Amazon Wants You to Let Them In (Literally)

Amazon Wants You to Let Them In (Literally)

Amazon is now offering a new delivery service connected to its Cloud Cam smart home system that will allow a delivery driver to enter a customer's home to drop off a package.

In an age where packages left on doorsteps are disappearing with increasing frequency, Amazon is offering a new "service" where you let the delivery driver into your home. Enter the Internet of Things and Amazon’s Cloud Cam-based “Key” service in which the wifi-connected camera communicates with an electronic lock on one’s front door. When the delivery driver arrives, he or she will scan the package’s barcode, which is authenticated before allowing entry into the home. With one swipe, the courier unlocks the door, enters the doorway, drops off the package, shuts the door, and with another swipe, relocks the door. The entire delivery is caught on camera, which is then transmitted to the customer’s smart phone along with a delivery notification.

In an effort to combat package theft, Amazon has taken a number of steps, including lockers at third-party locations, and backyard aerial delivery with drones. Amazon Key takes this to a whole new level, while making a major advance in a still-developing market. Cloud Cam is the central hub of Amazon’s new push into the “smart home” market, acting not only as a home security system, but seamlessly integrated with the Alexa system to accept voice commands and to interact with other enabled devices. While the camera is available now, Amazon Key will not be available for a couple more weeks. Still, the service has an under-reported dark side. All of the data collected through Alexa and the Cloud Cam systems becomes proprietary for Amazon—and very quickly, the company knows almost everything about each and every customer, purportedly for the purpose of providing better, tailored services.

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lol, no.

normalfags will use this shit
then when only redpilled people will use traditional system (5% of people), amazon will remove traditional system

Why would you say no to our greatest ally AMazon ? Do you have something to hide ? :^)

The "delivery driver" here is the USPS. No fucking way they will go in to someones home or wait around for some Amazon Master Control to unlock doors.

shit i took the bait.

It's standard 4chan shitposting. When 4chan tells you to be alarmed, ignore it because the warning has no meaning.


Can I use this to bait qtpi delivery drivers into my lair?


based Amazon
Let's worry about the NWO when they reveal themselves. This paranoia is unhelpful.

No longer does being a burglar require any physical skills such a picking locks and being prepared if anyone is inside the home. Instead any decent hacker can take a look around inside and unlock the door.

They'll stop doing drones when too many of them keep getting shot down.

i guess it's a better alternative to a po box.
no it's not

It would be great to see them react to people with STINKY apartments, or creepy, scary apartments.

may also have death traps, why stop at this
for example like in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Isn't Walmart planning to do this as well? I read that they're experimenting with a service that lets the delivery drivers put the food directly in your fridge.

I can't wait to hear trendies justify this.

This is your problem now.

Here in Germany the post is offering a service where you can have your package delivered to a sort of locker and you can then pick it up any time you want. That way I don't have to worry about my package being left out in the open, at a neighbour or having to wait for an hour in line at the post office to pick it up. It can go get my package at 3AM if I really want to for some reason. No need to let random strangers into my home.

That's quite a good parody. I wonder what will happen if I type that URL into the browser
People using this service deserve bad things to happen to them.

What if they added a voice command to Alexa for unlocking the door. It would be pretty funny when burglars start yelling, "Alexa Unlock the Door!"

There are so much subtle rings dinging in that video

>that TV on grocery boxes and picnic chair kek

(((amazon))) is already doing something like that in the USA too. But their boxes are exacly like yours, but orange.

What in the living hell are they thinking? If that thing isn't fucking flawlessly airtight it's going to be a PR nightmare.
Most IoT devices are riddled with holes in their security to begin with, but this just sounds like it was designed to be in the first place. They want me to put a camera (almost certainly with a built in mic) by my front door, and have an internet connected lock?
Literally all a malicious remote attacker would have to do is check when the door is unlocked and relocked to find out when you leave for work/school/etc., and then would be able to arrive at your house, fuck your camera sideways with exploits, then unlock the front door, and leave at their leisure.
This has CIA nigger written from top to bottom.



