LibreOffice Mascot Voting 2: Electric Copyaloo

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Well the pics are fucked, they're in reverse order.

Link please

that or /cancer/, I don't see the difference

Out of all the submissions Libbie was the only one that looked like an actual mascot and not like something out of a late 90s clipart collection, yet it supposedly didn't make it into the top 10. I'm smelling BS here.

If they didn't want to listen to people what was the point in having a voting in the first place? So that if people didn't like the mascot they could have an excuse like "well, that's what was voted for".

I don't get what people saw in her. She was just some generic anime girl with not remarkable features. Then again, it's not like there was much of a competition.

People seem to be confusing a mascot with a logo or an icon.


LMFAO! Well deserved trips, sir!

Yes but he is wasting time and money, you can't own a meme, even nofap can't go suing everyone who makes youtube vids and mentions "nofap" instead of "no masturbation".


Did they wipe all tags? Seems like the yiff is up.

>shitty 5 yr old drawn penguin mascot submission was LITERALLY traced from a shitty shutterstock image

Here, faggos. I'm going to bed now.

I do not like it, but she's technically on-model, so good job I guess.

Hey, I rushed it and I'm tired. Can you blame me? :3

Where can I find more of your art?

It's NuMe. I really need to fix that "u"

It is well drawn, it's just the choice of pose and activity does not please me personally.

Now make one with the knockoff penguin getting pegged by Libbie.

I wonder.

And I'm still salty about this. Tyson spent probably hours designing and drawing a beautiful mascot completely for free, and for nothing. Meanwhile some smelly Pajeet copypasted some generic clipart from Shutterstock and changed the colors so the plagiarism wouldn't get immediately found via reverse image search, and somehow that made the top 10 list.

o-oh GOD

You mean third stage, or the second stage of public voting. They had a secret vote for foundation members.

It's shabby as fuck my man.

Did anyone save this?
I want to see what it was, I don't mind if it's shabby

hahah, I would probably agree, I haven't slept in a day so I can barely keep my head on straight let alone draw

nah it was shit mate

I guarantee I've enjoyed and saved worse drawings


Fucking damn it, you're pretty fast at saving this shit, ah well, I drew it and tried to take it down but if you want the piece of garbage then be my guest.

I left the tab open and didn't realize it until someone asked.

So, say we'd also like to see the other bends of the Libbie rainbow doing lewd things. How and how much?

Nice. Now we just need one involving a copy machine...

I caught wind of this from GS. Do I basically have it right and this whole gay mascot contest was rigged from the start?


Why? What was the point?

That's right faggot. They had a pretend-public-vote which was ultimately overpowered by their secret foundation team member vote. Obviously most people would vote for Libbie, yet what remained are 12 ""mascots"" no one in their right mind would vote for.

And two or three of the finalists turned out to be tracings? Amazing. What did our uncle make us stumble into? Was it just a scheme to get some pajeet a laptop, or was this just a publicity stunt gone bad (it better go bad).

I'm not happy about being lied to my face by some PR shitstain. How do we rub LO's face in this mess?

A few options:

Bomb the comment section and contacts with displeasement about this descision.

Contact shutterstock for copyright infringement if they use the shitty traced logo.

Scorched Earth:
Fork Libreoffice and create a superior version of the program stomping their version into the dustbin of software history

Depending on the art's terms you may actually be allowed to do what he did, assuming he bought the graphic. I do this kind of stuff all the time at work, when we need some graphic we buy stock vector graphics and modify them to our needs.

I have no idea what the law says about using it as a mascot though.

This is retarded beyond belief. How many of you faggots are really interested of developing a bunch of presentation and spreadsheet software? I'll tell you how many, a flat fucking 0.

Black Libbie for Holla Forums mascot.


We should also spam the memes we're making on their hashtag on Twatter

We'll have to hope one of the two tracings win in that case.

>Fork Libreoffice and create a superior version of the program stomping their version into the dustbin of software history

Not likely to go anywhere. Besides, I doubt we could implicate the whole LO team on this faggotry. This reeks of the PR department.

You mean blue Libbie.

There's a slim chance of convincing people to do it for free™, but don't count on it.

Commission prices can range anywhere from 5 to 100 dollarydoos per drawing depending on the artist and quality. Tumblr and Furaffinity probably best places to look for artists.


You're a bunch of autistic, edgy kids and should be fucked in your boipussies until they bleed.

I don't think the user was asking for free. And might as well ask NuMe if they'd be willing to do the other colors.

I was going to take a crack at making a lewd libbie and dropping it in one of Holla Forumss draw threads. Don't wait up because I drag my feet a lot.

That's how you got aids though.

ow you got me
I bet you're the edge king at school

So, what is the plan here? Get one of the tracings into the winners circle? Then what?

I-is that GNU winking too?

Read the previous threads

There're already tracings in the winners circle. No more work is required.

That thread is going on 500 posts long.

Good thing there's this thing called reading

Shame about this other thing called 'time'.

You'd think that over the span of 30-something years we would be bound to have at least some devs who obsess over graphic design, color theory, typography, Fitt's law etc. Why does everything have to be so shit?



What alternatives do we have to LO? Last I heard, Calligra still hasn't even been ported to a modern KDE base.

