Comfiest OS

Dream come true. My daily timewaster machine is now running Windows 2000 functionally. A japanese autist is writing kernel extensions and API wrappers for the Windows 2000 kernel. Using his extensions, you can run modern browsers/software. He's also modifying chipset drivers and backporting security updates, though I wouldn't rely on it for anything mission-critical.

This is amazing. A shitty Pentium 4 with an much ram as the board will take, and 80% of the websites I use on a regular basis are fully functional (and if a shit is being shitty, disable javascript!), email, spreadsheets and text editing work fine. The OS absolutely screams, I can't believe how responsive and fluid it feels, and the best part is the total lack of flat metro cancer, instead you have the clean, comfy and aesthetic 9x UI. It feels comfy as fuck and takes me back almost 20 years. My only complaint is the integrated IE explorer shell, but until someone figures out how to get a modern lightweight browser working on Windows NT, it'll do!

Some 775 boards have Win2K drivers, i can only imagine how fucking fast they'd be.

Microsoft's OS development really should have stopped with Windows 2000. Transition to 64-bit, dump some of the legacy compatibility crap no one cares about anymore gradually, harden it as vulnerabilities are discovered, tell glow i the dark cia niggers to fuck off with their backdoors, add new core technologies as their value is proven.

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Nice bloat, because they didn't do any of what you wanted. If you used the right combination of linux software you would get even better performance, and most certainly better security, in your pentium 4. If you want windows 9x UI just get a XFCE theme for it faggot.

Why trust this random chink to backport patches to a already compromised OS?

You're 100% dependent on a singular Japanese autist for backported security updates, and you're worried about space aliens and CIA niggers?

Why the fuckitty fuck would I ever use this over linux? Just WHY?

You know Windows XP and 7 have a classic style right?

It sounds like your main argument for using it is >muh nostalgia and >muh classic theme and you can just use a classic theme without needing to overburden yourself using 17 year old software

also like said there are ways to make Linux look almost nearly identical to windows classic

Huh, that's pretty impressive. How modern can your software get with KernelEX?

Because linux software for anything outside software development is absolutely shit.

...but that's all I care about, software development. Well that and web-browsing but that works just fine on Linux also Gimp and Krita work fine and there are some good games on linux that work fine. Linux does everything you could want and does it better.

The fuck are you talking about? Have you ever heard of wine? Atleast with wine you get more security with your shitty winblows applications.


What the fuck do you want to do exactly?

There are many things I CAN'T do on windjews that I do on linux.

Literally the only thing that right away comes to mind is "there's a bunch of shitty Windows exclusive programs and games that nobody in their right mind would ever want to waste their time and which could all probably run in Wine anyways".

Use obscure hardware peripherals without having a BA in computer science for starters

shhhh. That is too much logic for the Linux autiste community. They will start explaining how writing driver is not that complicated.

False faggot. OP is using a pentium 4. He ain't playing any modern games with that. Wine has improved greatly, to the point of running windows applications better then windows 10. The gaming situation has improved on wine. You can play any DX9/10 game you can think of and some DX11 games now with great performance.

So you are doing it wrong.

Well it isn't because you are just building off of c classess the kernel gives to you and pointing to memory adresses for hardware manipulation. MAYBE just maybe you are programming the device itself using a assembly language specific to it MAYBE.

Even still a lot of older games even run very terribly on modern Windows, let alone Linux.

Then you run into other situations like, does the game require a fix that only runs on Windows. Or does it require codecs that windows even got rid of a long time ago. I remember Max Payne 1 on Windows 7 requires a sound fix because it used a sound format that Microsoft removed in later versions.

Not really, you're still going to run into tons of incompatibility issues. Even if it's as small as like "Game dips to 20 fps whenever you go into this menu". Stuff like that. It's generally a more temperamental experience.

Then you get into trying to run obscure programs most people haven't even heard of. Like for instance if you want to try modding a game, the level editor almost certainly never works on Linux and even if you got it to work, a lot of things about it won't. Like attempting to compile the level or use its script editor.

