Dumb niggers thread

There's too much nigger worship on Holla Forums lately. Let's have an anti coon thread.

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Johnny Neptune Presents


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I have a dream…..

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Last year, I took down my YouTube video of me repeatedly calling a big, 20something black dude a "FUCKING STUPID GREASY KUNTA KINTE NIGGER" right to his face, because one of my art business clients was a really, really sweet old black woman who saw it and it really hurt her feelings.

It was an actual perfect example of how I live my real life, not being afraid to tell a piece of shit nigger exactly what I think about them. That particular day, I just so happened to have a video camera handy, so I went ahead and shot video of the incident.

My wife and I were at the grocery store, and we were in the middle of a conversation when this young (half my age) big (twice my size) stupid fucking nigger approached us and rudely interrupted, mumbling some of his incoherent bullshit niggerlipped monkeybabble about 'borrowing some money' or something… He wasn't particularly aggressive or anything, just rude as shit, and I guess I was just in a weird mood because I kinda over reacted on his stupid subprimate ass. (I always call them niggers to their faces, but that day I went overboard)

I shouted directly in his face, calling him a fucking nigger at least 25 times, calling him a stupid little monkey, telling him 'the reason we enslaved you apes was because YOU ALLOWED US TO!!' I reminded him that "MILLIONS of them couldn't stop only THOUSANDS of us from dropping them to the level of farm equipment."

I told him that even to this very day, they are incapable of unifying and standing up against even the most trivial of opposition…

He thought I was crazy, or that I was going to kill him or something, because he actually walked backwards away from me, and then turned around and literally ran away. There were plenty of people around who witnessed this incident, and I didn't give a flying fuck who heard me.

I caught the entire thing on video, and I uploaded it to YouTube under the title KEEPING IT 100…

However… It's not ALL black people that I dislike… I actually have a lot of respect for older black people, who has been around for a long time and they understand the changes and their own responsibility in their own lives. In fact, I get along really good with black people, because they always seem to accept me for my idiosyncrasies, and they're much more laid-back than uptight white people…

Like I said, I was doing a mural for a client who happened to be an elderly black woman, and when she saw the video and told me how much it hurt her heart to see the act like that, I freely admit that I was riddled with guilt…

I took the video down out of respect to her and all of the older black people that I respect…

And that's the end of my fucking story.

There's a caveat, actually….

In 4chan, there seemed to be a group of people who didn't believe this was the way I lived my life… They were projecting their own timid fear onto me, assuming I lived my life with my tail between my legs the same way they did.

I laughed and posted the URL to the video, and I seemed to become 'a hero' or something to a certain group of people in there…

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't somehow disgusted with myself because I was 'looked up to' buy that particular group of idiots, who hated my guts 5 minutes before seeing the video, but suddenly change their opinion about me just because they saw me behave this way…

That definitely played a role in my decision to take the video down.

My brother was THE coolest guy you could ever meet. Nobody didn't instantly like my brother after meeting him. He had a supernatural ability to take ANY situation, and twist up the perspective on it, and say something so funny that you'd end up laughing so hard you'd vomit.

Very rarely does somebody come along with this special gift of humor. He would have been a perfect writer for any comedy show or talk show. Hollywood is always looking for somebody with his natural gift, because the rest of us spend our lives waiting for somebody like him to look at everyday situations, and develop a punchline that leave you with your sides splitting…

Greg was 27 years old when he accidentally stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was the victim of an armed robbery, where a 13 year old black kid murdered him for the $8 he had in his pocket…


So I have a special healthy hatred… My hatred isn't based upon innuendo or stereotypes, nor is it a fashion statement or a trend…

That being said, it's important that everybody realize WHO WE ALL REALLY ARE… allow me to explain…
If you took to Green salamanders off your front porch, and carried them one mile deep into a Mammoth Cave where there is no light, when you returned one year later, they're great great grandchildren would be solid white albinos, with no eyes…

They wouldn't need any pigment in the skin, and they wouldn't need eyes because there is no light in a Mammoth Cave…

Life does not 'evolve'…
LIFE MUTATES… Life adapts to survive in any given environment… You can wait a billion years and a giraffe will never evolve into a hippopotamus…

but a wolf WILL mutate into thousands of different kinds of dogs…

with this in mind, something created the human race, and it's pretty obvious our appearance on this planet doesn't actually make sense, hence the term 'Missing Link'…

If you believe in Adam and Eve, you're fooling yourself… You're smarter than that… You're too intelligent to actually prescribe to such a nonsensical scientifically unsound concept.