Imageboards are nothing but a waste of time, I suggest you quit and leave immediately

the illusion of choice


This still makes the LO guys look bad. It was a pretty off chance one of them would win anyway. The bright side is that it turns out one of the hummingbirds is too close to the one from ADATA to be entirely original.

Graphic design has long been a problem in FOSS. For every Tyson Tan or David Revoy there are a million people who think THIS does the job:

Oh my...

That honestly does the job. Function is the most important thing in software. Making the screens pretty is a lesser priority that is completely optional.

I posted pic related this morning and it got deleted / censored. Why. What are they even trying to accomplish? Whoever's managing this disaster over at LO is borderline retarded.

It does do the job but it's only justifiable if there's no artists giving any better alternatives. Function definitely has priority but you shouldn't go as far as to say graphic design is "optional".

This whole shitshow has been amazing to watch. The LibreOffice team must be considering new PR guys at this point.

kek, birds are some of the most boring overused animals to choose as a mascot

In this case professional tard wranglers would be more appropriate.

They really stepped in their own mess on this. I think they're just going to try to minimize the damage. Maybe even hardly ever use whichever mascot wins until dropping it entirely.

I'd say this is one case where salt is justified.

Now Libbie has just as many (good) lewds as Kiki. Great job, NuMe.


For the people that missed the last thread:
Shutterstock doesn't own that Penguin. It's just some generic clip art that can be found on a bunch of sites.
Also the owl "copy" isn't exactly the same.
The main problem is that these got through despite checking to see if they were different from other existing logos and other "checking" they said they did.

What do you say about your productivity suite when the visuals are from the 90s?
Who would say "hey, this looks good, let me check it out"

There's a difference between functioning and being attractive.

Exactly. Even if these were public domain images, it would still mean they were traced, and THAT'S the problem. Libbie-chan and the other GOOD mascots lost to a bunch of trace jobs made by pajeets.

gg no re LibreOffice. What was purpose of voting in the first place?

What a farce, to think I actually gave 5 minutes of my life to go through their vote only so they can get buttblasted and ignore the people and then LIE to my face.

Well at leas the license allow libbie to get adopted to anywhere else

That's the decade old interface you twat compile the git version.

I agree but you have to take into account that software that's designed to be used to "normal" people needs an interface that isn't complete shit.

isnt making logos what Holla Forums is good at? why dont they treat is like its another browser fork? then theyd get a bunch of logos real quick

Logos can be abstract, but mascots typically need to actually look like something, which makes it easier to fuck them up.


To make the community THINK they give a shit what they think. It's more than Gnome does, come to think of it.

Like here?

I think you're on to something

I wouldn't mind Libbie becoming a more perminant fixture around here. Tyson did make her CC-BI.

permanent* Damn sleep grog.

This keeps getting posted, but it's not actually a license that exists.
It says CC-BY-SA on his Tumblr.

What's the difference to the new user who never used it?

Definitely this. Honestly she was the Holla Forums mascot from the beginning anyways.

It's a joke. CC-BI as in bisexual.

Kiki would have been, but she was too tied to Krita. Libbie is a free agent. More lewdable too.

So, what color should we make her? What is Holla Forums's color?


Autism produces amazing software. But autism produces art like sonichu. It's just how it is.

Libbie-chan lives!

And he made her more grown-up...

Not really. Tyson's using her for his own thing

shows his redesign to closer match said other thing

She's still under a CC license though.

After careful deliberation this has been selected as the official Holla Forums mascot.

There's Apache OpenOffice but dev is slow.



No, that would be her sister.


Just use WordGrinder.


Libbie is too good of a design to be left as a concept. Just make her a mascot for something already. I don't even care anymore if it's LibreOffice.

She can scan her butt on my scanner all she wants

I-Is she wearing a hijab? My dick would explode if that's what that is.

That's her hair

Just noticed, she's winking the opposite eye.

Her sister a qt too. Needs more good lewds, though.

This place could use a mascot... I wonder how she'd look in red.

What about using her as the new stickied post? I fucking love Stallman, but honestly I wouldn't mind if she replaced him.

NuMe here. I may do some more but with a lot better care. The last one was a quicky while I was sleepy.

The copy machine idea is one I want to play with.

Even logos have philosophical meanings to them that rep. the brand or product. People still don't know there's an arrow in the FedEx logo.

I'm willing to do it free. Shit, why not? Just keep pouring in the carnage from this LO mess and you get it.

LO still has a broken Styles selection shit.

Thank u friend

I'll try to do the black one later


Best one.

Looking forward to seeing more Libbie lewds from you. Love what you did with Libbie-base.

Mind if we post your stuff on twitter under the libreoffice hashtag?

Easily the best one. Word color scheme works really for her. Base looks good too.

Get a load of this guy!


ahh, this is great

fuck LO just adopt her for ourselves

Liking this idea the more I hear it. Lets give this goat a home!

....but Tyson is giving her a home in his own work

I don't get where this idea that Libbie will just fade away is coming from. Tyson will re-use her.

You're missing the point, user. Tyson will occasionally make more Libbies, but he's never going to use her to the fullest extent like we could. Lets make the character more popular than she ever would have been with LO. Let's make mountains of memes with this QT goat.