The last time I installed Linux on my laptop I was curious about the performance of Wine so I did a test.

I ran the native port of Half-Life 1 on Linux and I ran it on Wine

The native port of Half-Life 1 ran at a steady 60 fps as to be expected

The Wine version ran at approximately 40 fps and dipped to 30 frequently.

Emulation is always slower than the real thing and depending on your hardware that can make running a game basically unplayable.

ah that is my issue too, I just gave up on ever having working audio, and nobody ever was helpful to me they all just claimed I was stupid and it could be done without explaining how

but these are the sacrifices we must make

How long ago was this? As of wine 2.0 you get great performance unless you are running ubuntu on a fucking potatoe/pentium 4. Nice bloat faggot.

The key here is knowing what hardware you have. lspci and lsusb should give you enough info to Google. If you want to use but Windows, you spend 2 seconds Googling before you buy to be sure it will work. It's not rocket science, and you'll feel a bit silly when you realize how easy the solutions are. Most people on /g/ and Holla Forums are knowledgeable enough to field questions if you want to take a day or two to learn to use Linux.

How long ago was this? As of wine 2.0 you get great performance unless you are running ubuntu on a fucking potatoe/pentium 4. Nice bloat faggot.
This year.

My laptop doesn't run that many games all that well but I was still able to get a better performance on Windows compared to Wine out of the games I tried. Albeit I didn't try something more graphically demanding.

If it works for him, there's absolutely no problem with it. No need to evangelize Linux to him like a pushy Morman. What I'd really like to know, is why the Japanese autist is so interested in writing the kernel extensions. It's one thing to use it, but to justify so much effort there must be a reason.


I think you answered your own question

He probably has some stupid reason like "I really like the dog in MS office"

Hahaha. Good point.


I'm not surprised really, the entire country absolutely loathes upgrading computers and using modern software. It wasn't too long ago that they were all using winxp and giving the finger to anything else.

You can allegedly also install a broken version of Windows ME from a Windows XP install disc because Microsoft were lazy fucks and just merged their Windows ME installer to the in-development XP installer

Vista was when PRISM was first implemented, however the weird NSAKey has existed since NT3 and that just sounds alarm bells.

I've heard that they still use fax quite a lot. It's a good attitude to have though, the majority of office workers could easily get by with windows 95. Obviously people managed with it just fine when it was new, and their work load hasn't exactly changed.


And the full catalog of software written for Windows 95...

Not going to lie, this looks pretty comfy. OP, do you have a link to the Japanese kernel autist?


I'm fairly sure Linux is quite a bit slower on older hardware, if you want to do everything that an older windows can do, like running X and more modern web browsers.

Puppy Linux is pretty comfy. The guys behind it made a DE out of ROX and JWM, and wrote their own tools to make it easier to use.
Pic related is an older version, but it's the version I used when I used Puppy exclusively.

There are plenty of X servers for Windows.

This looks cool, I am very interested. Do you have a link to share with us?

Not OP, but I think this is it.

it looks like one of those fake GUIs that are applied as a decal sticker on a nonfunctional toy computer for 3 year olds

Mac before it become a Consumer-level OS.

pic related.

Looks like a shitty ubuntu fork.

Doom's first map editor looked really bad

Is this able to run the visual c++ 2017 command line tools? If I could replace my godawful bloated windows dev VM it would be heavenly.

The japanese tend to still use very old versions of windows; pre-win7, usually NT.

The UK pays MS for extended support. The japanese tend to not care so much for individual security as its a collectivist country (obvs when you look at borders and immigration enforcement).

Exactly, it was made for engineers. Modern Mac is for people who don't want to be reminded they're on a computer.

Won't someone kill this old=insecure myth already?

Security updates are but one layer of the many layers of good security (including but not limited to: antivirus, firewall, sandbox, encryption, backups, security updates). I'm tired of people saying old Win installations are insecure, especially when implying that new ones magically are.

More power to the OP for his choice. I am of the opinion devs rush like fools to abandon old versions of whatever they're working on. For little benefit to the end user, who ends up being a beta tester of sorts. RANT OVER.

