Ask me anything about explosives

Ask me anything about explosives.

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When did you know joining the FBI was the right career move for you?

can you blow yourself up, faggot? we dont have time for terrorists.

I don't like flowers.
Canola though. I use canola oil for heat treating steel.

I'm not even from america in the first place.

I don't handle unsafe explosives neither I perform unstable chemical reactions.
And I don't have the intent of hurting anyone else, unless in times of war.

How can we better restrict access to explosives and their use in illegal/illicit activities?

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That is very difficult to further restrict access to them. The reason why is that common OTC products can be purified and used to synthesize precursors to high explosives.
We could forbid sulfuric acid-based drain cleaners. A lot of chemical reactions leading to the product of high explosives are required to be sulfonated, or the acid itself is sometimes acting like a hydrophilic substance (it bonds with water to remove it as a purity from the solution).
Apart from the drain cleaner case, there is nothing much else to do honestly.
The only thing keeping real terrorists from getting their hands on secondary high explosives and safe detonators is ignorance.


You can search that on google.
I synthesized it once, but I regret it deeply. I could've lost a hand or even died.
TATP is known to be extremely sensitive and also having poor thermal stability. Some cases of spontaneous detonation have also been mentioned on the internet.
It will DDT even in small quantities and unconfined.

What's the best kind of realistically obtainable explosive for a big truck bomb these days? Still ammonium nitrate fertilizer and diesel fuel or whatever the combo was?

Did you ever blow yourself up.

Obtainable? That means that you are interested in buying it instead of synthesizing it from scratch.
ANNM or ANNMAL. Any AN/Fuel is the easiest to obtain. That doesn't mean it is the most powerful or brisant.
Ammonium nitrate/Fuel based explosives are good for "moving things" because of its low brisance and velocity of detonation. It means that it is more prone to move things and disrupt structures instead of ripping apart and shattering things.
You can further elaborated your question and I will provide you with a good answer. Be objective on what you are planning to achieve.
I don't have moral barriers when talking theoretically.

Never, ever. I have never handled unsafe explosives and I know them well enough to deal with them safely.
The only dangerous thing that has happened to me before is NOx poisoning. I decided to synthesize an specific explosive compound without a fume hood. I did it in the open, but the wind blew it in my way in small quantities and I didn't notice it.
Hours later my lungs were like glass. Each breath was like tearing it apart bit by bit, and also very painful. I had to go to the hospital.

Thanks something to keep in mind.

The NOx poisoning or the anfo?

Omg FBI honeypot harder.

Oh, by the way.
These days, they coat the ammonium nitrate prills with a substance so it doesn't absorb the fuel. They started doing this because of terrorists using fertilizers for bombings.
Mining ammonium nitrate lack this "anti-fuel" coating.

Fuck off, shill.
The FBI must be you.

I'm not selling anything, I'm not trying to see anyone in person, I'm not interested in anyone.
The only thing I'm doing is sharing knowledge and discussing explosives, which is something totally legal.

By "obtainable", let's say not necessarily available off the shelf, but anything that could be synthesized by someone who had a 3 or 4 semesters of university-level chemistry (including labs) using precursors that wouldn't inherently raise huge suspicion upon purchase.

Let's say a max budget of $20,000, for the explosives alone, not including the truck.

Let's say one wanted to cause as much destruction to a city block as possible. The infrastructure, not necessarily a crowd of people.

All hypothetical, of course. I just want to know how much I have to worry about at night, given that an organization with minimal funding could find $20,000, a truck, and a guy with a few semesters of chem.

Also, do you know what a honeypot is in the first place? I'm not offering anything here besides words coming from my fingers.

You are just scared of the right people having this much power, right? And now you are trying to scare them away appealing to their fear of the tyrant state.

Sulfuric acid based drain cleaner.
There are some brands that use a higher concentration and also don't mix as much impurities.
There are a lot of ways to purify and isolate the sulfuric acid from the drain cleaner.
Nilered made a video of this procedure.

Nitric acid can be synthesized from nitrate salts and sulfuric acid.
Be careful with fuming nitric acid though. It is so damn dangerous that its just not worth the risk. Just make the 69% one, unless that you are planning to synthesize the fuming one and using it shortly after (no more than 3 days).

With this much money you could make a lot of it. More than one truck worth of them.

You just want to level a block? Place an ANNM charge in the middle of the truck and then load gas canisters surrounding it (it can be acetylene, propane… anything inflammable). It will create what is called a thermobaric explosive device. It creates a very powerful shock wave, considerably more than a regular charge.
With 20k you could fill way more than one truck, unless we are talking about an 18 wheeler. :P

You have to worry, yes…
But don't mind it. All these "attacks" are performed by CIA dormant subjects brainwashed and controlled by their masters from the MONARCH project (former MKULTRA) serving the world masters to push their globalist agenda.
I don't think that they will level whole blocks yet, not now. They are more focused on the gun thing and will keep performing more attacks on schools and churches while paying they enactors to go on the street and make demonstrations asking for more gun control, and then order the mass media to show that to the sheepies in order to appeal to their herd syndrome (get along to go along).

They will only do this extreme things when they start to look for new laws regarding mass surveillance and restricting personal freedom.

Oh, I forgot to mention the alternative explosives apart from the fertilizer/fuel ones.
You could start with Trinitrophenol (which is very safe, don't trust wikipedia and mass media), Phlegmatized PETN or even TNT and RDX if you are willing to deal with fuming nitric acid.



