Terry A. Davis On the Run, Warrant Issued

do not attempt to detain this individual
Terry A. Davis now on the run in Las Vegas.

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archive.org/download/TerryADavis_TempleOS_Archive/videos/2017-11-02T18:16:13+00:00 - Terry on the Road Live Stream.mkv

Did he have an autistic neet chimpout and assault his parents?

Assaulted his dad, apparently.

it looks like it's for battery/domestic violence and lewdness, what did he do whip his dick out and start calling people cianiggers?


already a topic discussing this

Terry is an inspiration and I hope everything turns out alright.

Too much diet coke. Caffeine can increase anxiety and paranoia, and he shouldn't be having it. That and CIA niggers are probably fucking with his meds.

It hit the bump limit.

I didn't check that thread before making this one.

Surprised the CIA didn't use him as their Harvest 91 patsy. Imagine showing his videos to normies, they would believe it.

Didn't terry live in the eastern united states? How did he get to hell on earth sin city?

Harvest 91? Like that old PC Point-and-Click?


Err mixed that up, Route 91 Harvest. The recent Vegas massacre.

May God judge you, and very quickly.

Stay mad. Terry Davis is a violent schizophrenic that openly plans to rape a woman that denied his internet advances and needs to be taken off the streets.


Terry is gonna be a registered sex offender for the lewd charge. Hope the CIA niggers dob't ban him from computers.

You guys had better backup TempleOS, as it remains now, is at it shall remain for eternity. This is the version God wanted to remain in the kingdom of man.

Getting pantyfa in trouble for it is part of the plan.

Those cianiggers have probably been looking for a way to make a false charge against terry for a while now as just did. How much you want to bet the lewdness and (((battery))) charges are made up by (((kiwifarms))) cianiggers? Is there any proof of the openly planning to rape thing? Even if there is proof this doesn't change that he would have never done it most likely and that the whole show is just to kill anyone who could be smart enough to make a jewdar or a non kiked OS like temple OS.


He physically assaulted his father. He, as proven in the last thread, made clear intentions of going after a woman. He's guilty as charged and he's going to jail despite your shit memes based on Jim's video and him saying something goofy while creating a completely useless program.

He created God's Temple user, have some respect.



His dad posted his bail >>>Holla Forums10841462 you faggot. You are a (((liar)))

Mental cases don't tend to spend much time in jail. I hope he does rape physics girl and gets away with it.

Wrong. Terry Davis is going to jail.

Him actually commiting the act is completely different then these so called (((plans))) which I have yet to see proof of. For all you know cianiggers made up fake evidence of him planning such. Where's the proof?

Holy fuck! >>>/reddit/

Where's your proof he assulted his father? Where's your proof he assaulted anyone? Where's the proof of him planning rape?

Terry davis is going to jail because cianiggers don't want goyim making non-backdoored OS's. There is no other reason you kiwifarms nigger.

What is the lewd charge for?

kys you glow in the dark piece of shit.

What the fuck does that even mean?

Bathing in public if I had to guess. He even streamed it.

It's in the last thread you jew.

Suck schizophrenic dick harder. Your reddit memes will not save him. He's going to prison and he will rot there, probably get shived by Jamal.


Godspeed, Terry-san.

This user is so jealous he can be called Lime Jello.


If this is what you call proof then you indeed are a liar. Where did he get those doctored pics? It's not terry's twitter because there's nothing there of that sort. That format doesn't look like facebook either.


Where's your compiler, nigger?



He's a 50 year old man who beat up a 70-80 year old man that gave him food, shelter, and electricity because a group of 14 year olds thought he was cool. He needs to get help and fucking stay off the Internet.

This confirms it. Fuck off cianigger A.I

Proof faggot where is it?



quads confirm it's probably terry himself.

Hey Terry, come to the Mandalay Bay and we can talk.

That is proof cianiggers want him dead for making a non-kiked OS. Where's the pictures of the scarred tissue of the assailent? Where is the recorded testimony of the witnesses? Where is the proof faggot?

Where are the logs of the livestream? Which one was it so cianiggers can look it up for proof asssuming the cianiggers didn't fake it themselves.




Just in case I site ripped the website and put it on a bitrot resistant z3 ZFS volume.

If this is the end, at least we have it preserved.

Enjoy the tracking scripts embedded in the data.

I love this meme xD

Holy shit you are retarded. The meme originated on cuckchan you total new homosexual sucker of faggots dicks.

