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Shit, bad copypaste from TV.

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Not nigger ass again user.

black women appreciate things moreso than whites.

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The animal in the middle qualifies for rape.

Yes nigger ass again! XD, post thick only tho.

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Reminder that it is your responsibility as a hwhite man to BLEACH every qt ebony grill you see

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race is an illusion espoused by those who have done nothing with their lives other than being born unto a skin color.
now stop being a loser and go outside.

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then why does it matter if you fuck nigger 3DPD

Does it count if I just throw the bleach in their face?

race is fiction, societies are not; take the average american woman, and you'll find 80%+ are spoiled, assexual, raised to think they are desireable instead of respectable, and tend to be white.
Compare this to the average black woman, who is raised to be independent, goal oriented, self reliant, frugal, and humble while maintaining self esteem. Despite race being a fiction in the realm of science, it is a societal marker, and the simple statistical evidence points to black women, within an american context, as being better than whites. Some negative realities, [factors like
greater likelihood of obesity] can be changed, but the underlying mentality is set in stone.
But, to be proud of a race, or to exclude or include based on race alone without taking any other factor into account is absurd - race is something we are born in to, it is a label societies force on us, and to be proud of it is to be proud of doing the bare minimum of existance. Be proud of having an education, learning languages, learning a craft or skill, but don't be proud of just surviving birth.

whites are genetically smarter thou

Shut the fuck up, Tumblr

I'd be willing to give the middle girl mulatto children tbh

Found the jew

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amen brother. This is why I went black over 30 years ago. never looked back

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i see

Nice troll, but this won't get anyone that has much experience with the average hoodrat. Just like 80%+ of white women are shit, so to are 80%+ of black women.


I have no idea whether the claim is true or not, but isn't it well documented fact that white male+black female form the most stable marriages? I guess that in itself is already selective, as the many of the undesirable types wouldn't racemix with evil hwite males anyway.

no thats just misinformation

I've seen this image used quite a bit, but no source cited yet

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Ewwww gtfo phonefag and don't post emoticons here ever again, you absolute faggot.

nvm, (((wikipedia))) says it's bullshit

Which article?

Interracial marriage.

*in the United States

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There's no such thing as genetic intelligence outside of hereditary diseases that effect the intellect, such as Downs syndrome. Comparing iq scores is a tricky issue for a few reasons; 1) iq tests were designed to assist with a combination of military suitability, and to assist in eugenics programs in the late victorian/edwardian era. These tests don't factor in childhood development, or education, just the end result of the effects of, or lack of, educational and societal support.
If color was erased from the average black woman, and the average white woman, you would see very little difference; you would find moreso a standard American woman. How these women compare on a global scale is a different matter.

let's be honest - how smart is the average american?
America is only a shade above mexico in terms if education, and pales in comparison to every other developed nation. It's a country with massive corruption, a miseducated populous of barbarians who would embrace sharia law if it carried a cross and a profit margin. Let's compare turds to turds, not can openers to elephants.

Statistics are on the side of the average white american man being happier in life with a black wife.

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What statistics might those be?

go back to /trannypol/ with your jewish "facts"

Think you replied to the wrong post there newfriend


but there are sequences of genes or genes that account for intelligence
neuron placement, and density has to genetic as it is they physical things in an organ (brain)
it is like a CPU
one with more pins or/and density of pins are going to be able to do more compared to one less pins

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But old CPUs don't have the botnet.

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hitler was a failure with a failed ideology.

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But with Mussolini you could have all the negresses you could want

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I want a cute black girlfriend ==NOW==

and i want a unicorn made of blowjobs

holy nigger source please?

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1) don't call them niggers
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3) why not marry one good african girl instead?

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t. dated multiple and was long-term friends with one