Not a good idea in the US. After midnight, rape gangs of savage niggers patrol the streets looking for white pussy--or ass--to violate.

Safer to have an Amazon wage-slave drop a package off inside your front door than to face the ass-hungry jigaboo rape squads.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to come here. Normalfags eat this shit up and it boggles my mind how they think it's a good idea.

They are trying to do it in Germany as well, but why the fuck would I want a locker that's exclusive to one company, where to company knows what's inside the package, and when they don't have the same coverage as the DHL lockers. Zero reason to use the Amazon service.

ok, ruski

THIS. This whole thing is just full of shit. They are rubbing it in our faces.
Ok, dream on

USA is a shithole


Who cares about another dead spic?

If you are a slave then you are disposable

Amazons been pushing the dystopian model for awhile now.

Many people painstakingly go through their drivers to make sure someone isn't capturing MIC input... and yet millions of normies bug their own homes with Alexa. Boggles the mind.

My little brother got an Alexa and was showing it off to the family. I told him it was a stupid device because the microphone was open all of the time. He told me he'd use it all of the time and it made searching for random shit on the internet easier. I came back a week later and noticed it wasn't plugged in, I came back a month later and noticed it wasn't even sitting in the room anymore. He said he used it for three days until he got paranoid. There is hope.

>"OPEN UP we have detected a fucking white male "

This is the end.


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Sooooo... post office boxes/parcel lockers? Those things that have been around for fucking ever? Tell us more about this wonderous technology that the corporate states of 'murika have forgotten about.

Don't be suck a dipshit next time.

How is that different from a PO box.

It's free, you can decide to use it on a per delivery basis and you automatically get one if the delivery failed.

I ain't clicking that shit nigga

You planted the seed user, well done.

It just allows you to open the door for them remotely, the same as anyone with a ring-in system already has.

Speaking of planting seeds...

That's its own concern though, you already see it with electronic car keys.

The point is opening the door for someone else, when you aren't there. It's common for buzzer systems to have an audio intercom, and not that rare to have a camera. Anyone who lives in an apartment will be familiar with them, but people with an electric gate on a long driveway often have them, too.

The only change the Amazon system makes is the ability to do this over the internet, rather than just your own LAN.

Are doorlocks running free software?
What is their warranty support lifespan?
How much time till they join another chinese botnet because of 0day vulnerability?

Depends on the brand. I've had an X.10 system automating things all around my house since the '80s, and if you're autistic enough, you can still control them over dumb RS-232 with custom drivers.

I was asking about Amazon's "smart"locks, the ones they advertise together with their delivery services. I suppose, you are not allowed to have your own dvr or locks in that situation, only certified ones.

This is how you do it anons. You plant the seed, but don't argue with them. Then when they change don't bring it up again. People don't like looking like idiots. Guide them to the water.

Oh Holla Forums



This is an SFW board.

Don't lol me, boy

this is the first time i've heard of that, but then again i'm running linux on x86, not obenbsd on non-x86 hardware

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos praised for increasing the ammount of african americans in his company.


Cal me a fag if you will, but I literalluy never cry. But seeing this shit I felt some tears coming to my eyes. Not for the Holla Forums aspect but for some reason the future never looked as dark to my eyes as when I was watching the vid.

Ok someone found a silverlining on this hellish crap. Applying for amazon delivery right fucking now!

This. It's going to gradually happen.

While I have no sympathies for normies, this seems like the kind of thing that could become standard if enough normies and jews push for it.
Truly a dark timeline.

not telling him it's f'ing stupid because he ALREADY HAS THE SAME SHIT ON HIS PHONE ANYWAY he probably already had a kindle tablet as well...

what could possibly go wrong

Delivery man can steal your imported lolicon you leave laying around for his own enjoyment

Off-topic, but where is your "hell" picture from?

