MINIX: ​Intel's hidden in-chip operating system

Did you know you're actually running MINIX/GNU/Linux? Well, you are.

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An Open Letter to Intel - by Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Good start.

Surely, they paid him for that?

Surely, some of that money saved went to the creator? Surely, they at least credit him? Surely, open source enriches everyones lives?

Oh! Thanks for the freedom, Dr. Tanenbaum! Look what it got us!

Fuck you, OSSfags. You made this bed. Now all of us get raped in it.

Surely, they contributed back? And didn't just take the code and run off with it!



Why do you have this kind of fantasy to bring up sex with you wife when there is absolutely no context about this? What is wrong with you?

there's only one way out of this mess fam

So should we buy AMD processors


I'm not sure how this could be true.

>* Drivers (disk, net, USB, mouse)

The funny thing is this is basically what's missing from MINIX3 to make it useable on desktop. I'm fine with just VESA graphics (no GPU driver) but this other stuff is critical.

is this just FUD?
am i scared

Nope. They do the same kind of horseshit. At least we know how Intel is doing it.

No it's not FUD. It's real son.

the only way to fix this is to have some russian hacker release some virus that takes out half of the normies computers and nukes their icloud

So, Holla Forums, tell me: Is this how they will pull off Project Blue Beam? Not just will they put signs in the sky but with this access they could control every device with power supply and in reach of a wireless or wired internet connection. They could reveal their false god on every fucking screen in the western hemisphere at once. Besides targeting individuals at horrendous efforts this seens to be the only other use case which would justify these means.

At least I'm mentally prepared now, if not disgusted.

This is the "freedom" Stallman and his minions desire. You will not have the freedom to not run free software.

Where have you been? IME has been known for like a decade.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. If anything, users are completely stripped of their freedom. Unless he meant Jewtel having the freedom to subjugate their customers, in which case he'd be proving why permissive licensing is a mistake.

This was the type of thing GPL v3 was designed to prevent. If this kike that wrote minix released it in gpl v3 we'd have the source or intel would be forced to actual spend money outside of diversity programs to write their own shit instead of using this

does it for "free"

Meanwhile in systemD land...

I'm fully aware of this, but only now I feel confirmed enough to beleive that you could actually make use of this shit. Before it was just too abstract for me to fathom, but since they put a funcitoning operating system in there (which also gives zero fucks about any ME being active or not)...

Excuse me, it's not MINIX/GNU/Linux, it's actually MINIX/GNU&Systemd/Linux.
Or, to be precise, MINIX/GNU&Systemd/Linux/Debian/Ubuntu&KDE/Kubuntu.

Have a nice day.

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rings < 0 dont exist
what's the world coming to?!

amd has just as much botnet in PSP, atleast intel's botnet can be neutered to some extent with me_cleaner, there's nothing equivalent for amd yet. So if you want faster shit than a 10 year old processor intel + me_cleaner (whatever it supports, not newest of the new) is the way to go.

or if you want a computer that costs as much as a new car than talos

I had a pdf one day (I don't know where it is), about the possibility of creating a screen in the sky, with aluminum spreading (cf. chemtrails).

Man, Bluebeam project is about something you would never believe before possible. People know about TV, about video games. To make them believe this is something beyond that, some kind of miracle, you need more. Moreover, we don't know what is being researched since all this time in the Antarctica bunkers.

Seriously, who knows. It's maybe too just a possibility, in the middle of countless projects of how to announce the coming of their "Messiah", and the founding of the new world order, the perfect dystopia.

Take care my friend. Even the one who knows, with faith, will fall for it. So strengthen your faith and knowledge even more. You'll need it.

Amen, brother.
I get shivers when I ponder that this is truly the endtimes(tm) now. But the more I try to ignore that, the more blatant all the signs become. Maybe some of us will survive and can meet after the big reset.

Been making an autistic list of shit. what do you think so far?
Findings so far
Beagle and some allwinners are free except for GPU accel
LowRISC is an upcoming SOC running on RISC-V

Desktops: Lots of C2Ds and atoms here, but there's also very nice opterons and an iMac
As escaping x86 may be our only long term solution, try TALOS II, which is OpenPOWER. It's quite expensive though.

