Tell me the truth about UK

Tell me the truth about UK.

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The UK is a big place, you would be better of asking about specific members / areas.
If you asked the same question about the US the answer could come from Commifornia or Texas.


The UK was fucked from day one. England was Great from the reign of Edward II through to the civil war. Then Cromwell let the jews back in.

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You present that like it's flawed logic.


There is not a single lifeform in the entire universe that's lower than jews.

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Chekin em myself

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Checked, mien Fuher

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numbers tho

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Its 1984 over there I tell ya. Cameras on every street and on the lamp poles, The complete obliteration of all freedom of speech, assembly, and everything else they love so much. Thats right, they fucking love living boring, vapid, lives of complete subserviance to the elite. Theyre so cowed the queen still rules them all. They fucking love their royals, never mind that they have been shitting on the common folk for millenia. Fuck the pussy english, boy how they fall hard eh?

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Seems sound to me.

Whole lotta people who know fuck all about the country posting random ass news articles and using it to sum up the whole country.

Could do the same shit with any country.

The UK has some shitty laws and sometimes people make stupid decisions, our press has FREEDUMB so you're likely to hear about it when it happens. Somehow the US press is far worse. But people think being able to intentionally lie to your viewers makes everything fair and balanced in the end cause at least both sides will bullshit to ya. You just have to choose which lies you like more.

Truth is the UK isn't in a great spot, but in many ways it's a whole lot better than elsewhere. I'm at Uni and the social life here does not compare to when I spent time at a US Uni. Got my own room with ensuite toilet and bathroom, last week we had a charity event where guys and girls stripped off as much as you can without being naked and got wasted on cheap as fuck pints at the bars in our dorms. It's nice to be treated as an actual adult and not be be policed like some kid so mommy and daddy don't sue. Totally different to my experience in America where this shit was edgy rather than normal.

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It's infuriating how often americunts make sweeping generalisations about the UK and it's populace

this image sums up the uk

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They're here solely to poison the well. Wonder why you don't see as many readily apparent goon memes these days?

What more can you expect from a country who still won't admit they owe their independence to France?

UK is a shithole


Scandalization is a crime. Justified if you ask me.