He can just use with a air gapped throw away device then.

I heard he got busted for urinating in public

Great, more tumblr trannies ruining the milk

I took the screenshots

Is it always http only? It's entirely possible to (((edit))) the logs as they exit terries' server upstream from him which cianiggers fully have the capibility to do. Has he said such things or recognized such on video? That would be near-undeniable evidence.

>>>Holla Forums10841702
Twitter have suspended his account, cucks.

Bro he uses yahoo hosting, if the CIA wanted to do something they don't need to do stream interception.

How is terry so smart as to make temple OS and yet be so stupid when it comes to OPSEC?

He only cares about TempleOS, what are the CIA gonna do? Write a network driver in HolyC along with a TempleOS networking stack AND get it past Terry? They're nigger cattle remember?

archive.org/download/TerryADavis_TempleOS_Archive/videos/2017-11-02T18:16:13+00:00 - Terry on the Road Live Stream.mkv
Here's the actual stream

Someone already did this.
pic related is how to get is past him because fucking n-s-yayyy-kun

Webm the relevent parts then. I ain't clicking that (((archive.org))) link which most likely requires pajeetscript.

Shiekes or whatever his name is did but that breaks the 100,000 LOC limit, if your LOC goes over 100,000 you've been NSA'd.



Why can't terry catch a break ;_;

Does anyone have the sextalkwank video? Looks like the archive is corrupt

You are making me think it is a botnet for faked evidence all the fucking more user.


He's into porn, so what? I'm still waiting on the webm of him recognizing that he actively is planning rape. Or the pictures of scarred tissue of the person that was supposedlly (((battered))) from the battery charge.


Has anyone consulted the Oracle in an attempt to find out how this may end? Submit his arrest warrant to it.

literally who?

Holy shit poor guy

Hey there do you not realize that the woman in question only exists in his mind?

So how is going to rape a woman that doesn't even exist?

It's like if Hanz declared he was going to rape his imaginary waifu.

I linked straight to the file you dumb nigger

when he's king by divine right, it won't be rape and his dick will be on small currency. You'll buy a Coke with his dick.
Until he's king by divine right, imaginary girls have nothing to worry about.
And no fair getting 'scared' because he is 'insane' and might jump the gun on universal proclamation of his divine reign. Check your privilege.

Just the king is supreme doesn't mean he gets to violate deutoronomy 23:17

When you're a schizophrenic who takes random trolls postings as her (I even know the guy who does it) and all he does and knows is based on a fiction then yeah. There might be a real girl who has that name and image and so on but his attention and everything is directed towards a phantom.

How fucking new are you?
She doesn't communicate with him at all. Where are you getting this idea?

Oh look another non arguement by the robot creating twitter accounts. How is this proof of anything other then terry is into porn?

The program in temple os that takes text and other things as input and spits out a bible verse with a random number generator.


Don't report him you faggots. Help the guy out. He needs our help and has produced many lulz

No one is pretending to be her

It's more than just LOC. "God said no networking."
He might accept plain old serial comms, like the way you could connect C64 via modem or null modem cable (without TCP/IP routing, so no SLIP/PPP). He did mention "high speed serial ports" as one of the desired hardware features on his old website (the version that had lots of documentation). And that's probably the only "safe" way to network botnet amd64 machines, since the botnet doesn't expect legacy stuff like real serial or parallel ports. All those simple interfaces went away, by some coincidence...

You only need JS to search for stuff on web.archive.org. I could download that video with Lynx. I recommend you download whatever you can that's interesting, because one day probably they'll make JS mandatory for everything.

It's ok, I've got it all backed up in the cloud! :/

Schizophrenic retard has an IQ of 50 confirmed.

Because he's not smart. His "OS" doesn't even work. He's retarded and only liked for his shitty memes.


Take your meds, Terry. They wouldn't be arresting you if you took your meds and didn't assault people you wouldn't be going to jail.

Terry is going to jail.


How exactly does it not work?


This list is meaningless given the reason why Terry writes TempleOS. The purpose of TempleOS is to be a toy for programmers to play with. It is very intentional to have no Internet access. Everything TempleOS right now meets all of Terry's purposes for TempleOS.

Stop feed the bait, you retard.

It can edit text and view primitive pictures. It can run math programs likend to a caclulator. It can script out the ass for such things. It's good enough for a non-botnetted non-networked OS.




Go back to Holla Forums.


Can you imagine my shock?

