Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 17.10
Is it too soon to upgrade? It'll probably have a lot of bugs.
Should I just wait for the next LTS version? 18.14 LTS.

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By the time it gets an official release it's had a lot of testing. You're pretty unlikely to have problems, and the problems you do have might be easy to fix with only minimal knowledge. I wouldn't expect a lot of bugs.
Waiting for the next LTS version means you won't have to upgrade as often, but will have older software. That's the most important input to your decision-making process.

I upgraded to Ubuntu Mate 17.10. No problems. It seems that the system works faster, especially Firefox.

I've been having issues waking up from suspend but I'm not sure if that's exclusive to this release or known for Ubuntu or a problem with systemd as a whole. Also their implementation of GNOME Software has been leaking memory like no other, but then that could be the program itself and I wouldn't know because I normally just use apt. Not to mention LMMS pulled Wine as a recommend. I'm going to go back to Fedora as soon as I figure out how to make the fonts not shit.

Why are you using that Mozilla trash?

GNOME Web breaks basically every web app you throw at it so you need to keep at least one mainstream browser in reserve. I'd use Iridium Browser if there was a single distro that packaged it.

I made the mistake of updating. I typed in my password wrong, and they told me wrong password. I clicked on the textbox once again to try again, but every time I clicked, it kept saying wrong password, it wouldn't even let me try to type it. It would tell you that the password is wrong just for trying to type something on there. The wrong password message gets spammed the more you try because they append the wrong password message right underneath the old one without any of them going away. They also changed the taskbar color to some ugly orange and changed the desktop background to circles.


There are repos for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint (should work with most of their derivatives too), openSUSE, Fedora, and RHEL.


I'd rather use Microsoft Windows than this spying Ubuntu shit.

It's not very GNOMEy though is it

I said if a distro packaged it. You should know why that matters if you're using Linux as your primary OS.

Fuck off shill.

fuck off ubuntu shill. nobody will use your spywared shit OS

Well damn

That is in Unity, and presumably now Gnome. Amazon spyware is not included in other Ubuntu DEs.

Okay kike.

When I made this post, I had updated the computer but never rebooted. Now that I did reboot, everything looks nice. I take back everything I said here except for the ugly circles background. The login prompt is different now and everything. What I like most is that they changed the taskbar to a nice clear and very clean one. My biggest complaint about this taskbar is that they removed the "all applications" to the very bottom instead of the top.

I took a screenshot to show what I mean. Speaking of screenshots, it now takes screenshots right away instead of annoyingly prompting me if the filename is fine before it saves. Now taking screenshots is a simple one button process instead of having to hit enter to confirm.

I didn't notice until this very post, but this update removes Amazon from the taskbar whereas it used to be there by default in the last Ubuntu version.

Also there is absolutely no reason why you should engage the shill. If you want to discuss the latest release of Ubuntu, do that.

Forgot the screenshot. The new UI is really nice, even when uploading a screenshot. As a matter of fact, I'm going to upload a screenshot of me uploading a screenshot to show you what I mean.

I thought it was some dumb cartoon character but it turns out to be rather clever.

Also what kind of distro doesn't ship with GIMP if no in-house paint program isn't provided? I shouldn't have to apt-get to poorly draw something.

I'm hoping that these were isolated events, but I had to just restart my computer after the mouse got stuck in a closed fist position after trying to have moved a file on the desktop. Restarting the computer didn't work because it stayed stuck on the decryption prompt saying that it unencrypted successfully without ever even prompting for a password for me to type in. After shutting down manually, it took quite a while to boot up which made me nervous. The mouse thing required a restart because I wasn't able to click links or scroll while it's in that closed fist state.

Don't worry, it ships with a shit default browser and shit default search engine so you can find answers to your shit opinions :^)
apt-get is obsolete use apt

What's the difference between the two?

apt is a frontend for apt-get which is in turn a frontend for DPKG, but apt runs a little faster and has a cool progress bar looking thing.

Another thing to note is that they moved the close max minimize buttons to the right instead of the left.

