Jim Watkins of 8ch Confirmed for "Jim Cherney"

He uploaded a video of himself with Hotwheels so yeah, it's definitely him without a doubt now. People weren't sure before but the video in "A special message from Frederick Brennan" confirms it.

who is Jim Cherney?

What are the implications of this? I've never heard of Jim Cherney, and never looked into Jim Watkins.


1. News website called 'the goldwater' starts dominating /newsplus/, the replacement for /n/.

2. Guy who does the vids for 'the goldwater' looks a ton like Yogapig aka Jim the owner of Holla Forums and 2ch.

3. Never confirmed, but last video features a bunch of flip boysluts and dudwheels, effectively confirming it's Jim himself doing his own news thing.


For what it's worth, /n/ was a fucking trainwreck, and /newsplus/ was on track to become an SJW nest because they accepted applications from all kinds of "journalists".

Better someone with 8ch's interest at heart post many articles for their own site on that awful board than letting SJWs and cultural marxists get a foothold in another part of the internet. Besides, if you ever need news, Holla Forums is pretty reliable.

He asked me the 'what' of the thing, and I gave it. I don't think it's bad per se, but newsplus and the brown water is a shit show. Jim has negative charisma in his vids, not to mention one of his first vids was basically sucking huge cocks talking about the holocaust.

Well, nobody was sure at the time and now we know

I'd been wondering why I'd been seeing his double-digit-viewed videos posted here in the past few weeks. Makes sense now.

/newsplus/ is a pure garbage, but you seriously can't even attempt to argue /n/ was anything but the designated pajeet shitposting board 24/7

no shit?

no shit, we figured this out long ago.

Do something useful with your time here user and help fight the pedos rather than attacking the site that hosts you ffs.

i thought it was obvious


How is this an attack?

alright. i love infiintychan, but have also heard some things about jim. any oldfags got the rundown on him? is he good goy or Holla Forumsro?

he's (((freemason)))

Holla Forums is still up and running, that's pretty much all I care about. Everything else is metashit. I'm tired of these relentless chasing after who does what around here, even before cuckgate and their eceleb worship of cripplekike.

he's a free mason and ex-military

thanks guys

Fun fact about Jim, he hates this video. Post it wherever he shows up and watch him get upset. This vid is why we call him yogapig, he absolutely despises that nickname.

He's an ex-spook mason though so I don't know how much I'd trust him. I'm always on a VPN though. Go say hi on >>>/jim/

low energy

whoa a real human bean

Come on Jim, I saw you post:
on a video on /jewspus/

Holla Forums became a shadow of it's former self once him and JIDF mods took over. He is a pretty funny character otherwise, would have a beer with.

pretty fitfat for an old guy