You are the fool. Developers work to benefit themselves, which is why everyone is moving to the web where they have effective forced updating.

I see all the replies in this thread and all I can think is "whatever happened to being autistic for the thrill of it?"
Seriously OP this is cool, is the source available?

It's in Japanese, so you may need to use Google Translate or something.

That's not an opinion Peggie. They do it for money. There are plenty of businesses in the headlines that refused to update so you're in good company.

Does that mean patches/security hotfixes? how can we get them

1- You install your favorite flavor of Windows 2000 (from CD for extra authenticity)
2- You install SP4 and a bunch of security rollup hotfixes
3- Install every update from this pack:
4- Get the latest version of KernelEx from the Japanautiste

... K-meleon or Pale Moon
... Winamp 2.9 or foobar 2000
... Office 2000 and service packs for authenticity and fast as fuck doc editing
... Photoshop 7 (personally stick to 5.5)

Feel the warm glow of nostalgia as your system boots in seconds and feels so fucking fast doing 90%+ of what you want. Die a little bit inside when you realize this could have been the future we had, but instead we got a high viral load web 3.0 numale cuck hellscape.

Next challenge: Install Windows 2000 on an HP Evo desktop with a Core 2 Quad

Holy fuck boys I think this is gonna work.

Does windows 2000 properly support more than two cores/processors?

* Windows 2000 Professional will support up to two processors.
* Windows 2000 Server will support up to four processors.
* Windows 2000 Advanced Server will support up to eight processors.
* Windows 2000 Datacenter Server will support up to thirty-two processors.

So I'll be trying Server and de-serverifying it.

So potentially I could get my 8320e to run Windows 2000 to its full potential with the right Add-on cards? That's something I've got to try at some point.

With all this effort and expert knowledge going into hacking and supporting an outdated OS, I feel its ironic how many people say Windows is easier than Lignux.


IRIX was the best OS out there with the most features and most advanced GUI for its time. Even better than IBM OS/2. Pic related is MaXX Interactive (a fork of the IRIX Interactive Desktop) running on Fedora 26.

No, that's not at all what it is, retard. I have to explain this to shit eating macfag retards like every fucking day. Modern OS X is a big mix of the FreeBSD kernel, the OS 9 userland, and a few GNU utils mixed into it. Everything else is made by Applel and the only NeXTSTEP components left over are the dock and a few sounds. Also NeXTSTEP had mediocre software support and the GUI was and is a big ball of poo. It only makes things harder.

I already died a little bit inside many years ago, when I tried out DamnSmallLinux in all its 50 MB glory. That's when I learned what "software bloat" means, and it's been a nightmarish ride into Bloatville ever since. We haven't stopped yet. We may never.

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole, see what 64 KB can do:

What about 1 KB:

What we experience is beyond bloat, it is the combined effort of all of mankind to actively ruin something that should just work.

Bloat is inevitable imo.

Nah, it's just because we have just shitty coders these days, with all those retards reinventing the wheel every single fucking day in a new meme language instead of reusing well-made, stable, proven open frameworks, that stack unproven technologies on top of each other without considering for a single second the complexity nor performance hit because they're completely ignorant about how computers work, and being so completely clueless about what computers are and what people expect from them.

Any attempt at simplifying the development process of software should be fucking stopped. It's hard, and that's how things are, yet it didn't stop countless people from learning and mastering it all, and delivering quality software. As long as people learn fucking learn fucking assembly, C, and ONE higher level language such as Python or Lua, there shouldn't be any issue with bloat.

Yes so NeXTSTEP. They have been switching some of their MACH kernel stuff to the FreeBSD branch equivalent but it's still the same UNIX underpinnings.

Whoa, So NeXT with System 9 Wine on it. Modern macOS does not have mac system 9 userland components as they have evolved into something different.

The UI was fine and there was nothing better during the time. Of course, Steve was a retard and failed to market it correctly for mass-adoption on i386 and without funds to update it, it lacked features by 1995. You type like a retarded child.