What's nice now is that they separate tor from firefox. Before they thought tor was just a separate firefox window rather than a different browser itself which is just based off of firefox. Now I don't have to do witchcraft to quickly switch between the two as I usually do when looking things up in the dictionary.

Now that I'm uploading files, it bothers me that the open button is on the top right instead of the bottom left. Just about every OS places such a thing in the bottom right.

You convinced me.

I don't know if it's just me, but everything also feels warmer. It looks as if they cut off some of the blues. Either that, or I'm just seeing things. I'll need someone else to confirm. Instead of pure #FFFFFF blinding my eyes and shit, there's a calmer red shade which is great considering that it's night time where I live.

They'd better not have enabled some flux/redshift shit by default, software-rendered display temp adjustments are fucking cancer.
could just be proper ICC profile support in the compositor though

Installed the main version fresh.

On the positive side:
>All hardware was detected perfectly To be expected for a Thinkpad

The current issues will be buffed out in a month as usual. I was expecting issues everywhere like when they originally switched to Unity in 11.04, but it's running better than I expected.

They have a redshift option but it's not enabled by default

It must have been my imagination, but thanks for pointing it out. I really like how they let you specify when this gets turned on. Other software I tried prompted me for either my geo-coordinates or zip-code. I believe they were the programs this guy is complaining about.


I might make the switch over from Debian then to give it a try. How is Wayland running these days?

When you open Firefox in Wayland the window has black parts for a split second. That's the only difference I've noticed. Everything else seems to work the same as on Xorg.
I'm running it on a Thinkpad with an Intel processor. I haven't tried AMD or Nvidia, so they might be different.

Holy fuck, now I'm on mars. I was hoping that bar on the bottom was the thing that'd let me choose how much warmth I'd want. This is way too much.

What's nice is that the adjusting brightness slider is much more smooth. Before it felt like I was scrolling through options on a set of radio buttons rather than a smooth slider. Now I can set the brightness to just as I'd like that whereas I couldn't do that before. Before it felt "locked" and that it would snap to certain positions.

I like this idea of a built in night light, but I wish there was a way to adjust the level of warmth with a slider, just as I could adjust the screen brightness. Imagine the night light warmness slider right underneath the brightness slider in this screenshot. 100% could be where they intended it to be as it is right now on my screen, and 0% being night time off.

I don't think you guys could see the night time shenanigans on my computer, so you'll just have to take my word for it that everything is REALLY warm.

I just turned night light off, and now everything looks super blue. I'm going to turn it back on and leave it like that, because now this is too much blue.

i'd wait for lts or switch to debian.

This, it's the same shit minus the orange dpkg defaults and the lack of the inane PPA protocol, although I do rely on PPA for one application on a machine I own.

It always feels that way for the first few minutes if you switch from regular to the deepest red all at once. It only takes a short time before it stops bothering you, and it's not a problem at all when it shifts into it gradually and scheduled.

Is it finally able to shut down without hanging? I've installed multiple flavors of Ubuntu on 4 different laptops, 3 different desktops, and it can never shut down correctly.

Always wait for LTS, it's always more reliable and easiest to fix because it's what most people are using

well meme'd friend

It doesn't matter if it's included. If nigger Cannonical pulled such shit move, nobody should trust them ever, and boycott them to death.

Microsoft Windows (pre 7) doesn't spy on you on default and never connects to Microsoft or any server without your consent. And Windows never sold your offline search history to advertising companies.

Fuck you Cannonical shill. I hope you'all holocausted

This UI is shit. Microsoft Windows 95 UI is superior to that.

haha even Microsoft Windows 3.11 had drawing program bundled.

Why would you ever use non-tor browser?

You are aware that firefox send data to who knows who even when you remove telemetry data, "xul-ext-ubufox" and safebrowsing ?
Install "etherape" and check it for yourself.

Does it support hibernate again yet?

So how does one turn this spyware off?

How do you know, have you actively monitored an XP install for days? Have you analyzed all the domains and all the packets being sent?

How is shilling for/against Canonical on-topic? Yes, Ubuntu bundles (now opt-in) Amazon bullshit, it's been a thing since 15.10 IIRC. We're talking about the new version and changes here.

