Worse thing you have seen online

worse thing you have seen online

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Dead niggers on Holla Forums when eating my samich.

I think the webm of that gif is probably the worst thing I've seen so far.

I've seen worse but that this was somewhat relevant

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I saw a webm here a few months back of a woman putting a high heel in a dogs eye socket.


This compilation of 2 angles of video taken a Colombian Aerosucre 727 cargo plane that couldn't get airborne on the runway, so it crashed through a fence, crossed a road that was a popular plane-spotting location (hence why there are 2 angles), and went about 50-100 more metres through scrub before finally taking off, only to crash a minute later.

It's about the most chilling plane crash video I've ever seen that wasn't taken on 9/11, mainly because the plane got so close to the videographers (who were very lucky to have been filming just outside of the wingspan).

I can enjoy a good murder video but that animal torture shit is too much for me, it is strange how ACHC is so much more upsetting than even the most brutal murder videos

There was a video I saw where a chink in china was live roasting a dog with a flamethrower. Funny how that was more disturbing that OP's gif.

i'm a pussy. what is happening in the gif?

worst thing i've seen was a deformed baby that had a mouth similar to the Canadians in south park

16 y/o boy is being flayed and dissected alive by cartel, Los Viagras.

man cuts off his own penis & dances in the after finding his son his anal intercourse with his wife, the boys mother. not the worst thing but it is kinda funny

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But that's hot as fuck

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A boy slowly dying because someone stabbed him with a pipe, while he is getting brutally ass raped and coffee is poured on his face

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After I saw this horrific image, I could not sleep in the dark alone, for a week afterward.

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I have seen gore, murders, animal abuse, CP, extreme fetish porn, people with serious mental illness, uncensored war footage, etc.

There are only a few things that have really stuck with me to the point of me changing my behavor.

One video that was some hurtcore of a girl around 6 or 7 crying for her dad to stop as he anally penetrated her with no concern for her as she begged and pleaded.
He kept sticking the camera in her face so you got a close up of the pain and overwhelming sadness on her face.
It was when she started asking what did she do wrong and why her daddy didn't love her anymore, why daddy wanted to hurt her so bad, why daddy wouldn't stop that I really felt like shit. I had seen some hurtcore before, and seen lots of CP where the child obviously wasn't into it, but that video tipped me over the edge. I deleted my whole CP collection that day and have not searched out CP since. I am done with that shit. I want nothing to do with it. Those raw emotions, the mental and physical pain, it just wasn't "fun" or "edgy" anymore.
You can call me a pussy or whatever but I actually on some level like kids and don't think they deserve that kind of shit.

Yeah I’ve seen shit like that before
I’m trying to stop but it’s very addictive

I know what you mean. There is a thrill associated with the taboo, but in the end I began to sympathize and even empathize with the kids being abused.
It made me feel bad.

I have been around the chans since 2014 and have only seen CP twice. Am I just unlucky or am I on the wrong boards? I'm not really a pedo but I do like watching the shitstorms that follow the posts.

What makes you think I am exclusively talking about the chans?

The thread is
Not worse thing you have seen on a chan site. Besides stuff is pretty tame compared to the earlier days when everyone was a edgelord and both moderation and the tools to deal with spammers and trolls were minimal.

If you visit Holla Forums at least once a week I'm dumbfounded how you haven't seen cp. And if you've been using this site since 2014 I'm surprised you haven't seen that old cp ad that was spammed on every board. The one with the naked kid and a black bar at the bottom with a randomly generated url that was always some combination of "teen", "babe", "pre", and "loli"
It got circulated so much that several boards made banners of it.

For all the gore, rape, and child abuse I've seen, this is the only thing thing that has evoked any kind of reaction from me in years.

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Why? Its a sloppy blowjob possibly by a trap.

what's this from?

The worst thing I've seen I don't want to repost in here but it had to do with some weird genetically fucked up mutant thing and its prolapsed anus also I think it's up on youtube of all places and has never been taken down.

It's actually the ONLY thing that I've seen that disturbs me. I can look at anything else with dick in hand absent minded fapping and not be phased. Everything posted in here also doesn't bother me.

Seeing the anus turned inside out is some fucked up shit.

Daily reminder to come to terms with your mortality and conquer your fear of death so if some fucked up disease one day infects you you have the courage to end things before you have to go through an insane amount of suffering.


This must be fiction.

You mean the song? I was high as fuck and that was playing in halfchan in auto


what the fuck there's a wikipedia article for this thing

is it not a joke?


Bacteria cannot synthesise solid metal bars that grow out of your skin, user.

Metallosis Maligna, its fake. Look it up on youtube. It made me remember Testuo The Ironman

Just did.

There's some weird parasite shit that can do something like it, it's not metal, but protrusions growing out of you.


Is there a backstory im missing?

There was a time in my life where I had the knowledge and the will to engineer horrifying diseases but not the funds.

Good thing I have figured out much better things to do with my life than kill everyone with diseases now and I fixed the errors in my thought process that made me want to do that kind of thing.

[redacted] and stuff like that heh, that's what led to all Russian IPs being banned, now all Russian proxy don't work on Holla Forums

Edit: see screencap

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It was some sort of art/shock thing. It ain't real but it is pretty interesting.

kek when you visit the old russian link it's now just a placeholder site with nothing on it

It was part of some song I think yeah.

What do you think of sex with girls though where it's not abusive and they clearly like it and love it?

