/Pol hate thread

/Pol hate thread

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4/pol/ was alright, but i can't fucking stand 8/pol/. it needs a different owner badly. i'm pretty far right wing, but i still get b& on occasion for not being "nazi" enough

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8ch was born in cancer and butthurt and in cancer and butthurt it will rot and die

Are you guys ironic? because neutral fags are worse than niggers.

and niggers must DIE



this image is pretty much 8/pol/ at this point tbh

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Subtle or foreign, you decide!

gb2/PoL/ oingo boingo


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fug yeah

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these are not the only two options you fucking retard

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u dumb or something?

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t. brainwashed alt-kike

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I bet it's the same guy making all these whiny ass threads

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spit thee out of my mouth." Revelations 3:16

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still a great president, stay mad commie

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Nevermind the backbone part because I believe that is correct. Its not that they have no position a on issues though. Being "neutral, centrist, or independent", really is being a massive special snowflake. When you identify as being someone who doesn't belong to any particular group of people, you are essentially saying: hey look at me, I'm special! Or my opinions are better than people who identify to all political groups of people. It is pure unadulterated egotism and self righteounes when you actually think this way. And no being a nuetral, independent, and centrist are not you belonging to a group of people. There are people in these "groups" who lean more to the left or right in the political spectrum. Some other things that happen under these groups, is that they simply pretend to be nuetral in an attempt to reach a middle ground with certain political group(s). And Holla Forums uses this tactic all the time, but never ceases to be an immense failure at it.

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If you guys can't tell there's Israeli shills on both sides then you're just as stupid as ANTIFI

The Holla Forumsnigger delusion knows no bounds

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yeah, epic

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We need to stop /Pol at all costs.


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Appreciate the salt

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learn the difference

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Same tactic communists are using in Brazil against Bolsonaro to fraud 2018's Elections.

Open your eyes for true enemy.
Communists hate japanese culture, communists hate freedom, communists hate chans.
Im warning, open your eyes.

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What are you talking about?

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They are call Bolsonaro "Israel slave" in all brazilian chan, using falseflag-nazi posts to dirty Bolsonaro's image and open way to fraud 2018's Elections.
They want put Alckmin or Lula as president, despite great population part (and chans) support Bolsonaro.
In parallel, communists are attacking all otaku and libertarian / capitalist culture in chans and out of chans. To destroy chans inside, eliminate internet opposition.

Open your eyes.
Dont trust on communists.

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Trump has a 30 year history of sucking jewish cock. His ex-wife is a kike, his children are are married to kikes and his grandchildren are born and aised as kikes. He cucked himself to the point that his grandchildren literally had their foreskin cut off and their dicks sucked by a mohel. It's not an overstatement that Trump is Israel's best friend, it's a quote from him.

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Look, you are not going to be able to dig yourself out of this hole we're all in with democracy you understand? We will need to revolt against these subversive kikes out of our countries. If you want a Democratic system, you should make it a one party system that has more aristocratic powers than it does now. Things are going to get very scary in the coming years, and you or going to have to prepare for it or perish. All politians are dick sucks of isreal and the international bankers (all Jews). Your Federal reserve (in fact everyones central banking system) prints out all your money at an interest from a private bank, meaningless IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY BACK (thanks Jews!). What this means, is that when your bank can no longer pay back the interest rate (which is where your tax dollars go), is shits going to hit the fan.

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Say same of Bolsonaro, it is an lie.
It is "counter-advertisement", old communist tactic.

Comercial relationship /= suck jewish balls.

Yep, I know.
But, isn't jews want destroy own system.
Are TWO forces here, Jews and another more deep and sinister force. And the army of second sinister force is communism minions.

Hitler was right, after all.
Communists isn't our ally. But, he miss target.

Way to prove you're from leddit.

Holy. Shit.