Hobbies that haven't been infested

Is there anything women haven't infested themselves unto? Any hobby I can enjoy without the fear of women either sterilizing or ruining?

why a second thread of this? obsessed

Where is the other thread?

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That sounds like a man woman, where's femininity, estrogen?

Do not do anything, just see, gay.

Stay away from equestrian pursuits. Used to be the 'sport of kings'.. no more..

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Fly drones

I collect Phillistine foreskins

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German Mensur Fencing

mace are like the easiest weapon to make though. hit him with a fucking shovel and game over mfk

lockpicking since they don't want to get grease on their hands

electrical engineering and high end robotics

Good idea.

Lock picking.

Even in places where there are a lot of females now like video games their interest is purely casual. You can avoid them just by not being a casual in your hobby.

Vidya is still pretty safe as long as you stay niche

Furries are all fags aren't they? Time to find your inner fursona.

These. Doing anything that requires mind and body almost never has females in it. On a side note, repairing mechanical things is great, and with a little patience, it can even be profitable.

Gardening. Modern women have abandonded traditional female hobbies cause they're not trendy. So you're free to grow healthy vegetables and experiment with agriculture the same way Gregor Mendel and George Washing Carver did.

Join a men's only club like the Masons.

Jacking off to gay porn. There's no women in that


JO Crystals, hit me up if you wanna charge up.

Naked Chess

Fishing I'd assume. You ever see a woman sit still not saying anything for hours? I sure haven't.

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Also helps keep the status whores away 85% of women
Also racing/guns
Unfortunately, most of these aren't as "sexy" as they used to be. For example, fixing up classic cars is a cool thing, but fixing up an old Supra doesn't get any panties wet.

Anybody, it's easy to ignore a percentage of people if you want it, it's not like you're forced to interact with someone


I've been playing this with the local kids at the bottom of the local park for months now. It's great!

Highly competitive and merit based hobbies are pretty resistant to women fucking them up(examples include competitive martial arts, racing, etc).
Also solo hobbies are pretty hard to ruin (woodworking, collecting, hiking, fishing etc).

For hobbies like that if they can't ban them outright then there is little to worry about since they just aren't good enough to do much even if they try their normal tactic of infiltrating the top and spreading their bullshit down.

Hobbies should be done for personal enjoyment, not as a means to get your dick wet.

the vaginal jew