The wizard meme was true. I could be coding my own operating system safe from Jewish influence right now were it not for some skank who stole my mana.


looks like obama

Yeah, because there has never been a malicious javascript capable of running arbitrary code... Idiot.


Where did this (((guy))) come from who keeps calling Terry "sexist" and "rapist" and keeps trying to (((convince))) us that he should be imprisoned?

How do I download TempleOS? I went to the website and all he has are "videos" and a donate buttton.


by lurking more, faggot

Thank you.

Epic post, upvoted!

Thank you.

Epic post, upvoted!

Good, one less dangerous poltard on the street.

FUCK! Skip to 2:50. He ded now.

The fuck happened? why'd he lunge off.

He wanted to close the car door but he missed the door handle so he fell out of the car.

Isn't he streaming right now?

what a soldier

Ouch, hes not gonna be sleeping for weeks. snapped mine playing football and it never healed right.

Why the fuck do you think this thread belongs to Holla Forums?

fuck off faggot

LOL. I have the tomorrow theme activated. It is easy to see you glowing cia niggers on a dark background.


Of course he is a good boy.

Report him for thumbnail posting.

Reported for announcing report

It was not an announcement, but a suggestion. Pajeets like you should be cut off from the AryanNet!

Are you this dense?

reported for taking the bait

He ded

WTF!!! I bet you code in haskell! Can you even write an interrupt routine, fagget?


Anyone can pay his bail.
Given his physical condition getting arrested might be best for him right now if they would take him to the hospital.

Women are only for sex, nothing else. Why would this be a crime, to use a woman for the single way she was intended to be used?

There's a point where the waifu you worship only shares the name and the image of a real person but otherwise is not a real person.

uh yes there is, there's a guy from /4chon/ who does it all, and makes threads about it.


When I was 14 Terry touched my nono parts

This post is straight from the "I'm 14 and resisting society" starter pack.

either that or a convinced robot

He was already out on bail. It’s going to take a lenient judge and a lot of money to get him out again.

Do 14 year olds even know what chans are anymore? I don't think so. Also gratz on your first post. beep boop

Terry had a good run, but it seems like he is just another false prophet.


>le >>>/reddit/ amirite?? XDDD

You'll get your turn.

God doesn't like to be mocked by fools.

Why is this in Holla Forums?

Take a guess

People with actual skill work for companies that pay them. Stay mad.





That's a perfectly good term for them. You most likely came here about a month ago because you thought it was edgy and are now being a virtue-signalling faggot.


Stay salty glow nigger

Terry Davis is going to prison and there's nothing you can do but cry.

/poltech is quite comfy

Was Mr. Terry ever previously arrested before this?

haha faggot

Ow the edge




Maybe but he ain't wrong. Women are for having children and caring for children, not good for much else.

where does Holla Forums see him in ~3 years from now

his mental illness aside, whats his estimated IQ?


Married, with two kids in an idyllic white suburb and President and CTO of a Fortune 500 company, etching Temple OS into silicon.


He did a stream or something where he took a bath in a body of water in a park or something. It's literally nothing and tons of hippies do this, but it's enough to make him a sex offender and take away internet "privileges"

and I mean by "in a park or something" not a city park but literally fucknowhere where nobody gives a fuck

Yep. heretical.com/miscella/onwomen.html

$ finger girl

Oh, digital as in the digits on ones hands. Now I feel stupid.

> If you were anything special they let you do it too.

3.5k GL


actually its 3.2k

Your infosec is weak


Bail will be denied.



Show us a nigger that has written a whole OS and compiler with programs by nothing by his own study and has a tested IQ of 60. Along with inventing or basing a language off of C made specifically for that OS. I would enjoy critiqueing their OS design considering terries is not perfect, but no networking put's it ahead of OSX, windows, and linux for security.

Broke collar bone / masturbating to buffered porn / on the run from cops: Has his life ever been this low?

Isnt Terry fairly close to Mexico?
Couldnt he ram into the border and live as a free man?

That Ukrainian schizo was beaten to death. Terry needs to be in a US psych ward, or at the very least, a halfway house where he can be monitored.


living the dream

commanded home you_should_be_so_lucky Shalom are_you_insane enough_said that's_your_opinion how's_the_weather phasors_on_stun the_enquirer prosperity little_buddy slumin vengeance one_small_step dang_it hypocrite handyman ridiculous evolution Bam I_love_this who_are_you_to_judge Boo surprise_surprise fool umm_the_other_answer astounding do_it how_do_I_put_this yuck be_happy

Did someone report him because he posted the video of himself naked in the middle of nowhere?