You're argument is like saying that WIndows 9X isn't Windows because they replaced DOS with NT. Inversely, modern MacOSX is a hacked OPENSTEP, it has almost nothing to do with Classic Mac anymore. Even the widget names in xcode are consistent with the ones in NeXTSTEP Interface Builder.

You can have a NeXT-like environment on Linux.

Sweet Jesus, you're fucking retarded.

4Dwm was and is better.

At least I know the difference between "your" and "you're".

My argument isn't even close to that. I'm arguing that Android isn't Debian just because they share a kernel. Is OS X FreeBSD? No. Is OS X NeXTSTEP? No. Is OS X the same as OS 9? No. But OS X not only shares components of all three, it's made of them almost exclusively.

Not in the way you think it is.

Thanks for proving my point. It's pretty much just the graphical parts.

RiscOS retro DEs

Why hasn't anyone ever made a classic Mac retro DE? Even just a crossplatform equivalent of Pathfinder would be a godsend.

Like this user said. Even after baleeting Classic & Carbon, OSuX still has a lot of OS 9 components both in its design and under the hood as architectural features. Similarly, while it is of course based on OpenStep, OSuX threw out entire subsystems for from-scratch rewrites, and even those rewrites have themselves been rewritten numerous times since 10.0. The biggest flaw with OSuX is simply that it has no unified design ethos on the technical nor user level, instead being a mishmash of whatever is popular at the moment or whatever "cool" idea somebody on the devteam thinks of.



Yeah, same. That's why people run Windows on old MIPS workstations, POWER9 servers, embedded ARM devices, and so on.

Oh wait.

I loved how "physical" the old Mac system was.

How to install a new font? Drag the font to the System folder! How to print a file? Drag the file to the printer icon! How to create a clipping of some text? Drag the selected text to the desktop! How to eject a disk? Drag the disk to the trash can! How to put away a window like it was a tab? Drag it to the bottom of the screen!

Even with all of its shortcomings, somehow the Mac just made perfect sense in its own sort of roundabout way. I want that "it makes sense" feeling back, because no other system does!

A lot of that came from their rigorous, pervasive specification of intentional design. For instance, most people remember that you couldn't have multiple icon views of the same folder open at once, to enforce "spatiality", but how many people remember that any other means of viewing the same item in multiple windows, such as clicking the disclosure triangle in a list view of a folder whose own window was already open, would automatically close the other window?

Every single aspect, behavior, and implementation detail of the Mac System was carefully distinguished from other approaches, studied with real users, unambiguously laid down in black and white, retained across versions, and faithfully executed by devs both inside and outside Apple. That's the kind of discipline and commitment no other major platform has had before or since.

(trips checked)
Ah, the HIG. It should be the Holy Bible of every developer: learn the HIG, obey the HIG. Good usability comes from consistent appearance and behavior, so never deviate from the HIG unless you truly have to.

And I just remembered another peculiar behavior of the Mac (I can't recall if they have changed it since). What happens if you copy a folder to where there is already another folder with an identical name? Windows tries to merge the folders, keeping the content of both. The Mac just replaces the old folder entirely. Whatever was in there is erased.

I can't decide which one is more logical now.

The replace approach (after a warning, of course) seems less liable to cause confusion. But IMHO the Mac shouldn't have given any privilege to filenames, pathnames, or directory hierarchies whatsoever, at least on an internal implementation level (that said, on a technologically arbitrary UI level, preventing items with the same name from being in the same folder might have some merit from a human factors perspective, but not having to deal with "Untitled Document 2/3/4/5/etc" does sound very convenient to me). The "alias" system already relied on Db-style unique identifiers, as did the "resource fork" format, so demoting the traditional "filesystem" to a purely secondary role would've been trivial. And it would've meant being able to use ":" in filenames

All of those actions still apply to modern MacOS.

How hard would it be to create a better (but illegal) version of ReactOS with leaked source+wine+reverse engineered components? There is darknet git already, the technology is ready.

Thoughts on Parabola?

Wasn't the "OpenNT" project secretly this?

that does not look like Plan9 to me


What if you do it openly, without pretending to give a shit about the law?

