Far Cry 5 Confuses SJWs Because Conservatives Aren't Monsters

Far Cry 5 Confuses SJWs Because Conservatives Aren't Monsters.

The FarCry writers are unironically underappreciated geniuses

In FarCry 4 for example, the games main protagonist, Pagan Min, is presented as a villain, but if you read between the lines, he is actually the only good guy in the entire game. Every time you see him harm someone it is 100 percent justified (the retarded guard shot at the bus for no reason, and the other guy was legit a terrorist who wanted to call in backup for no reason). The reason Ajay Gale is even there is to spread his moms ashes. And Pagan Min was literally going to let you do that and give you his country.

If you're still not convinced, try listening to his "propaganda" radio broadcasts, he let his citizens have guns and setup programs for them to find work. There's an easter egg in the game where if you wait 15 minutes at the dinner table in the beginning he does exactly what he promised. It's not fan theory bullshit. Pagan Min is legit the only real good guy in the game

Don't buy FarCry 4 or 5 though, they're shitty games. Just saying

Great post.

I don't consider that an easter egg, I consider that the real ending. Ajay is there to take his mother's ashes to "Lakshmana". That's the whole point of the game. If he just sits there and enjoys the crab rangoon like he's fucking supposed to, Pagan comes back, takes him to Lakshmana, and then they go out and party. Mission accomplished.

Not only that, but Pagan gives you Kyrat. I think it's brilliant because its right in your face but you have to read between the lines to see it. Because of the way Pagan and the Golden Piss are both presented tonally. It's a shame the target audience of Far Cry are the same retards that mindlessly eat up all AAA shit who will never see the brilliance.

Nice post and you aren't wrong about them being shitty games, FC 2 was the last good one and the beginning of the end with the core changes it introduced.

Right on, FarCry 2 was the tits mang.

We must like it because we got to kill blacks and not because of the decluttered HUD and solid gameplay.

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The farcry games turned shit after the first one, don't kid yourselves.

The first was the best and I built my first decent PC just for it, that said the dynamic fire and improved AI made 2 great fun aswell. My only major complaints about 2 are stupidly rapid gun wear and the vehicle damage system,.both would have been good if they put in a little more effort.

I could never get passed the shit story of the second one and all the dialogue being motor-mouthed. Maybe I'm just being picky and expecting the same gold that came from the first one, but FC2 didn't have anything really going for it that made me stick through to the end.

Fair enough, I don't really give a shit about the story in vidya so never really noticed beyond having malaria.

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How can I be good if no one can see me hate?

It had all my favorite weapons too.. 3 was the most disappointment I've ever experienced from a game ever. I would have possibly enjoyed it if I hadn't built up massive expectations before it came out.

Far cry primal was cuck tier

what is this, Holla Forums?

Nah, the discourse is civil and there isn't any trap porn.

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that's retarded, he murders two people in crazed fashion in front of you as soon as you arrive, runs torture camps, sends his soldiers to kidnap locals into sexual slavery, forces them to fight to death in the arena, the list goes on, did you think that seeing him as a good guy was some profoundly intelligent insight? retarded little kid shouldn't be using this website


both of the guys he murdered wanted you, the player, dead for no reason. did you even play the game?

are you not entertained?


I would love this video if it wasn't made by no bullshit; the dude is a moron and sees EVERYTHING as propaganda.