Why did mozilla create a new programming language that caters to shit programmers instead of just hiring good c++ programmers?



They were in the urge to change huge chunk of the codebase, so why not reinvent the wheel? They still can use cpp.


calm down roastie

you're dumb piece of shit if you cannot recognize that no matter how good the programmer is in the language he'll make mistakes and cause bugs. ESPECIALLY when it comes to manually managed memory languages, even more so when you include concurrency and parallelism. when you have a tool that rules out those sets of problems you can focus on the task you have to solve instead of thinking about your use of pointers and threads. you should've been aborted if you think that your job is to debug segfaults

How terrible, just use Java(tm)

so is rust actually good and the way of the future?

only if you are a SJW

Because Rust was a custom-made tool for Firefox and whatever else Mozilla wants to do next.
It was made so developers would have an easier time writing and improving the browser, that's it.

You can only have one, and Mozilla chose diversity.

Nice brainlet arguments.


still not an argument

Tits or GTFO


Nobody except you is making the argument that if they're white and/or male they're automatically good.


How is it not an argument?
People will not adapt your meme language if the syntax is shitty.

saying that you find the syntax shit is an opinion. opinion != argument

The only good C++ programmers are pajeets and women. I mean, just look at you.

plenty of those to go around


Holla Forums: wow this is good! Mozilla did something good!


The vocal ones who hate it now never liked it to begin with

It actually was a good thing in the beginning but quickly became corrupted by the modern technology world. Since its inception, it has become more and more of an SJW haven. When a community surrounding a product reaches this level of infestation, it affects the product that it surrounds surrounds. A good recent example of this was Equifax's chief security official, a music major who was hired on merit of being a female. Now, we live in a world where a huge chunk of the US's population has been doxxed and dumped with the only recourse being a year of being spied on for free.

[September intensifies]

source on her getting hired for being a woman?

Rust either does its job properly or doesn't do its job. There is nothing in the language that suggests that it doesn't do its job.

I bet you exclusively drive automatic too.

Of course. Why should I do the work that someone else can do for me?


I'll make the statement that white males are way, way better on average. It's absolutely true.

Except that didn't happen, newfag.

Rust caters to smart programmers who saw the problems with C and C++ and wanted to do something about it. They didn't just complain, they made a language and they're using it. I respect them for having the courage to say that C and C++ are problems.

Isn't rust still too hard for Pajeets and women? Any time you have to be cognizant of memory management, I think you rule them out.


Rust isn't too hard for that reason, it's too hard in general. It's unnecessarily convoluted. When C++ programmers are telling you your language is too difficult to work with you've got a serious problem.

troll thread

It's necessarily complicated when you understand the mind of a liberal. They don't really want niggers to understand how to program, they just want to always feel needed for assistance when the nogs/womyn/freaks inevitably run into trouble.

How much are you Rust shills getting paid to spew your shit here? How many $ per comment?



even better brainlet arguments.