Someone saw him taking a shit in the van and he was arrested for open / gross lewdness. He posted a tutorial on how to shit in a van and said to keep the windows closed unless you want a lewdness charge.

Why would he shit in his own van?


He doesn't keep the used bags on the passenger's seat does he?

Is his site down for anyone else?

his host just has a very aggressive anti-ddos feature, change your IP. here is an archive of his streams:


That's pretty common knowledge though. Also his window covers are pretty crap. You can get much better insulating materials from Lowes or Home Depot. He's not gonna make it through the winter with just those thin pieces of cloth halfway hanging like that. Someone should send him this link:

He's really deteriorating. He seems much more frantic than usual. Living rough can't be helping, but I wonder if he's off his meds, too.

Someone screencap this post!

Let me guess - you don't want to take your own screenshot because then it'd say "(You)"?

What Ukrainian schizo?

Those ducks are surprisingly tame.

That twitter fag Gabriel Taylor in the chat is a cud spreader. He said terry only had warrant for peeing in public but its clearly for battery. He said terry caught caught peeing but he actually got caught shitting in the van maybe jacking off too.

Gabriel is a liar but why lie? That's the question...


Once TempleOS became as complete as it could be, Terry lost his purpose.

What we are seeing are the final days.

America is not the entire world.

He is just out side of las vegas. It never gets much below 40 even in the winter.

I guess he's referring to Aleksei Makeev.
But he wasn't a schizo, just a based pure white male.

Confirmed not a wimp

I'm collecting videos of Terry talking about operating systems. Does anyone have a video of him talking about OS9 or OS10? what about BSD?

That's called "being a violent schizophrenic with no grasp on reality that refuses to take his meds".

Gabriel Taylor is a faggot like all the losers defending and fellating this guy because he said a funny word once.



Why is Terry threatening some mummy

im depressed af and trolling redditors
came across this on the frontpage of a major sub


What did he learn exactly?


For some reason I keep thinking "rebbit can't be TOTAL fucking trash, can it? Surely there are some subrebbits that AREN'T wracked with GRID." How naive.

'Sociopathic Personality Disorders on Parade' the thread. :^) Stupidest thread in the history of Holla Forums. But I guess tards need to express themselves, too.

I really hate when people spoon-feed normies like this.

That's also what ruined Terry.
Before he got flooded with attention from normalfags from Jim's video, he was pretty chill.

But why does he give them attention? If people are giving me shit, I send them to /dev/null. Back in the days of Usenet, a simple *plonk* got the point across.

Oh wow, you were one of those guys. So I'm curious, how did you turn out? I always figured those guys that felt the need to both filter someone and publicly announce it would end up hopelessly unable to deal with the real world and be too self-important to ever see it as a problem.

No, he masturbated in a car park in the middle of the day in clear view of people there iirc?


I have bad news for you. If you are using that term then you are what you profess to hate.

It's a problem for lots of people IRL. People dislike each other and/or antagonize others to get a rise out of them. You learn to hang out with people you get along with, else you just waste your energy uselessly. At work you can't always avoid it, but when someone's an asshole, word gets around and he gets a bad reputation. I've had to deal with people like that, even managers who wouldn't listen to me and insisted that I didn't know wtf I was talking about, so I had to get a director to back me up. Because I was right and the manager was wrong, but he's the kind of guy who always wants to get his way, even though he doesn't understand the technology. They only keep him on board because he's part owner of the company. So then you ask yourself: do they pay me enough to put up with this? Everything is a compromise. I was paid well, so that's why I put up with it.

Terry's been smoking way too much. Every video opens up with him lighting up. I know this is a symptom of schizophrenia. It really bothers me more than it should though. At least it's better than chain drinking bud lite?

He's also been watching his own streams a lot. Lazy fuckin nigger needs to get back to work on his OS.

double digit iq redditors culturally appropriating imageboard slang does not make the description any less true

You're thinking of "normies".

does she even know about him?

Terry pounds her with his dick every night, of course she knows about him


Has anyone thought about setting a networking stack up under TempleOS?

Something small like

Could be used to bring the word of Mr God to the internet.

Terry Davis doesn't want networking for TempleOS. This was revealed to him by God.

How can I help?

|-|@X t3h [email protected]&&3!\!t

How did Terry's obsession with Dianna start?