And? At least you can install it with Ubuntu Software Center/Synaptic/apt easily.
Not everyone is fucko-tier, and Tor is slow.

I've always liked unity but it's nice to see that their version of Gnome is pretty much the same, my only issue with the upgrade was a broken symlink in /etc that prevented the network from working, apparently some other people had it too. I still prefer the glass look of unity over the semi-metro look of this but it's still nice.

It's off by default because of the backlash.

What is backlash? Is it on 16.04LTS?

OSes don't place buttons anywhere, you useless retard. Separate programs relating to graphical tasks do that.
Haven't come in here for a while, was surprised to see a thread on fucking shitbuntu with so many replies, now I understand why.
What's the reason for an invasion this time? They started requirng that you suck dicks to post on halfchan again?

It's built on systemd; It's going to have bugs. That being said, I'd grab it if I were in your position. It's probably the best OS for you.

Only noteworthy thing here to me is wayland by default, how long until that becomes more common than and replaces X?

It's certainly not on 17.04 and 17.10, I can't speak for one that I haven't used.

that ui looks fucking terrible. i thought they got rid of that garbage. you should delete that trash immediately and install gentoo with xfce

Can you run the file manager as root?

Under wayland

Trying do decided between 17.04 and 17.10 for my new PC coz I need the new kernel for my new hardware, which should I go with?

Also, I've been hearing a lot about GNOME changes. I've always preferred GNOME, is it still supported on both versions? Is it still the same quality as it used to be?

17.04 is Unity, 17.10 is GNOME. Might as well go for the later one.

And because I missed the later question, it's a bit more polished in 17.10.

Okay so I'll go with 17.10. Thanks!


Fucking pleb tier.

I've run Fedora before, but I work full-time now and I just don't have the energy to get shit working anymore. I know I should probably leave Holla Forums but now I just want low effort and with recent Ubuntu upgrades I'm interested to see where it's at.

Why would you do this?

To evade the command line

>can't reset it in display settings because Gnome has no options

I would hold off from anything that isn't an LTS.

Might as well just use Microsoft Windows.
I don't understand you webdevs who religiously install Ubuntu like it was an Apple product. Other than for spyware, it's just Debian with shitty security support.

There are high odds that Iridium might be botnet.

I'd use ungoogled Chromium tbh.

just use GNU/IceCat with privacy extensions

This news is older than the fucking Roman empire and not true anymore yet it still keeps getting posted

I spent a whole day trying to fix DNS issues on Luserbuntu because steam is a bitch, and there are so many complex programs dabbling with it. Why does NetworkManager have to exist? What was wrong with resolv.conf that needed systemd to set it up using bases and headers? Why are there seperate GUIs on the same machine that appear to do the same thing, but display different results? Gosh, easy-to-use GUIs are so hard to use.

Linux was getting to secure for our friends from the intelligence community.

I don't know... I always feels like a missed opportunity if the mascot is not anatomically correct...

New ubuntu looking good, I'm gonna try it as soon as I get home, haven't used it since 12.04

Imagine using a botnet OS with a nigger name, that is watered down so that even niggers can use, and somehow go around acting like that's ok.
Do consider suicide, guys, please, each and every one of you. I swear it's best for everyone.

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why use nubuntu over fedora tho

some people actually have jobs and need an os that doesnt take 5 hours to install and actually works, instead of dicking around with Gentoo all day.

I'm going to respond to this dumb shit with the straightforward and honest reason why its wrong instead of just shitposting at it, for once.
Installing and configuring 'hard' distros only takes hours the first time you do it. Installing takes little time after youve done it once, however, configuring your own environment, as you need to do to use the 'hard' distros, is something you have to learn how to do. you have to either re-learn the details of the bugs and what you do about them when they show up you knew on windows for your pre-configured environment of choice, or alternatively, learn what it is you want, and very possibly if you do that, how to use unix as its own operating system rather than a platform for gnome/kde/etc moreso than before.
this takes longer to learn, and especially if you go for the second way, is frustrating while you do it, as youre not really very good at parsing manpages yet, and the wikis solutions arent always up to date.
but you still only have to learn that once, mostly. you might have to learn new stuff if you want to constantly rice and change everything, but after youve picked up that base of knowledge, its only about as much as grandpa or sister stacy moving from windows to macos would have to. And its better to rice until you find something you really like, and settle down on it, not just habitually reconfiguring everything all the time. Just add to it or tweak little things here and there after you're happy as itd improve it for you.
My distro works much more smoothly and consistently than windows ever did for me, and I can install the same setup on a new computer in maybe two hours, including the download time for installing from the internet. But thats because Ive already done it. I can copypaste the relevant configuration files and settings therin required to make it work as I want it to on my setup, and I know what programs I want to use to provide a nice desktop interface.
not that poster, anyway. Use ubondo if you feel like.

