Color schemes

Friendly reminder that only unemployed NEETs use dark-as-their-soul color schemes.
Actual software engineers that get work done and work on big projects all use light schemes.

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I have two sets of color schemes. A light one and a dark one. Both of them based on this cute little sheet.

Friendly reminder that only unemployed NEETs LARPing as Actual software engineers that get work done and work on big projects make reddit tier bait threads on Holla Forums


Are you implying it's not a cute color scheme? Because that's kinda subjective.
Would it be better if I had wrote "in my opinion" before that statement? Are you really that stupid and easily impressed to believe other people's opinions as facts?
It's the full Breeze color scheme, made by the KDE project. That image is a bit outdated, but the color scheme looks good and it's easy on the eyes.
I'm positive that's impossible. You can't pull .png files out of your ass and then upload them to your PC, now can you?
I think you meant "figuratively pulled out of your ass" and in that case: no, I pulled it from the KDE forum last year.

Friendly reminder that syntax highlighting is juvenile.

I've been using solarized dark with a modified primary for more contrast.

I can't stand bright colorschemes especially during night and with redshift. I honestly want to move to something else but there's nothing that offers me the same level of comfort.

Who are the new hot neighbours on the colorscheme block ?
btw, I don't use syntax highlighting I'm looking at colorscheme solely from a terminal app theming point.


I use dark color schemes. My dad uses dark color schemes. Terminals even offering anything else, as well as alternatives to terminals, are relatively new, and I wouldn't say that the beneficiaries are definitely more serious than people whose only 'light color scheme' was found on a whiteboard, a printout, or lined paper.
salt's good for you. salt's bad for you. replace salt with X for any X. If you followed every bit of advice you heard in computing you would crippling RSI in 10 seconds flat. In the end what's important is paying attention to yourself and adjusting your workspace when it discomforts you. Only having my monitor as a my light source has come to bother me. Dark color schemes never have.

I just use the auto color scheme from the wal program. It takes your wallpaper and it apllies its colorscheme to the whole system. It's pretty nice

dark theme user detected

When i went to school, we had blackboards tbh fam. PCs and Apple IIs had dark screens. Some other computers didn't (Mac, Amiga), but it didn't matter. You had a computer and did fun stuff with it. Now I often use simply the text console (no graphics, no X) and of course it has a black screen. One time a young girl at work was horrified by my black screen. Maybe she thought it's gonna jump out and rape her?

Friendly reminder that computer screens are for chumps.

GBack to india please



It's like corporations that develop OSes are interested in people going blind prematurely. Look at all this white-blue-high contrast shit GNOME and Windows/Chrome OS interfaces are. Literally no one was interested in blue light radiation before 2 years ago, and suddenly Apple adds it to OS X/iOS, together with Android. Litrully what the fug, will we ever have good computing experience in our lives?


It literally hurts my eyes to use a light color scheme in a dark room. Sorry.




Underrated post of the year.

That color scheme looks good but I doubt I could stare at it for too long, it's too bright.

I knew it was KDE Breeze before I read the file name. That plasma blue haunts my dreams.

AGGRESSIVE REMINDER that black text on a white background is just a skeuomorph for black ink on white paper originally created to make computers seem more friendly to the aging office secretaries that were expected to use them.

The web and interface design trend for the 2020s is going to be black backgrounds, due to AMOLED becoming the prominent technology for screens. Colors on a black AMOLED screen look stunning. But black looks like shit on LCD screens hence why it was rarely used. YouTube implementing an official night mode is a sign that this trend is just starting.

Funny, I found exactly zero coworkers using light themes. But hey, a NEET imageboard knows best about what people who work use.

Plan9 theme for Emacs (based on the colours from Acme/Sam) is one the only colourschemes I can genuinely classify as good.

Almost every theme out there, light or dark, is either a nightmarish fruitsalad or bland-as-my-soul low-contrast.
Plan9 maintains a reasonable level of contrast allowing well differentiated colours, yet is not garish in any way. However, the most important thing separating it from other schemes is the fact that it actually highlights things I want to read (comments) while blending into the background those that I don't care about (keywords). Note also that function names are marked in a stark black face that clearly separates them from other elements. The fact that these factors are so often overlooked suggests to me that a lot of people out there are more interested in the aesthetics of their editor than actually using it to do anything.

As for dark vs light, I simply use a light theme during the day or when I have sunlight, or dark otherwise. Levels of eyestrain indicate that this is the most appropriate policy.

Sadly, I have to use light themes.

People who have astigmatism should use light themes, otherwise they'll suffer from some serious eye strain.

I have it in one eye and I don't experience eye strain. Even periods of over 16 hours
The main thing that causes is my eyes to hurt is dehydration.

