Is she white or black?

Is she white or black?

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She’s mixed

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She's cultureless barbarian like everybody from that nation flag in the background and you shouldn't associate yourself with the likes of her.

neither. and both.

She look white.

she's jewish.

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she's fuckable

The nips will lead you to the truth


her 23 and me says octoroon

all 23 and me results say octoroon if the DNA is european. She must be (((white))).

The word 'white' echoed

Neither, she is goblin

If it's white enough for hitler, it's white enough for me.

I second this.

She's not white but she has very big nice titters.


How can you opine on the topic without defining "white" and "black" first?

She posted any nudes yet?

white=not nigger
There now our terms are defined

Yes she posted her big ol' pepperoni nips a while back. You can find them easily on jewgle.

Looks like a half-breed mutt to me. White with nignog features.

They're leftists, whatever they say is worthless. She's a mutt though.

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