Q: If you put an alien into one corner of a room, and you put a chimpanzee in the other corner of the room, what would be in the middle of the room?


there would be a human being in the middle of the room. It's fairly obvious that we are a mixture of primates and some other alien species, and this scientific version of our history coincides with all of the 'sticks and stones fairy tales' from the Bible and other religions.

The genome mapping project proves that all human life originated from The Plains of Africa…

Everybody was black. These black people began to migrate out in different directions, and much like the green salamanders they would eventually mutate to adapt to their particular environments they migrated to.

A certain group of these black people migrated to the Cacaucus Mountains, and over the course of 360000 years we mutated, and the melanin in our skin changed to adapt to our new environment. That's why we are called caucasians…

We migrated down the left side of the Cacaucus mountains, into what is now known as Europe. Meanwhile, other tribes of blacks were also migrating, and some of them came down the right side of the Cacaucus mountains, and mutated into Asians, not caucasians.

As you know, in the winter the Bering Straits freeze over, and they actually walked across to Alaska. I want you to imagine an Asian man's face, then imagine an Eskimo's face… You can actually visually see the mutation taking place as the migration continues… As they further migrated into the North American continent, the mutation continues and we see Native American Indians… The migration continues Southward the Native American Indians mutate into Latinos. As the migration continues all the way down to South America, the process of mutation continues and the humanoids actually become black again, bringing Everything full circle…


that's a fact…

I'm just being fair about it because to say anything different would be a lie.

It's not about 'being black'… It's about being a NIGGER. a nigger is a DECISION

I'm a real stickler for grammar, so please forgive any speech to text typos

I'm outside right now enjoying the weather and I'm using speech to text… Obviously, it needs a little bit of work because I speak very clearly.

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dude, the 'dollar bill' video is so fucking classic!!!… HAHAHAHA!!! I'm downloading it, dude…

you just Made My Day

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Also, what you described is literally evolution on a smaller scale.

sorry for multiposting, I saged to help elaborate. A wolf does not "mutate" into a dog. You see, if what you had described was mutation, then we wouldn't be of the family known as "homo", we would still be in the same family known as pan, also known as primate. However, we are distinct from primates in that homo uses complex auditory communication skills, have flat feet, longer legs, shorter arms, stand upright, etc. (yes, neadtherals were hunched over, but they stood upright more or less). These changes make different genus, which is what is known as evolution. Homo Sapiens are different from Homo Erectus in build, brain size, and many other features. There are many teeth that erectus had that sapiens don't have, homo erectus stood upright compared to homo habilis (homo habilis was the first genus and stood more upright than apes, also this is around the time that the legs grew longer and the arms grew shorter)
You see? small changes are still evolution, if you went and lived in china, and had a family of only your race for 1000 years, your family would have eventually evolved to have elliptical folds around your eyes, shorter, more agile, etc. This is still evolution, it's just not enough to make a different genus. Evolution is basically just changes to your body that happens through the environment over time.

No it's not, actually… It really isn't…

what YOU want to do is engage in a game of semantics, yet you cannot deny that what I said was true.

Life MUTATES. perhaps if you want to refer to this process as 'evolution', then go right ahead… I'm not going to try and stop you. The end result is the same.

Whites ARE indeed a mutated version of blacks. So are all other 'races' on the planet. It's a fact.

I share this fact with black people all the time, because they're too stupid to know it, and because it empowers them somehow. When I tell this to a black person, they perceive it as proof that they are superior, and it soothes their savage nature…

little do they realize that I'm actually telling them that they are the 'fallen cake' that happens whenever someone begins learning how to cook, and just because whites mutated from them, it doesn't mean our DNA degraded…

In fact, we have moved on to a much higher level… we are becoming 'perfected'…

Towards the alien species who originally came here and mixed their DNA with that of monkeys.

Mutations are a part of evolution
It's literally part of evolutionary biology
Here, on quote:
"Mutations play a part in both normal and abnormal biological processes including: evolution, cancer, and the development of the immune system, including junctional diversity."
However, mutations are evolution on a small scale, as I have said before, a small scale is changes within a single genus, it's still the same genus. Different individuals have different traits, which is why different races have different traits, it's the same reason why an arctic fox and a brown fox look different and have different traits, but are the same genus.