Great to see Libbie back and I hope NuMe does do more lewds for her. But now what, if anything do we do with the LO shit show? What should we be focusing our collective autism on?

Well I guess you could "fork" the character

Not denying it's a good design that could be used for Holla Forums. I just don't know how I feel about the naming conflict.

Like I said in the previous thread, we need to get them to be transparent about how many votes each submission received. That should be our main goal.

And getting the shitty penguin to remain in the lead in the booru vote.

Would it be worth getting another thread going on halfchan? They do have more numbers, like it or not.

Think of it this way: She lives with Tyson, but she hangs out here.

What about the Owl?

>still waiting for a drawing of her holding anons hand

I-I'm not crying!

The thing about the penguin is that it's even worse than the owl.

We shouldn't just focus on the booru vote. We gotta get them to disclose the actual vote numbers. I mean it's just a mascot competition. Can't they be transparent about this?

True. The more that has come out the worse it has made them look.

I don't actually want to hurt LO, but I do want to embarrass the FUCK out of whoever's idea this stupid contest was.


Getting the numbers from the vote and forcing them to show that they ignored the first vote will be the best way. I mean who fucking cares enough to manipulate the vote for a mascot for a office suite for a competition where all that's at stake is like, a laptop and a drawing tablet.

I mean really why the fuck do they need to do this they could have just said "oh well we didn't want our mascot to be too similar to Krita's mascot/too anime-y" or something. And I mean I could get if that was the reason. LibreOffice does have a decent amount of corporate users who are too curmudgeonly to use something associated with THE ANNIE MAYS.

But no they gotta do this convoluted shit and piss everyone off.


You guys do realize that she's a furry right? You're obsessing about having a furry character

She's free as in freedom, so it's okay.


The dick wants what it wants.

What do you fap to user? Married couples doing the missionary position for the purpose of procreation?

Someone from /fur/ visited to draw porn of her.
We're way past the level you think we're operating at.

This Libbie may induce seizures:

Doc Libbie gives the best medicine.

I don't care personally, I just hate when people constantly bitch about furries like it's the worst thing on this earth, but then turn diamonds for a specific character anyway.

It's called being in the closet, user. You see the same thing with traps.

I think most people have an issue with furries in and of themselves, not necessarily any animal related character

I don't see a lot of bitching about furries on Holla Forums, and the people who do it probably don't visit this thread. This board is not a hivemind.

I think it's partly a generational thing. Oldfags like me don't care because of the cartoons we watched growing up in the early 90s. And I notice it has less of a stigma than it used to with the younger kids too.

I can only assume it has to do with how utterly cancerous the furry community was between 2000-2010-ish.

Underrated shitpost

What's our plan?

I agree with you. I'm just throwing out possible reasons for rejection or whatever.

Excuse me then and call me an sperg for not understanding.

Why did you have to go and say that?

It's the thought that counts I suppose.

It's shorter. Ugh, fine, I'll do the other one too.

Here's the remix. I'll do the original later today. Maybe. I'm old and lazy.

fork her real good

Here. I hope you're at least grateful for me slaving over a hot Blender.

Every effort to keep the Libbie party going is appreciated.

We need some drawfag to make some official Libbie Holla Forums related stuff.

Get back to work you worthless old man!

At least you changed the tempo a little. Still needs work though.

The old Libbie was fairly Kiki-like. Not so much anymore.



I'm not sure why you guys are saying we can't fork her for this board's mascot, when I first heard her name I thought Libbie was short for software library.

We'll see what Tyson thinks of it.

Oh hey, I just got that slut running in Wine.

How old was it?
Could he have deleted it because it was posted here?

Am I the only one getting an 80s vibe off of this lewd?

Holy shit

Kinda says all you need hear about this faggot.


Kek. And I'm willing to bet most 40 year olds don't give a shit about the new LibreOffice mascot, let alone give 5 minutes of their lifes to vote on it.

Probably true. A lot of these guys seem to lack self-awareness.


what's this from

Anime is for degenerate autistic queers so I personally don't care tbh

It's still unprofessional as fuck how this guy is treating it though and he's clearly a degenerate queer himself who just lacks self-awareness. How about you actually represent your userbase you stupid faggot? If your userbase consists of chinese cartoon binging faggots then own up to it

Well I mean, I'm sure using something as retarded as Blunder to composite an audio track over 4 looped frames took longer than it should have, but guess who was the retard who decided to do that in the first place?

I threw those together in under five minutes. It was a joke.

Also, gifs don't work in Blender. But I'n not surprised you didn't actually know that.

Oh god, it's you. Spare us your autism.

they're all shit or trademark violations, but this one is especially shit

You might want to check the last thread user. There is QUITE the story behind that pengu.

i vote for this

Lel, I don't know who the fuck you mistook me for, but if I guessed correctly, then whoever he is, he's doing God's work.

So. The LO Design site is on full lockdown. As is the booru. I think we've done all we can there. So what now.

You may or may not be the same user who constantly spergs out over Blender, but you take the same prescription.

Probably because this shit is rigged.

All of this, just to give one pajeet a fucking laptop for free.

Now we take Libbie into our loving care.