Even if your don't give a shit about the law, the law gives a shit about you.

The closest thing to mystery software I can think of was early releases of Bitcoin by the (presumably Japanese) "Satoshi Nakamoto".

Parabola is Arch done right. Most underrated OS available.

Not all of them. You can't touch the System folder anymore, things like fonts go into the Library folder. And I don't think you can put away windows like pic related, although the Dock serves a similar purpose.

Also, since 10.7, because the Library folder is full of cryptic *N*X legacy garbage and .plist files that aren't supposed to be tinkered with by mere mortals, all of the Library and System folders have been made invisible by default.


In Linux/BSD, the lib folder is used for lib files which are linked against. OSX apps are statically linked so they wouldn't need this. In Linux/BSD, you have numerous .folders which store user generated cache files and settings in home. In OSX ~/Library is the dumping ground for all of this. The main /Library folder in OSX is more like a /usr/share. So you see, Apple's Library is their own creation and has almost nothing to do with *NIX.

The irony is that this is what all the old windows 2000/xp users do when they try to justify how amazing microsofts abandoned 20+ year old OS is/was.

Nigger, shits no different from your .rc files

OSX 10.4 on a higher end PPC is pretty comfy imo fam.

Some people refuse to give it up and they are maintaining software for it. It SCREAMS on my duel G5. Youtube (with a youtube-dl frontend+mplayer) and modern websites work well.

MacOS really started going to shit once they switched to x86. 10.10 and above are a sloppy mess.


Windows 2000/NT5 is still very popular in Japan, for a good reason, it was the last sane Windows GUI. It was also the last time things worked properly before all these meme UX designers came in and fucked everything up.


How is that possible?

Still shit.

Yeah, but what about the rest of the UI? What does Control Panel look like for instance?

The control panel in windows 10 can still be viewed in classic view. It has barely changed since win95 days.


Reminder that ricing Windows has never been difficult (also, Windowblinds actually runs faster than MS's own skins):

You can unhide your ~/Library/ folder and monkey with it to your heart's content of course. This is required to install certain components which don't have a proper installer, but they figure if you know what you're doing they're not going to actually stop you.

The way they handle this is kind of nice too, you can install most everything into either the /Library/ folder or your own private ~/Library/ folder if you don't want all user accounts to use some extension or library. Most people will never have to touch it of course.

No, it was dumbfucks like you who bought into Windows Vist- I mean 7.

All your plists are also kept in ~/Library.

A lot cleaner than spreading everything out in .config, .local/share, and just spread out on ~/ like a mess.

Nope. Tried it before. It's still a makeshift solution with compatibility issues. If you use Windows, you better put up with Microsoft's complete lack of taste.

Reminder that this was done because an early UNIX dev machine ran out of HDD space as the OS bloated beyond its boot volume's capacity, so they started jamming other folders full of OS components just to hack UNIX into fitting on their secondary and tertiary HDDs.

At least it's better than current versions of OSuX, which have broken both Kaleidoscope and Shapeshifter, in spite of Apple's regularly introducing random new app-specific themes that radically clash with each other whenever some internal hipster devteam gets a "cool" idea.

ugh, I feel like I stepped in a pile of shit

Except full retard. People have discovered that computer security is national security recently, and it keeps getting more important.

Windows XP didn't even separate privileges, running firefox on admin account was literally running firefox as root. Retarded.

As os's have aged they have come with new security features that are actually improvements. The architecture of old software is insecure.

All that is to say nothing of security fixes for errata that exists without back-ported security fixes.

Very original. Protip:you know jackshit about linux softwares.

Implying windows haven't broke driver ABI even among NT kernels too

Installing it still a pain in ass.

XP SP3 made it difficult. IDC about other versions.