See the above TALOS II and used Opteron boards.
[POSSIBILITY] PogoLinux offers rackmounts with two 48-core ARM processors!

Laptops: For x86, you have the usual librebooted memepads
Purism isn't libre, and may be bullshit artists according to this board, but they seem to have a roadmap that leads to Libreboot
Here is a project for a Libre PowerPC laptop, shooting for RYF certification.
2005 Powerbooks: OpenFirmware, powerpc architecture. Be warned: only 2GB of DDR2 ram max!
ARM Chromebooks. Dead serious. Open it up, unscrew a screw, flash coreboot internally, install loonix of choice.


The Finn vs the Kike.
I always side with my kin.

it sounds like minux is built in the processor actually. So no matter what OS you will still run it.
Maybe time to wipe out the actual Commodore 64 and just stick with writing assembly code.

GPLv3 wouldn't have made a difference here.

Intel's already breaking the BSD license, they don't give a shit about legality.

They would have used QNX or some other RTOS like that. I'm sure they could afford it, but you know jews...
Also QNX used to have free demo you could download that fit on just one floppy disk. That's the entire OS, with GUI and everything. Pretty badass! It was just a demo though, no source code, etc. Some info & pics here:

Forth is a great language to use on 8-bit systems too. It doesn't need much memory at all, is fairly fast, and can do inline asm.

Sounds like it's time for some extrajudicial killings.

Nice list. I've been aware of a few of the things in it but the desire for an entire open system is what I want the most. If only the Talos II wasn't so damn expensive. Again, good list user.

Fortunately the later PPC desktops did not have this limit. You can put 16gigs in to the G5's.

TempleOS isn't even running in Ring 0 now. The NSA/intel/AMD botnet owns that. Best you can do is 1.

I'll explain the metaphor.
Intel is using Tanenbaum's code in a proprietary product. He gets nothing in return, neither money nor improvements. In the metaphor, this is compared to letting Jamal have sexual intercourse with his wife.
Tanenbaum doesn't mind this, he only minds that Intel didn't tell him. That is like not protesting that Jamal has sex with his wife, but only asking if he can watch.
Comparing things to a cuckolding fetish and successfully identifying and analyzing those comparisons is an important skill for users of imageboards.

Minix is just a shitty OS, not a wife. Still don't know where is the notice that actually enforced by the BSD licenses too, so he actually screwed over with his "potential users".


How do they know?

Some information comes from documentation that Intel makes publicly available. Most of the rest comes from analysis of ROM dumps and experimentation with the hardware.

The only point of using BSD vs outright PD is it requires giving credit to the author. Oh and it also absolves the author of legal responsibility, and allegedly nobody can just "release something directly into PD". But those last two points are secondary, and a result of the legal system. Terry Davis uses PD though, and probably nobody could sue him anyway, or at least he would have a very solid defense (serious mental condition).
But Tannebaum doesn't need credit, other than just to satisfy his ego. He already made a name for himself in the CS field. Many people primarily want credit for their work so they can add it to their resume and so forth (the countless pointless showcase projects that litter github are ample evidence). People often get hired from prior work. But he doesn't need that, it's purely for ego.
If he didn't care at all, the code would be under ISC or similar. That kind of fully permissive license is when the author just doesn't care, at all. I released game mods under WTFPL, just for the lulz. I frankly don't give a shit what happens with them. I had fun making them, it gave me something to do. Some people just watch TV instead, but that's too boring/passive for me.
But Intel fucked up. They were supposed to give him credit, and they didn't. Maybe he can sue them for this, but the compensation probably won't include source code since that's not a requirement of BSD. And it doesn't seem like he wants that anyway. He probably chose the right license. Other people here complaining have the illusion that he thinks like they do. That's also a result of ego.
None of that fixes *our* botnet problem though, and it's ridiculous to think Intel would ever consider handing away any of the secrets it so closely guards. Without MINIX, they'd have just used another OS, or written their own. Expecting openness and transparency from any of these tech companies is very naive. They're here to exploit us and make shekels, nothing more. They're big enough to have large politican influence and probably also work hand-in-hand with the feds for a princely kickback sum.