NuMe is supposedly still cooking up something special.

We ask for the numbers from the first vote. That's the most productive option.

We could also take it to social media, but I think our big hand will have to wait for the numbers to come out and the contest to reach a conclusion.

Fire up the drawfags!

some pretty funny stuff

More than a day old (but not too old), and the pic was featured under his avatar.


Honestly I'd rather let Calligra have her, but I don't know if they're looking for a mascot anytime soon. KDE visual design team is somewhat inept but at least they're not retarded to say no to good designs for free.

Also Tyson Tan said that he might want to keep her

pure autisum
fuck, any more pics of libbie? or should i just use those four?


That was crashing for me like Amelia Earhart last time I tried it. Gotten any better?

You should try out KDEnlive

Blender's VSE is really the only video editor for Linux that did the job a year ago. Has Kdenlive gotten any more stable?

shotcut have served me well so far, i tried to use KDEnlive, but was to much of a retard to use it

Reworking the tempo a bit. Still not used to the new way the VSE handles waveforms.

a taste of things to come.

Um. The tempo looks nice, but the random lewds are a bit jarring.

yeah, i know, im just going to put another pic.

Goats are not for fucking, Achmed.

This one is.

Alright I guess that explains why the finalists are what they are pretty well.
Penguin it is.


Don't think I know how to go back in time to find deleted Twitter posts, but this is a consolation prize, is it not?

For fuck's sake, do none of these people know the difference between a logo and a mascot? Has everyone gone autistic? Am I the one who has gone off the deep end? A mascot is not meant to be printed at a tiny size in the header of a letter, that's what the logo is for.

The only thing Libbie has in common with Kiki that the other submissions don't is that Libbie does not look like baby's first SVG, but an actual character.

Wew, is this damage control?

here you go


Quite a lot better but maybe you should crop the main picture a bit and adjust the other accordingly

waifu2x might help to scale up the miniatures.

See how penguin is clearly superior for shrinked down printing

Here's a simplified version based on the silhouette

user, that means i need to copy and paste all those damn pictures again, i will just going to use waifu2x on the small pics and see how different it looks

can they not just recolor wikipe-tan?

No, it's an actual mascot with effort put into it. They only want shite submissions with 0 effort in them

here goes version 2



Nice. I'm reworking the tempo for the whole song, if you want to have a crack at editing that when I'm done. Might be tonight, might be tomorrow.

you are more autistic that me, user. I was going to do the whole song, but it just a damn repeat so i just stopped there.

Furfaggotry aside, this is what fucking pisses me off more than anything. What a fucking shit show.

Reminder to thumbs down all of the faggots saying that the new mascot for LibreOffice is stock art

I'm sure they know that it's a stock image at this point

I wonder why they haven't taken it down yet

Is this the deleted Twitter post you were looking for?

Did he delete the one where he rambles about his trap fetish? I know where to find that one.

why are you looking for deleted tweets?

I wonder if all that was because he's in denial or something

What do you guys mean? I want to read those ramblings.

Literally one awkward tweet about him being unsure (iirc) about how he felt about that drawing but obviously he liked it

Oh, he's not denying anything. He DID delete this post though. Felt it went too far:


Does this mean he bottoms?

I wonder if he looks cute IRL

He's asian. In the right skirt and wig they all look 'cute'.

are you sure about that


Trust me. I know traps.

Sorry, Roka.

I'm sure you do as do I

but I mean there's a good amount of masculine looking or otherwise plain unattractive asians

Go ahead.

Thanks! Hows the other project coming?


Nice. I assume you plan on posting them here on Holla Forums?

I think he has been deleting those tweets because they're like 3-4 clicks away from a Krita's wikipedia article and other public areas

Man you're probably right.

Tyson is such a nice guy tbh. That just makes it worse how he got screwed over by the LO Design team.


They screwed Hakui too. And whoever drew green Spurdo and Aryan owl. We cannot let them get away with that.

In one of his tweets he talked about how the process of designing and creating Libbie took him a month. Can you believe how bad it must sting to spend a month creating something, only to have it (illegitimately) lose out to a bunch of fucking clipart and stolen art?

What is the petrol sniffer flag even supposed to mean

Let's make some (non lewd (but we still want the lewds NuMe)) fan art for Tyson. Libbie is a great design, and he should be proud of her.



I saved the drawing anyway, it's in the old thread.


please upload it to or or something


Just go here, as I said:


I'm sure he wants to draw porn so fucking badly, but it would ruin his chances of ever getting one of his characters selected as a mascot ever again.

Last time I checked, no one has the power to stop you drawing porn for yourself in secret.

AAAAANNNNNND, done! All that's left is rendering and encoding.


As a queer black woman I support Libreoffice's decision to use the image as their mascot, and here as well!

If I were you, I would make sure the audio is not TOO LOUD.

It's like you never seen drawn porn before. I mean it would be cool, but it's far from a rare treasure.

There's not nearly as much rule 34 of Tyson's characters as there should be, and nothing beats art from the original artist.

Made with GIMP, Blender, Krita, and whatever the hell else Tyson used:


I like this idea, but I don't know if I'll be able to come up with something non-offensively bad

You can always ask your friendly anons for input. No, seriously.

