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post the blacked version

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story ?

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Muslims attack faggot in France.

Is he dying in real?

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Meh, I like rules of survival a little bit better tbh (although a like both quite a lot).
Also, the graphics imo are slightly better tbh. Although, there is a few things I like about pubg though. Like, the recoil is easier to control with less powerful weapons, you can dive under water, and there are more weapons. Another critique, I do think ros accounts for ellavation when shooting your weapon more than pubg does. For example, if you have your crosshairs pointed at someone and there's a very slight mound of ellavation in your way (which often times your crosshairs are not pointing at) you will not hit your target, you will hit the mound. I'm not entirely sure about that last thing, but it definitely feels to be the case that ros accounts for it more.

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Browse through this channel, you'll find something special eventually.

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Xbox x version is the best version.

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She can't deal with being outside the west, welcome to the world sweetheart.


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Does anyone have that webm of an edit from some Slavic movie where it cuts between two scenes of a Russian dude and its edited to look like he's singing some chill techno song?

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My favorite piece at the moment

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nice pair of shitbags she's got there




translation plz from our friendly gook posters

Ching chong.