Installing Gentoo on my X230 right now

what the fuck have i done

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I don't know, it looks fine to me. Except the EXIF on your photos makes them flip over when viewed, you fag.

I've noticed that too.

you failed for a Holla Forums meme

Holla Forums is nothing but cancer. everybody hates everything and nobody likes nothing. gentoo actually is a great OS, far superior than most linux distros

phonefag exposed

sorry mommi but how else was i going to make a Holla Forumslogpost on my gentoo journey
(still compiling btw)

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here we go

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and they say gentoo is difficult to install.

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flip your phone or your laptop

OP im pretty horny show me your dick

onto configuring the kernel. wish me luck

i'll show you my belly fat, how's that?

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yummy yummy tummy cummy~

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i cant work with that …

I'm going wid pureos, librem 5 phone is coming out soon wid da same os, the first linux phone, desktop combo wid a linux os.

Really worried about that fstab partition table. Looks really weird from what I've usually seen. I just changed /boot since that's what the manual tells me

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I'm noob what this mean?

youve posted a picture upside down , loser

never did my own partitions redhat does it for me

that's the problem

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Gentoo, Slackware, and Alpine are ok, but the Intel stuff is buggy/botnet. You can try OpenBSD also.

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j-just need to configure the bootloader now…i'm so close…

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doesn't even have fucking dependency management.
good distro. but not source based so it's bad

it'll be a great feeling when you can finally post a reply from it, 3 days from now, after chromium finishes compiling.

Linux = autism.
Struggling to make the damn thing work is seen as an achievement instead as a waste of time.