Only an anal retentive douchebag would be upset by multiposting….

you're obviously a very intelligent man.
very, very intelligent….

yet I think it's safe to assume we will end up agreeing to disagree, based solely on the matter of SEMANTICS.

the 'evolution' of phenotype indicators you have mentioned (a smaller microcosm of the bigger picture) is what I refer to as 'mutation'.

and that's okay with me. If you and I have a variation in terminology, I can live with that…

Like I said, you're obviously a brilliant man. Myself, I am a 54 year old dude who was encouraged to 'drop out' in the 8th grade by my middle school principal because I was already operating my own graphics and illustration company in Atlanta, and I was being paid an average of $3,500 for a day's worth of 'work' illustrating projects for people…

So I never even went to high school. I'm a self admitted 'dumbass' (who scored in the 'very Superior' range when I took the WISC-R4, the subset of The Wechsler Scale for adolescents before dropping out) so I don't claim to be 'all-knowing' or particularly 'brilliant'…

I was taught about the Mutation Vs Evolution concept (and the mutation of negroes into Caucasians) by a friend of mine named Stu, who was a quantum physicist and he worked for a defense contractor in an underground building (an actual 9 story building built completely underground) in Huntsville Alabama. Stu is the one who first hooked me up to the 'darknet' back before it was called the internet, on my old Commodore Amiga…

Stu could explain it MUCH better than I can, because he knew all of the multisyllabic scientific syntax and genetic terminologies… I'm quite sure you and Stu would have a stimulating conversation regarding the subject, and I'm absolutely positive that in the end, you would both agree that you were talking about the exact same thing, and the only stumbling block was each person's choice of terms.

That's fine and dandy… And I'm not going to argue it.

However, my version of it just so happens to be the exact opposite… I refer to the SMALLER PICTURE as 'evolution', and the BIGGER PICTURE as 'mutation'…

that's just me… that's just my personal choice of perspectives…

Nevertheless, aliens came here, looked around, saw the different forms of life, and in an effort to continue the existence of their DNA in our particular atmosphere and environment, they chose the hominid primate to genetically embed their species into, and we've been slowly 'evolving' (or mutating) towards the alien end of the spectrum ever since…

At least that's what I believe, and there's nothing that could possibly ever change my belief….

(wtf a nigress with 1 leg fighting kek)

why is it always nigra mankeys who fight so much?


which only further validates my point

Because while you and I could discuss this matter over a fine vintage wine while Tchaikovsky plays in the background, directly outside the window a group of stupid fucking niggers would be swinging their arms in the air, pants down around their buttocks, uttering primal verbalizations….

yet we are the same genus

we are all mutated bacteria
doesn't mean we haven't gone beyond that state, same-thing with niggers

Ironic that you'd mention that word, because ever since I was a child, I have ALWAYS referred to the human race as BACILLUS….

in fact, I don't just hate 'niggers'. That would be myopic of me. I hate the entire god damn human race with a fervent passion.

(I'm kind of an animal rights enthusiast, you could say)

I hate ALL humans, including myself, and I sincerely believe the elimination of the entire human race is the only answer.

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not before we make ASI
just because humans are shit, doesn't mean we get to eliminate the only intelligence we know off

Oh, I'm well aware of the unlikelihood of my desire coming true any time soon…

but I'm allowed to dream, right?

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Yet, as much as I hate the human race en masse, I'm also the first one to say everyone should try to extrapolate as much perceived 'happiness' out of this brief moment in time as they possibly can.

It's a dichotomy

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Lol I like you

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Of course, even with all the misery and suffering that existence delivers on each passing 'day' (there's no such thing as a day) I would have been wasting my 'time' (there's no such thing as time) if I spent my existence focusing on the negative, resentful and vendictive over perceived 'injustices'…

life has been beautiful

I've found SO MUCH internal 'happiness', and I've been fortunate enough to have experienced all of my wildest expectations coming true, plus a ton I never even expected at all…

like watching my children be born, and grow up… Fascinating stuff… I am very happy to be here

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And I've been fortunate enough to make some REALLY good friends along the way. that's not as easy as it seems, and my best friends have always ended up being the ones I butted heads with in the beginning.

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…and I would be remiss if I failed to mention how happy and fortunate I am to have been born WHITE and MALE…

no explanation necessary

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But when all the dust settles, in the end it has always been my relationships with OTHER SPECIES that has brought me the most Joy.

my wife and I do animal rescue on a regular basis, and there's something about helping other species that makes me feel my greatest sense of reward, like I'm fulfilling my true purpose on earth.

