You fall in love, you lose

You fall in love, you lose.

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i lost

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I bet you also like to eat your fruits when they're already all rotten and black.

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I hate women.

I bet you like to eat your bananas while they are still green :^)

Me? Nah, but these guys do:

Any more pics of her?

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Definitely not losing.

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>agatha is eternal

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hot & cute

Wait a minute
That card

only one actually very many female models girl has ever had me in the clutches of love even after 5 years since our last encounter

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you must also be a sucker for freckles. why were such alluring marks created?

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im surprised if anyone loses to this


How can lolis even compete?

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m8 you could have at least posted a white girl if you wanted to present a higher standard


Muh Hwite Womyn!
fuck off, Holla Forums

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top fucking kek. it's all in the genetics, my chocolate colored fren

This. A million times this.
Black women > white women

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White boys > black women

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Makes sense if you're gay

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This thread is living proof that Holla Forums is nothing but a normie version of 4chan anymore.
This is the most vanilla, PBJ, safezone bullshit in the history of chans.
Fuck you all, I hope the real world eats you alive the instant you finally have to poke your little teenaged heads out into it.

Have fun being upset, nerd

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You're right but that don't make you young, old man!

3DPD and non-furry 2D drop dead.

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Literally the only way to make 2d more pathetic.

For you.

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Maisie is such a qt pie

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the fuck is your problem?

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you are posting kids, you sick fuck

clothed kids in non-sexual situations

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satire is not funny
this thread sucks
it sucks ass
compared to the last


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user, pls. Keep going.


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tsss tsss


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and this is why you will be tortured in hell




hell ain't real

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