Also when will he get back to actual coding? He said he wants to work on the templeos code for the next few years and make it "beautiful to read".

Someone claimed he met her at some conference 10 years ago.


Can't code in jail.

Actually you can. Minimum security prisons generally give their prisoners accomodations like a eduacation and computers/tvs/phones in the united states. Otherwise he could just program code down on a napkin with a rock or peice of metal, which would take alot longer to transcribe. So fuck off cianigger.

Any pictures of Terry's fully erect penis?

Schizos tend to do that for some reason

I doubt he'll start working on TempleOS, he repeated multiple times that it became depressing.

You are wrong, see Luke 22:18 and revelation 14:8-10.



Already been done, look up Shrine

I hate leddit so goddamn much

I wish he would get some medical attention.


Delusions of grandeur, claims of being a Knights Templar member, "hurr durr power bad". Yep, mentally ill.

I can smell the matzos from here


I feel so bad for him. I hope he makes it to heaven.

What is he reading?

Unironically kill yourself.

Says "Holy Bible" on the front


OMFG I am dying here
I just saw this

Oh, and


bump for perfect justice

According to the chat he's in jail


This made me laugh more than it should have.

He's in jail

hopefully he gets the help he needs in jail. I legitimately feel bad for him.

Yeah, jail time definitely won't do his mental state any good. I wonder if he will still be able get his disability income after this, he'd be dead without it.

he's provably schizophrenic, he won't be doing much jail time. They might institutionalize him though since there's no way in hell he's fit to stand trial. The second he starts talking about cianiggers he's going to a padded room.

He actually is schizophrenic. He takes medication for it.

Get gassed.


Pick one.




shit cianiggers are going to steal his computer and whatever else are in his van. he's going to come back to it on blocks.


Showed those atheist niggers what's up.

Is Terry trying to tell them that facebook is harmful?

Those old niggerlovers had it coming

this vile nigger arose out of the >>>/bog/

Terry says has a space alien. What does he mean by this?

It means he needs a permanent stay in an asylum.

Guess we have to buckle down and learn Holy C now. God's temple won't finish itself.

Not that difficult, it's just a dialect, there isn't too much difference from ANSI C

Is this the end?

It's not a symptom. Studies have show that nicotine is capable of helping a person maintain control during Psychotic episodes. Most people who have them discover they are able to deal with them more easily by smoking. Unfortunetly the brain develops a tolerance to it faily quickly. What happens is the person ends up smoking more and more hoping for that same relief, but diminishing returns are all they get.

At least that is what I have been told on occasion.

This is what peak performance looks like

It's over. Your memes sealed his fate worse than a thousand Jim videos could have.

The High Priest has been released





dat bitch needs to go.

We have to be careful with this. I don't want Terry to be stabbed.

she's got that leech vibe to her.

How does that work? Violent schizophrenic skips court, flashes people, shits in public, and is let out?

Street people are going to leech. It's part of being on the street. Terry is a leech. I don't want either one being hurt or killed. This could easily turn into a skin wearing situation and Nevada has the death penalty. He needs to get rid of her, but be on good terms. Hopefully he still has gasoline. He should let her down gently and drive to another city.



They gave him a new court date on the 15th. Courts don't give a shit if he's a schizophrenic

People are speculating on what happened at the end. Crack?

I'm getting vampire vibes.

thegoldwater.com/news/11398-Holla Forums-Raises-Bail-for-TempleOS-Creator-Terry-Davis

Jim got him out and for keks hired a crackwhore to keep him company.



You think Margie is worthy of the King Terry dick?

she'd better be paying Terry... that's one rough looking bitch

Surely she knows he's insane and wont harm him. I don't want her getting him hooked on drugs either. I'm very concerned for his wellbeing.

Holy fuck. Did he find that thing on the street?

That's exactly where he found her

It's more likely that she will steal his laptop and sell it for drug money.

>thegoldwater.com/news/11398-Holla Forums-Raises-Bail-for-TempleOS-Creator-Terry-Davis
lolwut. Making a shitty OS does not make a person a genius. Anyone who is half decent at programming could accomplish that, but most programmers are intelligent enough to know it's a massive waste of time. Also, Terry unironically believes in God, which means he accepts things as being true without verifiable evidence. That is the hallmark trait of stupidity.


America includes two continents. Maybe you meant to say "USA"?

Jealousy is unbecoming user.

