Post pics of pupchan pls

I need to sexually relief myself.

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English even do you?

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How do you write it properly then?

That's the shit

where are teh newds?

ask omlet

bls bumb for more :DD

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t. homosex

why is she so perfect

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We have realistic standards here on Holla Forums

She's thiccc

kek. overweight is when the chin starts sagging. she's on the high end of normal, and I think that's perfect. so breedable

Stop praising her already and post pics, i need satisfy myself.

and i have a strong aversion to body fat in more than the smallest quantities

here's her hving sex. leaked image from dicsord I think?

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Bitch said my dick looks like a baton. I'd knock her out with it smh. She'll never show her tits anyway, fuck her you legendary orbiters.



Shut up, she's perfect. Please don't lewd.

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no tits, no interest. sorry

Back to >>>>>/r9k/ paypig.

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They do. They're all failed normalfags who are depressed because they didn't sex, they're not there because they choose to be, they're there to bitch at how they failed without mentioning outright.

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What are you on about, cuckchannner? Posting or alluding to 3DPD and acting like a failed norman there is usually a bannable offense.

Fuck off everyone, i only want some great pics of pup and nude pics to jerk off to.

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Yea, irrelevant. Posting 3D is bannable because it reminds them of the fact that they're failed normalfags, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference, and they care (=aren't indifferent) because they know they're failed normalfags and they """secretly""" want 3D.

I fail to see any evidence for your claims besides your arm chair analysis

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dubs of disappoint

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Bump till i get my pics

Of what

of pupchan


kissless neckbeard virgin standards (aka no standards at all) =/= realistic standards

Well, post your waifu then, faggot.

The reason that term exists is because it's to celebrate/dream of the ideal form. this common /r9k/ whore is not worthy of that title.

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Jelly roastie detected.

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like all females she needs a good slap to be put in her place

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Nice. I need more though.

She needs a strong European man by her side, not some mutt from cheeseburgerland.


What is pupchan? i just wok up from a coma and lost my arm, also busy working on oil rig

Masochism, slam it in the window.



Pupchan, also known as goblinchan or autismchan is an american camgril that refuses to show tits and is a master of cucking Holla Forumstards.

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if she doesnt show tits how is she a cam girl

because she's a girl that goes on cam

she's also bad at making kiss faces

haha, you're the kiss face autist. why do you like them so much? are you printing them out and practicing on them?

she is overrated

there's at least two of us

Nice, saved. Are there no nudes of her?
where are the nudes? i need pictures, pls.

Top pic

you have to ask omlet

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omlet pls post pics


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now the only question is if omlet is a based mod or good person

Im planning a trip to Bolder next year. Can I crash with you and dys?

Pwease post some, pwease.

Why are you so rude?


op you and her should die,by the rope.

she actually called it nigger music on stream and only dance because anons really wanted her to

Someone requested it, she didnt pick it.

Pics that aren't quite nudes, but aren't shit you would put on normiebook. I'm considering restructuring my porn but i'm too lazy.

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I know that feel.

You have 30 minutes to leak her nudes or I leak your face.

Redheads are crazy. Like often the bad kind too.

Also post nudes of autism.

Redheads get bullied a lot which is sad.

For being deceptively cute?

OP here again.
Just bumping for hope of some pics.

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Pretty sure that if a woman is 5'6" and weigh 190 pounds they would be very obese.

No, she's just thicc

Maybe she's heavy with thoughts.

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