Antifa attack french people in university.

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nothing new in that. notice how the facho cowers behind an artwork. nothing new there either

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Fucking communist.


The country is ready for a war.

let me get this straight. in your view of the world the anti-capitalists are corporate puppets and the conservatives are proletarian revolutionaries.
do you also wear your panties inside out?

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where were those working class nationalists in the recent protests against Macron policies?

No, the people pushing for the destruction of the only nation the working class have, the abolition of working class freedoms, the division of the people over wedge issues like LGBBQWERTYLMNOP++×#/+ issues only 5% of the population actually gives a shit about, and the importation of millions of scabs, all to the benefit of multinational corporations who love the concept of new cheap labor, a disarmed populace too busy with infighting to fight (((G-d's chosen))), and good little sheep who aren't allowed to speak out of turn, are the corporate stooges.

The people pushing for strong national borders, the rule of law to protect the people, and the removal of millions of violent foreigners who were never meant to be in that nation and are destroying its culture are far more in favor of the "working class" that the left just wants to shut up and be good little tools for their utopian policies.

vas-y, le caliphat aime le martyrs. on t'attend (et on est beaucoup plus fort que toi)

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The absolute state of leftism.

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is that your platform? you can't be surprised that frenchfags write you off as deluded and unpleasant fachos. go fuck yourself twice, btw

People are tired of arabs!

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Why are you stuck in the '60s, when leftism was the cool thing to do? I hate to break it to you, but saying "I support the working class" doesn't make it so, especially when you're a middle-class suburbanite who's never known hardship in his life.

Subtle how you removed the "violent" part. I see commies haven't lost their knack for revisionism.

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you're either mentally defective in some way or an ill-trained algorithm
by promoting division/war in france you advance the strategy of radical islam


So what is the situation in France?

You mean like the leftists trying to import millions of people from a foreign culture, with a foreign religion and values to the native populace, then banning the native populace from complaining when said foreigners go on violent rampages and massacre hundreds of native Frenchmen and generally make the lives of the working class hell by depressing wages and bringing crime to working class communities? All while the upper class that virtue signals about "inclusiveness" enjoy their gated, 100% white communities free from the strife they've foisted upon the working class?

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sounds as if you failed at being french to me
if you can't plough your furrow in a life-long nursery state like France, where every washed up nigger, sandnigger and russian mafioso can, then the problem is you being a cunt

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fuck off…you fags will be at the gulag along with the jews. because you're both paraistes

user, it's not a real gun. It is an airsoft gun that shoots plastic pellets with less force than a BB gun. The dude rights books about fallout and communism and unironically posted this.

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All I want is the end to the great ethnic replacement and fractional reserve banking.

You, on the other hand, want to suppress any working class individual who expresses badthink as his family is butchered, give all power over to the government, which totally won't abuse that power (that's only something private businesses do!), and clap like a retarded seal as megacorporations clamp down on the people, so long as said megacorporations use the correct buzzwords and pretend to care about your wedge issues as they do so.

Now tell me – which of us is a parasite?

The fuck is this?

he replied to the navy seal pasta
how new are you?

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The webm.

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Au pas camarade

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It's not funny.

sure bro , more like winners throw rocks at losers

stop hiding behind your retoric* , its time to take this seriously.

you are being dared