Common synonym for the USA, did you think irritating pedantry might be misconstrued for a clever rejoinder?

Only amongst ignorant people.

t. brazillian

The "freemason" meme claims seem to be holding some water now, if that's what he's doing. It's like Holla Forums is a magnet for wasted money. 12000 for infinity never, Terry's bail, making The Goldwater considering normalfags probably would never go there, especially with the flips with german WW2 war footage and swastikas in the background for no apparent reason, and anons won't go there for thinking it's a honeypot

Ready for Terry to go back to prison?

Inferior foreigner get out.


Mental redardation is unbecoming, user.
There is no reason to feel jealous for someone who accepts beliefs without verifiable evidence. He is just a crazy homeless drug addict who happens to know how to code. Big fucking deal. Been there, done that. Got my shit together already and I'm way younger than him.

u-ur jus JELUS levels

Everyone has to go on faith at one point or another tbh. I mean, there's no evidence that you won't be slaughtered walking out your house tomorrow but that won't stop you from stepping out (unless you're a NEET then I guess there will be no stepping into direct sunlight for you).

Is Terry into traps now?
What would Mr.God think of Margie?

No, they don't. That is unscientific and irrational.

That doesn't prove your point. I acknowledge that there is a possibility of coming to harm when I go outside. I don't hold the belief that I am invincible when I leave my home or even when I stay inside.

How do you even function in a world of unknowns?

1. Make an observation.
2. Form a hypothesis.
3. Test the hypothesis.
4. Form a theory.
5. Repeat and keep the theory which has the most evidence supporting it.

Are you even being serious right now? Dealing with unknowns is literally what science exists to help us with.

Therefore making you irrational to some degree for going out when it isn't for food or some other necessity.
If you truly believe this then you are not considering things logically.
As this user points out, to leave in a world like ours and not be omniscient is to live with many unknowns. And one cannot curl up into the fetal position and wait for 100% evidence in one's favour to make decisions in life.
Therefore one must go on faith everyday and every hour.

Your definition of irrational is incorrect. Just because I know I could come to harm, that does not make it irrational. It would be irrational if I decided to go outside without using reason to reach the conclusion that led to me going outside. There are always risk assessments in life. There is nothing inherrently irrational about taking risks.

Oh wow, good argument. You really supported that assertion with some great points!

You sound like /r/atheism. The real world outside of the basement is constant calculated risk and walking into unknowns.

Yeah, fuck off.

Dealing with unknowns does not imply having faith. Stop being so ignorant.

Just because something is unknown that doesn't mean you should just make shit up and believe whatever you want. It means you should remain skeptical of any assertions regarding those unknowns until you have verifiable evidence.


Humanity is built around taking things on faith and walking blindly into things as it's how we learn. We use similar algorithms in networking to control the rate of connections without having any knowledge of the path. You have the occasional TCP window crash and genocide but that's the price of progress, faggot. It's not broken, don't fix it.

Terry's getting a bj from Margie right now, what are you doing with your life?

Are you literally retarded? That is not how we learn. The sceintific method is how we learn. Stop being such an ignoramous.

Irrelevant. Your simple computer program is not a neural network and therefor does not have the ability to leverage the scientific method.

Adjust your fedora and consider this,
Imagine a population of animals and a continuous food supply. They will consume the food and reproduce until they overwhelm the supply, at which point they have a famine and a mass die-off then resume. Without any knowledge or planning, they are successfully expanding to fit available resources. It's very similar to rate control algorithms. These animals are acting blindly yet the 'algorithm' wired into their brains is helping them thrive. It's messy (mass death, etc.) but it works, and that's what matters.
We have lots of algorithms like that built into our genetics, where acting on blind faith /works/. It doesn't matter what you think of it, only results matter. Religion is a great example of that. It's a load of bullshit but truth is totally irrelevant, what matters is that we kill the non-believers and efficiently turn cum into kids and win the game of life even if we didn't know we were playing.

That's not the same thing as reaching accurate conclusions regarding a proposed hypothesis. That's survival. And yes, it worked. However it wasn't perfect. It was the result of evolution. Evolution is not intelligent and does not automatically result in the best possible outcome. It also has nothing to do with determining the difference between fact and fiction. If someone makes an assertion, the rational position is to be skeptical until verifiable evidence has been provided. So when someone says something like "God is real", you should not believe that unless they provide you with verifiable evidence. Likewise if someone says "God is not real", you should not believe that without verifiable evidence either. You should remain skeptical of both sides until verifiable evidence can be used to turn one of those hypthesis into a theory. If you have 2 competing theories, the theory with the most evidence is what you should believe. Whether or not the randomness of evolution works for survival has nothing to do with the discussion regarding whether it is intelligent to believe something without evidence.