Also, I should add: that stupid cuckhold analogy is wrong. In that scenario, Tannenbaum's son is fucking all of our wifes. It's his code that's running on all our Intel CPUs, doing wtf it wants, with us mostly powerless to stop it. His ego forces him care about how far and wide his seed has spread.
It's up to us to uncuck ourselves, somehow. My next machine will probably be an ARM SBC, but that's just a stopgap and a way to not give Intel more money. It may come down to actually making custom hardware from scratch, with microcontrollers, FPGAs, and/or using 80's CPUs. People addicted to modern games, HD video, Web 2.0, etc. will have the most problems adapting. I'm relatively lucky in that I grew up on 8-bit computers and find them comfy.


Worth noting, there's a team that claims to have found an exploit to run unsigned code on ME. They will be presenting their findings at Black Hat Europe 2017 in December:

This potentially opens the way to de-kiking and re-purposing ME by replacement with a custom OS. LEDE/OpenWRT might fit the bill.

yes they do satan

yes they do

He knew, he was handsomely rewarded for his silence.

you know i'm ready, i tried to warn the normies i know, i hoarded computers, and i'm ready

let the me apocalypse happen already, it'll be a huge disaster and will really get the ball rolling on a number of conversations that we all *REALLY* need to have about spying, surveillance, control, computer security, and how this all ties into our civic duties to actually look at all these things critically for once, as a society

the military and companies and spy agencies will all kick and scream the whole way but we seirously can't live like this, something has to give sooner or later and I suspect it may have started already

Check this, also Blackhat is a FED conference nowadays.

Solution is already here, and it is why i buy IBM Power8 soon 9. (Talos) If i want to play a game wich is rarely do i can do that on this machine but i also have a dedicated Ryzen system for it that they can snoop on all they like but is in a DMZ zone anyway.





I've been working on it for a bit. Originally came up with stuff in this post: and have been gradually adding some things as I go, with the help of halfchan.


Actually it would.
If the software was under GPLv3 they would either have discarded it for usage or we would have one of the most intense juridical battle for software/hardware freedom.

No they aren't to the contrary of the GPLv3 the BSD or MIT doesn't specify that you need to release the source code if X isn't respected.
And also in this case it's not intel who has the modified minix code (theoretically) but the company who made it.
Imo they would have used L4 which is the microkernel of snapdragon radioband chips.

Nothing new.

Please post the non shortened version.

It's old news but not fud

MurderCUCK license strikes again

I don't think anything can be done but to exterminate the vast majority of humanity. Linux devs especially. If we are to move on to the digital age for real then we have to get rid of most people who are now out of date in this new world. They cannot reasonably continue to exist in a world of computing machines. To them, computers are a black box that can do anything (except spy on them, but even if they did, it would be totally fine and you should have nothing to hide anyway)

Yes it's edgy but it's also reality. We cannot have nice things any more because of normalfags and their abuse of computing machines. Soon we will lose all access to the hardware and code, and the only computers accessible to anyone but a tiny elite will be touchscreen walled garden app machines. The public will fucking applaud it and thank their masters for their nice new smartphones. Burn them all. Burn the fucking world for all I care. I am demoralized. There is absolutely nothing that can survive normalfags.

Computers are like the emergence of farms in nature. They represent a fundamental shift in the balance of power. You cannot trust an animal around a farm. You cannot trust a human around a computer.

What Power8 system do you own? I would like to find a replacement to my tired G5 systems.

You got it all wrong; your reasoning implies he's in control, when in reality he's just as cucked as anyone else who uses an Intel CPU.

ideology is useless without functionality. The problem is when you forsake your principles for having shit just werk. Then you're doubly fucked (you signaled that you're content with running botnet and you're SOL if shit decides to just not werk)

Yes, they are. They (or the mobo vendors, at least) should have added a copyright notice somewhere in the documentation for users to see, otherwise it's a violation of MINIX's BSD license.

the funny part is people say that, but then when you point at their browsing history or bookmarks, most scramble to clear it/hide them.

