I have the urge to send something faggy to my oneitis like 'How are you, I missed our chats.'

I have the urge to send something faggy to my oneitis like 'How are you, I missed our chats.'
Why am I so fag? What could I send her to start the convo again? My duck will be too out of place. I haven't build it that much yet.

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beta cuck

Teach me..

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you just have to realize if she isn't talking to you, she isn't interested in you. at most she will take your orbiting\compliments and use you as an emotional tampon, but she will only fuck chad

There is no exceptions to this? Like waiting for you to start convos etc?
Will they always come talk to you first to say hi etc if they are interested?

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Sure they do that sometimes, girls like to play social games. But if she always stays quiet, then I'm sorry user.

is there any amount of days that I should wait in between chats? More or less?

Absolutely, if women are really interested they will engage a convo first

Start by acquiring a big pile of cocaine and from that point things will just start rolling by themselves, trust me, noob

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Just a few days and then it's certain. If she doesn't approach, it's best to just forget about her.

I think there is no cure for my case. I have done these mistakes far too many times and have learnt so few so slowly. Losing nice potential grils left and right. I don't even know where to start on how to find substances.

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That's funny but believe it or not I have the looks. That's why I can start these convos and get interest. Everything else is tough. No pic but it did happen.

If you were really good looking women would be interested in you and start conversations. I think you’re bluepilled and still oblivious about how ugly you actually are

Some girls lack self-confidence, and won't initiate because they don't feel worthy. But again, they only feel that way for Chad.

But then why does she sees every new thing I post on my shitagram if she doesn't give a damn?

It does.

It would only move you further from where you want to be.

She's probably keeping you around as a plan B or C, stringing you along for your attention while never giving you what you want. Or, just enough to keep you on the hook so you're still attached enough to provide gibs or protection to her should she want it from you.

Basically, you're the mirror image of a girl who has fallen in love with a guy but he's just using her for sex and doesn't give a fuck about her. She keeps having sex with him and trying to earn some emotional commitment from him, but he's not having it. Instead here's you, giving her the emotional commitment and such but not getting anything in return. It's a raw deal, and the sooner you realize that the better off you'll be.

If she has an instagram that's a red flag. You shouldn't associete yourself with women that have instagram, facebook nor tinder. Cut all ties.
Real shy women don't have social media. They rare, just like men who pretend to be shy to get laid.

I'm sorry, user, but i honestly believe that people who can't get drugs must be too autistic to reproduce. That's sad, even normies know how to get drugs.

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I see what you say it makes sense. Not too hard to accept it, just disappointing.

I am oblivious about this world..

True love only exists in fairy tales, unfortunately.


I will get out right after, don't worry
What the other anons say might be true, but it really depends on what kind of person she is. If she's the normalfaggiest of normalfags, these anons are right.
But if she is showing signs of self confidence issues, is below average in looks, has signs of depression, or any other deformity that makes her lesser than your average Stacey, there is a very high chance that she won't message you first because she's terrified. From personal experience- I can never ever do it. I'm hideously ugly and most likely annoying the crap out of the only person that actually talks to me, so I try not to bother him, unless he chooses to start a conversation.
Examine your previous conversations with her- for example, if she mostly gives one word answers to your walls of text, she wants to get rid of you. If she's been having an actual conversation with you, there's a chance that it's okay.
Tl;dr- if she's a complete normalfag, don't do it. If she's not, you can try. What's the worst thing that can happen?

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Love doesn't exist in fairy tales at all.

Smooching passed out women. ☑
Starting wars over women. ☑
Finding lost women in the woods and making them clean your house. ☑
All lonely old women are evil witches. ☑

Love? ☒

Just ask if she wants to do it again sometime

no you fucking mong

tru tru

nobody cares

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yeah fuk off kike

Send her this.