You're autisticly concerned with truth yet as I explained it doesn't matter at all.
It's intelligent to do what works. The Jews understand this and got you to throw out a system that worked by teaching you to pointlessly science it to death.

If that's the angle you want to work then you are just moving goalposts. I also disagree with you.

In this case your definition of "works" is only what allows you to survive. In this case you can survive regardless of whether you believe in God. However, you are factually incorrect that anything that allows for survival is intelligent. Even being born with mental retardation can allow for easy survival in first world nations. That does not mean that being mentally retarded is intelligent. You are trying to change the definition of intelligent in order to justify worshipping a nutjob who accepts beliefs without verifiable evidence.

Now I know you are trolling. Jewish people also have many beliefs which are not based on evidence. Judaism is incompatible with the scientific method. Any system which teaches you to believe in an omnipotent diety is incompatible with the scientific method.

imo you're hopelessly fedoraed. I'll leave you with this: It's not intelligent to die out. Whatever course of action that leads you to die out was stupid. Truth doesn't matter when you don't exist.

As I already pointed out, in this case you can survive regardless of whether you believe in God. That makes your point completely irrelevant to this conversation. If anything, belief in God is likely to hold back scientific advances which might prevent us from dying. Ultimately our species will go extinct one way or the other, but have no verifiable evidence which suggests that belief in God will allow us to survive longer. At the end of the day, you are making a bunch of bullshit justifications to believe something with no evidence. You can change the definition of intelligent around all you want, but those who understand science will still consider you to be an idiot.

Not that user. But I think the point he was trying to make is that on a cultural-level. Progressive thinking associated with atheism has been far more damaging in the long run than conservative thinking associated with religion.

Hell, I would even consider myself an atheist. But part of being a rational thinker is to not be some progressive zealot that blindly peruses cult-science at the cost of everyone else. You can be an atheist and see that things like religions such as Christianity are in essence a vital ideological glue holding much of classical liberal society together. Tradition is important.

The one failure of classical liberalism is the separation of the concepts of religion and ideology, because destructive ideologically charged religion such as Islam do exist but we have little faculty to deal with it.

God doesn't exist, but religion is necessary. You're really dumb if you don't get why.
People need a moral compass, and only the tiniest fraction can make it for themselves. If you don't do it for them, your enemy will do; that's what subversion is.


Traditon was important before we developed a reasonable system to understand the world around us. Now tradition just holds back progression more than it does anything else.


It's really not complicated. The only thing people need to do as far as morals go are avoid causing unnecessary suffering and avoid denying other's the opportunity to seek pleasure. This is basic ethics as derived from empathy. Religion is not a prerequisite for empathy.



You're forgetting a lot, like self restraint, self improvement and anything else that allows you to not be an hedonistic leech.
I mean, just look around you. You're really retarded if you think the average joe can resist subversion and take his whole life in his hands.

Your problem is that you separate religion and ideology entirely. You seem to hate religion more than you love so-called science. Atheism and ant-theism are two similar but distinct concepts. Ideology is vital for motivating people for the maintenance of society and its values, and wither you like it or not, for the west, Christianity is no exception to this rule.
Progress is just another tradition, science is just another religion. If you fail to see both these invoke the same roles of its predecessors you are lost. Both science and progress can be great. But as it stands right now both are subverted by ideologues not to uphold a society, but to drive globalism.

I'd put you in as a Reddit-tier critical thinker since your critical though doesn't seem to move beyond the superficial meaning of the words you yourself are guilty of worshiping "Science and Progress"

That doesn't mean you should believe something without evidence.

Yes, systems of beliefs which involve blind faith are definitely exceptions.

The rest of your post is so idiotic I won't even bother. You have provided zero supporting arguments for any of your assertions.

Certainly not but that's besides the point

And that is to say there are no ideologies that involve blind faith?

Are you sure you're a critical thinker? The statements themselves were the argument I was making. It was hardly an example of an argument by assertion.

You're a condescending twat and you sound like easily the most retarded person here. But I'm sure all your assertions are completely infallible and grounded? Something's wrong with you, get your head checked


Science by definition is not faith you retard.