It's have at least a botnet for alexa, and since it's SP4, NSA can surf on your rig if they want.


windows 10

why does no one ever talk about os2?
specifically MODERN OS2 I really wanna use this but I can't find a torrent and if you think im paying for os2 ur fucking NUTS

this is basically my dream os tbh, it can run dos+win3.1 programs, I think win95 programs (not sure) and ofc all the os2 programs, plus modern shit that is being made for it.

pkgsrc has been ported to Tiger also

I have felt for a long time that I should build some sort of windows 2000

meant to say some sort of windows 2000 rig


Freetards truly are the niggers of computing

Because it is a commercial product, there seems to be no torrent of it, and not many people are willing to spend $130 just to try a service pack for a mostly forgotten system from 20 years ago.

Even without any customization, and some very questionable recent decisions, macOS still has a much better interface than Windows, especially the flat abomination of Windows 10.


Stop giving him (you)s.

10.7.5 is fucking great, im using it now on a black a1181. it runs wine and windows programs great, anything I can't run I can just boot into the windows 7 partition. early x86 osx was just as good, if not better due to more hardware support.
I would love to upgrade to 10.8 but apple has no 64x driver for the graphics on this specific computer.

ur gay if you dont edit shit to be the way you want it

anyway the MOST comfy os's are :
Win 3-xp
macos9 (best os ever made tbh no linux will ever come close)

if you want security go with hardware and software from at least 10 years ago

also to the linuxheads who think linux runs better than xp or 2000, I have an X41 running all 3, xp,2000, and linux. p much all linux distros are dropping support for 32bit, so there will soon be NO repos for any packages on linux for me, I have to use a multi year old version of network manager because any new version just breaks wifi totally. and the version that DOES work does not even show any networks unless i do a iwconfig command to specify a (any) ssid, after that the list of ssid's will load and I can connect. It will occasionally just turn off. this is not just an issue on that computer, I have a chromebook that will do something similar on linux, where the wifi will just stop working after a while and require a reboot to fix. this does not happen on either computer when running XP. Also windows is SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER on both computers vs linux, since it isnt a bloated garbagefire

the linux community is in shambles, wayland is a fucking joke ( I TRIED IT WITH PLASMA ITS GARBAGE) systemd is ruining and bloating everything, audio configuration is still insane (good luck specifying inputs and outputs on a built in mobo soundcard) p much everyone in open source, actually in the tech industry in general, is a fag or a communist or worse, they are directly causing the decay in quality software(probably deliberately since their religion is the worship of filth). anyone who even THINKS any "modern" OS is anywhere near as powerful or elegant as even the OLDEST usable os is fucking insane. 2000, OS9, OS2, those were the PEAK of perfection. improvements continued but the decay started there. xp had that fucking fisher price default theme, vista was the start of pejetsoft. sure windows 7 is a big improvement, so much that most people still use it, but then 8 came with more street shitter tech, than 10, I use 10 on my workstation computer since it is basically required. If you want to debotnet windows 10 you need to be a much more advanced user than the vast majority of people, its an OK os if you take multiple days to manually block everything, write your own reg keys, and do various fixes over time as more problems WILL arise later on. "MODERN" computers are so full of shit, its either pure S3 (STREET SHITTER SOFTWARE) (windows) or getting worse with every update (osx) or has no direction or goals besides destroying itself (linux)

at least funtoo is still good (FOR NOW)

Just install ubuntu ppc lol

Rate my operating system guys

BITS 16start: mov ax, 07C0h ; Set up 4K stack space after this bootloader add ax, 288 ; (4096 + 512) / 16 bytes per paragraph mov ss, ax mov sp, 4096 mov ax, 07C0h ; Set data segment to where we're loaded mov ds, ax mov si, text_string ; Put string position into SI call print_string ; Call our string-printing routine jmp $ ; Jump here - infinite loop! text_string db 'Anons kickass OS guaranteed to fuck your mother', 0print_string: ; Routine: output string in SI to screen mov ah, 0Eh ; int 10h 'print char' function.repeat: lodsb ; Get character from string cmp al, 0 je .done ; If char is zero, end of string int 10h ; Otherwise, print it jmp .repeat.done: ret times 510-($-$$) db 0 ; Pad remainder of boot sector with 0s dw 0xAA55 ; The standard PC boot signature

Get with the times grandpa, BIOS is so 80s. Everyone uses UEFI now with PE-based bootloaders written in C++

plz no bully;-;

are you going any further with it?

