Name a better browser than Opera

Name a better browser than Opera

Pro tip, you CAN'T!

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And then the "chinese botnet" guy appears, as if it was even an argument.
And then the "low userbase" guy appears, as if it was even an argument.

It's enough to call it a low effort advert company that killed its high end websuit and community for a cheap reskinned chromium. Now even opera mini is a POS despite thanks to the nonexistent core team.

make a cyclical browser thread


That might actually be a nice idea!

You can write your own webkit browser in python, within 30 minutes; that does nothing but exactly what you want it to.



meh, at this point it's mostly just commie in name, also this:

That's a gchq honeypot. Fuck off.

Take that shit to Holla Forums

cry more.

Opera 12

How frequently, I recall they did for an SSL bug but I thought that was a rare one.

Last was in 2016 for encryption. It's not much but the devs still seem to care enough to make sure 12 works

dude are you literally retarded?

How does it feel to argue with a mirror and still lose?

No but you are faggot. Don't bring politics into technology unless it's relevant to the topic.


Opera is good but it's chinese spyware.