Hi Holla Forums

hi Holla Forums
so how many thermometer mercury do I need to ingest to die?

I need something quick and powerful, I don't want to wake up in a hospital with a liver failure.
bobs for your trouble

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are you the gril that wants to die or is she not giving you attemtiums so you wanna die?

pic unrelated

shotgun to the head

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guess tineye didnt catch it for watever reason. best way to kill yourself is a shitload of nyquil and beer/benadryl in the wilderness. you hopefully die to the elements before waking up to being eaten alive.

Mercury poisoning is a crazy painful way to die. Draw a hot bath, take an aspiring, and run a razor blade down your forearm.

Try drinking bleach

OP you must live to change the future and guide mankind

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You will have to search quite a bit for thermometers with actual mercury in them, let alone get enough of them.
Also, you'll wind up retarded long before you'll die from injesting enough mercury to kill yourself.

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high chemical tolerance. bad thing.

yeah right. I know of at least 3 friends who survived that.

ah yes, the ol' suicide that only makes you retarded enough to want to live again. that's honestly my biggest fear.

I actually tried that some years ago, without the hot bath tho, maybe that was the mistake.


guide them off a cliff,sure.
I am too much of a misanthrope to be a guide or a savior to anyone.

what instead?

The hot bath relaxes your muscles and opens your blood vessals. It's not a requirement but it greatly increases your chances.

i dont see how this could go wrong OP

yes, the problem is last time I bled for a while then the blood clogged and the wound closed.

Post more greentext stories

also thought about suicide by cop, but I am afraid the fucker would shoot me in the leg or something crippling me and adding to my misery.

If you have nothing to live for, you have nothing to fear. Why not go hitch hiking across the world or something else fun with the potential of death?

They're trained to shoot to kill.

why not.
wanna hear about the time I got abducted by aliums?
or when I shot gasoline in my veins?

You're an idiot, and for that reason I support your decision. >>>/suicide/ is an excellent resource for the mortally challenged.

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having sex with children and uploading evidence of your deeds is the quickest path to death tbh

too tired, I was put on medication for a spinal injury that fucked my neurotransmitters for good, can't seem to enjoy any thing.

yeah, a dead board. thanks alot.

That's cause they all killed themselves.


Perhaps because their methods actually work, instead of "how many thermometers do i need to eat :-DD". Everything you could possibly want to know is there, but it sounds like you just want someone to talk to.

yes because I am looking for something that is actually available to me atm, and not order muh exit bag from amazon.

When I was inside a dude killed himself by chewing out his own wrists. You just want somebody to talk to.

rope? sharp objects? hold your breath?

so I am a bit of a pussy, you are supposed to encourage me you asshole.

2 quarts
dont forget to jiggle the balls

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I have at home a box of mitrazapine and another amitriptyline which I take for depression, but as I said before I have high tolerance to this shit.

will this work?

ingesting mercury wont cause death
in fact it wont even injure you
damage from mercury comes from inhaling the vapour.

in the past gold was dissolved in mercury and then applied to a substrate and the mercury burned off leaving the substrate guided.

the applicator of course was inhaling large amounts of mercury and ended up with neurological damage

Perhaps if you additionally imbibe alcohol. Surely you have a plethora of alcohol at your disposal.

2 beers in the fridge.

So damage and not death.
hmmm no braid des for me thanks.

not enough, just hang yourself
it'll take 5-10 minutes if you screw up
the trick is to snap the neck

will slicing my jugular hurt much?

considering this too.

Witha sharp blade, it will be like a papercut

no it only hurts if the knife is sharp. use a butter knife or better yet plastic and make lots of fast cuts until you break through

like a motherfucker, would not recommend

I decided to try the amitrtypltline.

took 50 pills. and washing down with 7up. hope this works.

that sugar intake is gonna fuck with you later in life

u just puke it out

Wouldn't you just orbit the sun?



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This time


Guide the redditors to hope and enlightenment….via THE CLIFF

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Stick a hair dryer up your ass

I could just imagine

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