of his hairy ass, he's producing crusty pizza.

You can also go to jail for saying anything not nice on the internet about politicians or religion, mostly because in Russia religion is intertwined with politics and involves insane amount of money.
There's plenty of topics you're not allowed to discuss on the internet, like suicide or drugs. Saying ">tfw you'll never cum inside your 2d waifu >why live" may land you in jail.

There's been a case of a person being kept in jail, over running a tor exit node, because someone made an anti-government statement from it. While the TOR node owner was in gym, even present on security footage. He has spent months in jail.

It's illegal to store any data related to russians outside of FSB reach. Legally speaking every website has to host a separate server in russia to store russian info. It's poorly enforced but russia strong-armed some services with big russian audiences into this (like github or paypal).

It also used to be illegal to run a popular twitter/blog/youtube channel without being approved by the government but they gave up on enforcing that.

I'm not sure if I forgot anything. There's probably plenty more. The only saving grace is that most laws are poorly enforced (e.g. DPI costs too much money for russian ISPs)

we need to holocaust all russians, for their own good

Do many people complain about these Russian laws?
Especially that one.

Not too many, to be honest. How many people use internet as a primary source of information (outside of facebook/vk & TV)? It's mostly people under 30 and people who work in tech, that probably makes 10 percent or so of the population. And anti-internet laws have been introduced under the guise of child protection laws. Anyone against those wants to harm children, according to mainstream TV. So it's a bit tricky to be vocal about them, pretty much all tech-illiterate middle aged people think that internet is a scary place where bombs are made and kids get raped every day. Github has been accused of promoting child suicide, Wikipedia has been accused of harboring pedophiles, etc.

Also, fun fact, the same person who introduced those "child protection" laws (Elena Mizulina), decriminalized domestic abuse against children because there's nothing wrong about giving a bratty child a good beating. But these people don't care since everyone in the government has their children living in EU or US.

Sounds familiar.
I've never been to Russia, but I had the impression that smartphones and computers were staples over there as much as they are in America. It appears that impression is wrong.
Were these laws intended to boost Russian Internet business and industry? They seem to be doing the opposite of that effect however.

Yes goy just use that piece of code with (((built in VPN security))) that can't be audited.

Rus user here, while most of the things listed above are technically true, they are also presented in an over-dramatized fashion. Russian internet situation is no way worse than the U.S. internet situation, both being obviously terrible. The key point here is the phrase
Both Russian and American crazy online politics are being targeted primarily at your typical normalfags who don't know internet beyond social media and youtube. It's safe to say that to anyone who knows about tor and so on they mean very little. If FBI, FSB etc. wanted you, they'd get you no matter what you use, but since nobody actually cares about you specifically, unless you post CP or sell C4 to mudslimes, all those laws mean nothing.

They are, don't be a retard.

Go away Shlomo, you're the ones who's gonna gen exterminated.

Why do you trust any VPN in the first place? Having a VPN doesn't improve your privacy, all it does is add to the network traffic from your immediate ISP to your VPN provider.

And they are. But, just like the normies in the US, they only use it to browse Russian Goybook and Google/Yandex funny pictures. Especially so for smartphone/tablet users. And their numbers are growing compared to PC/Laptop users, which is a fucking disaster seeing as they're about as tinker-friendly as a black box.
These laws are in place to keep the people in power in place. If you want to see how this shit passes, imagine bussing old folks and immigrants around (flashback to 2016 US Election, Hillary side), then multiply and add people who just want to be left alone with their shitty paychecks. Especially so for the Eastern side, where the tech-savviness drops like a fucking rock.

My point was about using a non-free software in security and not about VPN services.

This shitshow started at the same time when the Crimea thing happened and the Russian economy crumbled.

I assume it's just censorship to quell any spread of discontent. At the same time mainstream TV has started to shit on europe and US. How great is life Russia despite all prices doubling in a span of a couple of years, and how Europe and US are full of homosexuals molesting children.

To rent you need to pay, register. Youre directly tied to it. At least with vpn you can hide in a crowd.

One of the actually useful applications of cryptocurrency - renting a VPS. As long as you don't charge the wallet with your credit/debit card.

The problem is now a pandemic. I say nuke the planet from orbit.

That does sound like protectionist policies for establishing deference, at least by Russians, to support Russian Internet businesses and industry first and let all others deal with it.