So, who's going to post this to Tyson?


Gee, I wonder who could be behind this. Good job, oldfag.

So have we given up on trying to embarrass the LibreOffice Design team or what?

I get that the whole Libbie thing might get us a mascot or something and I like Libbie too. But it's fucking weird that they're pulling so much shit over a fucking mascot competition.

We need answers, to this. Even if this is the gayest and most pointless controversy ever.

Crashing this contest with no survivors.
Seriously though, we should get /bane/ in on this. I'd personally laugh my ass off at a Bane Libbie.

We're not letting them off the hook. But there's not a lot constructive to do until they pick a winner or they SHUT IT DOWN.

They technically already picked winners (the finalists). What I keep referring to is the initial survey/vote. We can try to get them to spill the beans for that now. We don't have to wait (by which point this whole thing will have lost steam.)

Good point. I suppose the best thing we can do is keep memeing in the meantime. Aside from that, how do propose we poke them in the right place to spill the numbers?

Tyson took down the new Libbie.




Fuck I hope he doesn't start taking down other stuff.
I hope everything's ok

Daily reminder that Tyson gave up his career in boxing to draw cute mascots for free software projects. Don't let his life dream go to waste.

I really doubt WE did anything. The guy just seems depressed. Lets send him some comfy Libbie OC to show him we care.

I'm 100% sure the contest is dead in the water.

Clipart pengu is #1 now, they definitely didn't plan on it but the votes are terribly skewed, so they can call the whole thing off and pick a mascot on their own. They gave up on resetting the votes or cleaning up the pajeet jokes. They're also getting fair amount of shit in the comments, saying that the voting doesn't work and that their process wasn't transparent enough. But taking in account how they handle the situation (aka silently) they won't really publish anything or own up, most likely they'll just pick the mascot they originally intended to, saying the the voting didn't work.


Already done.

You never know. Like and said, Tyson does have to be pretty cautious, being the designer for Krita's mascot. I don't think he should have to worry in an ideal world, but it is what it is. Of course you may be right, but still...

Whatever they pick, we should meme it into oblivion.

Love you too, uncle.

I don't get this... Tyson hasn't been rejected by any FOSS project before LO's rigged contest. I wonder what else is going on.

Well I mean

it was the same organization more or less. Krita is under the KDE umbrella

This is amazing.

Huh? I suppose so. But still. Tyson is pretty well liked in these circles even though he isn't a FOSS purist. They're maybe something else going on in his personal life.

He's a trap lovin' furfag. I dunno how that flies in China, but it must come with its own problems.

I meant that for the "any FOSS project before..."

In that, there were only really 2 FOSS projects that he did work for. And at that, it was KDE and Krita, which are somewhat the same to a degree.

I agree that there's some bs going on with the design team, btw.

Is it about time to start a new thread? I forget what the bump limit is.

90 more posts to go. Don't worry, I'll make a new one. after the bumplimit.

Meanwhile over in Nip land people like this draw official art.

I do get the feeling Tyson wants to go Lewder. But I doubt he wants to do full-on porn.

literary 100 hours in paint
why are we here Holla Forums, just to suffer?

Nobody's going to hurt Libbie-chan ever again.

Nice. But the patch might look better on the other eye.

Patch over the other eye would fit, especially with the red arm. The triangle hairpin is perfect to act as the shrapnel horn.

but thats the wrong eye, sillies.
i was using her actual horn, as the horn.

Couldn't you use the other horn though? She kinda needs a working eye.



Not that user, but i'm working on one myself.

And her red arm is the wrong arm.
How to make it work perfectly: Mirror the image across the vertical axis, draw eyepatch on left (closed) eye and make the visible arm red. Done.

It seems like so my dear user. But we are trying, against all, to give our dear waifu the justice she deserves.

Could we focus on how we can get the LibreOffice Design team to cough up the results? I feel like we're getting way too sidetracked here

working on it

fuck it, im taking the shortcut

kidnapping? death threats?

There you go. Good work, user.

I'm thinking something along the lines of emailing them but I'm not sure that'd work. This is why I want some of you to throw ideas out there too.

Be sure to flip Tyson's name back around if you want him to see it.

Am i doing this right?

It's a good start.

I'd make the horns (antlers?) thicker.

Memeing is good. But you do have a point. We need to remember the meaning for the memeing. We don't want this to end up like Xmas.



Part of the problem is that the next move is LO's. If nothing happens tomorrow, we do need to take the initiative.

Nearly perfect, user! I'd just sharpen up the eye patch a tad. It looks a bit too blurry.

She's an oryx not a cow. Where are my itty bitty libbie titties?

I should make them smaller?

You already got your DFC, now is the age of reasonably large libbie tittie.

No that's just my preference. It's up to you.

there is where i draw the line, user, i dont know how to do that.

You're wrong. They've already made their move. See

Has this just devolved into a waifu thread or what?

The main thing we need is a way to find out the results from the first vote. It's a simple matter of transparency from TDF/LibreOffice('s Design Team). And while there's only a laptop, drawing tablet, and some other thing at stake, that's still around over a thousand dollars total, which for a FOSS project is not an insignificant amount.

someone got the contact number of our russians hackers?