Yep, check. Congratulations, you are a living meme.

But I wanna play valve multiplayer games

Ubuntu takes 5 hours to configure using all the bloody GUI menus, and an internet connection. Ubuntu is only more user friendly if you're scared of the deep dark black of the CLI. TL;DR, you're racist.

Compared to Windows, just about anything is an improvement, that's for sure. But a couple decades ago, there were computers that didn't require all this trouble. You didn't constantly upgrade packages and deal with security updates nonsense. Because nobody was hacking into your Amiga 500 or Commodore 64. Shit just worked, and you didn't waste lots of time on bullshit.

Alwys wait for LTS

Why the fuck would someone even use Ubuntu? (srs)

That's just a backup DNS and it's only used if you enable the systemd-network service and it's easy as fuck to change the one line that has the google dns ip. Stop being a retard.

I use Ubuntu to test Steam games before reporting bugs because it's the only officially supported distro on Steam and I don't want to waste the time of game developers with environmental bullshit related to unsupported distros.

Webdevs that want to use Skype and other proprietary garbage.

What kind of bugs?

Because I don't want to have to fix my font rendering. Why do you use the operating system you use?

GNU/Linux fonts are "fixed" since freetype-2.8, gnewfag.

I'm a newbie will never be able to, in the span of a few hours, learn about:
It's simply not possible, fam. Though to be honest, the same goes for Wangblows (event viewer, shit in task scheduler, msconfig, group policy, services, device manager advanced settings, appdata folders, editing registry keys to change the goddamn context menu or disable shit like NCSI, spyware on windows updates).

I agree that using an OS without learning jack shit is bad because you'll feel completely lost when you have a problem the dumbed-down GUI tools can't solve.
However, preconfigured distros (maybe not as dumbed-down as Ubongo given the problem above) need to exist, if only to provide the user a functioning environment out of the box so they can gradually dip their toes, instead of shoving them into a black and white log-in prompt, with no on-screen instructions (not even "type $COMMAND to check documentation" or something).
And although some distros (contrasting with the likes of Ubongo, which don't encourage the user and prefer them to wallow in ignorance and learned-helplessness like Wangblows) include good documentation and guides a-la gentoo handbook to bootstrap the system, most people don't know what even a shell or a daemon is and can't make use of said documentation, which leads to hand-holding requests, tech-support threads, and babby duck syndrome complaints.

just werks out of the box
handles proprietary gpu drivers and works with steam
huge software repository
immediate support for almost any issue one might have

unless you're a turbo freetard, why the hell wouldn't you use it? because it isn't edgy and 1337 enough?

apt is a new implementation of apt-get.

That's what manjaro is for, dingus.

That is an absolute negative. You should be banned from Holla Forums for wanting proprietary GPU drivers.
If you don't give a shit about FOSS, then just use Windows 7, and stay the hell off this board.

Stay mad faggot

Windows 7 has more compatibility with various GPUs and steam games.
If you don't care about FOSS, then using Ubuntu over Windows 7 makes you an absolute retard who prefers a buggier, less polished, less compatible, but still proprietary botnet experience.
It makes you a stupid idiot, and for that reason you should be banned, because Holla Forums does not tolerate idiots.

Fuck off RMS. Nobody loves you. You are a fat disgusting autist.

