T25 Retro

You lads order one?

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I agree with most of the points that this video has pointed out

Lol no
This thing isn't what people wanted, it's nothing more than a sacrificial lamb that allows lenovo to say "we made a special laptop for all the complainers but you didn't buy it so just shut up and stop criticizing us".


For better battery life without upgrading to a OLED screen you have to down the resolution. It has it's pros and cons. But overall the laptop is a overpriced peice of shit.

lol, no.

It's a neat idea but Lenovo are competing with their own products on the retro Thinkpad market. Why get this when a T420 is closer to an actual retro Thinkpad and is a fuckton cheaper?
Maybe about 5 years in the future if my T420 dies and I need more power with a similar design.

This thing isn't any more powerful then already existing thinkpads

It looks like shit. When a company the size of Lenovo can't even measure to what a bunch of guys did with the x62, you know there's no effort.

1920x1080 in something claiming to be a "retro" thinkpad is downright rape of the brand


Is there a laptop right now that is like the older thinkpad but new or is everything the same ultra thin cancer ?

Get a business grade/desktop replacement laptop

Which brand ? Which model ?

They should have just rereleased an x61 with a modern processor, IME disabled, and IPS screen 2048x1536.
Also, no touchpad.

Toughbooks seem to be the least shit machines nowdays, or Latitudes.


lenovo polled consumers on their forums for what features they would like in a retro thinkpad. but todays consumers LOVE macbooks and so the features they vote for turn this into a macbook clone. and of course those faggots voted up 16:9 screens and botnet. and they won't even buy it because of the price they'll buy a macbook pro instead.

if we want a functional, non-pozzed laptop in the current year it needs to be developed from the ground up by the anons who will use it. can't wait for risc-v.

good laptops don't exist in the current year

Choke on my dick. I'm using a chinese hackpad when it's time to upgrade from my trusty T61P.
You wanted to cater to Redditors who upboated RGB RETRO LOGO XDDD and now your actual userbase is gone forever. Enjoy the (((modern))) computing market.

No, happy with my macbook pro.

Unironically reported


Triggered because people like MacOS? KYS faggot.

The most offensive thing about this machine is that they didn't license the period-correct OBM logo.

You're doing God's work.

Try 1900$

Every now and then i take a look at the Lenovo lineup because secretly i do want a new thinkpad, even though that name has been reduced to the trackpoint these days, and im just amazed by how bad their specs and pricing is. It's so bad that you get much better deals at Apple, the screens are shit, the internals are behind the curve, the dGPU they use, the 940MX, is one year old while the much better MX150 is used by everyone else, they release it right when 8th gen i7s are released and obviously put a mid tier 7th gen in there. Everything is just so expensive and bad, it's amazing that they stay afloat even when you ignore all of the thinkpad feature rape.

Their SSDs are much much worse. I got a sandisk with OPAL and after clearing the hardware encryption via sedutil and running dd if=urandom on the fucking thing it still boots to a broken windows installation. Going to try secure erase via hdparm just to see what the fuck happens. It's the spookiest shit I have ever seen.

spotted a brainlet here


How well do these things work on gnu/linux? Would there be any chance of trisquel working perfectly on it if I changed out the wifi card to an atheros one?

Man these things are looking pretty sweet. You'd have to be a soldier or something so you can reasonably carry one around though. Do you know what they cost?

looked it up on jewbay, ~300 burger bucks used, over a grand if you want em new

the look of them look fucking retarded but holy shit

where can I get a used jap panasonic cf-rz laptops without forking over 1k

Trash. Get a Toughbook CF-31 instead, much better track record of reliability and parts are cheaper/more plentiful compared to Getacs.

Yahoo Auctions Japan+proxy shipper?

seems like a waste tbh

I just read an article on using me_cleaner to flash BIOS chips on newer intel systems. I was previously planning to get an x200 and libreboot, but now I'm going to get an x220 with an i5 and use me_cleaner instead.

me_cleaner doesn't disable everything, even though we are getting closer to completely removing the intel java/minix/threadx/nsa/mossad monitoring sytstemâ„¢

Just get a librem laptop that actually disables the ME, not just wipes some bytes and causes instability.

I would reckon even with me_cleaner, vulnerabilities can be exploited.
But also, me_cleaner doesn't mean you're running Free Software, just that ME isn't stalking you. Libreboot frees your boot process. me_cleaner just disables some ime stuff.

Shill/idiot detected. What instability is me_cleaner causing?

I need a new laptop. What's a good laptop I can run libreboot/me_cleaner on?

me_cleaner disables as well, dingbat

Hello agent FUD

i don't that's the case. i'd have to look it up, but there were at least a sizable chunk of people voting for non 16:9 res, it's the single most important point after all, they lenovo flat out ignored it.

Hardware encryption is great. SSDs have to do it anyway as part of their wear-leveling algorithm, might as well get the benefits for free. And re your b-but muh backdoored proprietary hardware, if you have backdoored hardware you can't trust your software crypto, either. Understand your threat model and stop being retarded.

Jej, nigger did you read that post as a whole or just first sentence? It doesn't matter if SSD is proprietary, since SATA is not. It acts as a black box, you don't have to trust it at all. But when it does some on-board cryptography magic (wear-leveling is not), the backdoored firmware itself can reduce your encryption security to zero. You fucking should not trust proprietary encryption algorithms, ever.
Here's a better example for reddit nigger like you: instead of encrypting your pizza locally and uploading encrypted file to the (((cloud))), you decide to trust the (((cloud))) hoster with keeping your file safe. Which case will get you vanned?

what the fuck is this shit? is that it? that's what all the hype was about?

this thing is a joke and a total embarrassment.

i really like how they put a "retro" trackpoint cap on it. fucking comedy gold. who the fuck is going to fall for this faggot of a laptop?

i'll hold on to my t60. you fags can go fuck yourselves. fucking shameful!

How pozzed is this fucking thing, and where's the Ultrabay?

Interesting, this is precisely what Lenovo shills on Reddit and cuck chan have actually been saying.

I'm not sure if they were ever prepared to make a real Thinkpad despite supposedly conducting more than two years market research (according to one shillpost I read) and they just slapped a non-chicklet keyboard and rainbow logo on an existing Thinkpad. Sad!

they shit their pants over it like the docile nigger cattle they are