LynxChan developer purposefully installing botnet in his software

15:51 what do you think of being able to use the ip's reverse dns as a ban tool too?16:15 you can break it up into states sometimes too16:15 for example16:30 IP | Reverse DNS | Location (From GeoIP) | ISP18:13 yessssssssssssssssssss

Basically, StephenLynx is storing IPs and geolocation as plaintext. This project really IS ButtNutt™.

what is the problem with storing ips though????
just use tor or vpn you fag

Yes, it's right for corporations and organizations to store your IP.

VPN's also store all IPs, they're basically double-botnet, as you're automatically put on a blacklist.

Tor is compromised, as they throttle DailyStormer traffic.

what softwares protect my ip???

Kaspersky™ Internet Security®

rust. it is memory and thread safe.

So essentially you confirmed my claims. Good job (((deysu))).

LOL @ zduchac

All imageboard softwares that aren't shit store IP addresses in someway. Holla Forums merely hashes them. By default on LynxChan, only people with the "root" staff role can view plaintext IPs anyway.
The geoip thing even if it is stored is also fine to keep, simply because if you have an IP and it gets leaked anyone can geoip it.
The data as I suggested here would be displayed in a table, consolidating all the information to one place for staff that have permission to view such data.

Also, most lynxchan imageboards support Tor. Use that if you're especially paranoid.


Blazechan prunes IPs after a specified amount of time.

Travelled in time there. Meant to be for

LynxChan has an option to do this I think.

Holla Forums is ButtNutt™

20:43 yes, I do store ips in clear text.20:45 about privacy concerns, you can just make them be wiped regularly.
(((StephenLynx))) confirms the concerns about LynxChan.



Can't you just setup it yourself if you're deploying your own lynxchan imageboard to store ips better?

This, never been safer.

No, because it's a crucial core part of LynxChan™. And you can set up Windows™ to not do ButtNutt shit, no?

You mean to tell me it's impossible to hash the ips if you deploy lynxchan

hashing ips is fucking useless you retard.

user above said that 8ch hashes them

please calculate the number of possible ips, then calculate how long it takes to hash one ip, then calculate how long it takes to hash all ips

I don't hear you saying he was wrong


user above said that Holla Forums does hash the ips and you're arguing that it's too slow and ineffective. Well, which is it?

im saying that hashing ips is useless

It works for Holla Forums

Simple SHA1/SHA3 takes virtually no time.

[[email protected]:~]$ cat ip127.0.0.1[[email protected]:~]$ time sha1sum ip7b8fa7a85f9f6ae6f9178504d2202666fb8dc772 ipreal 0m0,003suser 0m0,002ssys 0m0,001s

what works exactly? what is the purpose of hashing ips before storing them?

It's better than storing them in plain text

but it isnt. if you have the hash you can just brutforce it

Then salt it

but then you would get a different hashes for the same ips

If I recall, sha1 is pretty difficult to break as it is.

you dont have to break the hash if you can just bruteforce all possible 2^32 ips.

Then use SHA-2/SHA-3

you can still bruteforce all ips.

What grounds does OP have to complain about lynxchan storing in plain text if you're right that there is no worthwhile protection for storing ips

it is a meme thread

Ever heard of IPv6?

yeah. nobody uses it

IPv4 is running out, especially thanks to IoT


There are only so many ips you can have for ipv4 and IoT are taking a lot of them.

nigger ipv4's were getting rare even before (((iot)))

How are IoT taking a lot of them? I'd figure most of the just connect to your home network hence sharing the same ips as the rest of your computers.

Everything these days has an internet connection. Your dryer, your washing machine, your fridge, and even your toaster has internet capabilities for remote controlling and it too uses a public ipv4 address.


>16:30 IP | Reverse DNS | Location (From GeoIP) | ISP
So everytime lynxchan enabled chans ping the GeoIP servers with the IP they are looking up (((they))) could just simply watch those IP's as they are looked up to see visitors of lynxchan servers.

Like for example, if you aren't using https or if GeoIP is owned by TLA's.

If they're not behind a router, they'll all get their own ip

Lynxchan doesn`t store geoip location and much less consults an external service for that when assigning location flags, tho.

Of course you can hash IPs, retard