Operation Firestone: Artificial Womb 1.0

Developing the first artificial womb ever in 2018! GET IN HERE AND BUMP THIS THREAD please!!!

How to make the first ever artificial womb with current technology?

(1) Disable the consciousness/higher brain functions in reproductive zygote cells
(2) Implant this in a surrogate mother (IVF treatment)
(3) 9 months later a braindead girl is born: its born braindead so its not human! Its medical research tissue!
(4) When this “artificial womb” is ripe it can be used to create more braindead artificial wombs or it can be implanted with the cells of a customer that wants to buy a child (IVF treatment)
How do we actually make this happen IRL?

(1) WHERE? What country will allow medically braindead newborns to be legally registered as “medical human tissue” with no human rights? What are the (ethical) rules?
(2) HOW? How to make the embryo braindead in a way that qualifies it to be legally registered as just research material?
(3) WHO PAYS? Financial issue: I don’t worry about this. Once we have a realistic solution for the above, we can count on donations and private investors (costs don’t have to be high

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you are using the right logic, but the wombs need to be artificial, they will never go for killing a baby to make them

Its not a baby. Its medical tissue, just like an aborted baby is not a human being and its not murder.

I basically just need a country that does not ratify the UN prohibition on human embryo research.

they ain't going to go it
just mod some cell taken from the parent


genetically, moron. basically trigger some genes that cause microcephalia.

and how close r we to doing that moron? And whos gonna let u manipulate their zygote deliberately, so its born dead?

Pregnancy is a heavy burden on women.
I think you mean:

Thats a terribly misogynistic thing to say, user :)

We need to find a country that has not ratiefied the UN ban on embryo research

see above



Its a typo, dont be a cunt.

Wow, its almost like reading between the lines stopped existing!!!
Hint: Briffaults law

wow, its almost like the thread mentions men once and its not about their side of the issue

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women are already braindead medical tissue tbh

Thats misogynistic.
Artificial wombs are needed to free women from oppressive pregnancy.

All women should be forced to exist on standby in case a man needs an organ transplant. At least then they might produce a net positive for humanity.

I am a misogynist so, yeah. We need to work on sexbots to free men of the tyranny of the vagina. Let those stupid whores do their own science to develop an artificial womb. Oh right, they cant.

we would still 3DPD for baby making, the point is to replace them, and selling as helping them

imagine being this unable to read between the lines
Hint: Briffaults law

Nice satire, OP, but nevar forget that MGTOW is the future and the more hate we receive from all sides of the political spectrum, the stronger we grow.
Roasties will simply fade away into evolutionary irrelevance when strong AI waifubots with artificial wombs become a reality, and that day is fast approaching.

Sounds good to me.

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The feminism part is satire but the plan is sound.
What country does not ratify the UN ban on embryo research?
Answer this, I do the rest.


FFS use your brain to read between the lines!
You absolute blue pilled moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hint: briffaults law
KYS unironically if you dont get it after this post.

Wow this thread got shat on by faggots.
Nice try op

This makes literally no sense. Ethical issues aside, who the fuck is gonna pay for that shit. You have to feed a vegetable until it's mature enough to reproduce and oh yeah it needs to be healthy/exposed to pathogens so its immune system is healthy. The time/ money investment for keeping ONE braindead woman for ~14 years would be absurd. In order to recoup the cost, you'd have to charge above and beyond what a surrogate costs. Then there's the issue where you can't just have it pop out babies back to back, you have to let it recover for like 6 months. In addition, you'd have to offer a discount for a womb over 30-35, as older mothers run significantly higher risk of complications.

What you're suggesting is surrogacy, except vastly more complicated, as well as ridiculously more expensive. Not to mention you'd have to spend an incalculable amount of money just to get normalniggers to accept it morally.