This is the whole idea behind OSS, a company can use existing, proven, software instead of writing their own, immature, crap. Would you rather be running MINIX or Intel's own in house shit?

I'm so sick of seeing this shit, people promoting "freedom" all day until someone actually exercises it, then it's bad.

Same but on a more mitigated note we (at least I do) fortunately apply these software for a good purpose.
RMS has foreseen it he knew that people can't be trusted if you give them an irrevocable way of fucking up other people.
The GPLv3 doesn't stop bad behavior but it stops a malicious party to stop you from doing what you want with your software/hardware

Intel breached the BSD license too (if they really use Minix). It's also shit, because the AMT proven to be a crap despite the OSS parts and you can't do anything to fix it.

Would you rather be running a buggy piece of shit toy OS or an embedded system with the bare minimum amount of code that isn't even an OS because that's not necessary to do the job? They use this buggy shit because it's free and for no other reason.

They use MINIX because it has failsafe design. It's kinda like nodejs for chips. It's fullstack and non-blocking I/O, so you get the realtime performance jiffies.

real-time performance my ass
because of its IPC there is a huge latency between kernel commands and userland results

Terry always told you to run on the bottom ring, but we already knew "All is botnet".

yes, it would have made a world of a differece, assuming Tanenbaum wanted to act on it.

Intel would be legally compelled to give every user source code _and_ the means to replace the version in hardware. No more botnet

They would have just not used minix if it was GPLed.

A company like INTEL would have ran the license for minix through their legal department before using it. If it wasn't cleared by 'legal' they would have had to find something else.

And ?
Intel can breach the BSD or MIT they don't give a dam because the consequences of breaching those are insignificant.
The BSD or MIT isn't stipulating that if you breach the license you have to release the source code if you have ever read the GPL you know that it specifies that you have to do so when you distribute a binary.
What intel did with minix only proves that "Open source" software is actually used in a non freedom friendly manner if they had used a software under the GPLv3 they could have done the same bad spying functions except that people could have flashed/removed the bad parts.

They do.

It depends what kind of modification they did but we all know that no software is invulnerable it's just a cat and mouse game.
Thanks crypto signatures that's now used by every major hardware vendor (nvidia amd etc...)

how is limiting their options not a difference?

at that point it would have been someone else's fault.



Then why open source cucks make their work free for companies and jews? How cucked are open source niggers?

open source is a hoax developed and promoted by jews, so they get free development, which then they can sell

so why are open source niggers so weak and cucks? why won't they sue Intel or holocaust it with terr**ism

We'll see if they survive until december. Or if they get blackmailed.

ME is not everything, there is UEFI too. Or firmware in HDD and other hardware.

Agreed. We need a genocide. A hitler of technology age.

Yes, the jews are changing our computers into consuming devices, step by step. One of steps was forcing 16:9 aspect ratios. Other was Windows Store.
Finally, only biggest corporations will be allowed to produce content and software. Users will be sheeps who consume.
The only solution is to holocaust corporations and jews that own them. Also corrupt governments controlled by said jews. We need a holocaust.

We need to share advice how to burn all of them. Then start doing action. It has to happen soon, I'm ready.



Why even bother with Linux at this point? The nice Intel engineers ported MINIX to all the boards for us, and wrote ethernet and wifi drivers, etc.
Now Tanenbaum gets the last laugh, after Linus insisted on outdated monolithic kernel design.–Torvalds_debate

The future really will call this time the second dark age.

Nice e-drama.

So your idea is to make the Minix kernel running on IME the main kernel for the computer with all userland programs running on the beefy modern cores?
sounds good, but Intel won't give us access.

Well unless you can show me the source code for all the minix boards on x86 then because there's no telling what else is in those (((blackboxes))).

Make a fork of Minix that hacks into Intel`s IME
Do it my minions!