The goat in this pic represents Libbie and the two bearded fellows represent the LO team.

Happy times

You could edge it out with the eraser tool in GIMP.

Although I'd love to know too, I think it's a futile effort. Either they're not going to release the results, or they're going to fudge the numbers. There's no way they're going to admit to rigging and lying to everybody, which is what they quite clearly did.

There is absolutely no feasible way that half of that shit made it to the fucking finals but Libbie didn't, absolutely no way. There's especially no way that somebody who's already designed mascots for several other FOSS projects didn't make it to the finals either. I mean, fuck, if they wanted it to be a believable lie, they should have at least gotten Libbie to the end, then rigged it at the last moment. Instead it's so glaringly obvious that they rigged it.

Thanks for the cherry on top I was looking for, user.

That's not a cherry...

Should we split the Libbie stuff into it's own thread? Might be a bad idea, considering she's fueled a lot of the autism that went into this.

Do not do this.

That bad?

Well, maybe we can't make them admit the truth, but perhaps someone else could. Someone with a bigger platform.

Perhaps someone (who knows how to be coherent and not spill spaghetti) could try to persuade one of the FOSS news sites to raise the issue. It might not work, but at least we'll have tried something, right? Isn't that better than just giving up?

On the other hand, it is taking away a _lot_ from the actual mascot competition discussion. I mean I haven't seen a single post about the current competition or anything else in a while.

Speaking of, here's the current results. Apparently some dipshits didn't get the message, and are fucking downvoting the penguin.

THE PENGUIN MUST WIN for those of you just tuning in, we want the penguin to win because it's so bad (and stolen), so stop downvoting it if you are.

We should split LibreOffice into its own suite, where it's exactly LibreOffice but the Omnipotent Owl of Allah is replaced by Libbie.

Hmm. How about this, if it goes this way tomorrow, I'll open a separate thread for Libbie related stuff. She's Holla Forums's simi official Mascot now, so she will need more OC.


It's halfchan that's downvoting the pengu. They want the nerdy octoling to win.




That's about all I feel I need to do with this piece. I'll upload the .blend file with all the media somewhere tomorrow if anyone wants to do anything with it.

You make a good point. I'll open a separate thread for Libbie tomorrow after work.

Isn't the shitty octo libre's pick?
4fags are falling for shills (as expected)

The real war.

It's the only one that isn't hideous, so that wouldn't surprise me.

user, why....

Do you mean the green one? If so, I just changed my upboat to a downboat (-2 change).
Now we are 40 points ahead.

Could you try making the mouth into an upside down v?

Wow, not sure what happened there... Question was for

The fucking SECOND I read that my mind instantly came up with some bullshit story a la The Ugly Duckling that was some dumb FOSS metaphor or something. I wish I could come up with useful stuff that fast.

I dunno about that, but I just remembered that GitHub has some dumb octopus thing, and Calamares (the installer) had some Octopus thing for a logo (the name is very close to Calamari intentionally). In addition I'm sure at least 2 or 3 other FOSS projects use an octopus, which further blows the shitty "too similar to an existing project's mascot/logo" reason the design team guy had.

The more I think about this whole thing the more the whole thing stinks to me.

Underrated post.

God if the objective was to burn it down, too bad tumblr-tan didn't make it to the finals.

Cuckchan has already lost

Alright! Tomorrow we split Libbie discussion and OC development from the LO contest thread. Both are big enough to stand on their own, and are getting in eachother's way as it stands.

Good idea, I hadn't thought of that. This is probably the best shot we have of exposing the bullshit.

Fuck, he seems more devastated by this than he let on earlier...

Sounds good.

I get the feeling Tyson may have stumbled upon the "gayest and most pointless conspiracy ever" himself.

I have to leave so made it a little early

He probably found out this
We should cheer him up.

I mean, I was just having fun before, but this actually kinda pisses me off. Tyson may be taking it poorly, but it's obvious this shit was rigged.

人在做 天在看

人在做 天在看

Ok. TOMORROW, we roll up our sleeves and dig into this. TOMORROW, we make Libbie OCs for Tyson. We need to stop fucking around and get shit done. The LibreOffice team did a bad, and the whole fucking world is going to know about it.


I think he is hinting something

It's just a shitpost

Ha ha... Very funny Hakui.

It's just like I said here:

At least before he maybe thought that the LO team had a legitimate reason or something. Once you realize the truth, though, you can really only come to one conclusion--that the LO team disliked your design so much, that they'd rather rig the contest in favor of clipart. I think that's the conclusion that Tyson has come to, too. I feel so bad for him.

Except that isn't exactly what happened. I imagine someone had another someone in mind to get that laptop from genesis. The quality of Tyson's work never mattered.

Forgot to add this.

Press F to pay respects.

Tyson loves FOSS. He made that entry fair and square, and it was all original work that he clearly put his heart into. I mean weeks of research and a month to draw. Think about that. His love of FOSS and his passion for drawing, all to be thrown out by the organizers under dubious claims of not getting enough votes, as well as last minute rules. And it's not just Tyson. Remember that beaver? It seemed original, and clearly had work put into it. There were quite a few truly original designs that, while might not have been as good or innovative as Libbie, still had effort and (some degree of) care put into them. Tyson, and the other artists who didn't get into the finals, all deserve answers. I don't usually like to do things myself, but now, I think I might just do something. I'll email the FOSS outlets I have in mind myself, and I'll make sure to make them damn good emails.

