X= √(16^2 +(x+4)^2

x= √(16^2 +(x+4)^2
What do?

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which basically means there's no solution

I basically meant X = -34 False

You deserve to fail your math class.

I agree, I added it anyways to my solution.

How do you calculate x?

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by putting a - in front of that 16 in OP -(16^2)

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this is like 10th grade math kek
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angle D is 90°
pythogoras rules out x=34
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It's impossible to calculate because theres odd number of parentheses

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x^2 = x^2 + 8x + 272
8x = -272
x = -34

Pythagorean theorem you gay faggot.

x^2 + 256 = x^2 + 8x + 16
8x = 240
x = 30

How about writing down the fucking equation with no mistakes?

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sqrt(16^2 +(-34+4)^2) = 34