16 hours straight
and no network on boot
im too tired to care
i'll just order a fedora installation usb in the morning or something. i'm not going through this shit again. i'll probably try to fix it and fail that's okay. i'm so tired

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why did i choose gentoo i'm such an idiot. i'm such an idiot fuck why did i choose gentoo cant even get the wifi to work

oyasumi nekochan chu~

>>>Holla Forums is that way, have a safe trip and good luck.

void's dece if you just want a sysdless distro

are the de/g/enerates that got me into this mess.
fuck no. i'm done with this minimalist anti-GNOME anti-systemd bullshit. i'm done falling for the memes


gentoo is a wild babe you arent man enough for her


Niggee, i cant even install windows 7 properly and i lost the iso and my torrent doesn't work anymore, you think you have it rough

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Windows 7 ISO's can be downloaded legally without torrents. Just google for the correct filename e.g. "X17-58997.iso" The illegal part comes later if you use crack tools to bypass activation, but you're OK if you have a key.


Sage for offtopic.

try manjaro next time, faggot

git gud faggot nigger
post the results of these things:
#lspci#ifconfig#ip link
post the full content of /etc/conf.d/net also

if you attempted to install systemd on gentoo then nevermind you should off yourself instead.

actually that's
lspci -k
the -k switch is to show if a kernel module loaded for the device (your ethernet or wifi) or not, also is this ethernet or wifi

It took you 16 hours to install that? I can go from blank disk to OpenBSD login prompt in 5 minutes. Bit longer for packages, but at least base system is working.

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Boring nerd shit

I'll stick with Windows, I like being able to use my software and not losing the ability to run it when the kernel gets updated.

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why does the story always have to end the same?