That's the plan, writing the entire kernel from scratch

also may I ask what are you writing it in? Assembly? C? Something else? lisp maybe?

hopefully it's all assembly. won't be very portable but man it would run like a champ.

very cool. keep us posted.

run Minix or a BSD then, they're lighter on CPU than Linux

Isn't that what MINIX turned out to be?

check out MikeOS. personally i don't like its internal architecture but it's a good starting point.

ArkOS is based on MikeOS.

Needs a lot of improvement though, the kernel is pretty vulnerable and needs a few tweaks here and there, need to write some more syscalls, a C compiler, network stack, etc. but as it sits it's a fun little project.

Workbench is cozy. Wonder if anyone has made a Linux DE that tries to just be modernized Workbench.

i'm thinking the comfiest winblows is 7 Home Basic. It removes all the (((features))), and can have up to 8GB RAM which is still the max I need.
what i've been doing is:
1. download a recent fully patched winblows 7 image
2. run it for a few months
3. never waste time getting updates and shit
4. go to step 1

this is the second time someone reused one of my memes in the 12 years i've been channing :3

Aww shit user this was my first distro, ran it on a Compaq Presario 1240. Memories.

>afraid of (((features)))

ubuntu PPC is slow and unstable as shit.

If you wanted to match Tiger's speed on PPC you would have to go full gentoo and optimize everything.

Group Policy is an absolute must to turn off dumb shit like restarting for updates while active users are logged in and saving zone information (which is the cause of pic related on everything you save from the internet).

No desktop is comfy. An REPL in ROM is comfy, even if it's just BASIC.

oh shit it's megabaitshit the baitening
there is no privilege separation in _any_ windows or Linux or mac you niggermonkey. if your machine gets owned the malware has access to everything you do from your file manager. the way you can spot Systems LARPers is when they believe running firefox as root or admin poses any additional risk to a desktop user
there have been no fundamental changes to arch of _any_ modern OS which improves security in any way. Maybe ALSR in modern Linux but that's only a tiny mitigation
all popular OS are insecure. of course if you run one with an unpatched publically announced RCE vuln you're going to get pwned a lot faster

this has nothing to do with security and all to do with spending an extra hour a day blasting through pointless goyware

yeah but i don't update my winblows boxen. i just assume they are pwned and install a new updated version every couple months to keep it from slowing down from all the accumulated cancer

What is that really cool icon set?

Must feel good being 14.


nice argument. this doesn't change the fact that you have no idea how permission models work. I'll rephrase again so your nigger brain might understand:
Exploiting an RCE vuln in the browser on _any_ Windows machine (3.1, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, ...) means you have access to everything the account running the browser has access to, which for 99.99999% of Windows desktop users, that would be everything. Even if it was only restricted to what the browser has access to, that would still be pretty much everything the guy uses, because anything they log into these days is through the web. Even if you have 2FA the compromised browser can still do anything since you granted it a session. Even if there is an action that requires reauthentication (such as re-entering the password), the browser can just rearrange to make it look legitimate and trick the user (who is clueless on this topic - like you - and has no idea these things exist) and will most likely fall for it.

Legacy software

tranny whoremoans actually do help with autism for some reason.

You'll feel the warm glow of nostalgia when you're defragging it weekly.

I wasn't the person you initially replied to but anyhow, everything you've said is well understood and pretty simple. It was your speech on gnu/linux that is faulty. You have a skindeep familiarity with the topics at hand, pls refrain from trying to sound like an authority.

You reached the right conclusions by all the wrong reasons, but I'll take it.
I'm surprised there wasn't an open source continuation of Mac OS 9.2. Mac OS was truly the peak. I moved to 2000 once Apple switched and it was also nice, but I never touched OS2.

Is there somewhere with all the technical details for the classic Mac OS? I was a kid when I used it and never got to truly learn how it worked.



SSDs can defrag in seconds nowadays - you don’t even notice it.