It has jack shit with black looking "stunning" on OLED. It's all about power saving, since OLEDs actually draw significantly more watts of power with all white backgrounds

OLED is also completely unsuitable for desktop monitors because it fucking burns in. But if that wasn't enough, those vibrant colours are ridiculously inaccurate and they degrade over time, with the blue degrading twice as quickly as the others, so the colours diverge even more as time goes on.

What few monitors exist are intended for working with broadcast and are priced as such.

THIS, tbh. Bright backgrounds are cancerous. Every ophtalmologist I asked told me dark backgrounds help significantly reduce eyestrain.

Found the LARPer

What reduces eyestrain is to match your monitor brightness to the ambient light levels. Do not use a computer screen in dark rooms. Do not use a computer screen at night, you should wake up early in the morning before dawn and continue your work through the day.

I've probably written more code than all of you combined. I use whatever theme is the default and don't fuss with it like some prissy faggot. The only time I do change something is when it's hopelessly shit otherwise, like dark blue comment lines in vim on a black background.

Congratulations on finishing Fizzbuzz.

Thanks friend, I wish you the best in your Fizzbuzz application.

And how am I supposed to know what I'm doing? Print everything?

Go to bed, night is for sleeping. Wake up early, day time is for working. The vast majority who work at night can avoid doing so but choose not to. I hope they enjoy straining their eyes because of their lifestyle choices.

I used a WYSE term at low brightness for years in a dark room and I have excellent night vision as a result.

Reading documentation is essential, I do it almost every day.
The LARPers are the ones obsessing over whether a language uses if else or elif. Once you know those details there's no reason to pay attention to them again.

I tried using a light scheme but i can literally feel my eyes starting to hurt after i look at it for a bit.

i like how people who claim to have worked years as programmer don't care about their health and just use w/e shitty theme is available
real professional guys



Which of these objectively looks better?

Second one. Low contrast dark schemes are best. Looks like solarized although the blue colour seems a little bit too sharp, which scheme is it?

It's gruvbox and I have trouble finding a good blue.
How's this?

Not bad, but personally I would avoid having boolean literals with the same colours as the sizeof operator and flow control keywords.
IMO flow control should use that red, all literals should use purple and the sizeof operator should use that green.

In the old days you couldn't really change the theme anyway, because there was none. You had some color text on some color background, and it wasn't even a given you could change them. Some computers/terminals didn't have other colors, much less graphics. My own first computer was 8-bit system with green monochrome monitor, so all you could have is shades of green. I couldn't afford the color monitor, and anyway the green one was much easier to read in high resolution (80 column) mode. Now I just use (n)vi* in terminal and don't care much about colors, but a dark background and high contrast text is mandatory. Also a blinking cursor, damnit.
* I used vim for a while, but it got bloated. Bye, Bye, vim!
Pic was my monitor. I'd turn the brightness down and contrast up, and that was really sweet and easy. No need to fuck around with configuration themes and other shit.

Which scheme are you using? Can you post it?

you mean all TWO of them?

definetly the first one. I can't get shit done when trying dark themes.


Looks like a thinly-veiled pac-man clone tbh fam.


Is there a medical/scientific explanation on what color schemes we should use?
High/low contrast, blue/amber colors and so on.
I would like to see. This ricer LARPing isn't gonna take us anywhere unless we have some proof if certain features do have values.

Dark themes emit less light thereby causing less strain on the retina as it is subject to the exposure of an order of magnitude less radiation.

Any interesting papers to read on the topic, user?

There are studies that prove that light backgrounds are way more ergonomic than dark ones, which will cause eyestrain till you go blind.
There are also studies that prove light backgrounds will burn off your retinas whereas dark ones will increase productivity by 325%.

It's like studies about which foods to eat. Salt, fats, fiber, protein; they'll all allow you to become a hundred years old. Unless they kill you by the age of 24, of course.

I am paid to program and use black background and don't have problems. I'm waiting on OLED screens.


What's wrong with Go, not stylish enough for your refined tastes? I'll admit the lack of generics is annoying and the "if err != nil" gets repetitive, but it's a fun language to work with that has a lot of utility.

Many thanks for the info :). Do you think any of the meme PC glasses are worthwhile; or are they worthless to prevent the possible damage from repeated PC usasge?

Fuck u nigga I work and college, and dark as my soul themes are the only acceptable option for me to use late at night when I'm trying not to let everything fall apart.
Also it reminds me of those cancer inducing oscilloscopes I learned how to signal in, good times. All my CAD softwares use the dark (more liek dork lmao) scheme too, because fuck you light.

OLED is inferior technology.

t. owner of a worn out OLED screen it didn't even last more than a few years and it looks like shit

There is no better indicator of a nodev/webdev than a customized theme.