Too much pain. Support free platform and abandon x86_64

Please do a bit of reading before you spout your ignorant opinions. This is all because of people like Torvalds and Eric S. Raymond wanting to make it "business friendly" to make free software. They don't care about the users and this is the result. Honestly, anyone still advocating for anything other than the free software idea is a fucking cuck and should be lynched.

Honestly, please hang yourself. This is bad, but this isn't some kind of weird conspiracy theory. Stop huffing paint and get off Holla Forums.

Honestly, what should happen is that an enterprising autist should find an exploit in ME and just nuke the internet. If people are shown that this shit is fundamentally unsafe, it will stop or nobody will buy intel products. What's best is that these CPUs are not even safe by being airgapped, so even un-networked computers could be fucked up. I hope this happens in my lifetime. The faggots pushing this deserve it.

These CPUs are safe by being airgapped. Wireless networking may seem magical, but they conform to the laws of physics which means there are limits to how how they work. These CPUs have no networking by themselves.

Oh look, at jewish shill

you get that it's tivoized right? cryptographically-verified. out of reach. requires kike seal of approval

Open source hardware when?


Ah, I must have been thinking of something else that freaked the shit out of me. Still, the vast majority of modern computers are in danger, and this might turn out to be a good thing in the end.

When we're dealing with Jews, all potential evidence gets thoroughly wiped away by them. Ever heard the phrase "Oy vey shut it down"? It's more than just a meme. It's reality my friend.

This is your brain on Holla Forums.

Perhaps one day, (((you'll))) take the red pill too.

I assume he's thinking about the recording of CPU activity by studying the radio noise that the CPU generates. I remember seeing some paper that deduces what's happening inside the CPU and maybe even be able to remotely execute CPU instructions. This is a very obscure security attack that's not limited to Intel chips but all computer chips that ever exist; if you can actually deduce the proper interpretation of the generated radio signals.

I wish I could link to the paper I saw but I didn't think of keeping track of it when I skimmed through it.

This is why I fucking hate imageboards.

Finn vs. Kike is like Daddy's slow brother vs. Daddy's automaton. How about Daddy's slow and simple brother vs. Daddy's miscegenated cousin?


Liberal free software licenses are more free by definition. However, some of us don't actually care for more freedom but specific essential freedoms.

get your priorities right Holla Forums, baby steps

microkernels played us like a damn fiddle



No, it's not more free because any derivative works can deny the user essential freedoms, as is being done here.d

When we're dealing with reptilian aliens, all potential evidence gets thoroughly wiped away by them. Ever heard the phrase "By my scales, shut it down"? It's more than just a meme. It's reality my friend.

By definition, derivative works are different works and therefore, they are their own entity. The fact that derivative works might possibly be non-free software doesn't change the fact that the parent is permissively licensed free software; the fewer permissions required implies it is more free. Permissively licensed free software is more free but that doesn't matter, we should focus on whether that specific title permits users to have their essential freedoms.

MINIX — The most popular OS in the world, thanks to Intel
You might not know it, but inside your Intel system, you have an operating system running in addition to your main OS, MINIX. And it’s raising eyebrows and concern

How can I find out if my Intel chip has it and how can I remove it?

You can't completely remove it or update it yourself yet. But you can remove functionality from it and the ability for anyone to use it from the network by using'. Just google it and follow the wiki on it. Also don't have a proccessor made after intel haswell or you are permenantelly fucked by GPU blobs.

All chips starting from Core have it.
If you're using i-anything or other chips from this era (pentiums n shit), see .
If you're on core2duo, it might be possible to remove it altogether by flashing libreboot.
Pre-Core chips don't have this.

Eventually there will be a board that can target haswell and before chips with libreboot since you only need to reverse-engineer one board's minix drivers and shit. Coreboot is already a thing for them. But anything after haswell is fucked because of hardware enforced and signed gpu blobs. Which means no libreboot and very difficult to implement coreboot bios creation.

It's like arguing why a country that allows slavery is more free.
Where is the PSP on this die?