My relationships with animals has NEVER brought me regret or disappointment. Not even once. That's why while I'm still on this ball of shit planet, my loyalty will always remain with them, not the worthless human animal.

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wife, hahahaha.

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I love helping animals as well, I'm helping to end their meaningless existence, every time I'm hungry.
Giving them purpose to serve as my food.

Damm that niggars

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So the monkey devolved into a nigger?
That's sad.

Thaaaaat's rrriiight !!….


as in: heterosexuality

try it some day

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…and while I'm at it, I may as well go ahead and show this, too…

it's me and Aaron Paul, the actor who played Jesse in Breaking Bad.

(he was named after Elvis Aaron Presley, and he asked me to paint one of my Elvis portraits for him)

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Speaking of niggers, DONALD TRUMP

are you guys already familiar with the books 'Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey' and 'The Last President' ?

if not, check it out… you'll see

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Wait aren't you that faggot, that was so into bestiality?

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By an illiterate nigger of a mother, apparently.
Elvis Presley's middle name was Aron. Only one "A".

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itt: heterosexuality

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bestiality is wrong user
but boy good for niggers for getting all those (((good looking))) (((white))) women

stfu nigger

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Lol nigger 💣

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Actually, no his name was NOT spelled with one A…

you're talking about the strange faux pas created by Elvis' pseudo-illiterate father Vernon Presley, who inexplicably misspelled his own son's middle name on the eulogy he had embossed in bronze over Elvis' grave.

The name on the birth certificate and the name on the tomb have a variation in the middle name.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on Jan. 8th, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi

His identical twin brother Jesse Garon Presley was stillborn…

Elvis got his first name from his father, Mr. Vernon Elvis Presley…

(you're talking to an Elvis fanatic)

What's hilarious is how much you say you hate blacks, yet you're fixated on them sexually…


and I'm willing to bet $15,000 right now that you don't have a girlfriend or a wife

which makes your obsession even creepier.

Apparently, you're expressing your (not so secret) latent homosexuality, and repressed sexual attraction towards black males.

Seek psychotherapy


Somehow, the last several posts in this thread lost all intellectual veracity, and seemed to actually diminish the integrity of the entire thread in general, making the idiot who posted the pics and videos seem less intelligent than the niggers he was trying to suggest are 'beneath him'…

oddly, the collective IQ of this particular thread dropped by 70 points after the contribution of the last several posts…

This is EGG ZACK LEE why I hate the entire human race. I would much rather hang out with a fucking nigger than to spend even one moment around a fucking ignorant, delusional, mentally unstable, idiotic, uneducated sack of shit latent homosexual like whoever posted the last several contributions…


………and at this point, I think I'm going to go make dinner with my wife, and settle in for the night……..

t h a n k g o d i m a n i s o l a t i o n i s t

Wuifey looks like gooden.

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It's a gift for your wife.

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A good nigger is a dead nigger.

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Deus Ex: Nigger Revolution

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Mods are fucking cucks. Dysnomia and his cronies are fucking losers.


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You fuckers and people like you (Holla Forums mods for example) are why people hate Holla Forums and PPH is down across the board.

Nice blog. You should see a therapist.


Holla Forums keeps this place normie unfriendly. I'm not as right wing as they are but I hate normalniggers so much I'm even ok with pedos, whatever keeps the normalniggers and girls out.


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I want to ravage Zavibaka's boy pussy

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furrypedofaggots will hang on the day of an event that will literally never take place

degeneracy has gone too far when we have to mention furry pedo faggots.

whats this?

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Zavi is not even a cub. He's just small.

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Zavi is love

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Did someone say egg?

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inb4 Holla Forums dumps their interracial cuck porn again

gotta feel sorry for negresses for they will always be passed over even from their own kind for non-blacks

They're just doing their job.

there's only niggers on b becuase you post them all the fucking time

What about the half wits.

Who cares?
You're just a bombastic bore.
The reason niggers let you call them nigger is because you're a nigger yourself.
Kindly STFU and post niggers or get off the thread you sorry faggot.

What the fuck?
I thought this was a nigger hate thread not a Johnny faggot Neptune thread.
You're a narcissistic homo Johnny, and you don't fool anyone with your 'beard' you assfucking freak

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