Pedoniggers are over

Pedoniggers on suicide watch lol

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weak attempt to get cp posted

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you are literally asking for it lmao

Its time to go back.

ayy lmao

go back where

do you nigs know of any good movies to watch right now? please suggest some good movies


here u go this chart is made 4 u specifically

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oh thanks ima watch requiem for a dream

Yukky pedemfiles

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Joint: Pure schlock that are usually enjoyed by druggies under marijuana influence.

Example: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Flick: Pure entertainment, little to no substance.

Example: Transformers (2007)

Movie: Like Flick but with more focus on the plot.

Example: The Black Knight Rises (2012)

Film: Focus is on the complex puzzle like plot, story, and characterization. Tries to appeal to the pseudo intellectual (read: reddit) crowd by using a lot of symbolism and parallels.

Example: Akira (1988)

Cinema: More care is put into the aesthetics instead of the plot. Tries to present the artistic aspects of motion picture to the audience but still suffers from symbolism and deconstruction.

Example: Metropolis (1927)

Kino: The highest form of art. A recreation of life in audio-photoplay format. Every aspect of the motion picture flows like a poetry. A spiritual voyage for the director and the audience.

Example: Zerkalo (1975)

Is this right, Holla Forums?

where you belong

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Old news. Pedo8chan was over when they banned /hebe/.

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Which anime is this?

The cringiest thing I've read all day. It's funny that you call out the pseudo-intellectualism of the reddit crowd. Not because you're wrong, but because, nigger, you belong there.

nice bait

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lel lul hue kek lel

Hey, how bout ya kill yerself? Eh? How about you do that?

BTW, we all know you're saving this thread to hard disk every hour and backing it up to external USB media storage in the event that you get v& and think all you have to do is say, "WAIT GEIZ LOOK AT THIS BREAD I MAED ON 8CHANZ WHERE LOL'D AT PEDOEZ".

Sorry, mate, but you're stewed. Don't even try to act like you're not a pedofag.

Number of people fooled: 0

now kys

L00ks @ chez Lurkz moar ..mus bild electronic alibi paper trail ….

CP on youtube, download before they delete it:

youtube com/watch?v=F4hQ4J4BFOM

is this the cp thread?

jokes on you, I enjoy pop music

Why does everyone get so upset about Crab Pattae?


(I’m not serious)
(Only if you are tho.)