As a European, I am personally sorry for the Amerimutt meme

In addition:

I'm sorry for developing and beta testing >90% of the written and spoken language that non-Asian, non-African countries communicate in.
I'm sorry for introducing sport as a means to evaluate the physicality of a country's population and determine the best well-rounded athletes.
I'm sorry for creating the very concept of history and continuing to dilligently document it after 2000 years, even in times of crisis.
I'm sorry for sending your ancestors out to the New World in order to colonize unchartered territory and experience new things.
I'm sorry for creating both the imperial and metric forms of units so that things may be measured and otherwise quantified.
I'm sorry for revolutionizing industry and initiating the mass production of necessary daily items that would otherwise be too time-consuming to produce by hand.
I'm sorry for introducing the ship, the train, the bus, the bicycle, the automobile and the motorcycle to the world as a means to move people further afield with less effort, less risks and more freedom.
I'm sorry for introducing the telegraph, telephone, radio and television as a means to publicize and enhance communication over large distances.
I'm sorry for sending our best scientists to work on your ailing space shuttle program and helping to beat the Russians in the Space Race.
I'm sorry for inventing the internet which you are using as we speak, in addition to the forefathers of the advanced computing devices you are observing it with.

But most of all, I'm sorry for the disgusting, abhorrent "meme" known as simply by the precise percentage of 56. We only wanted to put you on the same playing field as everyone else after years in the ivory tower of online self-righteousness. Had we known that you would have a reaction quite unlike any of the others that you have tested on us over the course of the past 100 or so years (long before the internet) we never would have done it. From the Brits who have bad teeth and speak in an undiscernable accent, to the French who do nothing but smoke, drink wine and surrender all day, to the Italians who are all moustache-wearing cryptoniggers with a penchant for sex and food, to the Swedes who allow everyone to step on them, to the Germans who were brutes and monsters for wanting to create the perfect race. We all took it on the chin and after a century of being left in the dust decided to make our own attempt. Needless to say it appears to have backfired miserably, and we will never try anything of the sort ever again.

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I'm sorry, what? Can't hear you over my 56% awesomeness.

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I invented the meme and I'm not sorry suck out fagfot.

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Le 56% thread

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'Whiter than you muhamed'

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sad, so sad.. how a European will try to be American so bad

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We're not trying to be (You), We're moking (You)

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but why is it a European in the picture then?

Dude, its a meme mocking Americunts. The fuck?

not a good one if you have to make fun of your self to get the point accross

I get posting one or two of these to get a reaction, but why fucking spam it like this?
Everyone will just hide the thread and you'll wind up wasting your time for minimal (you)s.

Ameritards and Evropeans aren't united.

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Can you answer ?
I'm probably the only one who hasn't hidden this by now.

Can't see it I hid it tbh

I'm genuinely curious, I've lurked several of threads where someone spergs and spams a meme and they never get very many replies.
I'm lurking the thread you've got up on Holla Forums right now and it's pretty much the same deal as here besides that one user who keeps telling you to post more in broken English (is that also you?)

I've never been on Holla Forums schizoid. Everyone hates mongrels here, everyone posted a mongrel at least one. Amerigays are so fucking cringey and autistic its hard not to hate them. Its uncommon to like them, even.

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Oh please, you're even posting the same exact images in almost the same order, I'm not retarded enough to buy that.
Can you answer my question?

That guy isn't me doe but k.

It's fine I didn't really expect an answer but I figured I'd give it a shot

and as an american, im sorry amerimutts exist.
because we have to pay for their food-stamps and healthcare.

Why are you sorry? I'm a burger and I think the Amerimutt meme is hilarious. But fuck you anyway, for good measure

Don't worry Americans. The time will come when they need our help again, and honestly, probably again after that. They'll say, "Awww come on, this was just a joke…give us money so we don't have to look poor in front of the rest of the world," or the famous, "We just finished bombing ourselves for thirty years straight, can you come figure this shit out?"

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