I should also add that I'm not saying using Ubuntu over Windows is stupid for everybody, since it is a first step towards FOSS.
It is just stupid for those who don't give a shit at all about FOSS or Unix and just want muh games with proprietary way it's meant to be played drivers, since Windows 7 is by far the smarter choice in that case.

That's what you use if you think Ubuntu isn't edgy and 1337 enough but are still too retarded to install Arch.

Okay kiddo, whatever you say.

I actually made an argument that Windows 7 makes more sense if you only care about games and proprietary drivers, but you conveniently leave that out because you know it's true.


It's true though. If you're using Linux on a home computer you either have a reason to distrust proprietary software or you simply can't afford the license fee; if neither, then their is no reason to not use Windows. Not that you should trust proprietary software or pay license fees, but if you install Linux and your intention is to buy nonfree video games, then you are retarded.

as a sophisticated redditor and a peruser of /g/ i disagree Holla Forums tolerates all the idiots from Holla Forums who come to this board and shit it up all day.

He may still distrust proprietary software, and minimize how much of it he has in his system, but be willing to allow some of it for certain things. Some people like to have some middle ground between two extremes. He may not be committed enough to be 100% purely free, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about freedom at all and is okay with having no freedom.

It doesn't hurt me if you feel your freedom isn't most important. However, you shouldn't delude yourself in thinking that you care about freedom. If you're willing to allow it for certain things, then you don't care for your freedom, you're allowing other people to take care of your freedom.



Windows is actually painful and complicated to use, but unless you administrate your system as a hobby the best operating system is going to be the one that runs your apps without bitching.



oh yeah and on top of that shit heap

Let's not get carried away. It wasn't that great of a DE. It was literally just a dock on the left side with a fullscreen application launcher and global menubar.

not an argument

Unity was always more bloated and hideous. You're experiencing sunk cost fallacy.

the fuck are you on about?

not an argument


Ignore these anons, user. Ubuntu is your best bet for a distro as a beginner.
As you get more acquainted with how linux works, you may choose to move on to another.
It's just the typical nerdy superiority complex showing itself here where they nickpick at tiny things that only the most paranoid ~pedos~ computer users worry about.
Chances are, half the bullshit these anons are saying staff off Ubuntu for doesn't concern you at all.

I was moreso referring to the mobile integration and universal applications, shit that microsoft wholesale ripped off the second it was announced. Then abandoned when they realized no one gives a fuck about spywareOS phones

it's still fucking annoying that they tossed years of work over practically nothing. It would have been nice to see unity 8 as a finished product.


Canonical should have just gone into business providing commercial support for Debian. It's what their business model has become anyway even if they didn't want that and still refuse to admit it.

I tried installing Ubuntu but it managed to piss my autistic ass off again because what I was trying didn't work so I installed Fedora 26 instead. The installer is light years ahead. Also the crash catcher and SELinux GUI is cool to have.

Funny to mention, that while this is going on on my desktop, my laptop is happily running a 3 year old ArchLinux installation with i3 WM. It took time to setup but since then I left it be and it just works while getting latest software.

I know I can just switch to something that actually works like XFCE, but god damn this just shows what shitty direction Ubuntu is going in. The only real option now is Debian.

Ubuntu choosing to use gnome instead of something lightweight that's known to work like xfce was a huge mistake and not only that but it doesn't look like they're even trying, not just from the shitty rice but also from using a still very unstable system like Wayland. Ubuntu is going to die quick from this.

Welcome to Ubuntu. Unity was so heavily bloated that even KDE felt lightweight by comparison.
For anyone who's tried both recently, is Ubuntu 17.10's GNOME setup lighter than Unity was? Or did they somehow make it even more bloated?





have you tried sudo nautilus?
I've never tried it but see if it works.

and even then, only when it has been out for a couple months so they have had time to remove the bugs that all new releases inevitable have.

>hurr durr botnet, everything is a botnet except obscure OS's that only fringe pedos use.
for guys who claim some sort of mental superiority, you are surprisingly lacking in originality. Teenie.
Now go be a troll somewhere else.

Try actually describing your problem instead of spouting buzzwords.

for fuck sake shave your neck you child

Yes you moron. You should have 8. If you don't then quit being poor and get 16.