Do you use chrome or why is your font rendering so terrible?

are you telling me you didn't just randomly move things around, delete prefences, extensions, control panels, fonts, apple menu items, and other crap in the "System" folder?
man, it was the easiest hacking ever
too bad OS X is completely dog shit for anything like that today
hold down Shift to disable extensions.
what extensions?
extensions made the computer awesome.

SSD's aren't supposed to be defragged anyways. There's no benefit and it just increases wear faster.

Yes, oh yes I did. I was just a kid but I remember modifying the Aaron extension that let you use the glorious Platinum UI style on pre-System 8 Mac OS and making my own graphical tweaks that way.

What I meant is that I didn't get to know the underlying architecture. For instance, to this day I have a very vague idea of what the data fork and the resource fork were, and no idea regarding the boot process, what kind of bootloader it had, etc. The fact that it didn't have a command line interface was like fucking magic to me.

What is that really cool icon set?

Mac OS snow leopard

this tbh

It bears mentioning that blackwingcat has drivers up to Kaby Lake and through to Quadro M6000 24 GB/Titan X (Maxwell).

I'm also laughing at those ITT who can't tell that their shitty themes don't look like the real deal with more than a cursory glance.

If one must use a Linux lookalike, then there's Q4OS with its XPQ4 theme pack.


he said he's writing the entire kernel in scratch.

That's not how you spell icewm.

Good luck finding Windows 2000 icons.

Good taste here. Best EHWM compliant stacking WM.


All this desktop shit is where computers went wrong.

Mainframe larping faggots are the reason why le cloud exists. If it were not you, we wouldn't have none of that Plan 9, Go, blockchain, Amazon Droplets, etc. cancer right now.

install 9front

Wat? That's a terminal hooked up to a credit card reader that's running CP/M. It's got the same CPU as the home computer in this video.

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I recently installed Windows 2000+KernelEx 2.9b on my Thinkpad R40
Runs much better than any """""lightweight""""" looniks i tried on the Pentium M with 512mb RAM

Firefox ESR 52 with Classic Theme Restore plugin is amazing on the 4:3 display
The biggest problem i have currently is that i can't play MP4 videos, only webm works, and those aren't always available on hooktube

Sorry for picture quality my phone has autism

Dude, just install ReactOS

Can you post some details? I want to do this too.

Like this?
Intall Win2k, install SP4, install kernelex... is it that simple?

Last time i checked ReactOS was still in a very early stage of development
How is the performance and driver/program support on there?

Good enough to try it out.

Everything is pretty easy, this video was the most helpful for me:
I also used this site for some downloads but it misses some important steps:

First of all, make sure your hardware has drivers that work with Windows 2000, an internet connection and graphics drivers are very important.
Installing windows+updates and setting up the kernel extension shouldn't be an issue if you follow the steps from the video.

I would recommend you to get a Win2k Pro .iso with SP4 preinstalled and burn it to a CD/DVD
Make sure to get the English version, otherwise your updates won't work.
Win2k does not support installation from USB, you will get a bluescreen if you try it.

Iso i used:
Key i used with this iso: J4WH4-JXX2W-3FYM7-QJBB8-XKWD8
Keys for any version can be found online.

You will have to download KernelEx from here: (the link in the youtube desc is broken)
You'll need google translate because the site is in japanese, i didn't know what the most stable version is so I just picked the latest (2.9b English, gives an error message when opening an installer but everything still works anyway)

Firefox ESR 52 is the most modern browser you can use with KernelEx, if you don't like the chromestralis theme you can install Classic Theme Restorer add-on.
You can find lists of other 2k-compatible software with or without kernelex online.


I hope you're just joking, OP


XP was an ideal OS

Wine is fucking amazing, you cuck.

The Win32 API and NT driver model is stable enough that its trivial to allow modern drivers and software to run on them

You really can't say the same about Linux 2.4.x

Specific hardware is irrelevant to choosing operating system, because no choice present in that case - you use what vendor says.


If you plan to sell software to mass market, you make it for os most consumers already have, which mean win or osx.
But once you are making software solution for specific client, unices are much more widespread.