North America / Turtle Island

I want this to be one country. We should take steps to merge Canada and America first and eventually to bring in Greenland and Mexico and the rest.

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I want this to be fifty countries. We should take steps to seceed Texas and Alaska first and eventually to bring in Hawaii and Georgia and the rest.

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We should have never given Mexico back after we invaded them

Are you jewish perchance, user?

Why is nu/pol/ spamming the board? All of the West is in the midst of Balkanizing. Murrica is as fucked as Europe. Your fantasies will never happen.

Step #1 eliminate all non whites

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If we balkanize we won't be fucked.Mega countries are retarded anyway. Better to have smaller countries with distinct people,cultures that don't mix much.

In all seriousness, China is likely to balkanize before America does. China has over 1 billion people to deal with while Xi is slowly stripping away any semblance of democracy and free speech. I predict Tibet is likely to split off first with the aid of India if India and Chinese relations get any worse. And that's ignoring Chinas increasing presence in the South Sea. they have too many people to piss off right now;.

Ah yes. An extra 35 million Sanders voters from the Arctic wastes. Great idea.

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I'm aware of the term "Turtle Island" but is it an actual pre-Columbian term for North America or just a historical fabrication?

Don't get me wrong, I can easily believe that some tribe somewhere called some portion of North America "Turtle Island", but I'm extremely skeptical that it was a universal term used by tribes in every portion of the continent and that those that did use the term were referring to the continent as a whole rather than just the area within the continent with which they were familiar.

i have been saying this shit for years. We need to dominate this entire continent and bring it under American rule. We need to raise the white birth rates and cultivate a warrior spirit amongst our young men.

This world isn't worth living in if it isn't under American rule.

we don't need to just instantly give them voting rights.

THE GRAND DUTCHY OF MISSISSIPPI sounds rather good, hmmm?

no, it sound's like shit. I vote for something a little nicer. Americana or Arianna.

Just call it USA and ad 50 more states making it a even 100, wew thats a lot but 50 is also a lot so might as well.

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>We should take steps to seceed Texas and Alaska first and eventually to bring in' Hawaii and Georgia and the rest.

>We should take steps to seceed Texas and Alaska first and eventually to bring in' Hawaii and Georgia and the rest.

No. Small countries are easy to conquer and relatively powerless. We need bigger country. Also once we control Mexico and other parts of North America we can institute programs with the aim of completing manifest destiny.

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There are literally no good parties you can vote for, even including the various obscure parties that never get attention, at all. It's literally a requirement your party is cultmarxed or the party is not allowed to be formed and will get disbanded.

So it really doesn't matter at all what they'd vote for.

Furthermore, as another user said, you don't need to give them voting rights.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if letting Canadians vote, would actually lead to a ton of new Trump votes. Most Canadians just don't vote at all though.

Indeed. It's time to annex Canada, there are many Canadians like me that will instantly support it, and fight for it.

I can only speak for Ojibway.

Ojibway call their nation Turtle Island.

Turtle is the animal of wisdom.

The medicine man uses a turtle shell to access various parts of the spirit world and gain knowledge.

As far as I know other natives likely don't use the term or have the same associations.