why is ffmpeg and/or x264 a botnet jewish piece of shit? when I encode video with this shit it writes unique metadata to file like "Writing library" and "Encoding settings", "Writing application".
why did open source niggers decided to deanonymize me? why they cooperate with CIA and jews? the job of video encoder is to encode video, not to sell me to CIA and fingerprint all my videos
stupid open source niggers have to advertise their shit everywhere, I am surprised they don't put "x264" watermarks in video files

Imagine that you are journalist or whistleblower and encode important video using ffmpeg/x264, then release it to the public. But then the CIA analyzes video and see that there is video uploaded on Youtube with same "encoding settings" etc, uploaded by your personal account. So they identify you and put you into guantanamo for water boarding and anal raping.

I hate open source software. I use closed source because it gives me a choice and doesn't put things I don't want into my files. Fucking open source niggers write fingerprints into every file you touch with their software. Stay away from open source and linux. I am using Microsoft Windows and I should have used commercial and closed source software, it wouldn't write bullshit fingerprint. I plan to remove all open source shit that I have because they are botnets.

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I tried to remove the fingerprint and found this advice:

I installed open source GPAC to remove fingerprints. After installing nigger gpac overwrites video file associations without asking, so now nigger OSMO4 is run when I click on video file.
le "freedom as in open source"

the shit doesn't remove fingerprints anyway, it's useless


debugging by the CIA
what is the point of open source when CIA agents just join open source projects and put backdoors and fingerprints into it? or they just bribed x264 niggers to insert that "feature"

we need a tool to remove fingerprints or a non-CIA fork of x264 and ffmpeg

I start to understand why Terry A. Davis uses Microsoft Windows for his workstation. He shits on open source too

Oh, like Photoshop and Lightroom, which would put your camera and lens's serial number in pictures by default?

Terry uses Ubuntu.

That could be true, but there is more proprietary software.
Also in case of photos it's easy to strip metadata, just copy the pixels, paste into new window of software and save it.
(unless the software would encode metadata/fingerprint as variations in pixel colors, but saving to jpg should make it hard to be restored)

But what can I do in case of videos made with x264? We need a tool to remove the fingerprint.


also ubuntu would be worst choice possible, it's a botnet that sells your local file search history to advertisers

i didn't know it did this but apparently your not full of shit it does.

this should be easy to strip though, already in these forums there's people whining that the media settings aren't there because they want to copy someone elses settings, demonizing those who remove the info

And water is wet. Any real news OP?



ffmpeg -i in.mov -map_metadata -1 -c:v copy -c:a copy out.mov
and various -metadata tags

does webm also include metadata? it would surprise me if it didn't now that this topic has been brought up.

open source is jewed and CIAed. Why the fuck would open source software that claims to promote "freedom" mark all your files with unique metadata, to help CIA niggers to find you and put into guantanamo?

yes, it's easy, but we need a tool that you would drag'n'drop your video on this tool icon and it would strip it

and it doesn't change the fact that 99% of people will be just encoding with x264 and not using this tool, so they will be fingerprinted. We need to force x264 niggers to remove fingerprinting. they will have to refund bribe back to CIA too I think. If x264 guys refuse we will have to erase them

and? what it gives me? I will have to encode recorded video, so it will fingerprint my video again.

exiftool is a shit, it doesn't work, I tried it, cannot remove those fingerprints.

I cannot webm because there is not a single usable software that allows you to encode webms. The only "free" video encoding software that isn't total shit is Avidemux, but it's shit as it doesn't support vp8, vp9, opus encoding. Avidemux also has non-native GUI, but I have to use this shit as there is no alternative.

This is still a lot info. There can be hundreds of versions and people can use different versions (as only idiots use autoupdate).