It's fucking ridiculous. What should have been a simple, uncontroversial mascot competition has turned into this. Many good artists ejected, and we're left with fucking garbage like this? What the fuck is going on behind the scenes? Why the need for all this? They could have easily said that Tyson's submission might have not been appropriate for corporate environments, or fucking ANYTHING half-believable. Instead they gave us half-baked "rules" that are violated by most of the finalists, and manipulate the shit out of the booru votes.

But we gotta do more. WE NEED TO THINK WHAT MORE WE CAN DO.

While before we laughed at the prizes, the cost adds up to over $1000, which as I said earlier, is not an insignificant amount for a FOSS project.

We have MANY reasons to fight to get the truth out. We need to think carefully about what we can do.

The more i think about it, the more i feel sorry for Tyson.


those are our votes, user.

Well, this got a whole lot more fitting since it was posted.

I meant wiping the booru once or twice and fucking making it require email verification

Should have clarified. I'm well aware about our LEGITIMATE votes for the penguin

I guess you're probably right. Still, as an artist/creator, you can't help but feel that the quality of your work had something to do with it, especially since there -was- some bitching about the design being too polygonal/cluttered (mostly by retards who thought it was going to be an icon and not a mascot).

Libbie lost fair and square, not many people liked her

Maybe he is talking about LO? I don't know.

Why does he have such a fucking punchable face?

He's a PR person.

Ok. We need to lay down some things here:

1) what are our goals

2) how do we go about achieving said goals

As for the first, I want a god damned apology from LO. Nothing short of that or their utter humiliation will suffice.





We need more than tech for this to get to critical mass. We (unfortunately) need halfchan and leddit to get in on this too.

We need to get LO contacts and ask them about the poll numbers.

Probably won't happen.

Needs to get to critical mass. Think the GG leftovers like KIA might take interest?

You'd be surprised at what mundane stuff certain FOSS sites cover

True, but this needs to be done carefully. We can't just have a bunch of retards all scream at The Document Foundation while parading around (only) Tyson's work. That'll just make TDF less likely to budge, and it might get Tyson in trouble (it's bullshit but that's how it is)

SWEET CHRIST NO. That'll only backfire horribly.

Yeah, KiA would take interest. The real question is, do you really want them to?

We also need to be careful that the LO guys cant just cry chan at this when we make our move.

And you can bet they are going to cry harassment and play the victim if they get the opportunity.

Calamares means Calamari in spanish, maybe poortuguese too

1. Cheer up our lad Tyson by making some OC! Maybe we could even make him a card of some sort like the cards 4meme's Holla Forums has made in the past.
2. Expose LO's bullshit. Unfortunately, I don't think there's really any way to get an honest response out of them. If they're willing to rig the competition and lie about why Libbie lost, then they're willing to falsify the vote results I'd bet. That being said, I think emailing the FOSS outlets like the other user suggested is a good idea. Like said, it's not really like they have much else to cover most of the time. Most of them have covered the LO mascot competition already. So, at the very least, we could put some heat on LO.
3. Crash the plane with no survivors by voting for the pengo. They want trash, they'll get trash.

Uh, guys...

paste that shit into translate.
I bet it's just the shitposter though.


ESPECIALLY considering that this isn't your grandfather's KiA. ALL the original mods left (afaik) and the post quality has gone to shit. The contest fuckery is extremely unlikely to be in any way SJW bullshit, and just normal bullshit, so screaming SJW at them won't help.

==THIS==. This is perhaps the most important thing. While I'm sure someone might link our involvement to chans, we always have the option to be polite(ish) and composed. Part of why I was hesitant to bring up email. I'm just nervous about people going overboard and flooding random Foundation volunteers with shit. (REMEMBER, this is only the Design team that's involved, I'm sure the rest of the foundation has little to do with this.

That being said I think voting for the very good and original penguin on the booru is fair game.

NOW, before someone says "MUH PR", this isn't just about us. Like I said, I don't want any of the heat going on Tyson though guilt by association. He's gotta be careful, and we should respect that.


quality post, have a meme

looks like halfcuck finally caught on to our plan.

Was getting caught part of our plan?

Libbie stuff is getting its own thread when this one hits bump limit. Just letting you know.

Of course!

I'm too fucking old to pretend I'm loyal to any one imageboard. Never was to 4chan, so why would that change now? We have bigger things to be talking about here.

Crashing LO, with no survivors.

Oh, I made that post earlier after reading that they were trying to vote for the octopus/owl, since they seem to be under the impression that it's winning organically and that's why they're voting against it. It seems like they're upset about Libbie losing as well, so I thought maybe I could get them to stop being retarded and go along with things. I guess I realize it could backfire so I deleted it. Didn't mean anything malicious by it.

So long as they understand not to be dipshits and go full shitpost with it all, I see no harm in having them help

il keep it in mind. and if Holla Forums wants some libbie banners I'm down for that.

Nationalism is the heart of Holla Forums.
We must be loyal to our own.



