ITT intersex related discussion

ITT intersex related discussion

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If you wanna cut off your dick, it's your money pal. But let's not pretend you're not mentally ill.


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there's no such thing as "intersex" in the way libtards think of it, that being, a hermaphrodite.
in reality, intersex humans are just males born with defective female genitals or females born with defective male genitals. It varies just how defective it is, though. There's no ambiguity as to the gender of intersex people, it's like saying a person born with 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand is a simpsons character. It's fucking stupid. It's just a person with a defect.

but i'm not mentally ill my problem is genetic.
i have Klinefelter syndrome

This. Preach brother

So oyu're a bit retard, yes?

no,not really i am actually very smart,but i have most of the symptoms and a DNA test confirmed it.

ok but that syndroe affects both physial and cognitivie development. Am i wrong?


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i once saw a video of a woman take a bull's dick, i guess. Or was it a horse, i don't remember for sure. It was in a stable, the video had poor defnition, but the woman's moans were super hot

What bullshit its waaaaaaay easier for trannies to get testosterone than normal dudes.

yes but i also have aspergers syndrome which effects cognitive development

According to muh science chart, it says you're a dude, so if you want hormones you should try dude hormones.

A thousand pardons, user. I comletely forgot about Aspergers. By my experience with people with that syndrome, you are above average. I know a dude with Asergers, that taught himself how to code

inter species sex

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fuck off

that led to crippling depression and dyphoria so i got professional help ,and i am now transitioning

is it rare to have both those co-occurring in the same person?

i dont think so. But i'm not a doctor

male > female?

Look, I like fucking animals too but that's the wrong kind of interspecies for this intersex thread. You should be discussing genetic hybrids and chimeras in this context of interspecies.

like minotaurus?

That is one form of interspecies, yes. And it would be relevant-ish to OPs condition. I wonder if minotaurs need to take cow/human hormones.


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there was someone else on here earlier this week with gynoclamatsia (sp?), so i though i would post to see if he was still here?

1. "Men and women are the same and each can do whatever the other one does."
2. "However, women have qualities that men do not and obviously are smarter, tougher, wiser, and better at things men can do."
3. "And yet, if you declared yourself a woman – even while possessing a penis – we would believe you and indulge you."

What is logic

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Pretty sure having a penis means you supply the sperm in the biological flow chart, not the eggs.

Check your chromosomes and measure it up with reality. Yes, you are mentally ill. Sorry about your feefees.

google and bing are mere clicks away