What exactly are you doing?


I'm browsing low quality threads on a technology board on a Mesopotamian pottery site.

Look mom, I posted it again.
Why? Because my life is boring and I can't make myself do anything if I don't show it to anyone else and shitpost

you're oddly pretentious.
do you really think you're that informed about me?
don't get so upset, user. maybe get some sleep. you're sounding retarded.


obviously he's just downloading the haccing tool nano first in order to hack the FBI

this of couse

Unironically, Watch Dogs was more accurate than Mr Reddit.


you have autism

i didn't know karlie posts on this board

Yeh baby, im fuckin hacking the matrix.

Mr Robot thread uh?
Who else hyped for episode 7?
Also lolling all those autists ITT who couldn't write a FizzBuzz in Scratch yet cry because once in the series they used a retarded command.
If you'd actually seen the series btw, you'd know this happens when he's in prison for stealing that guy's dog but he's actually deluded into thinking that he works for some darth nets criminal
So it makes actual perfect sense that they'd use a retarded command IMO.

>he's actually deluded into thinking that he works for some darth nets criminal
That did actually happen though, it was being run by crooked security guards. He even got cornered and had the shit kicked out of him for getting them busted, then the nignog working for White Rose and stabbed his attackers.

I still don't get it. Ubuntu Trusty has sudo and nano installed by default. Did he just randomly uninstall them and needed them again? Why would he need sudo if he is already able to log in as root? Why would he be installing nano instead of emacs?

When he "wakes up" we see the black guy and the security guard perfectly normal there, and honestly the black dude killing everyone was highly unrealistic. Maybe I didn't get that right since English isn't my native language and a lot of the talking, especially from Elliot, is mumbling that sometimes I don't fully understand, though.

just like rms he never goes anywhere without his thinkpad.

maybe it's an error and he didn't mean to install them but rather to run 'nano' as root after upgrading his system

Shiggy the diggy

Then make a better thread, runt. Stop complaining here and making things awkward, runt. I would rape your watermelons, runt.

You just destroyed a thread which was probably more worthy than yours. Bravo.