The LibreOffice guys are white males.
Tyson Tan is Chinese and female.
Someone should inform Vice, Huffington Post, Salon, Buzzfeed etc. and let them do the rest.

No not that kind. I'm just talking about FOSS press not actual press (and they won't care, trust me)

Also Tyson is male

In what universe?

Part of me thinks this is a bit irresponsible. But only part.

Is that last Libbie he drew in there?

The nuclear option.

In Vice/Huffington Post/Salon/Buzzfeed/et al.'s universe. They don't need to know he's a guy, they won't fact check anyway. They just want a story.

Well, let's just say... I got a hold of proper channel with T-Tan, made him realized what happened.
I am cross-posting to cuckchan just to make sure TT is not on the other side of the isle.

YOU DID WHAT!? user!!!

Oh dear lord.
What have you done?


The new thread for all things relating to Libbie:

Guys I think I know why he deleted some of his stuff. I think he was scared that he got rejected because of the more "mature" stuff he drew. He even deleted it from his DA and his Tumblr. He loves his work, and to think that he went and scrubbed it all just to realize that it wouldn't change things... just makes this whole thing feel even worse. I really hope he re-uploads the deleted images. I really liked trap-Kiki

I'm highly doubtful that this path will A. work B. be productive for anything more than a giggle. It'd be better to get more FOSS specific press on this.



Careful not to get Tyson even more shit than he's already got from all this

He wished us all good luck. Don't worry.
Stop crying like a pussy.

Its all of the libbies he drew, in the fuckhuge resolution he submitted. If you want to see libbie in HD then there you go.

Well, at least he knows we have his back and that he's not the only one that's upset.

Let him know we love him and Libbie!


was meant for

Some of the shitposts on the site get to stay up but mine must have hit home too hard and were deleted.

That's not all of them. The last one he drew and THEN took down isn't there.

wait is he going to nuke all of his artwork and put DNP on e621 because TLD was fucking faggots?

See the first part of my post here

I don't think the Document Foundation said anything. I think he was just worried that was the case.

If course he knew we love him.

No, he said that having Kiki is precious enough.
He needs some fresh air.

Check the older threads, someone saved it.

Jesus. user, if you REALLY told Tyson about this, that was a very stupid thing to do. Nigger IQ stupid.

Dude I am Asian.

He has spoken.


That makes it even worse.

This is bullshit. Both Libbie and the Cockatoo were the best ones there.

Document Foundation autists ruined everything.

Beaver was pretty nice as well

Have we hit bump limit? I'm going to bed. I'll continue this tomorrow.

Don't forget the otter, that otter was great.


I'm _very_ hesitant to gun for the whole foundation because this thing was organized by the LO Design team. I highly doubt the Foundation itself spent time meddling with results

Yeah. I said this before, but the actual devs likely had next to nothing to do with this.

How does one fix the blurriness in GIMP? I want the lines to be super crisp and the blurriness to go away.

No "Alias"

use a pixel editor like Kolourpaint. GIMP is a raster editor

Reminder that some greedy poo's just saw the prize money and cut corners until we were in flatland. But Tyson clearly loved what he did and didnt enter for the prizes. I want the prize to get fucking yanked out from under these scumbuckets, this is as bad as mobile clone game scamming.

He's/they're retarded.

How so?

Last reminder: New Libbi OC and lewd thread is here:

just use the dumped file from tysontan, its better than any shitty filtering youl get out of gimp. I also noticed the lines were a little blurry and had to blur the OK symbol and D for Based

Just like use the original image

More like "coming Soon".

I'm gonna finish that one in Inkscape (.svg) so anyone can control the resolution to their liking.

Also much lower file size.

Explain? Did you tell him "your artwork is great but it was rigged, just give up"?

This whole thing would've turned out so different if there had been no prize up for grabs.

You are a fucking saint user.

It's about time someone opened a new thread if one hasn't been already. See you fags tomorrow.

How. I am a dirty n00b.

You know, it's pretty beautiful to think. If what said is true, then the shit was rigged from the start and LO probably thought the whole thing would just fly under the radar. Little did they realize how furious a bunch of autists from an Egyptian competitive ratscrew community would get over their beloved Libbie.

She's our muse. What Kek is for Holla Forums Libbie shall be for Holla Forums. We do right by her, and he will fuel our autism and memes.

*she rather. Unless we get some futa Libbies.

I wonder if she is supposed to have a tail or not.

I told him "It was rigged, we need to do something"
He just go "Nah, leave it, LO has no sense of quality"
"We already have Kiki, let's just enjoy the moment, i knew this was coming"

Yes please. A cute little goat tail.

Yes. A dear type one.

So this is how it ended


Who could have fucking imagined it would have come to this?


If they wanted "professional" there's plenty of flat shape birds to choose from.



Gracias, user.

Here you go user

eugh, you fucking autists.
you were donfiddled when Tay exist,
fiddled when Premiere was made
and you have been fiddled here as well.
You were gamified.

By allowing user interaction on the promotion, word of mouth is made, and your product gets faster coverage than rumors
Like it's always said Nothing as bad publicity

>not part of the functionality
Fucking kill yourself.

Is it just me or the audio is panned to the right?