On-topic: this is a good idea if in the meantime we can legalize automated sentry turrets with facial recognition and whatnot. "You have 10 seconds to comply. 10, 9, 8..."

Let me guess
It's a commieblock somewhere in Russia, not higher than 9 floors, built in 80s
If I was a commieblock autist, 'd name you the exact manufacturing series, city/town it was built in and type of concrete panels it was built of, but I am not.

TBH I've got an alexa for my elderly dad, and am working on integrating it into a smart home for him. The alexa buttons that can be pushed to re-order things are also great for that use case as well.

Don't forget that not everyone has a conversation about bioweapons on their couch.

no offense, but i doubt that's going to be easier for him to use and understand than regular appliances, unless he's severely immobile and needs voice control and you can't afford to pay a person to look after him.

No thanks. My package is just fine on my door step.

Sad girl


I wonder (((why))) they want this shit

What happens if the delivery man got rekt or murdured while in your house/apartment?
Or if someone steals/cracks amazon's likely-a-hackjob encryption key it and goes on an unstoppable rape-massacre rampage?


underrated post

Just install another door.

Lot of senseless paranoia, racism and ignorance ITT

If you can't trust someone to leave a package in your house, don't sign up for it. Those of us who are normal will enjoy this new luxury.

shut up jew

It is remotely controlled, right? Why does it have to be remotely controlled? Smells like poor design or malice.



I love amazon

If you're rich enough to do this - why not build a cage with this fancy door lock on it?

Dafuq you find this board?


this might be OK if your front door has an inner hall with a second lockable door to the rest of your house

Or you know just a big mailbox.

that would be a big mailbox

For you

Not a big deal, what do you have to hide?

What the fuck? Are they thinking that underpaid Amazon employees won't steal a thing? Absurd.

They're thinking that Amazon postmen can't get past the Amazon door that is also connected to a camera that is connected to the Internet.

This would work in a high-trust society. But sadly those things don't exist anymore. It becomes more low-trust by the day.
Can you imagine living in a society where nobody locks their cars because they know nobody would enrich them? I was surprised to learn that actually existed and was pretty common in first world countries. Not anymore.

I used to live in a white neighborhood and never bothered to lock my car. Then I moved next to a university where there were a lot of niggers playing loud rap music on their car stereos. It wasn't even a ghetto, more like a "multicultural" area. Well soon enough someone broke into my car (because there I had started to lock the doors) and stole the little bit of change that was in the console. There must have been like $3 worth of quarters at most, and they broke in to steal that.


not buying from amazon that is for sure

I live in the third world and i've had to bear this level of diversity, vibrancy, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism, all this bullshit, since i was born, and it's simply extremely enjoyable to see countries overflowing with cuckoldry destroy themselves bit by bit, erase their own history, literally commit demographic suicide, and put a end to any sort of societal trust. I'll make sure to buy myself a U.S permanent residency visa soon when it gets 80% off at Amazon, once the U.S is turned into a publicly traded company owned by big nosed people and people who eat dogs :^)

I don't see that Amazon shit working. A video feed I'm sure normalfags trust, but I doubt many people would trust a guy entering their home.

It's still common in very small towns. Diversity is attracted to large cities.

Instead of aiming to lift your country to civilized levels you want everyone else to fall to yours. You're sick.

Even in rural areas vibrancy is coming in to carhop at night and steal shit from unlocked cars.

Some of us don't live like rats in a hive. We have homes where we don't need 3 doors between us and the niggers swarming outside our homes.

There is also a fucking big difference between a closed set up and one on the internet. People figured out open webcam links and used to search through their websites to find weird shit. You would find everything from teenage girls doing their homework to people fucking to babies sleeping. If this technology is online then it won't be secure and people will start browsing it to spy on people. and that's without considering that if Amazon can view this then Amazon staff will abuse it. Police officers use their shit to talk ex girlfriends all the time.