Atheism and Anti-theism are both similar but distinct ideas. Hating religion doesn't make you smart

It's come to a point where what we call "science" is not "science" but rather just a bunch of theoretical wanks and flashy headlines from desperate teams who really want grant money for products they promise will "change the world!" that we'll never see. There is still real science out there, but for the most part "science" is dead

See this, it's exactly what this post means;

Jesus Christ I leave this thread for 8 hours and some autist has derailed it into another religious debate.

Nothing in that wikipedia article refuts the concept that it's a bad idea to believe something without having verifiable evidence. Just accept the fact that you are a retard and let's move on.

You anons are fighting a battle that you will always lose. No amount of evidence in the world will convince someone who's made up their mind they don't care about evidence. Now that they've shown their power level with this shit it's obvious they don't give a shit what you have to say and want to actually rant about evolution or global warming conspiracy theories.

nice strawman

It takes just as much blind trust to consider computer models that claim to predict temperatures 100 years into the future. They have also changed the wording, its now called climate change since temperatures stopped climbing in the 2000's

Haven't seen Terry so happy in a while.
Is Margie a blessing?

It's called climate change because losers are implying that only humans are affecting climate while ignoring the fact that the Earth naturally moves through different periods of climates because of the Sun's output and the Earth's orbit among other things.

Terry's teaching Margie to be a humble artist.


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Did they ever get around to looking at the Indian Art?

Where do you guys get all this footage from?
Did he post that to Youtube or his Facebook page?


Terry posts all his most recent content to his site
All the videos on YouTube were uploaded by fans.


There's an archive of recent videos here
it only goes back about a month though

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Not really. See

That post is retarded and you should feel bad for linking it to me.

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Keep believing things with no verifiable evidence, retard.


So what you are saying is that you have no way to refute the assertion that intelligent people always base their beliefs off of verifiable evidence. Got it.

what is scary about JS? it's slow as fuck and limits the max amount of tabs you can open to 4. this is by design. you can't run arbitrary code from 500 different sources and expect your CPU to be free. also kys

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Um... why is he quoting the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants?

I meant Bible. All religious blathering starts to sound the same after a while.

I assumed Terry was a Mormon because he named his OS Temple. Only a Jew or a Morman would do that. If he wasn't a heretic, he'd have named it Cathedral.

I've never heard Terry mention Jesus and he's always talking about hit Space Alien, so maybe he's a mormon?

Hmm, HolyC is a Catholic pun though. Also does his Bible quote generator source the book of Mormon?

Terry is Gnostic, Mr. God. is the Demiurge, Margie was an evil archon, and the space alien is a holy archon.




Do you always believe what your eyes see?

I can't even comprehend what it must be like to be so retarded.

What I'm saying is you are shitting up the thread with your obnoxious self-fellating fedora shit and you should leave. Or you could actually prove what you said and build an OS from assembly and scratch like any competent programmer should be able to do, as per your own words and show us all how intellectually superior your are. Show the internet what great works you can accomplish through the rejection of that which you cannot prove. Show us that Terry's insanity and schizophrenia driven ramblings are inferior with that amazing grey matter of yours. Do it, faggot. While you are doing that, do note that the name "Fedora" has already been taken.

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Thank God he dodged a bullet.

is the correct interpretation. He's not smart, he's retarded and mentally ill, and only gets any sort of attention because he says "nigger" without being anonymous. Otherwise everyone on this site would have a massive following. Nigger.

That's some top-tier projection, Terry.

You conveniently ignored the part where I mentioned that no intelligent programmer would do this because it is a massive waste of time.

I ignored your bullshit excuses not to nut up, yes. The fact is your stupid rhetoric is all you are worth, and I'm not going to let you pretend that this is something anyone could do if they felt like it, because it isn't. It sure as hell isn't something you are going to ever produce with pseudo-intellectual wankery and posturing alone, but again feel free to prove me wrong with your actions.

You won't and you can't. Seriously user, your faggot friends at reddit miss you.


Terry is back in comfy mode. Margie is gone. Teaching coding and OS design.

He's stuck with Margie forever now, in a way.

It's not a bullshit excuse. Why the fuck would any intelligent person spend years of their life to create something so useless?


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do you believe everything your eyes see?


You probably call them NIC cards too you fucking dumbass.

Well, in Terry's case its a hobby. In your case you are a worthless individual who could use a hobby.

I have many hobbies. One of them is programming. When I am coding, I do not waste my time making useless projects.

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