Enjoy faggort


Its not even bad, I guess it was the shock of suddenly watching it that got you, watch it and break your fear.

Fair enough.

Yeah that was one of the two encounters with CP I have had. I don't spend too much time on one board so I'm probably just never quick enough.

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Doesn't bother me at all, getting an eye poked out isn't that painful, and is also a good way to die fast.

That's a boy? I thought it was a woman getting her tits cut off first then the rest of the front part of the skin removed.

The whole front part of his skin is being removed and his internal organs spilling out.

Can you post some vids of extreme mental illness if you have any? I want to see what kind of fucked up shit can happen when you let the neg thoughtforms get control.

people don't do things like that to women. at all.

I ain't clicking that shit faggot.

Pretty sure cartels target women too and do stuff like cut their breasts off.


I don't think I can break the fear without first understanding it.

I can watch anything and not be phased but something about that vid is deeply disturbing to me in a way I can't articulate or understand.

I don't even have to see the vid anyways I got a photographic memory and I'm right now trying to focus on beautiful groves of cherry blossoms and other scenes to keep that stuff at bay.

What you calling me a pussy for? I had to remove the link and put it in screencap because Holla Forums has a filter that prevents me posting it directly even though the link is now dead and the filter doesn't need to exist anymore.

Did you like the CP you saw btw or no?


based af

I've seen alot of shit too, but 2 particular clips stuck with me. On cuckchan a few years back, there was a webm of some chink stomping out a kid that had been sweeping the sidewalk. Low quality. It was named kung-fu master.webm and another one that I saw here on 8/b/ of a sex change operation. The guy was drugged, but awake. Sounded just like Mr Slave from South Park. The doc cut his junk off and was pulling what seemed to be a mile of ribbon (plumbing or urinary tract?) from inside the man. It was some disturbing shit. I regret having not saved either of these.

I am fine with it if all people involved are willing but I am done watching videos of it good or bad.

Is not even real

oh ffs good thing I can hide thumbnails but I'm probably going to have to nope the fuck off of Holla Forums knowing you guys are obligated to now mess with me

I don't understand why it even disturbs me it's the only thing that does and I've seen my fair share of endless fucked up shit.

I don't collect the stuff or save links.
I probably couldn't find half or even a forth of the stuff I have seen over the years even if the links worked. It has been years since I left my edgy phase so it is not like I actively seek it out anymore ether. Apparently I am still desensitized though since when I do stumble upon fucked up shit it doen't really bother me even to this day (as far as violence, crazies, gore, fetish shit, etc).
What kind of crazy are you looking for anyway. I probably could remember some keywords or old hang outs that you could find stuff on your own if I knew what you are looking for.

Nah, I deleted it brah. The thing is, if you see it for what it really is (a shitty video) its over. It IS kinda fun getting scated like that tho.

I remember when I first saw it, as I was saying, got high then tunned into halfchan and opened another tab I started to listen to weird sounds, the first "oowwhhhh" "ooowwhhhh" got kinda spooked, and then when I look at the tab
BLAM anorexic girly smeagol signing, I noped the fuck out and stayed quiet for a minute, got my shit togheter and opened again.

Now I watch it for fun.

this tbh. I don't give a shit about the humans, but even that webm of the rendering plant here a while back, got to the point of feeding a dead horse into the grinder and I noped out. I've worked with around 150 horses and saw one die. Couldn't handle it. Hospitalized a dude for putting a boot in one of my babbie's stomach once.

Yeah. Gore doesn't bother me. The other user asking about crazy, I'm sure it's out there. The last thing that really bothered me was watching that girl commit suicide by hanging on facebook live last year. The feels got to me. I shed a couple tears for her.

Well, goreposting is now a hugbox. I love ya guys.

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I've got the link to the video. :(

I heard about that but never saw it, post it.

I can't understand giving this many fucks about animals but then again I regularly eat organs, meat, bones, and pretty much every part of animals and I've been in a plant before where they butcher pigs and was going to get a job there.

I don't consider suicides crazy. I want to see stuff of people with severe disconnect from reality and ending up doing fucked up things like scratch their skin off or screaming thinking they are burning or other incomprehensible self-harm or strange behaviors. Preferably stuff where they don't even know or understand what they are doing.


The long version is the one to watch.

I've actually got one for ya. This guy an hero'd like a boss. It's fairly tame though, so no worries.

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Why did she do it? The video is sad but I didnt really pushed my buttons.

It's hard to say for sure. There was a video floating around where she said her dad was abusive. Also typical current year teen girl probs.

I think what got to me about the long version was seeing her alive and talking. Then later, the tearful goodbye as she took her last step. Then watching her die and her little feet kicking and body convulsing. Then the silence as she hung there swinging as her phone was going nuts and you could her people yelling for her off in the distance, trying to find her. It all just added up to one big feel.

Sure, I met a lot of girls who tried suicide. Most time they do it wrong or are founded.

she had some pretty nice tits

i was sad to see them go.

The sun setting almost got me. Shit, I got the feelios now.

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SAVAGE! RIP them tiddies tho

I know. The sunset. It was almost artistic and beautiful in a fucked up way. I wonder if she planned it like that. Hanging at sundown.

I was about to say that was artistic and beautiful but feel a certain shame whit it, glad to see its not only me.

In all honesty, I had a guilty fap to the first one I ever saw. I enjoyed the taboo of it more than I did the actual video though.

why are cartels so edgy?