WOMEN OF Holla Forums ??????????? nope

any girls on Holla Forums, i know 4chan has girls(lesbos only) but seriously, women here?
and why, dont tell me same reason as any one else… i wana know why(so i can cum understand) and are you lesbo

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you might want to be a little more specific user

go back to 4chan please, you fucking negroid.
there's only 1 gril on this website that isnt camwhore

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and that is?
cant banned
fake cp banne

eat your moms poop first please

stop posting the same video

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I am. I don't know why I come back here. There hasn't been a quality thread here for years.
I'm bi.

Post your tits or gtfo

Came here to say that.

i see, so you are immune to the hentai
bi = +- not full of shit about porn

bi also?
now that i have this i have a theory…

Any other girls particularly bi

< if i am correct this may be the answer to the hard question


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Do you have mild autism? Women also passive aggressively hate each other, so it seems difficult to be a lesbian.

Trump bump

>>>/girltalk/ (trannies not welcome)

The girl reading this

I'm a girl, and I'm bi.

Me too thanks

But they do dont have neither porn nor science threads, it is like pol with no nazis
Or animu with no otaku
Would have expected やおい
But with the small abount of femals on Holla Forums, i can understand, and keeping it that way may be best.
Espesialy after the tumbler feminists decided to attack halfchan and quaterchan. 4chan destroed them on tumbler as revenge and 2chan is jap ip only so no dice

Slavic instinc makes me suspitiouse, are you the catfish going around

My theory is the higher the chan index so the more obscure, thus the likly hood that the perfict girl wil be located, cause 4chan full of shit and only gorls there are lesbo, here semes more openminded yet also much harsher and obscure, plus no guy actualy hats bi girl, bacause when we hear bi it sounds like 3som. And dont hate us for it cause like in C++ conversion from float to int will can result in lost data, so bi is converted to "posible 3som" and also because, well…posible 3som. Unfortunatly 16chan is dead so im at a dead end, what now b ?

Are you a pacific islander?


I am a fucking White male. I just know a self-proclaimed Holla Forums-tard girl who is a Pacific Islander. In Montana


Sisters friend is a b-tard, not the best comon interest to get close to a girl with tbh, also just swated a mosquito on my hand, now covered in blood

So you dont talk pls
Als was a lie but we all know that

We're very distant friends.

half of the posters on that board are guys :/

Pfthahahaha OH MY GOD you're cancerous. Why don't you go back to where you came from instead of fucking every single baston of hope free of cancer left up?

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If your beter than me then you shoul not be on Holla Forums.
Go back to having a normle life, so i can grow my tumers in peace

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you cry

i dont trust

I WAS a woman, but I was cured!

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#pragma once#include "Debug.h"#include #include #include "4chan.h"#include "Holla Forums.h"////////////////////////////////#if Debug#define LOG(null)#else#define LOG(string) std::cout

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C or C++

C++ dipshit

what is C look like, no like prove self

delete system 32 fag

Give your mom sql injection boi

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