so it's useless

This is the metadata of a video stripped with "exiftool (filenamehere).mp4 -all="
File Type : MP4 File Type Extension : mp4 MIME Type : video/mp4 Major Brand : MP4 Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003] Minor Version : 0.2.0 Compatible Brands : isom, iso2, avc1, mp41 Movie Data Size : 10296492 Movie Data Offset : 48 Movie Header Version : 0 Create Date : 0000:00:00 00:00:00 Modify Date : 0000:00:00 00:00:00 Time Scale : 1000 Duration : 0:05:00 Preferred Rate : 1 Preferred Volume : 100.00% Preview Time : 0 sPreview Duration : 0 sPoster Time : 0 sSelection Time : 0 sSelection Duration : 0 sCurrent Time : 0 sNext Track ID : 3Track Header Version : 0Track Create Date : 0000:00:00 00:00:00Track Modify Date : 0000:00:00 00:00:00Track ID : 1Track Duration : 0:05:00Track Layer : 0Track Volume : 0.00%Image Width : 426Image Height : 240Graphics Mode : srcCopyOp Color : 0 0 0Compressor ID : avc1Source Image Width : 426Source Image Height : 240X Resolution : 72Y Resolution : 72Bit Depth : 24Pixel Aspect Ratio : 640:639Video Frame Rate : 29.97Matrix Structure : 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1Media Header Version : 0Media Create Date : 0000:00:00 00:00:00Media Modify Date : 0000:00:00 00:00:00Media Time Scale : 44100Media Duration : 0:05:00Media Language Code : undHandler Type : Audio TrackHandler Description : SoundHandlerBalance : 0Audio Format : mp4aAudio Channels : 2Audio Bits Per Sample : 16Audio Sample Rate : 44100Avg Bitrate : 275 kbpsImage Size : 426x240Megapixels : 0.102Rotation : 0
Other then Major brand and Compatible brand, what in here is identifiable that can't be changed? The creations data/times and framerate can easily be changed. If you are worried about hidden pixel metadata in the video itself then fucking record your desktop audio/video and re-encode it that way you faggot.

Open source is jewed and cianogged if you use shitty open source and free software to begin with. Are you going to use the pajeet script infested/systemdick infested gnome or the XFCE openbsd approved desktop? Use plain ffmpeg with no gui if you don't want to be jewed with metadata from shitty GUI's for ffmpeg. Use desktop-recording software and exiftool if you are paranoid about more metadata and hidden pixel metadata in the video itself. Otherwise stop using modern software and write your own encoder/decoder that doesn't have to deal with stupid software patents and can be super small like webm's but super fast with encoding/decoding like mp4's in hardware.

You are retarded OP. It would be stupid easy to change this functionality of ffmpeg yourself with a simple source code edit.

sigh nothing new under the sun I guess.

mfw I use libav
obvious CIA bait
Why do you even use GPG then ?
Stay in your black box and see how you can audit that it's nice to know that you wouldn't know about the fingerprinting if it couldn't be audited.

The point of "open source" or more likely free software is to have the freedom to control your shit.
Temporally fucked you can removed it.
You're definitively fucked you can't remove it.

Has much has I acknowledge terry for technically creating his own OS he's fucking SCHIZOPHRENIC.
You trust so much Temple OS ? when there's no end to end encryption, hashes or whatsoever ? just think for a bloody minute.

Which is known to put botnet features.

Obviously bullshit, if you have ever watched his vids he uses ubuntu.

Fortunately "open source" isn't free/libre software :^)

It's not a fingerprinted feature you dumbass but it can be used has one just like everything possible bits of information that goes on the web.
Just ask the devs to not had metadata information per default when a vid is made.

All of you please learn

have you even watched any of his streams since then? he uses ubuntu unity as his host OS.

that's bullshit...
open your video in MPC and click File->Properties, then MediaInfo. Now scroll to see "Writing library" and "Encoding settings"
or just open it in hex editor and find "x264" string

also, stripping on my own is not solution. With my stripped videos, I will stand out of the crowd. also, 99% of people won't strip their videos from fingerprints so they will be affected and tracked by the CIA.

That is virtually all open source software.

I am using Microsoft Explorer desktop at the moment and I'm happy with it.

I would rather not use encoding software at all than to study nigger manuals for 10 days to memorize some stupid options and shits and then try to put magic words into cmd.exe.

exiftool is shit, doesn't work for videos

I don't have time and reasons to write my own encoder/decoder. How would I profit from it? How to sell it?

that means first spending 10 hours trying to build ffmpeg source on my platform. Then spending hours on finding where in code is it located. Then modifying and testing it. And lastly, every time I would like to update to newer ffmpeg I will need to download new source, merge my changes, recompile, replace ffmpeg files.

Also how about other people? They will just use standard ffmpeg which is fingerprinted.

If you're using a "platform" that's so obscure that it would take you 10 hours to figure out how to build ffmpeg on it, you're probably generating tons of unique fingerprints with other software, too.

checked the time quads, hello emperor

You didn't answer the question. What, in here, is trackable metadata?
How about a screenshot? I sure hope you're the only one dumb enough to use Windows here.

If you open a mp4 file in a hex editor the options used to encode the video are present. This can be used to identify defaults used in recording software for a fingerprint. Especially if you use custom ffmpeg options to encode without a GUI and you don't strip metadata.

Holy shit glow in the darks and cia niggers literally tracking me down. Thank fuck I forgot to take my medication otherwise I would have never seen it coming!