Why do you need to know your computer's temp at all times? Did you fuck up so bad building it that it might crash if not babysit?

It's a laptop, sometimes when I compile code or process a lot of things it gets hot, and it was a default setting for i3 that I haven't bothered to change.

Anyone else?


I've been on chans for at least 9 years now, longer than that reddit spacing meme has been around.

3/3, feels good man

Wasn't there a study done that showed that amber text on a black screen was the easiest on the eyes?


smh tbh fam

Great argument there pal

I used laptops out in the desert, and we had ice packs to keep them running. They were just 386's though, and this was long before themes and temperature sensors. They ran Xenix, and just text console.


second one.
and it's not necessarily that it "looks better",
it's that the first one hurts my eyes and it's hard to read shit because all I see is a bright mess like I'm staring at the sun.
I can immediately notice a difference when trying to read the code on the second one.

are you implying there's only 2 literals?
what about demitrue? falsequeer? nonbinary?
stop misliteraling


How do I get these in my VIM editor?
Using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

install airline and make sure you have the right symbols installed.


seems legit

That's wrong. You have to use light themes to stay woke plus your eyes won't hurt or you could just fire up a 1K+ lumens LED lamp.
Dark themes are good if you're about to sleep but it'll only fuck up your eyesight the next day and in long run.
It's like you have anxiety issues, user. No offense.

you cared too much that you know what differs them from you but you've become one?

this. OP never touched CAD or 3D software. Most professional music, paint, and video production are also dark themed. Obsessing over light themes are fags who can't afford a proper lamp or probably have screen with poor black contrast. True devs obsess over font hinting, aliasing, kerning, filtering, etc. Hackers writing 3000 lines on one sitting will literally use any color scheme.

this. OLED is junk, burned blue LEDs and greenish-red white from those're the crappiest I've ever seen.

Which big name developers used heavily customized desktops and themes?

True devs don't give a shit as they're too busy writing code.
If you take your car to a mechanic and all his tools are spotless with consistent branding and color coordinated you'd think something is wrong as they clearly spend their time obsessing over looks and not doing their job.

Fonts will be anything you'll see the whole day if you code a lot. I'm not talking about "8 hour job" at this point. The same's true for writers who obsess on their trusty fountain pen and master their beautiful calligraphy and word bank.
A programmer is no different. Good keyboard, beautiful fonts, beautiful code.

The meticulous process of creation is different from the messy fixing hackjob (aka your mechanic). The mechanic is the pajeet whose job is to debug shipwreck of errors in existing Java (tm) codes.
The true developer knows their limits and knows well how improving the little things would influence their final product.

If your job is staring at code all day, you want it to be comfortable. It's more like being a truck driver and having a seat made from plywood, or a long-distance runner using flip-flops. Your metaphor about the mechanic is more akin to a programmer using an LED gamer keyboard. It's comfort while working, and your metaphor is shit because it doesn't take that into account.

So you can give me examples of hardcore devs that fuck around with themes? Linus doesn't. Carmack didn't.

So Carmack does now or is he dead?

Carmack used 22" 1920x1080 CRT in 1995 just to stuff all his code on one screen.

Get on my level plebs.

What font is this? I need to know.

Carmack is basically retired, now.

Care to share the color hex codes

Seems to be Fantasque Sans Mono:

The theme is sanityinc-tomorrow-eighties

And he still had to hire Michael Abrash to do the real heavy lifting.

not a 1900x1200 22" CRT? Also, what's hardcore about that?
LCDs were inferior to CRTs for more than a decade, when they took over. Everything looked worse on worse resolutions. But you could move without mild risk of killing a child.

Most of us back then were using super high-res black & white screens we'd stolen from Sun labs or their dumpsters.

tbh if you don't know who Unangst is you should just get off of Holla Forums. also browser being a piece of dogshit isn't relevant to the discussion.

I do know the fact that most foss websites are self-signed. Pic related. You need to calm yourself.

Why be selfsigned when you can just get an SSL certificate for free through Let's Encrypt, minus the fact that you are required to renew your certs if you are using Let's Encrypt.

Self-signed certificate means you trust only your self and your server software on the security of the channel. if you receive someone's self-signed certificate from first hand, you only need to trust them.
CA model means you need to trust a middleman on issuing and keeping your certificates safe, this is bad and should avoided at all cost.
And since that website serves textual information only, no login pages or banking services, readers should be fine with accessing it over http. If you suspect that whether your ISP, VPN or Tor exit node fucks with plain http, you have to change them immediately.
One's security needs to be a concern of his own, without involving third parties.

Am I the only one that can't read white text on a black background? within 30 seconds my eyes hurt, and for several minutes after I finish I have a bunch of horizontal lines superimposed on my vision.