You are just scared of the right people having this much power, right? And now you are trying to scare them away appealing to their fear of the tyrant state.

datamining tbh

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Why would anyone care about explosives, unless it's for legal demolition purposes? If you want to kill people use a gun (Paris attacks). If you want to terrorize* people use a truck (Nice attacks).

* terrorize = OMG any truck we see could be driven by one of them

So if there's anything to ask you about explosives it's this: what's a legitimate and legal use for them to warrant people making them at home?
Protip: there's none.

How did they treat you?

I don't need a reason because I don't need to justify anything. I have the right to read and study whatever I want and to express my knowledge and opinion. I don't need to declare a reason to come here and discuss about them.

Very well. I didn't tell anyone about the explosives neither the NOx fumes.
The treatment for NOx poisoning is a symptomatic treatment, so I just told them what I was feeling and they administered drugs on me.

I'm familiar with his videos. He's a pretty cool guy.

Thanks for taking the time to share this info. I appreciate it.

You're welcome.
You can find total synthesis by simply googling about them. But use tor (with bridges) for it and startpage, you don't want the tyrant government to put you on a watchlist and harass you. Its best to avoid them in times like these…

Admitting you don't have a reason would be more honest and take fewer words.
Hell you could have said "I like creating dangerous substances as a hobby because it makes me feel smart when I survive the process" and I would have given you a pass. In fact I'll give you a pass anyway because I won the argument. You're up to no good, busta. Be careful of the datamining questions. It's a surprise they didn't ask you what hospital you were treated in, yet.

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Nice. in and out.



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What is your favorite plastic explosive to work with?

Do you know how to improvise pressurized fuel air type detonation devices?

What kind of commercially available firework to you like for celebrations?

lithium phone batteries are no longer replaceable
how do i stop my portable explosive telecommunicator-tracking device from going kablooey and tearing my nuts off?

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I know it has only been 3 hours but I will still ask before I ask my real question
Is OP still here?

You missed your window, FBI. OP's long gone, harvesting pig shit as we speak.

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Please note: "I flatly refuse to actively participate in this thread in any way whatesoever, nor to contribute to its content in any manner. I am not even going to bother to post a reply. Posting to merely bump this thread, or to increase the PPH, is a waste of time, effort, and bandwidth, so I will not do that, either. Consider this my non-involvement and non-endorsement, and I decline to be associated with this in any form at all" - Anonymous.

What kind of explosives would you prefer for

blowing up a federal building, my epic friend? xD

That's too bad.
I always miss the interesting AMA threads.

is it true Imodium will help?

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High speed vs low speed for taking out a large number of children at an anti gun rally?

What is the best way to make some hand grenades I can toss out of a car and blow the vehicles behind me the fuck up?

Also are hand grenades pretty powerful or are they likely to just do very little unless forced into a crevice or some such thing?

…or laziness or they just don't like the aesthetic of it or they're concerned they'll blow themselves up trying to make the explosives and therefore never get to carry out their plans.

Google keeps track records of everyone. It's bad enough to do regular searches on google. Why the FUCK would you search for explosives knowledge using that search engine? DuckDuckGo and exist.

By even suggesting google I have to wonder if you're really stupid or trying to bait anons into a honeypot.

When will you blow yourself off, OP?

You are trying to bait people into using a compromised search engine to search for explosives when there's been plenty of reports already of police looking through the search history of people as far as stuff they've searched on google and using that to understand their motives or assess them as a threat.

Everyone here ain't ever going to do shit. If you do something though make a manifesto and include a link to in it. Seriously though, nobody does fuck all, we have every reason to fight and we don't.

*replies multiple times*

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I am curious what kind of strategic objectives we could even target with explosives to strike a blow against ZOG.

If we take out critical infrastructure that might just mean people lose power or whatever for awhile and not fucks are given.

It has to be something symbolic and meaningful. Something like a place where only non-whites live, or a center that holds rapefugees, or some other high priority target.

Anders Behring Breivik found a perfect target. I can't ever think of a good and worthwhile target.

You forgot fun and blowing shit up and recording it for youtube. That's a legit reason.

Hey bro I fucked my lungs last fall with chemical fumes and have been permafucked since do you have any tips on how to unfuck myself or do I have to live with this from now on?

ffs using tor and use duckduckgo

please no v& I'm merely engaging in this thread as a thought exercise

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Bro white people aren't dangerous unless they're following the orders of the state put all the explosives and weapons into their hands and they won't do shit they are too docile.

That sounds like a very high risk target that would be difficult to successfully hit. Maybe truck user who plans to level an entire block could set up a truck so it has some kind of drone thing driving it and get it close enough to detonate it but I'm not sure.

Really makes you think. I have some USD and it's literally just paper and nothing near as fancy as the plastic bills in other countries.

There buildings are probably very durable and very secure.

I would think a less secure target would be better.

Also Andrew Jackson approves of your post.

Is it true that the most dangerous thing in the world is a tennis ball filled with matchheads

Yes because when the ball is struck it ignites and the hydrogen in the match heads is released and compressed within the ball until fusion occurs causing a fusion explosion.

Is that how they are making the fuso0ion engines now?
Why didn't they make them before or is it because tennis balls r better quality now

speak for yourself. I have no reason to live, let alone fight

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The white race's survival isn't reason enough for you to fight?

Sup OP, fellow energeticsfag here.
What have you made? What do you like? I have made HMTD, NG, NC and ETN, my favorite by far is ETN or oxygen balanced ETN / NG mix.
yes PETN is better but it's near impossible to get Pentaerythritol here while Erythritol is everywhere

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