What should I do with this?

I found this old TI-85 in the desert. Looks like its been there for a year or two. Thing's trashed and obviously doesn't work, though the buttons are fine. I was thinking about putting a Raspberry Pi nano in there and either using it as a calculator again or use it for emulation of light games like NES or Game Boy. What are your ideas?

I would prefer to stay around $20-30 USD. Thanks.

(Pic related, TI-83 side-by-side for comparison)

Why would you pick up trash????

I see opportunity in what most people would consider trash. Made a fountain out of a 2 liter soda bottle before.

Add a GSM module to the Pi and turn it into a smartphone.

It would be a pretty big phone but I like it.

(meant to say zero instead of nano)

if the screen is broken and the chips don't work it's just a plastic case with buttons. i'd trash it.

bloated crap either way

When I said "trashed" I meant that it wasn't in the best condition. The buttons are still very good and the board is still bright green for the little that I can see right now. I'll probably end up putting a nano in it and using it as some sort of radio scanner as I've been in need of something like that, and I'm not about to go gutting my working TI-83 or my 84 CE.

Draw plans and send them to Terry A. Davis.

You were thinking of wiring a Pi to the built in screen and making a custom board with pressable buttons?

No, that screen is toast. I was going to buy a new screen but the existing buttons seem good.

Are custom circuit boards for those buttons available for purchase?

I don't think so, but if they're designed the way I think they are I can just solder a few wires to the pi and to the buttons and it should work. I would have to write some script to map the gpio pins to keyboard keys.

Daily reminder that there is no reason to buy these when you can get an entire goddamn cellphone loaded with all manner of sensors, a high resolution LCD, speakers, battery, connectors of all kinds, a touch screen, and a relatively massive amount of ram, CPU, and storage for $5-10 off eBay when buying an older model with cracks (which doesn't matter as you'd likely throw away the case), or $10-$20 with no damage.
People who buy Pis don't want to actually make anything, they want to post on social media about how they're a maker. Don't be that girl.

I don't want a phone, I just said that having a gsm module was an interesting idea, but I probably won't do it. What I want to do you can't do with a cell phone either.

Examples. Used pre-paid phones are worthless to eBayers, but not to you.

Bullshit. Take the cellphone board out and you have an advanced single board computer, Pajeet.

Well, let me know if you can get Linux on it, and if it RUNS WELL! (it shouldn't take 5 minutes for anything to load) because that's what I need. Also, I already have a pi so that's what I'll probably use.

Jesus, user. How retarded can you be?

To be clear, I am not just using this for simple math. If I was, I would be all over getting a cheap phone instead of using a pi.

Can't you use it as a micro controller ?

Downs with a side of palsy, hold my hand?

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i've never cracked an android before and tried to use just the board and screen, are there useable io pins on those boards thats you can access from android? after it's rooted and you can pull a shell and all that?

Ok, sorry for my absence. I feel that there's a lot of incomplete info, so here is my reasoning for everything I have said:

I need a Raspberry Pi because I intend to make a radio scanner with an antenna that plugs in via USB. It needs to run Linux because I have some software that I need to run on that device, which is not available on Android. Since my antenna attaches over USB, I need a device with USB ports, and I know USB OTG exists, but are those cheap devices compatible with it? I also have a RPi right here next to me, so it will just be easier and less expensive because I already have one.

I also needed a device that could also function as a graphing calculator too, and maybe play some light NES/Super NES/Game Boy games, but since the Pi I have is a Pi 3, I will probably be attaching controllers and playing N64.

I hope that clears it up.

Add a GSM module to the Pi and turn it into goyphone.

I am making a radio frequency scanner, and taking this thing out to really remote places where cell signal is scarce, so it really wouldn't do much, but if the need arises I could add one later.

try running real-time linux and show me where analog io on that smartphone is


The actual "antenna" part plugs into the radio which plugs into your computer via USB, and it ain't half bad for the little it cost.

Is it actually well-built or does it look like shanty garbage?

Africans and Indians have a habit of assembling trash with no processing and saying that they've "built" something.

for the most part, yeah. Though I did snap a piece in half on accident so I need to fix that.

post pics

It's by no means professional. The middle rod broke off and when I glued it back on it was crooked, and now it won't break off again. The spine broke so i duct taped that and the bottom rod also broke which I haven't fixed.

It works fine for what I need it for and picks up every radio station in the area and all of my kenwoods, midlands and motorola radios.

Welp, thread is kill.


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