This. There are really really cheap VPS services for less than a few dollars that will work perfectly as an OpenVPN hosting box and shitloads of tutorials on setting it up properly.

speaking of which…
what port is the best choice? (less likely to be blocked by oppressive ISP firewalls)
I know that ideally I should go for 443, but if I also want to have a web server on the same machine/IP, then it's not available. And I guess if I use this trick it will kill server performance.
So what is the next best choice?

I'm considering to pick something from:
123 (should be available but obviously will be very weird to see huge traffic on it)
587 or some of the other email related ports
20/21/989/990 (FTP and FTPS)
1935 (used for videos by flash, probably normies will cry if it's blocked because this is used on some live cam sites with nude chicks, etc)
5228 (google's push messages, but probably will look weird because it's supposed to be used only with google servers)

but maybe there are better choices?

What is mullvad?
What is cryptostorm?

You're whinning out of tune my dear little musical instrument
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I don't need this crap because my third world shithole government is too inneficient and will take ages to start fucking with my internet privacy, but I vaguely recall reading that a VPN-capable router makes it so your ISP can't even know you're using a VPN to begin with. Did I get memed on?

First rule of being a good techie? Do not trust the word of mouth, examine and test it yourself

No of course not, you dunce. Its about the protocol, not the router. And there are ways of hiding your VPN usage, but that is all I will say, you will have to do the homework if you wsnt to know about it.

Meh, that really implies that Russia had some industry in the first place

It's pretty much impossible to buy something made in Russia and by Russian company unless it's 2000 tons of steel bars or something



Plus the fact that Opera is Chinese-funded botnet that complies to this new law.

Russian Internet industry is Yandex and MailRu group, they own pretty much everything here, expanding to meatspace with taxis and transport schedule planning apps. Both are owned by jew oligarchs from Putin's clan. Other companies are small enough I can't even remember one, even fucking imageboards in Russia are corporate-owned. Not that much different from China though with their Alibaba/Wechat/Baidu, but Russians are too paranoid to imply even the worst case scenarios where government decides to go full Juche way.

Step one: acquire cryptocurrency anonymously without charging with your credit/debit card. I'm waiting for suggestions. Since you will connect to a VPS from home, it doesn't matter.

Cheapest VPSes are probably OpenVZ without TUN/TAP and 500gb traffic, won't make a good VPN server.

Look into stunnel and port multiplexing.
Something like you have an ordinary website with domain and free https certificate on your VPS, then you make an stunnel encapsulated shadowsocks to port 443 that totally looks like legit https from eavesdropper perspective. But suspicious if you push too much traffic through it, maybe add some sort of video stream on the page? Don't forget that your exit address should be different from your entrance if you plan on visiting websites under SORM.
There is a good thread on abuchan's /s/ for russianons to read ironically, mods don't care, everyone who posted there is probably already on the list discussing a VPS setup for this matter.

"VPN capable router" is either one that can be a VPN server or VPN client. Usually connecting to outside VPN server means your ISP sees the handshake, packet structure and the fact that you communicate with only one IP address. There are ways around, though, like running a stunnel/shadowsocks on one port with proxy attached to it or machine inside the network and separating your traffic to look inconspicuous for both machine and human examination.
But if they didn't even start yet, there is still a probability of your ISP simply snooping and selling your browsing history to advertisers, then the best way is to fire up a VPN anyways and give them a big cup of fuck off.

LowEndSpirit allows TUN/TAP, and its cost per year is about the same as a bottle of good beer. They're very strict on p2p and tor, though.

But what if I don't want to hide this that much yet, and want to avoid the trouble of using stunnel and port multiplexing? The question is what port (besides 443 and 80) is the next best choice.

Hey guys, you seem to suck at law.
The law is about banning the use of any technology which it is used to circumvent the government blocks.

This means the use of Tor/VPN/proxy is legal if you access any content which is not blocked by the government, but it is illegal if you access a content which is blocked by the government.

Move to Mewch mewchqgmqfe6zhnu.onion/

If you're going to recommend a hidden service you might as well recommend Holla Forums's too.

but it's shit and posting any media doesn't werk

what if you use tor with bridges?

When there's a will, there's a way. Freelancing for Pajeet-tier pay won't feed you, but it might pay for a VPS. The idea is to not have something immediately traceable to you. If the government wants to actually fuck with you, nothing will help.
Got an archive link, user?

