/b,/ do you have sex on a first date?

/b,/ do you have sex on a first date?

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I can't speak for everyone here but personally no ,I'm not a slut.

I'd known my daughter all her life, so technichally, it wasn't our first date

where do you think you are

Is this really how women view decision making? If so, it would explain why they're indecisive as fuck and like it when men make decisions for them.

Free tip, no sex on the first date doesnt mean anything, they will cheat anyways, actually fucking her on the first date and marrying her after a year can be better than wait for a month and be married 5 years later, the moral is that you are fucked anyways.

Well most girls don't go on a second date after I rape them so…

I don't think the individual who made this chart has ever had sex before

I don't have sex and I don't date so no.

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Nice wizardi hat there, user
I bet you've never had to wash your own semen stains out of it before, have you?

Weird question.
The answer is no.

I haven't dated since the university days.

Nice double standard we have here.

No, I'm over the age of 18 and actually value the thought of having someone to domestically support me and my future children.

I'm a virgin and never even been kissed.

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If she's up for it after the first date, then she's probably a slut and/or a single mother. In either case, you should only pump and dump.

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That flowchart has like, no necessary content. "If you both want to fuck do it but talk about it first". And why would you have to tell an adult women to protect herself from STDs

Or, why the fuck tell her not to have sex if she doesnt want to have sex. Do Women have so little free will, they need to be told to do everything?



What's a date?

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most girls are sluts if you dont pound them or even try on the first date then you are a beta because she will be fucking someone else on their first date

if u try and fail to fuck then drop her and fuck another slut if she sees u with success she will come running to u

It's not as innocent as it may seem, you see, passively the comic is putting on the idea that your very presence is a coercive force, and that she needs to be reaffirmed that she is allowed to have her own agency, otherwise you are raping her by not giving her enough agency.

Also the idea of talking it out before doing anything basically deflates the action, your mind gets the endorphin rush before the action, therefore the satisfaction factor is flattened. Further, it can be downright unsettling/unattractive to talk about physical intimacy before actually being physical. Have you ever had that conversation with someone? "Well, I'd like to go down on you and eat your pussy for a few minutes, then stick my penis in you and thrust… Do you enthusiastically consent to this?"

You would kill the mood, and there's no way it would not feel awkward. The person making this "flow chart" is trying to sabotage people, and make people second guess themselves.