Zig language


What do you think of this?
Looks like a very practical thing and (unlike Rust) easy to learn.
Surprisingly I have not seen any threads about it here yet.

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so many avant garde computer languages, so little time. some one should learn the hardware first via assembly then move on to higher languages. if someone can't program to the hardware, with all the autists banging the drum of security incessantly,what's the point of these high level languages when they don't understand barebones?
the language examples on the site look interesting. they do look readable, and don't see the return arrow '->' often anymore. however, the guy who made the language knows more about the computer than those who will learn the language after him.
OP, if you personally want to learn the language, do it. You might write something bretty gud.

there are various hardwares with different instruction sets, so learning all of them if you want to write for all of them is not really practical.
and to understand what they do, actually coding in asm is unnecessary, but some theory is nice to have yeah

there aren't that many different archs, and it is well within a person's ability to learn assembly for each one.
especially now since ARM and x86 are the largest consumer archs. are you telling me that those two archs are too difficult for a person to learn?

Because it takes so long to compile you'll think you are already running it?

It's funny because someone made a comic strip about this kind of thought years ago in /g/ and it seems we haven't changed a little bit.

If I wanted a runtime startup that feels like I'm compiling it with autotools, I'd just go use perl6

look, i'm a busy man and i just don't have time to learn the opcodes for two instruction sets, one of which is risc

yeah but perl isn't named after a something awful meme

alright. lets consider that i wanted to write a program and im unsure what language i should choose.
why would i choose a memelang over a non-memelang?
why would i choose a memory unsafe memelang maintained by one person over a memory safe memelang maintained by more than one person?

you don't want to be a racist do you?

son i am disappoint

It's funnier because he's serious.

what's wrong with that though?
is it another argument from ass?

please donate

wooow. every error has its own value? tagged unions? that has never been done before.
what a fucking meme

i'm going to make a language and call it zyklon.
eventually have a language split and call the new language zyklon-b. lel.

zig is pronounced (at least in russian) the same as "sieg", which is… kinda the opposite of what you are implying

and yet the page is in english

duck typing makes it very easy to pass bad data as it's much more tolerant of what it takes.

you don't understand what is duck typing

Why do all these new languages have to have a retarded "like C but not really" syntax?

while (next_index < prime_list.len) : (test_number += 1) {

const result = max( if (condition) f32 else u64, 1234, 5678);




"You shouldn't learn lower level stuff because there are several types of lower level".

Why not use Nim?

nim's pretty weird user.
NimScript less-capable subset of language.
"hi".tO_UPP_ER is exactly the same as toUpper "hi"
they encourage a -> syntax that adds nothing at all to the default proc syntax, it's freaking bizarre
x = 22'i8 # hope syntax coloring doesn't see this as start of a string
OTOH, Nim is cool as hell. I want to see more about Nim.
Zig just looks weird. "I hope this weirdness pays off somehow." kinda weird.

Nim is a meme. "High-performance garbage-collected language" for systems programming is le funny joke. It's also absurdly slow.

You can turn the garbage collector off if you don't want to use it. And in all the benchmarks I've seen it's consistently one of the top contenders so you're gonna have to back up that claim of it being "absurdly slow". I'm not denying it's a memelang but it's a easily a competitor for Rust and Go and isn't backed by any (((corporations))).

It's designed to be flexible to allow you to program in whatever style you want. Imperative, procedural, or functional. I agree that the naming scheme ignoring underscores is strange and that they should choose one and stick with it but on the other hand it is kind of interesting.

I kept pushing for InfinityNext to be written in Nim, before it all went to hell, but everybody brushed me off.

Stop being retarded. You can't disable it in any meaningful way, much like D.
An user benchmarked it in another thread yesterday and it was comically bad.

Explain the cache coherence protocols and memory barrier instructions on both platforms.

the benchmark from yesterday was of both Nim and NimScript. NimScript had comically high overhead; usually that comes in a package with bad performance, but NimScript's circumstances aren't usual. It could be quite fast once it's running. Nim meanwhile did just fine in that benchmark.

Even if it ran as fast as C on average, it'd still be useless for systems work due to the GC. I can't deal with huge latency spikes out of nowhere (and no, being able to pick when those occur by temprarily disabling GC doesn't really help) and the massive memory bloat and inability to share the process space with others.