Yes, it is about that. However, this is more of a prep idea for when the government nukes almost all VPN services for failing to abide by said law. Going after each individual who owns a VPS is potentially quite expensive.

Also 6 months not a year you fucko

What is the use of VPN/Tor if you're not accessing a website blocked by government?

It also sounds like one of those "wearing ski masks to hide your identity while committing a crime is illegal" thingies. Commiting a crime like accessing a site your authoritarian government says is no no? Okay, I give you that, but hiding your identity while doing so is illegal in of itself? Come the fuck on. Its tad amount of kids play the BANG BANG game with their fingers and one starts whining when other says he has bullet protecting armor so he isn't dead. Fucking pathetic and childish. An excercise in trying to fear us from having freedom from the watchful eyes of big bro.

First and foremost VPN is used to securely give access to LAN resources or bridge together multiple LANs over the internet. Probably every company that has remote employees or multiple offices uses VPN.

Most likely China, Russia, North Korea, etc. will never ban VPN as is because of that. They can ban individual services or regulate them, but cannot ban not the protocol itself because it will render many businesses defunct.

People who think the primary purpose of VPN is network ban circumvention or torrenting must be tech-illiterate NEETs or government officials.

physical location hiding, significantly less chance to leak your ISP-assigned IP address to somebody you don't want to know it.
ISPs won't be able to sell your browsing metadata.
you can also immediately discard shitty websites which for some stupid reason block Tor/VPNs.

I actually knew about that business side of VPN use, but we are talking about personal use, no?
You are not exactly "accessing government blocked sites" by bridging LANs , now are you?

Also, don't try to insult someone as tech iliterate when you are obviously a sperg who can't read into satirical rhetorical questions past the question mark.

ISPs sell metadata?

I didn't really read the spoiler because I assumed that it was something as retarded as the question above it
Sorry if I offended you, duh

Also I still can't tell if those questions are rhetorical or not, so I'll answer them anyway

There's no way to tell apart personal vs. professional use of VPN due to the fact that VPN connections are encrypted. You can filter out some public VPNs like PIA and the rest by known server addresses because businesses don't use them, but there's now way to tell apart a self-hosted VPN in another country used to access censored material from a business VPN.

You sort of do, hold on I'll make you a chart

Based as fuck.
I had hopes Trump/Pence would apply such wonderful measures in America too and end degeneracy but so far they had done nothing. I still have hopes tho.

Ok it's harder to draw than I thought

Basically, how VPNs work when used to circumvent bans/torrent/etc.

1) Your computer establishes a connection to a VPN server over ISPs gateway. This is the IP connection your ISP can see (e.g. that you're connecting using VPN protocol to a VPN server at specific IP), but not it's payload since it's encrypted.
2) Your computer now belongs to 2 LANs: first is your ISPs LAN, second is a virtual LAN. Second, virtual LAN may or may not be a corporate LAN with corporate resources, co-workers PCs, CRMs, etc. but your ISP can't see that since he just routes encrypted traffic between your PC and the VPN server.
3) Virtual LAN, like any LAN, may have an internet access gateway, like your ISP has, except it's most likely owned by some other ISP. Since your machine now belongs to two LANs, it can route internet traffic either through your ISPs gateway or through VPN ISP's gateway.

The setup between some corporate VPN and personal use VPN is absolutely identical, except that personal VPN you're using creates a network that consists only of your PC and the VPN server.

It's not based, you mongoloid. There came a time when reading and discussing news without being pozzed can only be accomplished on a Taiwanese beaver farming forum. If you speak both English and Russian, you get twice the AIDS, especially because not many people feel an adequate amount of cynicism toward your lugenpresse. Now, thanks to the based law, any retarded (((activist))) can shut down any website by posting an anime loli pic and reporting that. There's only way to end degeneracy and it's not over the Internet.

>Now, thanks to the based law, any retarded (((activist))) can shut down any website by posting an anime loli pic and reporting that.
Reminded me of suicide.txt

This is ridiculous

Some excerpt for anons who are most likely unaware:

Few years ago someone uploaded a file called suicide.txt on github
This file contained various instructions on "how to kill yourself", evaluating accessibility, complexity and costs of each method, which was more or less a nasty joke, since it contained methods like:

This instantly landed Github in a Russian internet blacklist as a threat to children all over glorious motherland
Next day Github announces Russian-specific censorship (that applies only when a client is from Russian IP) to get unblocked