How do I learn to stay away from politics and just live my life as a normalpleb? I want to get into sports...

How do I learn to stay away from politics and just live my life as a normalpleb? I want to get into sports. Sports guys seem to be the least political group of people and they're able to focus that energy towards their favorite sports teams and shit. I don't want to get into e-sports. Because e-sports is overrun with Koreans and Chinks and it's ultimately going to remind me of the utterly depressing state of geopolitics we currently exist in.

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How to not into politics guide.
Step 1. Ignore all political discussion and affiliation.
Step 2. Grofit

Sorry, kid. You could try brain damage. Other than that, sportsball will never hold your attention.

You don't. There's a world war brewing.

not csgo

cue sports are pretty comfy tbqh

That's wishful thinking. A World war would actually make politics worth getting involved in again. It would mean America would get off its ass again like in the first world wars

The reality is much more grim. There will be no world wars, instead society will just gradually stagnate into another Dark Ages like the fall of Rome

I play CS:GO quite often and its pretty comfy. In fact I find it my only real distraction from the state of the world right now. Which is ironic given the setting of the game


Wanking is a sport, you should take that up. People on those cam sites take it up professionally and get paid a pretty penny for their services.

Don't watch the news/go on news sites.
Don't go on Holla Forums boards or Holla Forums tier threads.
Focus on career shit.

Best served with a generous helping of Dan's elixir.

You need a hobbie, sports could be it, is there anything else you like that you could focus your time and energy into?

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Dan's big thumb makes my prostate twitch.

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Normalfags are happy though. I want to be a happy normalfag

I'm practicing piano. I have an old hand-me-down Roland RD-500

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No they aren't. It's a lie.

Not at that cost you don't. So much is expected of you. If you are in the grocery store you have to ask total strangers boring shit like how their day is going and "OH YEAH BILL DID YOU SEE THE GAME?", then you have to talk about the game which means you had to have watched the game.


That to me is a preferable alternative to discussing the crushing reality of geopolitics with fellow miserable anons

lol, what is this? If politics is beneath you, you don't go for the pastimes that are beneath politics such as sports. You have no choice but to go for something more stimulating and mentally rewarding. I'm not saying this because that's what I want you to do. I genuinely don't think you would enjoy sports unless you're suffering brain damage. Sports is politics for cavemen is why. Instead of Repubs vs Dems you've got Team A vs Team B. It's the same shit and the same religious fanboyism you see in politics, but now you get to worship your favorite rich, young, muscular athletes play with a rubber ball instead of rich, old, fat politicians grabbing you by your own balls. So did you get disillusioned or is politics too highbrow?

That is sport, that isn't politics. Politics requires understanding policy, not picking a team.

I think you'll find unless you're a politician yourself, your post is full of hot air.

If I was a politician my post wouldn't be full of hot air…

The difference is sports don't have real world consequences. Politics do. Even if they are both fundamentally the same thing


Good goy.

Realize that it's all imaginary emotional and trite.

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Just stop going to Holla Forums. It sucks now. If Trump takes a shit then its on the front page for days.